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AOKP Jelly Bean Build 2 Released for Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Others

Just under a month ago, the AOKP team released their first stable build of Jelly Bean. As expected, it was a hit. But one of the draws to AOKP over the last year, has been the massive list of extra features that were initially missing from build 1. Well, they aren’t missing any longer as build 2 was released last night and includes one of the larger feature-packed changelogs we have seen in some time.

Some of the highlights would be better LED controls, a “Kill all” button in recent tasks, a weather panel in the statusbar, and call answering by using the Home button. The list is massive, so jump below to check it all out. 

New features:

  • General
    • Kill all button in Recents panel
    • Backlight settings
    • Tablet UI on any device
    • DPI switcher
    • Custom Vibrations for Phone Calls
    • ADB over network
    • National Data Roaming option
    • Volume music controls
    • LED Brightness control
    • Charging LED
    • Boot animation preview
    • Allow full theming of Contacts & Mms
    • Allow to set color of Digital Clock Widget
    • Power menu options (airplane, screenshot, navbar toggle)
    • Ability to answer calls with hardware Home button (Winter is coming!)
  • NavBar
    • Custom Ring targets
    • Allow up to 7 Nav buttons on some devices
  • Statusbar
    • IME Toggler
    • Hide ADB icon
    • Allow disabling of volume adjust sound
    • Hide signal bars
    • WeatherPanel
    • WiFi & Cell signal text
  • Lockscreen
    • Allow rotation on any device
    • Added back Info-Lines (Weather, Calendar)
    • Menu unlock
    • Alternative music layout
  • Camera
    • Timer snapshot
    • Volume zoom
    • 720p recording support for grouper (front)
  • MMS
    • Display full date & time

To flash the latest build, you will need to find your specific device’s file at one of the links below. Once found, drop it and the latest Gapps package on your device’s internal storage. Boot into recovery, create a backup, wipe data and cache, and flash both files.

*For some reason, all of the build links on the AOKP site appear to be broken, so we linked to another site that is hosting all of the new builds as well.

Links:  All Builds [More] | Galaxy Nexus LTE | Nexus 7 | Gapps

Cheers Mike!

  • jeff

    ok so i installed it and there is no play store, access to google accounts, ability to install anything, and it say 3G on the notification bar. is there something that i did wrong when installing? do i need to backup up those things somehow?

  • Jeff

    hey when i installed there is no play store, google accounts, it says 3G, and i have no way of installing anything, did i do something wrong when i installed it?

  • So what is the swagger button supposed to do?

  • i have had a gnex since it came out and after seeing this post it was my first time rooting and flashing a rom and now i am like why didnt do this eariler

  • dean2359

    Are there lock screen targets in build 2?

    • Doesn’t look like it. There are home button targets, though

  • OnMtn

    Another build 2 question. How come my external sdcard shows as damaged?

  • Anthony

    Just installed build 2… looks nice.
    One thing I noticed is that I only see 3G… not 4G displayed for my connection.
    Is there a setting for this?

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Well I had a very hard time downloading this build earlier in the day, but it was well worth it. This rom runs perfect!

  • Kerry Davies

    Ahh what the flip no wallet support! B1 had it yarg

    • I have Wallet running on B2, but had to get the most recent apk

      • Kerry Davies

        I actually stopped running it there was to many problems for me. I really enjoyed the first build, maybe its time to check it out again.

  • pg13

    build 2 not working for galaxy nexus lte/verizon

    • Working perfectly for me. Maybe download again and try a clean flash?

  • can someone please post a gnex lte mirror? no downloads are working…

    • The link in this post is working now

      • I just use goo manager android app and it has everything!

  • that’s weird, i looked really hard but i don’t see the touchpad listed.

  • James_C_L

    Anyone know a live d2vzw link?

  • NFC???

    • Matthew Harmon

      NFC is working on build one, any reason it would be taken away on build 2?

  • havrin

    I didn’t see it listed anywhere (or maybe I just missed it), but does Build 2 have the custom lockscreen targets yet? I’m on Build 1 and damn I miss those. Holding out until that happens.

    • Firelight

      No, not yet. It does have custom targets for the Nav Bar Google Now ring, tho.

  • Swag

    Codename Android FTW!!! AOKP is cool and all, but I feel like they are no longer relevant considering the thousands of Roms out there for JellyBean. These features are already in other roms, so what makes me want to install AOKP? nothing.

    • PC_Tool

      You do realize that most of the features came to those other roms *from* AOKP and CM, right?

      In fact, FWIW, CNA is little more than cherry-picks from both AOKP and CM repositories. Look at the credits: AOKP, CM….heck, I think Team Bamf is even in there somewhere.

      • Swag

        that’s my point exactly. Roms such as AOKP and CM are base roms, continued by other rom developers that take their features and implement them into their Rom. Which no longer makes me interested in downloaded their specific rom because I can just get their features from about 10 other roms that may work even better. I just dont find it appealing anymore, too many roms to choose from and so little new features.

      • Shaunwin

        So does this make CNA a bad ROM? I am asking because I am Running AOKP JB B1 now and was going to flash B2 tonight. I saw all this talk about CNA on here so I checked it out and there are a lot of things that I would like that AOKP does not have yet. Is there a reason to stay away from CNA?

        • PC_Tool

          “So does this make CNA a bad ROM?”

          Nope. If I was better at cherry-picking, I’d be running my own ROM of AOKP/CM cherry picks. 😉

          (Of course, I wouldn’t be redistributing it or claiming it was “mine”, either…)

          • Shaunwin

            Would you recommend trying CNA or staying with AOKP?

          • PC_Tool

            It’s totally up to you. As a user, it’s all about what features you want or what loyalties you may cling to.

            I’ve been an AOKP supporter since their beginnings, building my own from source since ICS build 36 or so, but even I will admit to having tried CNA for a bit when 3.5.0 hit. (I’ve also used BB, Bamf, Liquid, and Xenon…)

            …I ended up going back to AOKP.

            Of course, who knows what tomorrow holds. I flashed back to stock this afternoon (Yes…ICS, even) just for the hell of it. Tonight I might swing back to CM….or even give MIUI another go.

          • MKader17

            hmm, I need to figure out how to do that. That would be nice to get the features only the features I want. Seems that it could avoid bugs.

          • Factchecker

            Lol Codename doesnt claim any work that isnt theirs. lol The massive changelog has a crazy long list of names and credits. lol

          • PC_Tool

            You didn’t understand my post, and I think I see why. let me try again:

            Lol I never said Codename didn’t *currently* credit their work. lol They credit the hell out of everything they use. Now. There’s a reason for why they do it … now…


  • Biz79

    Just curious, but does build 2 bring back the custom auto-brightness settings?

  • fixxmyhead

    have they finally fixed the touch to focus for the camera?

  • dean2359

    I’ve been running Xenon HD and its been great. All the features of Aokp plus more ,great battery life, stable and fast

    • ChrisTraeger1

      This! Great battery life and tons of features. I love Xenon HD and glad that I tried it.

  • CuppaCoffee

    Does AOKP have a way to change vibrate patterns (for SMS/Ring) like Codename?

    • PC_Tool

      Yep. new in this build.

  • Charging LED is a bit broken

    If you change the color for different apps, there’s no way to define what color you want the charging LED to be.

    • Also, setting the LED color as RGB is kind of dumb. The LED isn’t full RGB, it can only do specific discrete settings – I’d rather just have a list of colors like that other LED app does

      • NemaCystX

        If thats the case, I’ll stick with Light flow and just use my configuration I have setup for when I charge (pulse yellow)

    • PC_Tool


      Tap the blinking light..select the color you want.

      (Unless I am misunderstanding you?)

  • I’ve read about a lot of people having a hard time w/ this version. Anyone here having issues? I may try CM10.

    • Danny Kay

      I’m having continuous with android system force closing making the phone almost unusable. Had to restore back up. LTE GNex

      • Mike

        I believe custom ringtones are the culprit. I’m holding out for a future build. Digging the quick SMS reply in CM10 right now

  • Rob

    Do yourselves a favor and flash codename android. http://codenameandroid.com/forum/index.php?/topic/167-codename-android-350/

  • Detonation

    Might want to point out there’s a major bug in this build:

    “Also, please don’t try to change ringtones for individual contacts. We broke that this build. Expect build 3 soon. We’re going to try and get back to fast release cycles. There are plenty more builds to come! “

  • Gotta ask… And I know it almost seems like you won’t know until you try it on your actual device but does this build have a functioning Google Wallet?

    • Wallet was working on build 1 for me. I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t here.

      • Matthew Harmon

        Got to get the new .apk if you are on verizon though…

  • MikeCiggy

    Can anyone comment on the stability? The last build had restarts and all sorts of glitches

    • I had constant reboots on Build 1. Build 2 has been perfect so far

  • Booyah

    I tried Build 1 but was missing too many key features and wasn’t super stable for me. I flashed BAMF Paradigm 2.3 and that’s been rock solid for the time being. I’ll probably give AOKP a shot in another build or two.

  • Static_prone

    Does anyone know if in this build or any of the nightly beforehand they raised the amount of sms you can send per minute. In prior builds if would give you an annoying error msg if you were sending too many. in a few others roms they have corrected this so i was just trying to see

  • jason

    anyone else not able to download from any of the mirrors?

    • Same here

    • I could not get it to work either

    • KLy

      Get it here (select device type):


      it is really slow right now.

    • Scroll down the aokp.co Page to the androtransfer link. The checksum won’t match the androtransfer checksum but it will match the regular link checksum. Loaded it last night. Has been solid and snappy, don’t use custom contact ring tones, it will break it.

    • PC_Tool

      With JB it’s generally been *really* slow downloading new releases.

      …to the point I set up a build environment (per their post on Rootzwiki) and just sync/build myself whenever they post a new release. I can generally build my own faster than I could download it from their hammered servers at this point. :p

      Worth a shot if the speeds are really bugging you. It was amazingly simple to set up.


      Yup. But just to to goo.im and in the search engine put aokp toro and then select the right one

  • tyguy829

    can anyone report battery life with this on their gnex? might be a little too early to tell, i know.

    • JoshGroff

      If it’s anything like build 1, it’ll be pretty darn good.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Who says Mondays suck

  • r0lct

    I held off on Build 1 as BB has been running great. Anyone tried this can report on performance and battery relative to BB or stock JB? I want to get back to AOKP, but not until I’m sure it’ll run well.

    • JoshGroff

      I’ve been running B1 since it came out, no real issues that I noticed.

      • moelsen8

        that’s weird, when I ran Build 1 it would constantly go through bouts of lagginess, and my GPS was always about half a mile off in some random direction. i jumped to CM10 M1 and I think I’m staying the course.. my gnex has never run better.

        • The lagginess was a problem with fauxkernel it has been fixed. Would lock you to 700mhz if anything other than the power button woke up the phone

          • moelsen8

            yes, the 700mhz bug was starting to bug the hell out of me. but even when i denied rom control root and set the cpu speed using setcpu, it still had fits of unresponsiveness.

        • ArrowCool

          Wow, I had the exact same issues with AOKP build 1, and like you went to CM10 M1. Personally, I haven’t had any issues with CM10 yet. I just couldn’t stand the reboots, and lag that I was experiencing with AOKP.

          • EG

            The biggest problem I had with CM10 M1 was it would randomly become unresponsive when I hit the home button. It would “flicker” like it always does, and make a clicking noise, but not go back to the home screen. required a reboot/battery pull each time. After a while, that didn’t even fix it, so I switched to AOKP. been pretty happy so far with B1, but battery life may be an issue.

          • I had a bunch of random reboots on AOKP build 1 as well and moved to CM10 for a while. AOKP build 2 seems to be very stable though. I’d recommend trying it if you have the chance, but you might as well wait for build 3 at this point, sounds like it’ll be along shortly

      • Scott

        Running BB, but really need that stock browser. Even when I found one, I couldn’t get it to work.

      • MasterEthan

        Hopped back onto AOKP JB Build 1 when it released but quickly returned to Jelly Belly afterwords due to performance and well as battery life was shot to crap compared to Jelly Belly. All the extras on AOKP where cool back with ICS but after using “Almost Stock” in Jelly Belly I don’t really miss any of the extra in AOKP.

  • Teng Taing

    You can also download goo manager from the Play store and download the rom via the app.

    • What I love about Goo Manager is that it also notifies you when your ROM has an update.

  • SirSoloDolo

    I tired out Build 1 after being a long time AOKP user but getting 7 hours to your battery is not worth it. With CM10 I’m getting almost 15 hours from moderate usage

    • ChrisTraeger1

      CM10 official? I didn’t know it was already out.

    • I’m getting quite a bit better battery life in build 2 than build 1. Curious, is your 15 hours with moderate usage on WiFi or 3g/4g?

      • SirSoloDolo

        WiFi off while at work with full 4G signal. WiFi at home

  • Guest

    All mirrors are dead for d2vzw. Cool story, bros

  • it is the whole WIPE DATA part of it that I think I can’t digest. Does that mean that I will have to reinstall all of my apps again?

    • Yes, unfortunately.

      Use Titanium Backup and you won’t have to.

    • Chris McGee

      You can use ‘adb backup’ and ‘adb restore’ to do this. Don’t backup system apps when flashing a rom. I use the WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit to put a nice GUI on the script.

      • ROM Lova

        Love WugFresh! Easy peasy.

  • Kellex you have to check out Codename Android 3.5 for the galaxy nexus, that has massive features too and is a very solid rom.

    • Frank Urbanski

      Yeah, that’s what I have been running. It’s been my favorite so far for my Gnex.

    • KleenDroid

      Everybody has an opinion but I think there are smoother ROMs than AOKP.

    • Alabamaslamma

      Codename android is a known kanger of aokp and cm. He used to be on here with his own subforum but was removed because of lack of credit given and being an immature person when he was called out on his lack of crediting. He has since moved to xda which is a cesspool for Android. If you like codename, you’re running the same thing as cm10 or aokp.

      • PC_Tool

        FWIW, he actually is giving credit now for the most part, but has likely burned far more bridges than he will ever be able to rebuild.

      • Inquizitor

        I think it’s a little unfair to lump all of xda in with codename. xda certainly is a breeding ground for chumps, but enough good guys still hang around there to keep some order. I don’t go there for ROMs, but rooting methods and hacks, sure.

        Also I just feel the need to call out Rootzwiki as a much more respectable forum for ROMs. It was one of the first places to have a really great JB dev community, and is the home of Jelly Belly.

      • Factchecker

        This is absolutely hilarious to me. lol Codename ASKED to be removed be removed from RootzWiki. You might want to get your facts straight and also has the names of the roms that of any code that he does use IN the actual rom in the about section. Something ive never seen any other rom do.

        • PC_Tool

          It’s hilarious because you don’t know your history. CNA was burned…big time…for not giving credit back before JB when everyone was on ICS.

          Sure, he credits the hell out of everyone….now.

          Sounds like he learned his lesson.

          • Factchecker

            No, he actually always gave, credit. Developers just made a big fuss like he didnt. You can always go back and look at the changelogs yourself. Ive learned not to talk about things in the community unless I actually do the research myself.

          • PC_Tool

            See, the thing about changelogs is that….they change.

            I don’t need to research it. I was there. I remember the posts, I remember the drama, and I remember being sick of the whole argument even back then.

            Oh hey…there it is again; Yep, still sick of it.

  • Guest

    hey wheres my comment?

  • John

    I’m on CM10 & running solid. It’s nice to see AOKP throwing in a nut ton more customization options, which they’re well known for. I may check them out after another build or two. Nice work.

    • justincase_2008

      Yeah i tried B1 and a few nightlys but the battery life was no where near what i had with the ICS builds. So i moved to CM10.

    • Are you aware of any navbar mods for CM10? The one thing keeping me on AOKP is the ability to add a search button to my nav bar with long-press for voice search. I loved CM10 but couldn’t find a nav bar mod, and can’t really live without the search button there

  • What do they mean by national data roaming? Running a cm10 nightly right now, seriously thinking about going back to aokp now

  • Turbine Tech

    Flashed Bugless Beast last night and loving it. Had to push stock images through ADB to fix bootloop/soft brick that happened after I flashed AOKP preview 1. Which is too bad considering I loved their ICS stuff. Might wait awhile to see if this works out for everyone.

  • nsauce7

    Flashed yesterday and running super buttery.

    • dean2359

      Xenon has that too

    • Factchecker

      Actually the first rom to have the custom ring targets was Team Eos’s Rom, then Codename re-wrote and improved the code and AOKP used his code.

  • Kellex, you have to check out Codename Android as well, I have 3.5 installed on my galaxy nexus and that rom is SOLID, kangs features from AOKP and Cynagenmod but who doesnt. Its a great great Rom.

    • From what I remember, Codename pulls its base from AOKP.

      • PC_Tool

        CNA pulls from AOKP, CM, and anyone else who codes a feature they think is “neat”.

      • Factchecker

        Codename is based on AOSP but adds features from all over, AOKP is just one of the many.

    • I’ve been on CNA for a long time – easily the longest I’ve stuck with a single ROM. On my device it runs better than AOKP, but I know that can sometimes change from phone to phone.