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Motorola DROID RAZR M Unboxing and First Look

Motorola announced the DROID RAZR M on Wednesday in a press event that took place in NYC. We all watched the event live and then talked about it throughout a number of posts. But today, a unit arrived for me to dive into in a more intimate setting. So since we are out of the hustle and bustle of a press event, we thought we should do a brief unboxing and then a quick look at Blur, the outside, and all of that jazz.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to tell from the video or not, but so far, I’m actually liking this lil’ guy. The screen is definitely edge-to-edge for the most part, colors are popping off the display (even if it is qHD), it’s fast thanks to the Snapdragon S4 processor, and this new Blur is as close to stock as we’ve seen from any OEM skin. It has some quirks that I’m interested to watch play out. I’m also interested to see what battery life is like. It shouldn’t take long it figure most of that out.

Pre-orders are live now, with devices arriving in stores on September 13. Enjoy.


Unboxing and First Look:

  • lilj

    has anyone else had any trouble with the mobile hotspot not working on their laptop

  • Raven

    I think that the side door access to my micro sd card is one of my favorite features of this phone. It is always a pain to have to shut off my phone and remove the battery to get to mine on my Droid 2 and have to use that special tool to pop the back off of the Droid 4 to get to it there. Not to mention that it actually HAS a micro sd card unlike some other phones out there.

  • Pill kozby


  • .cj

    64gb microSD(XC) … please could you test this (real-test, not a manual check). Maybe it has to be formated. I guess, the old razr could handle it. Thankx

  • Robert MacDonald

    Were do u get that wallpaper?

  • Brian Volz

    Looks like a very decent phone: same screen size as Bionic. I always preferred MOTO’s build quality. I like the fact the MicroSDcard is on the side of the phone but then the battery is not replaceable…which I would have to get used to. qHD screen never bothered me (you can see it in daylight!!!) and it appears to be even better. $99 gets you a lot of phone.

  • Tim_Horton

    I think this thing is going to sell like hotcakes if for no other reason than the Android market has been waiting for this exact device since Droid1, when we all hoped the next device would just be that phone with no keyboard.
    We got Dinc and Dinc2 Dinc4g but those were all cheap HTC junk, then the weird Samsung iphone ripoffs and stuff, but nothing solid and not gigantic.

    This thing is the legit spec-rich-but-still-small and usable/fast device that I have wanted for awhile. Interested to see if a MAXX version comes along…not that they need it, but I might hold off a little bit.

  • Did i miss something or does the colors popping have nothing to do with it being qHD? Because last time i checked qHD was a screen resolution and not a display type. (Just saying).

  • MikeSaver

    Can anyone link to a good guide for restoring factory images for VZW Gnex?

  • Biothunder

    It looks like this machine renders my Laddock and Lapdock 500 obsolete! What is Motorola doing for backwards compatability?

  • I’m seriously torn between getting this or waiting for the HD. The M is smaller, cheaper, and has that sexy edge to edge screen, but the HD has a higher quality screen and I would imagine a more premium feel. I can’t make a decision when I have too many good options.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      t’s hard to choose between the 3. The m is the sexiest one out of the 3,but the hd and maxxx are better built.

  • Wolfgang71

    The only thing that keeps me away from these Moto phones are the Camera. Moto has a long-standing reputation for including a sub-par camera performance in low light. I had the original droid, the droid charge, and the droid x. The Charge’s camera worked awesome in low light. Both my Moto phones camera’s made it extremely difficult to take a crisp picture unless outdoors. I find it interesting that they didn’t address camera low light performance improvement during the unveiling. I am going to assume they didn’t focus their efforts there. It’s great that you will be able to take a blurry picture without lag…Also, where are the headphones?

    • Tim_Horton

      Does anyone actually use those headphones? thats like giving me free underwear with my phone. Just keep it, I’ll keep using what I like.

      From the focus on new screens, speed, awesome form factor, and a very “thin” blur, I would assume their camera game is upped bigtime on the new models.
      From the few demo’s I’ve seen online they look decent, and with HDR mode I would assume low-light concerns are a thing of the past.

      The RAZR was a good start, but I think this device is going to take Moto to the next level. Samsung and Apple can’t make small + durable like Moto has been for years. But if Moto can make it fast + snappy (pics wise) and still an overall “anymans phone” that is solid and has good battery life…they will own.

  • Pretty amazing deal for $99 and LTE. I can see a lot of people going for this.

  • mikeym0p

    If the next Nexus looked like this I would have no complaints

  • baoqian736
  • AnGeLFaCe777

    Motorola are the best thing ever. We will have the best device of 2012 once again.

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    this is a nice device

  • James

    Having used it for a couple days as my go-to phone since the press event, It’s definitely not a battery buster. If anyone’s had the displeasure of dealing with an Xperia Play it’s essentially the same sort of battery life. 6 or so hours constant or heavy use and 12 light use. enough to get through a workday and for 99 it’s not that bad, but it’s something to be mindful of.

  • nail_lover

    nail clippers on sale at Kroger 🙂 seriously, just a trim.

  • I still really digg that boot animation

  • Tim Swann

    there is a LED notification in the top left. I witnessed it on the one my co-worker got from the event.

  • Matthew Fura

    How’s the camera Kellex?

    • Tim Swann

      my co-worker took some pics with the one he got and we looked at them. They looked pretty damn good on the phone. We didn’t load them to a computer so can’t confirm from that though.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Ill say this. Moto tried REALLY hard for the “zero lag shutter”. Youll see in his review.

      • chris125

        who cares about zero shutter lag if the lens/sensor is as bad as in previous moto devices.

        • kixofmyg0t

          worked for the Galaxy Nexus. Jus sayin.

          • chris125

            The nexus camera is pretty crappy though

      • Tim_Horton

        They also have the picture in video mode thing going on, which is also “zero lag” and pretty cool.

  • Droid4Rage

    I guess being thin no longer is a requirement to recieve the “Razr” branding.

    • jay

      well it’s not like it’s thick..
      besides they already established the whole thin idea with the original, if they’d done as all the knowitalls in the comments suggested and never released the original, the name wouldn’t make sense at all.

    • Paul

      It’s about 1mm thicker than the razr, big deal. And it’s about half a mm less than the razr maxx…

    • michael arazan

      It’s def not as thick as the slider phones. My D1 took over 20 falls from 2-3 feet and never a knick or scratch or any harm to case and screen. My friend dropped his thunderbolt off a table about 34″ and the screen shattered instantly, but booted up still. Moto makes a solid design from what i’ve seen

  • John Zandig

    cut your nails. Jeeeeeezus!

    • something about tech bloggers, and I can’t even fathom what it is, just keeps damn near all of them from trimming their nails…your guess is as good as mine.

  • Can we get a camera demonstration so I can just get a basic gauge on how the Droid RAZR HD will be? I’m coming up to the upgrade in October and I need to know if its close to the GS3 because if its at least better than my GNex camera that plus the battery of the Maxx HD alone would make me pick this over the GS3 and all that would be left is checking out HTC’s mysterious 5in. phone with the 1080p screen and compare. I was even considering trying the Windows phone but it seems Verizon is hell bent on going the route of the Lumia 820 bleh

    • You’re reading my mind…

    • Justin

      It’s not released yet, and they don’t have one yet, so that’s not possible. When it is finally released, I’m sure DL will post a full review of it.

      • Paul

        There’s a video of him opening one in this post. Also, I BELIEVE someone at the moto conference said that the camera was the same as the HD’S.

  • tjz

    One thing I like about Blur, is the base text messaging program is usable in stock Android it needs work. BADLY

  • I would love to see some size comparisons to other phones in the next video

  • did read all the comment so sorry if was mentioned.. do the soft keys go away when watching full screen stuff?

    • Justin

      Yes, the nav keys disappear when full-screen games/videos are played.

  • Me

    Las Vegas? I thought ya’all were in Oregon.

  • Aww, I guess I’ll delete my unboxing video, lol.

  • wm snyder

    Ah yes great un boxing! No SuperArmstrong tape from the lunar module this time.

  • wm snyder

    If anybody sleeps with this phone your weird…. Like I’ve heard some of you say before.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmm… Now this phone seems to be a bit more intriguing now than it’s bigger brothers the HD and Maxx HD. At least to me anyway. Great un-boxing Kel! =)

  • smwandrie93

    too bad you will not be able to utalize a full 2 gigs of ram in a smartphone, if someone can tell me any single application that could use all that ram, or ill even go can you tell me any 3 applications that would run at the same time that would use it to its full potentional?

    • FAL_Fan

      I would normally have agreed with you, but my DROID 4 has 1 gig of ram and it was running great on gingerbread but once I updated to the stock ICS from Verizon my phone feels as slow as my old lg ally…just from the system running! Not playing games, not downloading things, just swiping through the home screen and using the browser! So, due to this development and lack of clean roms for this phone in particular ; I say 2 gigs is necessary. P.s. and that’s even with killing any background apps.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      Devices do not need 2 g of ram as of yet.

  • RoadsterHD1

    MOTO QUAD-CORES better sport 2 gigs of ram.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’m not really WOWed abut these. Why Didn’t they give it 2Gig of RAM? ???? What do these do the old ones can’t?


      It’s a new phone set at Verizon’s $100 price point. It’s not intended to be the best, just a mid-range device. Now Moto can have all three price points with RazrM at $100, Razr HD at $200, and Razr HD Max $300. They wanted to try and dominate all price points with new phones on Verizon.

      • Tim Swann

        the thing you didn’t say though is that the RAZR M might be low price point phone, but it packs the specs of a high-mid range phone. Worth every penny at $99.

        • DROID VADAR

          Good call

      • RoadsterHD1

        OK, but what about the retail price for those who want to keep their unlimited plans? I see what you’re saying and think its a great idea do you think this will spill over to the full prices and lower them too.

    • What cant 1 gig do that 2 gigs or ram can? Run multiple games in the background? Its a waste.
      2 gigs of ram is a Samsung placebo for spec hounds.

  • jonathonflores

    I understand when the RAZR came out it was the RAZR because it was incredibly thin but the new RAZRs are noticeably thicker. Not really RAZRs anymore.

    • Steven Fields

      hahaha, so true.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Motorola wants the name “RAZR” to be its own brand, kinda like Samsung with “Galaxy”.

      • michael arazan

        I thought these new Moto phones were all going to be out-of-box with JellyBean on it.

        • They actually said just the opposite – that they’d ship with ICS out of the box, but that Jelly Bean updates would be live by the end of the year.

          • capecodcarl

            You’d think people would have learned by now that you should never expect an upgrade to a phone, especially on Verizon. If you get one it is just icing on the cake, but if you’re buying it, buy it because you’re satisfied ICS is all you will ever need for the next 2 years of your contract.

          • Funny…I’m posting this from my RAZR which has ICS…and it shipped with Gingerbread.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      Thicker but the battery is way bigger! The old razr was to thin.

  • Steven Cornea

    for a midrange phone, thats actually pretty nice, wish they would have made a maxx of it tho.

  • Jordan Webb

    I hope we get more small-form factor Androids next year. My wife got an iPhone simply because the Androids available were either huge (she’s tiny) or crap. I could probably convince her back if there was a high-powered small Android when her contract ends in a year.

    • Steven Fields

      My wife feels the same way. She needs a simple smartphone. She doesn’t play games on them or use too many different apps. But, she uses the phone as a PHONE, so she needs it to be physically compatible.

  • the tab went away during the video

    • Yeah, it’s definitely gone now. Just there for the first few swipes until it thinks you’ve got it.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I wish the quick previews like in the Atrix HD Blur stayed. I kinda miss them.

  • Captain_Doug

    Definitely like how the phone is put together. Solid build, great screen proportion to the body. I echo Kellens wish for an edge to edge display on a 4.5 inch device. A 720P display would be amazing but 2.6″ wide is kinda my limit. Phones larger are harder for me to deal with using only one hand.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      thats the main reason why i’m looking to go for the M. I really like the 4″ display on my current phone. I’ll have to jump to 4.3″ since that’s the standard now. but everything else is 4.7″! i held some of the current phones w/ a 4.7″ and thought they were just too large. hopefully the qHD looks much, much better than the pentile in my droid 3.

  • cody climer

    If I was going to stay with verizon this would be my next phone… It’s really tempting to sign another contract for this… but I think I’ll see if I can find an Atrix HD off contract and go pre-paid.

  • Any chance at a pic that shows its size relative to a known object?

    • Nathan Buth

      If I am thinking correctly it is about the same size as an iPhone 4/4s. It is probably thicker but that is due to its ridiculous battery. XD