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Apple Sues Online Polish Deli Over Their Name, “A.pl”

In a new low, Apple is taking a Polish online deli business to court over their website’s name. Their site resides at “a.pl” – “pl” being Poland’s country-wide domain. Apple argues that the name is too similar to their own and that consumers are getting confused when entering the site. Seriously, how could one tell the difference between a honey baked ham and a 27″ iMac.

According to Polish news sites, the trial could last several years to finally be resolved. Why it would take so long for the Polish courts to throw such a redonkulous claim out the window is beyond me. Feel free to sound off down below.

Via: PC Mag

  • Dulshan Kalpage

    Bahahahahahh the fruit company strikes again!

  • chormak

    I wonder what iwoz has to say he created apple and he is polish so will he eventually be suing apple

  • Chris

    Over a URL that contains a Polish TLD? OMG these people need to be stopped!

  • “What we’re really saying is that we want to steal a.pl through legal BS so that we can use it as a short url, next up will be
    http://www.ipdusa.com/ because people can confuse it as a website full of ipod accessories for your car.

  • Kerry Davies


  • Trusty

    “Trial could last several years”. Great! more $ Apple has to pay to their lawyers.

  • C-Law

    Apple is just ridiculous.. Seriously..

  • YogurtBites

    Damn this cheese has terrible reception.

  • Washington Apples, you’re next! {{^_^}}

  • wilhelmina slater

    Next thing they will do is sue ABC for using an apple with Desperate Housewives.

  • trent

    new tonight apple claims there first “apple copyright” which is when no one can use say or do anything with that product/object. Apple has filed a claim saying anyone who says the word “apple” will immediately be fined 450 dollars. steve jobs comments on this “quite magical!”

  • Jedi-Ninja

    Apple…you are truly a herpe on society.

  • Trevor

    Sorry to be so blunt, but Apple are a bunch of assholes.

  • toolate

    Am I too late

  • Moeyknight

    Let me know when these idiots try to sue Apple Records. Actually, I would LOVE it if Apple Records would sue them.

  • 7H3LaughingMan

    If you do a WHOIS on a.pl you will find out that it was created on “1999.01.13 12:00:00”, now why did Apple wait so long to sue these guys?

  • jory

    If .pl is Poland’s nation-wide domain address, the deli’s only contribution would be the letter A. If Apple is pursuing this case, shouldn’t they be suing the country of Poland since it contributed the majority of the letters to form 3 letters that would still need another p and an e to spell “apple”? And if people who are interested in buying apple computers are really “getting confused” by the name, maybe they should be sued for being illiterate.

  • Corey Marrier

    For a second there I thought I was on theonion.com