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Jimmy Kimmel Asks iPhone Owners What They Think of the iPhone 5, Which is Actually a 4S

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What happens when you ask iPhone owners for their thoughts on the new iPhone 5, but show them an iPhone 4S? Magic. Pure comedic magic.

Cheers Dontel, teng taing, Charlie and everyone else!

  • Mike

    I’m an iPhone user and this is a perfect example of why I’m sick of the iPhone. Isheep ppl that buy an apple device just cause it has the apple logo on it. They have no sense of technology and are completely brain dead thinking an older model is the new model when half of them were holding the same phone in their other hand. It doesn’t matter what apple rolls out blind consumers will still buy it just because. They should of given them the original iPhone and see if they could tell the difference. I’m switching to android and buying myself the galaxy note 2 when it comes out. It’s specs and overall performance as well as capabilities absolutely blow the iPhone 5 out of the water. The iPhone is no longer the cool new device to get. It’s the device that simple minded ppl like these ppl in the video get just cause of the logo on the back. They have no sense of technologically advanced systems. The iPhone 5 was the biggest disappointment for apple to this day and the ios6 that I just installed on my iPhone is awful. The maps are horrific I’d rather have google maps without the turn by turn then use this setup. Just plain utter disappointment. This is a big fail for apple in my book.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    “…Video front and Back, oh yeah…” WTF!

  • iPhone customers are generally repeat customers who have learned that the value and delight is not so much in how it looks on the outside, but how it functions.

  • Zebug

    That was great….I must say though, most people slap a case on their phone right away so of course the nake phone feels lighter and thinner. When I removed my case after almost 2 years from my old Eris, it was like a brand new phone.

    Now I’m naked 100% of the time

  • Biggipp1

    CLASSIC!!!! Typical ifools…lmao

  • George264

    LMFAO “Oh! this one has a video camera. On the back. The last one didn’t have that” Oh man. It’s funny because the mainstream consumer has NO IDEA. I swear, a couple of friends recently gotten a GSIII and I’m in middle school, they said “My phone said she doesn’t want an iPhone, and I said: GSIII!” Now I ask them, so uh, how’s it better than the 2? Uh… well, it’s a bigger screen man. And I asked, why’d you get it? “Oh I saw that commercial that showed a really big screen, don’t really like how it looks, but it’s the biggest screen out there, so I got it.” Shows even people getting a GSIII is still kind of clueless.

  • JoshHenry

    How embarrassing! Lmfao!!

  • joejoe5709

    I started the video thinking, “If there is at least one person who currently has an iPhone4S… I’ll bust a gut laughing.” There are at least three. HAHAHAHA! Awesome.

  • He should have used a GS3, that would have been even funnier!

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    apple has been stealing the iphone sheeps their money.

  • LOL this goes to show how much attention people really pay to technology before they purchase it

  • shane cone

    You guys are so much worse than the sheep. You all hate iPhone because you have android and your android using buddy hates iPhone. Its ridiculous like someone else said if someone makes a valid arvuement against android he gets 37 down votes. If you look at the android version statistic chart most android users have low end devices. If you have a low end device its cause that was the cheapest smartphone you get get or afford. Doesn’t sound like a well informed or smart decision to me. Anyone I’ve met with an android doesn’t know they’re phone even had ram or how many codes they’re processor is. All they know is they have a smart phone. They still use task killers even though they hurt battery life cause the Verizon rep said so. Whatever down vote me let’s see if I can beat 37 but all of you make us look ignorant and jealous. Posted from my galaxy nexus that I upgraded from a first day purchased og droid

    • Android4life

      You mad? Sad? You wanna tissue? Are you one of the guys in this video?

    • joejoe5709

      Dumb people are dumb. Uniformed people are uninformed. What else is new?

  • Dam now i know why Apple sued Samsung over their design even Iphone user cant tell apart from one Iphone to another.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Shouldn’t they have AT LEAST realized that the back is completely different? *sigh* I mean especially men have problems with size but the elongated 16:9ish form factor is obvious without side-by-side comparison with the past 5 models.

  • My bro is a huge iPhone fanatic, he and I were watching this video together and he was making excuses for the users:

    “Oh, these people don’t even own an iPhone.” Guy whips out an iPhone.

    “Well, they probably don’t know what an iPhone 4 or 4S is.” (uhhh…what’s the difference?) Dude says, ‘I own an iPhone 4S and this is definitely better.’

    Now his excuse is, “Well, they obviously don’t know what an iPhone 5 looks like then!”

    I just have to SMDH as to how brainwashed even my own family members are.

  • jcorf

    This is quite hilarious, but my only problem with it is that they most definitely removed the footage of anybody who did realize that it was the 4S.

    • joejoe5709

      You mean they edited it?! You’re kidding!

  • imdarchitect

    Baaaaa… Baaaaa… Baaaa!

  • DanKemple

    Thank God I took the red pill. This is truly the definition of stupidity. People are so dumb they will just blindly “love” something without actually having a clue because society tells them it’s the latest and greatest. I must say crapple has really mind raped people.

  • Funny, but to be fair there’s dumb people in every demographic.

  • Ziltoid

    I dont know. The whole thing looks like an act to me