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Contest: Win a Kindle Fire HD 7″ From DL and xScope Browser (Updated: Winner Picked)

Since today is release day for the brand new Kindle Fire HD 7″, we have partnered with xScope browser to give one away to a DL community member!

For those new to the game, you may not have heard of xScope. But trust me when I say that when Android was first getting its start, this was our go-to 3rd party browser. It had some incredibly innovative features like single finger pinch-to-zoom, but was also light and fast enough that few could compete with it. Over the last month or so, Gary (the developer) released a new version with Holo styling, more gestures (including the single finger zoom), and one of the more robust browsing experiences around. Definitely check it out. 

Play Links:  xScope Browser



Update:  Our winner has been chosen! Josh says that his favorite browser is the stock browser because he can’t run Chrome on his original DROID X. Congrats to Josh! Unfortunately, he still won’t be able to run Chrome on his Kindle Fire HD either.

Prize:  One (1) Kindle Fire HD 7″

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite Android browser is and why. Specific feature you like?
2.  Feel free to follow us on Google+ as well.
3.  U.S. residents only.


On Monday morning at 9:00AM PT, we will choose a winner randomly from the comments.

Good luck!

  • Rza

    Chrome is currently my favorite. Favorite feature is the ability to sync all my tabs and bookmarks between my computer, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus.

  • Right now it’s Firefox Mobile. I love the redesign and syncs up perfectly to Firefox on my PC.

  • Though I’d love to brown nose and say xScope browser, I must say I love Chrome. Syncing is probably the main feature, it comes in handy when I reach blocked sites at work. But I will definitely check out xScope now!!

  • Yan Portnoy

    Chrome. Because it cross-platform, have sync function for everything (bookmarks, passwords, open tabs)

  • ewilliams1009

    chrome – nice desktop to moblie experience

  • ProfessAndObey

    Chrome wins because it’s Google and it works so well with the desktop version. However, if you are pre-ICS or don’t have Play Store access, I do recommend xScope. It will always hold a special place in my heart for how well it treated me on my OG Droid.

  • Chrome! I had to get use to it at first, but it is amazing on what you can do. I like that fact that you can have tabs open without going thru options. Also being able to have it sync to my home computer as well.

  • Fishma2

    Dolphin Browser seems to be the most robust browser with the best built in downloader addons. i was an xscope fan back when i used the original Droid. will be downling it again to try. always looking to improve my experience

  • Chrome is the best. Simple, fast, and I love the syncing tabs.

  • Resident_Psycho

    I use Boat Browser….it’s been super smooth, runs fast and leaves no foot print. One of the fastest android browsers I’ve used!

  • Kamran Hassan

    I’ve always loved chrome. It’s a clean experience and I love that I can seamlessly switch back and forth between my desktop when I’m at home and phone when I’m away. The convenience is just what blows the competition outta the water!

  • Jack Hoffman

    Definitely couldn’t live without quick controls of stock JB browser on my GNex. For a tablet, Chrome tab syncing is the best!

  • Chrome for the speed.

  • chrome is amazing and fast. the chrome to phone is awesome.

  • Chrome for tab sharing on multiple devices of course.

  • Dolphin Browser!!!! It still allows flash to play on all sites including DROID LIFE =D
    Also its connected to all my devices so it make it simple then to set up another browser.

  • dtlara

    I’m a chrome user because I have it synced on all my devices so I can pick up where I left off.

  • Chrome is definitely my favorite right now. Its fast, and now its being intergrated into android so it can only get better. Also love the unlimited tabs. Got tired of that real quick in the stock browser

  • i know i’m in the heavy minority, but I like opera mini, it’s fast and renders pages correctly for me. I have an original dinc running jb and chrome browser doesn’t well on it.

  • Kisiel

    Chrome,having the ability to reopen tabs from my computer on multiple devices

  • slinkywoman

    Chrome because I already know how to use it from my desktop.

  • akhnaten

    Chrome, becuase it renders in a manner closest to a desktop browser. I wish it supported plugins.

  • Chrome is the one for me. It is what I use on all my computers. Consistency on all platforms is what appeals to me.

  • rysjimmy1994

    I’d have to say I like chrome best. Its nice being able to sync from iPad to nexus and then laptop. Its also nice being able to bring my bookmarks with me on all devices

  • melan26

    Chrome for synching.

  • Gregory Terrell

    I use Opera. Dolphin didn’t suit my needs, Firefox was slow for me when it first came out, and I still haven’t tried Chrome for Android. Opera is fast, keeps all of my tabs, and the home screen is awesome.

  • Chrome because of the syncing.

  • Richard Blauman

    Been using xScope for years. Its the best!!

  • I haven’t completely settled on one browser yet but it’s come down to chrome and dolphin. However chrome gets 85% of my use, I love having the synced tabs and bookmarks.

  • Jem

    Chrome without a doubt. It has been mentioned, but getting my tabs and bookmarks at anytime especially if something breaks? Amazing. I use chrome exclusively for it!

  • John Rowe

    Chrome on tablet because it stays in sync with my computer, so I can seamlessly move from my desk to my recliner. Dolphin for my phone because it’s lighter and faster. Having said all of that I haven’t tried xScope yet however will be doing so immediately

  • Kyle Luis

    I love Chrome because I can surf the web just as if I was on my laptop.

  • Jason Taylor

    My browser of choice is by far Dolphin Browser HD. It’s sleek and smooth. Much better than the stock browsers. My fall back browser is Google Chrome. Love the syncing feature.

  • Matt Larson

    Chrome because of the syncing for sure

  • HenryWM

    My only Android device right now is my Bionic phone. It will not run Chrome, but I hope it will if and when it receives the rumored ICS upgrade because I love the desktop version of Chrome. Until that time, my favorite Android browser is Dolphin because of its tabbed browsing feature.

  • N8shon

    Chrome. There’s nothing better to sync my tablet, laptop, and smartphone.

  • Ivan92116

    Chrome…for all the syncing goodness.

  • lilcledix

    My favorite is the chrome. You can do so much with it. I love being able to have a tabs open. I love the fact you can switch between chrome and gmail so easy.

  • I use Chrome browser because it is quick and I really like that I can have all my bookmarks available from phone and desktop.

  • Chrome for speed and its UI. Plus syncing across devices without installing plugins is nice.

  • Chrome, Everything syncs from phone to tablet to desktop.

  • Chris Boucher

    Dolphin browser HD. Actually recognized as a desktop browser by most sites!

  • TheRealCBONE

    I used to use xscope pro, but now I use dolphin hd. It just feels tighter and faster than xscope now.

  • Kenny

    Im not sure but they all have there lil quirks, So ill say chrome for the tabs and the incognito function…..

  • ChrisRadcliffe

    Google Chrome because Google is awesome!! #TeamAndroid #TeamGoogle

  • Definitely Chroma because of its speed and convenience.
    Though honestly speaking I haven’t tried many others…maybe that’s something I’ll do 🙂

  • I enjoy the stock ICS browser more than others; it feels the most lightweight of all the browsers out there.

  • Firefox because it syncs with my other devices AND supports Flash on my Android devices.

  • chrome b/c its better than anything else

  • Love Chrome because I get my favorites synced between my GNex, my work laptop, my home laptop, and my Transformer tablet. Would love to add a Kindle HD to the family!