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Jimmy Kimmel Asks iPhone Owners What They Think of the iPhone 5, Which is Actually a 4S


What happens when you ask iPhone owners for their thoughts on the new iPhone 5, but show them an iPhone 4S? Magic. Pure comedic magic.

Cheers Dontel, teng taing, Charlie and everyone else!

  • Mike

    I’m an iPhone user and this is a perfect example of why I’m sick of the iPhone. Isheep ppl that buy an apple device just cause it has the apple logo on it. They have no sense of technology and are completely brain dead thinking an older model is the new model when half of them were holding the same phone in their other hand. It doesn’t matter what apple rolls out blind consumers will still buy it just because. They should of given them the original iPhone and see if they could tell the difference. I’m switching to android and buying myself the galaxy note 2 when it comes out. It’s specs and overall performance as well as capabilities absolutely blow the iPhone 5 out of the water. The iPhone is no longer the cool new device to get. It’s the device that simple minded ppl like these ppl in the video get just cause of the logo on the back. They have no sense of technologically advanced systems. The iPhone 5 was the biggest disappointment for apple to this day and the ios6 that I just installed on my iPhone is awful. The maps are horrific I’d rather have google maps without the turn by turn then use this setup. Just plain utter disappointment. This is a big fail for apple in my book.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    “…Video front and Back, oh yeah…” WTF!

  • iPhone customers are generally repeat customers who have learned that the value and delight is not so much in how it looks on the outside, but how it functions.

  • Zebug

    That was great….I must say though, most people slap a case on their phone right away so of course the nake phone feels lighter and thinner. When I removed my case after almost 2 years from my old Eris, it was like a brand new phone.

    Now I’m naked 100% of the time

  • Biggipp1

    CLASSIC!!!! Typical ifools…lmao

  • George264

    LMFAO “Oh! this one has a video camera. On the back. The last one didn’t have that” Oh man. It’s funny because the mainstream consumer has NO IDEA. I swear, a couple of friends recently gotten a GSIII and I’m in middle school, they said “My phone said she doesn’t want an iPhone, and I said: GSIII!” Now I ask them, so uh, how’s it better than the 2? Uh… well, it’s a bigger screen man. And I asked, why’d you get it? “Oh I saw that commercial that showed a really big screen, don’t really like how it looks, but it’s the biggest screen out there, so I got it.” Shows even people getting a GSIII is still kind of clueless.

  • JoshHenry

    How embarrassing! Lmfao!!

  • joejoe5709

    I started the video thinking, “If there is at least one person who currently has an iPhone4S… I’ll bust a gut laughing.” There are at least three. HAHAHAHA! Awesome.

  • He should have used a GS3, that would have been even funnier!

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    apple has been stealing the iphone sheeps their money.

  • LOL this goes to show how much attention people really pay to technology before they purchase it

  • shane cone

    You guys are so much worse than the sheep. You all hate iPhone because you have android and your android using buddy hates iPhone. Its ridiculous like someone else said if someone makes a valid arvuement against android he gets 37 down votes. If you look at the android version statistic chart most android users have low end devices. If you have a low end device its cause that was the cheapest smartphone you get get or afford. Doesn’t sound like a well informed or smart decision to me. Anyone I’ve met with an android doesn’t know they’re phone even had ram or how many codes they’re processor is. All they know is they have a smart phone. They still use task killers even though they hurt battery life cause the Verizon rep said so. Whatever down vote me let’s see if I can beat 37 but all of you make us look ignorant and jealous. Posted from my galaxy nexus that I upgraded from a first day purchased og droid

    • Android4life

      You mad? Sad? You wanna tissue? Are you one of the guys in this video?

    • joejoe5709

      Dumb people are dumb. Uniformed people are uninformed. What else is new?

  • Dam now i know why Apple sued Samsung over their design even Iphone user cant tell apart from one Iphone to another.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Shouldn’t they have AT LEAST realized that the back is completely different? *sigh* I mean especially men have problems with size but the elongated 16:9ish form factor is obvious without side-by-side comparison with the past 5 models.

  • My bro is a huge iPhone fanatic, he and I were watching this video together and he was making excuses for the users:

    “Oh, these people don’t even own an iPhone.” Guy whips out an iPhone.

    “Well, they probably don’t know what an iPhone 4 or 4S is.” (uhhh…what’s the difference?) Dude says, ‘I own an iPhone 4S and this is definitely better.’

    Now his excuse is, “Well, they obviously don’t know what an iPhone 5 looks like then!”

    I just have to SMDH as to how brainwashed even my own family members are.

  • jcorf

    This is quite hilarious, but my only problem with it is that they most definitely removed the footage of anybody who did realize that it was the 4S.

    • joejoe5709

      You mean they edited it?! You’re kidding!

  • imdarchitect

    Baaaaa… Baaaaa… Baaaa!

  • DanKemple

    Thank God I took the red pill. This is truly the definition of stupidity. People are so dumb they will just blindly “love” something without actually having a clue because society tells them it’s the latest and greatest. I must say crapple has really mind raped people.

  • Funny, but to be fair there’s dumb people in every demographic.

  • Ziltoid

    I dont know. The whole thing looks like an act to me

  • How many people would fall for this if they showed you the Galaxy Nexus and told you it was the Galaxy Nexus 2? Probably not many!

  • tvjrc603

    i tend to think that this video, while funny, has more to do with human behavior in general than apple fanatics in particular. i am curious what would happen if you took a RAZR and told random people on the street that it was the RAZR HD – not the kind of people who browse this site, but the kind of people who bought the RAZR because it was what the salesperson recommended. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was similar – the human brain is very skilled at filling in blanks and seeing what it thinks it should be seeing.

    that said, the iphone 5 is still mind-blowingly mundane as far as smartphones, and the RAZR HD is going to be leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor by comparison.

  • That went straight to facebook. Now, I can’t wait for everyone to start whining about it. Iphone 5, It’s a 1/2 inch bigger.

    • Chris

      I posted it on my friend’s (who is obsessed with Apple) wall.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Droid life = the BGR of android.

    • mustbepbs

      That’s an insult.

  • Sheep …. baaahhhaaaa …. all of them.

  • MikeCiggy

    You know what though. All of my friend with iPhones loves them when they got them, they were fast and smooth. But now a year or more later they bitch and complain it lags and stutters. This test one assuming its a brand new 4s might definitely be faster then the ones in their pockets. But what does that tell you about build quality…

  • DanWazz

    Sad truth is, most people don’t know anything about phones and technology. Most people I know call their android handsets “droids” cause they don’t know any better and they don’t care. However, that doesn’t make their ignorance any less funny.

  • And what the hell is the guy talking about with video on front and back?

    • pentafive

      Think he meant front and back cameras.

    • Justin Latham

      why did you block my comment dog?

    • Chris

      He probably still has the 3G or 3Gs lol. Seems like he has never seen a front camera.

  • trixnkix637

    This is exactly why I stopped buying Apple products after the 3rd Gen IPod Nano.

  • master94

    Just shows how dumb ifans really are.

  • i dont think these people are “sheep”…when i think of sheep i think someone that Loves apple so much they just dont care what they put out…they are buying it because it is apple. i think these people just dont know any better…they want to believe it is the iP5, and they want to believe it is “thinner” “lighter” “faster” so that is what they see.

  • Rex

    Typical iSheep.

  • Droid4All

    I like this puppet show.

  • I don’t want to live in this world anymore

    • Robert Jakiel

      Can I have your stuff?

      • I’m burning it, then getting a voodo witch doctor to curse it all. It’s the safest and best way to ensure no Apple people get the pleasure to use any of it. I’m sorry 🙁

    • Jarrett Guma

      dammit thats what i was going to say

  • DjDonFrancisco

    Listening to the radio this morning, I heard some hosts raving over the fact that theres now room for an extra line of icons. Yea, that made for a great laugh. iPhone 5: Now with 5 rows of icons. *wild applause*

  • Not surprised at all. The upgrades to iPhone’s every year is minimal. But defiantly lol

  • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • elemeno

    I’m pretty sure the phone in the video is an iPhone 4, not even a 4S.

    • Justin Latham

      yeah it is lol.

  • fish1552

    The iPhone 5. Now with MORE stolen intelectual property!

  • nightscout13

    If this is real and not setup, these people are extremely ignorant, and should not be allowed to own one.

  • Pentafive

    iSheep = A follower of the Apple cult regardless of the usefulness or real worth of the product. Believes with without question the cult propaganda which installs the almost mythological belief that what they have just bought is the fastest or most user friendly product ever, only to be re-sold the same product, with a few minor tweaks, a few months later with the same rhetoric and complete disregard for reality. Easily mislead by their own egos and think they are being unique and innovative. Often wrong but convinced they are correct.

  • Aaron Burroughs

    SMH this just confirms my fears… I’ve been arguing with iSheep all day yesterday about whats better… this proves to me once and for all, that any logical debate is completely useless to that class of people

    • enigmaco

      Don’t argue with an idiot they’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  • Knlegend1


  • Jroc869, Cool story bro


  • enigmaco

    This validates the point I made yesterday lol

    • LionStone

      +1’d you then and +1’d you now 🙂

  • adb.push.Freedom

    It’s so true… The thing is that the live event yesterday showing off the new features and design (which were minimal) does not matter to iPhone followers. The reason we refer to them as iSheep is because they like to be told what to buy, when to buy it and how to use it. I think of Apple as a Dictatorship, there is no freedom, no customization, you just buy the phone to look cool with it on your belt clip and it is so simple that a toddler can use it to its full potential. The beautiful thing about android is it can also be simple if you wish, but it is also so complex if you want to go down that road. You have open source to work with and a huge community of developers and themers to pick and choose how you want your phone to look or react to a certain action. You can actually educate yourself to the point where you could be building your own ROM from source and have control of virtually every aspect of your phone. One thing is for sure … if you would have given a Nexus owner a Galaxy Nexus and told them it was the Galaxy Nexus 2 the first thing we would do is go to settings>about phone to see the model number

  • prestone1

    probably fake, but that doesnt make the message any less true

  • mustbepbs


  • pretty sure this is fake but funny nonetheless

  • HTC1

    That proves my point that I-donkey user have ZERO idea of what they are doing. Do you understand now why they need a childproof phone. They have the same exact phone in their hand and yet say the saome thing in the other hand is better. What a bunch of donekys!!!!
    These people can barely turn the phone on nevermind use something that takes an once of brain. Let them have it. we don’t want them ruining good android phones anyways.

    • moelsen8

      i-donkey. i love it. haha.

  • I would expect nothing less from a sheep.

  • MotoRulz

    ISheep will be Isheep

  • Shawn Kim

    it’s really sad that I actually work with some of these dumbasses

    • Art Holguin

      I work with 2 well 1 now as I have changed one to the droid side after a year of beating it through his head.. he had a rezound and now inc4g. the person I changed would argue that iphone has way more free apps and droid didn’t have any .. I had to show him how to slide to the free section.. and his opinion began to change..

      • balthuszar

        thought you said you changed one over to the droid side?

        • shane cone

          Droid incredible 2

          • balthuszar

            good point…forgot the incredible family was a family of droids

  • Malcolm James II

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from Apple Puppets

  • moelsen8

    these people shouldn’t be allowed to have smartphones

    • Tom_Cullen

      they’re not, thats why they get iphones instead.

      • Guest


  • Speechless. Absolutely speechless.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Who else was disappointed that the new iPhone doesn’t have the more GBs?

  • All i can say is baaa-aaa-aaa! Apple has mind control!

  • Go Hawkeyes

    I like the College Humor video about Apple releasing nothing better.

  • That’s quite funny – I love it! and second to iSheep 🙂

  • krees

    That’s actually exactly what I’d expect from iphone users.

  • Captain_Doug


  • Bauce40

    Boy Hulk Hogan is looking rough these days, guess the steroid wore off

    • MichaelFranz

      this ^^^

  • OreoMan

    That explains a lot. Now I know what iSheep truly means.

    • angermeans

      Really? Cause I am willing to bet if you performed this exact same test with the GS3 with these same people (you know people not like us that follow blogs) you would get the exact same outcome. This whole “sheep” thing really makes us Android users look like we are ignorant fools don’t ya think?

      • nightscout13

        I challenge you to go out there and do the same thing for the GS3, and post the video on youtube so that we may see the results.

        • angermeans

          It wouldn’t be the same experiment now would it. The issue is people happened to approached on the street by a major television show and was told that this was indeed the new iPhone and asked only for their impressions. I do agree that the people that had the same phone should have been able to point out the similarities (if indeed they had the same phone as she very well could have had the iPhone 4 which is much much slower than the 4s and probably very noticeably slower than the 5 the thing is we dont know as it didn’t say).

          It was a interesting experiment to say the least, but it was out to get a laugh not to generalize all iPhone user’s like the OP did into iSheep. That is what I was commenting on, but yes I do think that if they performed the same experiment with the GS3 they would get much the same results as they are only telling these people what the product is and asking their opinions not asking them if it is indeed an iPhone 5. If they had I think most people would have an easier time telling apart a newer iPhone from the older (except the 4 to 4s that is) than they would from the millions of less popular Android phones. Anyone that has used or seen an iPhone 5 would be able to see the complete differences between the 4s and 5 however, none of us (outside of some blogs and reporters) have seen or felt this thing. It was a bias experiment set out simply to get laughs that is all.

          • Jroc869, Cool story bro

            I think the part that makes them look like sheep is, they said they would buy it even though the freakin thing looked exactly like the current iphone. Looked like the current iphone because it is the damn current iphone.

          • New_Guy

            Some were actuallly hlding the 4s in their hands and the first guy said he owned one as well. This experiment has nothing to do with people not following tech anouncements since the majority of the people in the video either own the phone or were actually holding it in their hands…

          • Hunter

            The people being told what the device was, was an integral part of the experiment. Even if it was created just to fill some tv slot. The point proven by the experiment is that i*hone users are getting to the point where most of them will believe whatever they are told, without question. I am willing to bet that you would see more questions from a comparable android test.

          • nightscout13

            We don’t know if they introduced themselves as a TV show….

          • mx

            It makes me sad that so many people on this site down vote a completely rational comment like angermeans’. Not at all surprised, but still sad.

          • angermeans

            Oh well that is how it goes. I was just trying to make a point, but most around here are so full of Android to see that the competition is the competition for a reason. You find the same on the other side as well. I just love technology and wont limit myself to just one brand as great innovation is everywhere and I want to experience it as much as I can. Lately Droid life has turned into a site searching out anything negative about iOS and it’s users rather than writing great articles about the many great Android phones and the many options we have out there. It really sours the site and feeds the fanboism that really doesnt need to be. So what the iPhone 5 has 2 years later caught up to Android and it no longer is lacking 4G or a smaller screen (most would argue that 4″ is still small though). I get the feeling that evert iOS announcement that Android fans scramble to put it down. It doesnt need to be Android is great in its own and I miss the days of the Nexus One and original Droid where we didnt see this garbage iOS vs Android and vice versa. There is a reason that both have done so well and honestly I hope WP8 finally catches on as well. Neither Android nor iOS would be where they are without the competition from the other one. The ignorant iSheep comments really make us look shallow. When Android first caught on it was a community not a competition now not only are Android fans out for iPhone fans, but Android fans are always quick to down other Android fans because they think that their subjective choice in a phone has to be the best. It gets ugly. Droid Life has been my favorite site for a long time, but lately it has been nothing, but trash and Im not talking about the great writing of Kellex, Tim, Eric, and Ron as they usually have some great articles. I just dont see why all the negativity even from them when most use iPads, Macbooks, and iMacs. We shoudl all be excited about the Nexii announcements that are supposed to be coming, or that rumored 720p HTC Verizon One series phone (lets hope its a One series and not a Droid).

          • slpbird76

            Its says right on back of the phone 4s sure as hell dont look like a 5 one guy even looked at the back of the phone so the term isheep is very well deserved.

          • angermeans

            It doesnt say anywhere on the device “4S” i have one in my possession now

      • Jroc869, Cool story bro

        they talked to some people who had iphone 4s’s on their person. they are sheep

        • angermeans

          and how do you or anyone else know it was a 4s? Thats right we don’t. Look I got a laugh about it to, but I promise there are just as many ignorant Android users that more than likely no nothing out of the name of their phone. They are called the general public. The only thing they know is the marketing that is fed to them. Wouldn’t that too make them some kind of sheep? All I was commenting on is the ignorant generalization of iPhone users because there are just as many Android users that are the same exact way and judging by the mess that Android OEMs have made by releasing so many variants of the same model (Ahem Motorola and the Razr) I would bet more of the general public that own Android phones are even more confused than the people in this skit. If you don’t think that is the truth than you need to spend some time seeing just how out there people are with technology. To you and I it is easy we eat, sleep, and live Android, smartphones, and general tech, but to them they can care less and really there is nothing wrong with that.

          • Hunter

            You want to generalize, lets generalize. Android represents a more open ecosystem, and with that ecosystem comes conscious choices. This is very different from the locked down, our way or no-way ideologies over in the iCamp. Its the lack of choice/control that leads to the sheep/herd mantra.

          • OfTheDamned

            One of the guys in the video actually stated that he has the 4s. @1.28 the guy says, “I have the 4s.”

            I’m not arguing your point, well except the part about the Razr having many variants (there are 4 that look similar, 2 last year and 2 this year), but you have to admit that there are more people willing to swallow what Apple feeds them.

          • New_Guy

            Others also were holding their’s in their hands saying “it’s way better than mine” or “it’s definitely faster than mine.”

          • OfTheDamned

            Also true. I’m willing to concede angermeans point though that some of them could have been holding the the 3GS or the 4 which would actually make the 4s in the video faster.

          • Jroc869, Cool story bro

            if you are saying how would someone know that phone they were being shown was a 4s? then that is simple because apple decided only the 4s would get siri. If you are saying how do I someone on the street they were interviewing had a 4s on them, easy 1:28 in the video.

          • angermeans

            I am willing to bet most dont even remember how to use Siri. I’ve dealt with the general public and you wouldnt believe the things that come up especially when it comes to technology. If you dont think it happens on both sides and that honestly iPhones attract a dumber user then you are very very wrong. A good number of Android users think they have Droids not Androids and that is once again because of marketing. We are a small number, but I’d be willing to bet everyone on this site whether at work, home with the family, or even out and about has heard someone call an Evo, Tbolt, etc a Droid. It happens and that doesnt mean would generalize all Android users, am I right? I wasn’t here to start some BS ‘I’m right and your wrong I simply made a comment about how ignorant it makes all of us Android users look when we constantly are calling iPhone users sheep. Why do you think Samsung has quickly rose the ranks in phones and has dare I say Apple cult like following. It isn’t because the world has millions upon millions of geeks like us that care about every little spec and feature. It is because they have also caught the attention of the general public. Hell most people call the Nexus 7 a Galaxy because of the Galaxy Nexus. Does that make them part of some stupid caveman like following? No it doesn’t.

          • Michael Quinlan

            You’re right… we don’t know that any of those people had an iPhone 4s. They said they did, but when asked, they would probably say they have 4G too. Many iPhone users don’t know what they have. The same holds true for many Android users. Randomly ask people on the street what phone they have – the most common answers will be “iPhone” and “Droid”, yet very few will have an actual Droid.

        • New_Guy

          Exactly! They had them in their hands for crying out loud =D!!!

      • Hunter

        You have a much higher chance of people recognizing difference in Android devices because they made a conscious choice of one over another instead of being force fed the next “i*hone”. Plus when comparing the two markets, i*hone vs Android, Android users tend to let the features sell the phone instead of its name.

      • having talked to true sheep, id say no. part of what you said is accurate about android users, but not to the degree or #s you see it with apple fans.

      • steelcity1

        As others have pointed out to you, the experiment proves iPhone users believe what they are told without question. Every joke as a certain element of truth to it… it’s not ignorant at all.
        Same may be true of other phones, but each iteration of the iPhone generally looks the same. Other brands tend to change the phone more. So I have trouble believing Galaxy owners would be fooled.

    • Lucky Armpit

      While I agree that most iPhone users get iPhones because “it’s the cool thing to do” or “my friend has one”, I think that experiement simply reveals that most people don’t follow product announcement or tech blogs, and are clueless about tech in general. They just hear that a new iPhone is released and line up like… well…. sheep to buy one. They don’t appreciate that the CPU is faster or the RAM is increased, etc.; they only care about the fact that their buddy is gonna get one and since their buddy is cool because he owns an iPhone, he better get one too.

      • Dicky

        ya man you right haha

      • Trevor

        I agree. As tempting as it is to use a video like this to bash Apple, I think this just highlights the average cell phone consumer’s ignorance. People tend to buy whatever phone they get talked into buying at the store. Don’t seem to know much about its specs or what it can do.

        • same type of people who shop for PC’s at Best Buy……you’re not gonna get high-end, not gonna get it cheap either.

          • michael arazan

            Better off doing light reading and getting a build your on kit to your preference and its cheaper. an I7 core and motherboard with 8-16 ram 1-2 terabytes storage for $4-600 way better and add what you want for video cards or bluray or cdw or none

          • Trevor


      • sonicyoof

        I get what you are saying, but these people have their own 4S in one hand and the “iPhone 5” (4S) in the other and they are convinced it’s lighter, brighter, faster, thinner, and has a larger screen. Plus there’s the fact that most of them did mention specific points that Apple made about the iPhone 5.

  • CivilDroid

    You can lead a sheep to water…and also make it drink the koolaid

    • New_Guy

      Clever 🙂

  • Southrncomfortjm

    They really should have used a 3GS instead of the 4S. That would have been great.

    • moelsen8

      i was thinking the same thing about a 3GS or even the original 4. you know the results would have been more/less the same, especially with a 4.

  • Gothamghost

    Talk about a reality distortion field. Several of those people are holding the same phone in both hands and still think it is “better” and “different”. Incredible.

    • Guy that owns one, “It’s definitely noticeably better.” Embarrassing.

  • Speachless…

  • Korey Page

    I’m more scared of the general public than I am of fanboys…

    • root4life


  • MichaelFranz

    almost died when i saw this video this morning. I really don’t get how the one guy says he has a 4s and ……..just smh..