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Google Wallet Discontinues Prepaid Card Program, Refunds to be Made Available October 17

Starting October 17, users of Google Wallet will no longer find a prepaid card option in the Wallet application. Since the successful roll out of debit and credit card usage through Google Wallet, Google sees the prepaid option as unnecessary and users will no longer be able to add funds to the card beginning September 17, one month before the official discontinuation date.

If you have a remaining balance on a Google prepaid card after October 17, you can request a refund here to make sure you receive all of your money back.

Google has set up a separate FAQ for any concerned or curious users that use the service.

Via: Google

Cheers Adam!

  • gorkon

    Personally? You want a way to kill NFC this is it. I don’t want to use my credit card like this. Why? Because if there IS an issue with stealing of accounts from Google Wallet then my account is then compromised and I risk losing more than just what’s on a prepaid card. I think Google needs to keep these….or make it so I can add another prepaid card to it. Can you do that??

  • Otto Dieffenbach

    I linked my bank card but I still liked having the Google card as an emergency backup…. looks like I’ll be hitting up 7-11.

  • steveliv

    i got the $10 bonus twice, and both times purchased gift cards so i wouldn’t have cents left over. i was able to use the browser hack to install wallet on my phone, however the current version tells me that my phone is incompatible..thanks google and verizon…i guess i’ll need to mozy on over to xda and sideload…

  • nightscout13

    Now if only I can get Wallet onto my un-rooted GS3 on Verizon before this date…..

  • master94

    Smart, no one can steal your information and rob you, but alot of people out there dont have debit or credit cards.

  • Josh Flowers

    as for refunds–here’s to thousands of Google Play gift cards being mailed out by Google 🙂

  • I love NFC and use it as much as possible. The only issue i have is when i put a new ROM on and have to set it back up. Back-ups don’t work so you have to re-sign up your card every time. It might be better now that it remembers your cards with the new version, but it couldn’t be worst!

  • Cheers Christopher!

  • BobQ Public

    When I was discussing closing my account since I lost my phone….. the rep mentioned that they are going to charge you for mailing out the refund.

  • RW-1

    I hadn’t checked mine until now, have about 7.54 on it, will have to go get lunch or gas or something …. Added my Debit when opened to them and forgot about the prepaid one frankly …
    Reasonable, with the addition of your own cards, why should they pay Money Network to hold onto them? Moving quickly on it because they are likely paying out the butt monthly themselves for the accounts.
    It was nice while it lasted, and to those who say they still don’t want to use their own debit or CC’s, then just go get your own prepaid to use with it and move on ….

  • 4n1m4L

    Sad face.

  • Bigsike

    Mine says my card has been removed by my bank contact them for a reason why? hmmm

    • mike

      remove it, then add it back. It will be there with w/e balance was on before

      • Bigsike

        Ah cool, thanks for the info it worked. Now off to the gas station to grab 10 bucks worth of gas.

  • Michael Gardner

    Was also wondering what happens to that free $10 pre-paid card. Guess I’ll have to go out and see if I can find a place that has wallet support.

    • Josh Flowers

      McDonalds was about the only useful place around me (though CVS is a safe bet)

  • ddevito

    What sucks more is that they charge you $2 for every 30 days of no activity.


    • Stewie

      Gee, well you won’t have to worry about THAT anymore now, will you?

    • Michael Gardner

      Ouch! I didn’t know that!

    • fixxmyhead

      damn are u serious? i better use my wifes credits soon.

      • It is only the prepaid card if you got in early after 180 of no use it is a monthly charge (Which is nicer than most of those refillable cards you can buy)

    • ddevito

      Here’s proof

      • looks like it starts after 180 days of no use, and then every 30 days from then

        • Justin

          It was 180 days, but it’s now 30 days because they are discontinuing the card.

    • Royal2000H

      I thought they did fix it when they let you add any card?

  • This title confused me, as I thought Google had a service called Discontinue

  • Guest

    I will use my $10 that Google gave me, tonight at Monday Night Football….they use the Paypass there…
    Thanks for a FREE beer Google!!

  • Lawrence

    if only I could get rid of the secure element problem…any suggestions?

    • ddevito

      still looking for one myself. I’ll prob get a new phone, seems to be the only fix

    • at least for my device (evo 4g lte) the only way around a borked secure element is to replace the entire phone.

      Kind of a hassle, but I did it for the $10 credit and a newer battery. I cant guarantee sprint would replace with a BNIB evo 4g lte like they did for me.

  • Sweet, does that mean I’ll actually be able to use my free $10 if it comes as a refund?

    • Daniel Clifford

      But really….can we get the $10 “refunded” to a card of our choice?

      • lol at google basically giving a $10 credit (or more, the GNex was $50 i thought) to tens of thousands of random debit/credit cards.

        the point was to get people using NFC to pay for items.

        sadly there aren’t many paypass/nfc terminals in Austin. Ill use it up on Beer for this weekend.

        Thanks Google.

  • John

    Crazy though because that’s an aggressive timeline to phase ’em out it seems. Oh well, Google can do whatever they want I guess. Their service & I’ll still continue to use Wallet either way.

    Also, sucks for those that have money on their prepaid but ‘broken secure elements’.