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Samsung Galaxy S3 Drops to $99 From Amazon for New Customers

This morning, Amazon dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB to $99 for new customers. They mentioned that this is a “limited” time only thing, so that could mean the deal will only be up for a couple of days or through the weekend. For upgrades or new lines, the prices vary depending on the carrier, but on Verizon we are showing $149 and $139 respectively. For those who are looking to branch off from a parents’ account or start up service with another carrier, this is the type of deal that should help you make up your mind.

Amazon Links:  Verizon [Blue 16GB] [White 16GB] |

More Links:  AT&T [Blue 16GB] [White 16GB] [Red 16GB] | Sprint [Blue 16GB]

  • mustardhomie

    Im sorry if this question seems dumb… but is this $99 samsung phone off contract??

  • Anthony

    Do people overseas get this deal as well?

  • Cat88L3

    Why don’t Amazon and Let’s Talk have the white Sprint 16gb one for sale?

  • DavieP

    You guys should really do more research. The Galaxy S3 was on sale for $99 with contract the other day on T-mobile’s website too. They often have online and midnight sales and it was on sale thru midnight for that price too with a new contract…THey also have promotions often waiving the $35 activation prices but you have to check often – theyre not as smart as amazon with their PR

  • Masterminded

    I wanted the T Mobile one…

  • Where’s the white on Sprint? Come on man…

  • Manny

    Android phones are worthless. 99 dollars and it hasn’t been out 6 months yet. That’s what a 4 year old iphone sells for.

    • Riz Virani

      you’re pretty stupid.
      also, why come to a droid website to bash on droid?

    • Jon T

      Isn’t that better for users? I want the best product for less money. Isn’t that what users want? Why overpay? In addition, used S3 goes for over $400 and used iphone 4s goes for $300. So I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to pay $99 dollars for a “worthless” Android phone. (pricing from movaluate dot com/samsung/galaxy-s-iii-att-blue) They offer a price guideline from completed ebay auctions so you know the prices are very accurate.

      Good luck paying more for your phone.

  • zorak19620

    I just wish I could keep my unlimited plan while upgrading. My upgrade was a month after Verizon enforced the unlimited plan. Now I’m stuck with my thunderbolt for a long, long time.

    • William Peterson

      I may have had a WIERD one new this montht it’s worth sharing. I did change over from the Thunderbolt to the GS3 not even a month ago. They changed me to a tiered data plans but left my billing cycle the same as it was before. I had over 6 gigs of data which meant they were going to rape me on my next bill. I called in and told them it was in right and they knew it was in right so they switch me back to the unlimited plan supposedly for the rest of my billing cycle. I called in after the new billing cycle started on the 5th this month and they said I’m still on the unlimited data plan. Probably a fluke, but I’m happy!

  • Verizon still say google wallet is not supported, but read down toward the bottom. ”
    You can also utilize NFC for contactless payment via Google Wallet.” and just below the google wallet image ”
    Compatible with Google Wallet “

  • Dane Carpenter

    I remember when existing customers got the better deal.

    • 1MPR0BUS

      Those days are long gone. Long time customers are now being punished for having unlimited plans and we are being forced to buy phones out right if we want to keep unlimited. The market has been pushed to sucker in new subscribers for sure. At this point long term subscribers on unlimited plans are just a thorn in their side.

    • Robert Jakiel

      Or you could just go to T-Mobile where everyone is treated equally for data plans. New or existing, $30 unlimited.

      • DavieP

        youre talking about a prepaid walmart plan – for contracts that hasnt been the case – at least not for me in the past wh ich is why i didnt renew

      • bret

        yea go with T-mobile if you horrible data coverage.

    • DavieP

      I dont understand that. I always learned in BUsiness 101 that it is much much easier and less expensive to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. This only encourages your customers to check out the competition and their rate plans, and just makes them hate their carrier even more and feel cheated

  • Robert Jakiel

    $99? Just made the Moto RAZR M irrelevant.

  • Radgatt

    Why is it more on Verizon?

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Its $99 for any new customers on all carriers, but $149 for upgrades on Verizon. Upgrades on AT&T will also be more than $99 (looks like $179 is the minimum on AT&T for upgrades actually). Read closely!