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How to: Create Folders in Android [Beginners’ Guide]

When the Android team initially introduced us to Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the first features they showed off was the ability to quickly create folders of apps. The method is exactly the same in Jelly Bean, so even if you are still running Android 4.0, nothing on this front will change once you go to Android 4.1. And trust me, that’s a good thing because it doesn’t get any easier than this. 

Instructions (Most Android phones, not including the Galaxy S3):

1.  To initiate a folder, you need to have two apps.
2.  To begin, grab one of those apps by long pressing and drag it over the top of the other.
3.  Once you hover one over the other, a circle should appear around the bottom app.
4.  With the circle showing, let go of the app you are holding onto.
5.  This should create a circle (folder) with two apps in it.

*The top picture illustrates steps 1-5.

6.  To access that circle (folder), simply tap on it and a mini-window appears with your apps in it.
7.  You can drag and drop additional apps inside it if you’d like.
8.  You can also rename your folder by opening it, tapping in the text area, and then typing a name.

Instructions (Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S3):

1.  Some Samsung phones have eliminated the quick drag and drop folder method.
2.  In order to create a folder, you can press Menu>Add Folder from a home screen.

*Or you can grab an app from inside the app drawer and look for an “Add Folder” option at the bottom of the screen. If that shows, drag your app there to have a folder created on your home screen.

3.  Once your folder has been created, you can drag and drop additional apps just like we did above.

*The rest of the Android Beginners’ Guide is a one-stop shop for all of those new to Android.


    how to creat starred (favourite contects ) contects folder in home screen in jelly bean SGS 2 ???? ( as like in ICS ) pls help me if anybody know this issue. thanks in advance….

  • AJA0

    “Droid Life – An intense Android community”…

    “How to: Create Folders in Android”

  • so these screen shots appear to be from the Motorola Razr M.. and it looks like they have finally changed to using single digits for their battery meter readout.. instead of the annoying 10% increments they use now.. can anyone confirm that?

  • powellk00

    Where can I find the 3 circle app that is displayed on the screen shot above?

    • Adam Collins

      One More Clock widget is great for that, there are many different custom clocks you can choose from for free

      • balthuszar

        or you could hack this one onto your phone…it’s much more functional than the one more clock widget…it’s just a pain in the ass to get it to work right

  • baoqian736
  • James

    You guys should make a guide for editing contacts. Trying to do that with out accidentally calling someone is a royal pain in the ass!

    • michael arazan

      I had all my phone contacts backed up with my gmail account, but after a few months with my gnex i installed Google+ app to my phone from only using it on my pc , and now all the google+ people are in my contacts on my phone. How do you make G+ stop syncing people to your phone contacts?

      • Christopher Bement

        Google+ settings in the app.

        • michael


      • qmartman711

        Right Here!

  • GSAI

    May I note that Motorola’s approach to the nav and status bar should definitely be applied to all AMOLED screens, as it can limit the massive burn-in you get from a static color?

    • And lets not forget it looks cool

  • Triplec76

    Your readers are too advanced for these sort of guides.

    • Michael_NM

      Maybe, but we all learned this somewhere, and for those learning now there’s no better place. Hell, I actually sent my OG Droid to DL to be rooted.

      • AnGeLFaCe777

        This is the best place to learn a thing or two. The people in here can be cry babies though. They do not like when someone like me say it how it is.

  • sc0rch3d

    i think you could add some benefit to these articles. like one thing i just recently learned about using Apex in conjunction with Metro Station to create custom folder icons for a more uniform look.

  • Frankt

    What clock widget is that?

    • the circle widget introduced on the new motoblur.

      • La2da

        Angelface is back!

      • still think razr is better then the nexus lol

        • Adam Collins

          than* Guess that explains partially why you prefer the razr.

      • powellk00

        so can i get it on my razr maxx??

        • balthuszar

          it takes some hacking, and you have to be rooted…but if you’re just looking for the circles…one more clock widget should satisfy you…be alerted though taht one more clock widget only has the clock and weather etc. and is not as functional as the widget shown

    • Adam Collins

      You can get a very similar, if not identical clock from the One more Clock widget, they have many many different custom clock styles for you to choose from and you can even edit them to your liking

  • jsf6262

    What’s the deal with these posts…? I doubt there are very many people who frequent this site and don’t know how to create folders or toggle wifi or whatever the other ones have been about. Whatever though, haha.

    • raptor87

      I think its a good idea, imagine all the new android owners googling how to make a folder and stumbling on this site. This would be a great way to draw more people into learning the more technical things.

      • James

        Seriously though, now I have a reference site so my family will stop asking me how to do this stuff.

      • jsf6262

        Yeah that’s a really good point. Anything to make the android community a little friendlier to newcomers is good – I’ve seen people get a a lot of crap just for asking questions.

  • RandomJoe


    • Wanker

      Whats so funny? I thought my pos SIII wasn’t working right because I couldn’t drop icons on top to create a folder. Now I know why.

  • eidylon

    I make it easy-peasy on the Galaxy S III again by using Nova Launcher instead of the TouchWiz launcher.