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Contest: Win a Kindle Fire HD 7″ From DL and xScope Browser (Updated: Winner Picked)

Since today is release day for the brand new Kindle Fire HD 7″, we have partnered with xScope browser to give one away to a DL community member!

For those new to the game, you may not have heard of xScope. But trust me when I say that when Android was first getting its start, this was our go-to 3rd party browser. It had some incredibly innovative features like single finger pinch-to-zoom, but was also light and fast enough that few could compete with it. Over the last month or so, Gary (the developer) released a new version with Holo styling, more gestures (including the single finger zoom), and one of the more robust browsing experiences around. Definitely check it out. 

Play Links:  xScope Browser



Update:  Our winner has been chosen! Josh says that his favorite browser is the stock browser because he can’t run Chrome on his original DROID X. Congrats to Josh! Unfortunately, he still won’t be able to run Chrome on his Kindle Fire HD either.

Prize:  One (1) Kindle Fire HD 7″

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite Android browser is and why. Specific feature you like?
2.  Feel free to follow us on Google+ as well.
3.  U.S. residents only.


On Monday morning at 9:00AM PT, we will choose a winner randomly from the comments.

Good luck!

  • Sarah Smith

    I like Chrome. It’s nice to have my bookmarks synced between my laptop and phone.

  • I guess it would be the stock browser, only because Verizon in their infinite wisdom/greed has decided that my barely a year old DroidX2 “wouldn’t benefit from an ICS upgrade”, so I can’t run Chrome like I would prefer to do. Chrome for Android requires ICS or higher. It would be nice to sync my bookmarks with my phone like I do with all my other machines. Shouldn’t have to root my phone just to stay current and still have never gotten an answer as to why Chrome “needs” ICS to work.

  • jmanin

    Dolphin Browser HD. It’s fast, stable and has great add ons.

  • I prefer the stock browser on my Galaxy Nexus. I love the quick controls feature of it. Not having to scroll to the top to do anything is so awesome!

  • raoul duke

    Chrome. Device synching.

  • I like chrome, being able to switch between devices…awesome

  • I use Chrome as it also syncs bookmarks with my desktop.

  • dawn m. armfield

    I like Chrome because I can use it cross platform and have access to all of my tabs wherever I am.

  • Brett Claudio

    I love Chrome because it’s what I use at home and makes things easier to sync up.

  • aj34

    Chrome because it syncs my bookmarks between devices perfectly

  • Chrome, the ability to sync multiple devices and desktop is awesome.

  • Kevin72

    Chrome because of Chrome to Phone. Nuff said.

  • Tom Sturdy

    Chrome is my favorite browser. I like that it syncs with my desktop and tablet.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Chrome because it syncs with my desktop

  • Really love chrome. Tab sync is the best. Most of all good interface and fast enought for me.

  • Amanda

    Chrome is my favorite. Being able to share bookmarks across all of my devices is awesome!

  • Chrome rocks. Just because…. 🙂

  • Jason Brown

    While I have recently switched to chrome since it’s much faster than the stock browser, there are times where I find myself moving back to the stock browser since I love the “quick controls” lab (i prefer the ics version over the jb one). If only chrome could implement that lab into its browser then I would fully switch over to using chrome all the time.

  • Dolphin HD is my current (and favorite). The speed and ease of tabbed browsing are what makes it a keeper for me! Plus, today is my birthday (9/14), so I figured I might try my hand and hopefully win a nice gift!

  • Dwayne Cunningham

    Chrome because you can share all your bookmarks between devices

  • Firefox because i love the swipe side tabs that makes changing settings and tabs so easy and seamless.

  • I use Dolphin b/c it is definitely the best browser I can use on my thunderbolt. I especially love the voice command for dolphin’s browser, it works perfectly for me. Did I mention I have a thunderbolt with the original battery…I think that alone should be the reason I win the Kindle Fire HD

  • jaylanPHNX

    I use dolphin because it consistently loads the desktop version of almost every site. I’m using chrome to type this, though, because dolphin didn’t do well typing in Disqus fields.

  • I use Google Chrome cause of the chrome to phone features. I spilt my Web browsing between my cell and my pc and it’s like I don’t miss a beat alternating between the two of.

  • toyosi shekoni

    Chrome browser
    Reason? Tabs sync with desktop and they stay open even when I restart my phone

  • davo_m3

    xScope… it loads pages fast

  • PuzzleShot

    Chrome is my favorite. I use it on my PC and that makes the mobile one so much better, because the autocomplete in the omnibar is the same (so that if i’d been someplace on my computer and start typing to go there on my phone a few days later, it autocompletes with that place), the tab syncing is glorious, the HTML5 support is nice, renders things well, fast, pretty, functional. All it needs is a history tab.

  • Dave

    I like Chrome with my favorite feature being incognito mode for those times when I want to be an internet ninja.

  • BrianCherry

    Dolphin Browser Beta because of how responsive and fast it compared to Chrome, Default browser, Dolphin HD, Opera, or Firefox

  • Chrome. Because it brings all the features of my desktop version, in addition to my current tabs.

  • derrickmcc21

    Dolphin HD – Flash

  • Piotr G.

    I would have to give it to Chrome. I’ve used it for as long as I can remember on the PC and do not see a reason as to why not use it on the phone. The sync is probably the single best feature of it!

  • elDuendeVerde

    I use firefox. I guess cuz that’s what I use on my desktop and it imports Al my favorites.

  • I still miss stock ICS browser. Chrome is great, but stock browser was fast , fluid, and all the features that I want

  • Seth Williams

    chrome. it always seemed more polished and faster than others

  • Kpirate

    Chrome, because bookmarks sync

  • me me

    To tell you the truth… I’m not happy with any browser available. (Without knowing of xScope’s platform) So I’m going to download xScope now, as we all should be doing if we haven’t so already. Cheers

  • jacinto1234

    Chrome! Its fast, syncs across devices, and has a great UI.

  • Thuy

    I use xScope on my Nexus 7 and Gnex. It’s fast and love the tabs!

  • Chrome for synching, for the win.

  • I love chrome because I can sync all my bookmarks and open them on my phone when I’m on the go. I also like how the tablet version matches the desktop version 😀

  • Kevin Faaborg

    As of right now, I love Chrome since not only does it sync all of my bookmarks between all of my devices, but also my tabs, plus it quickly adjusts to whatever i view with a quick tap.

  • Justin Howard

    Google Chrome is my Fav of all time because it is extremely fast and it has awesome features that make it very useful 😉

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Chrome is the best browser for me. I like having one browser to rule them all.

  • dolphin browser HD. easiest tab management. chrome would be better if it were faster and had the same style of tab management on mobile when compared to tablet mode

  • Jpm7714

    chrome without a doubt. favorite part is when you click the display all tabs button and swipe up 5 times all your open screens do a little backflip. totally useless, yet totally awesome

  • MichaelThomason

    the stock browser is my go to because it is just simple to use. I have on been been on android for a short time, but will try xscope A try.

  • Chrome…I wish it had full screen, or at least an address bar that will minimize as you scroll. Kind of like how the search box disappears in Google now as you scroll, but if you scroll back up just a little bit it reappears?

  • Dolphin HD because my crappy X2 doesn’t run Chrome and I’m too lazy to jump the hurdles.

  • lobot5247

    Dolphin Browser HD because it’s fast and NEVER crashes!