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DROID RAZR M Does Not Have the Annoying Ongoing WiFi Notification, Yay!

I hate to admit this, but one of the first things I noticed on the DROID RAZR M that just showed up at my door, was the fact that it did not have that annoying ongoing WiFi notification reminder that we made a big stink over on the Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G LTE. The device will continue to remind you that WiFi networks are near if you have WiFi turned on, but aren’t connected, however, if you turn WiFi off – no ongoing notification. Hallelujah!

We aren’t sure who to give props to on this one, but I’m leaning towards Motorola. Since Samsung and HTC both caved in to what we are assuming were Verizon’s demands, we’ll give the thumbs up to the folks behind the RAZR line. Nice work, Moto.

Unboxing and first look at the device from my perspective will be up shortly.

  • rob

    I’m confused. Don’t all phones running Android have under WIFI Settings “Network Notification” section that has two check box options “Notify me when an open network is available” and “Notify me when a secure network is available”? I’m on a droid 3, and I had a droid 2 and the original, they’ve all had it.

    This is news?

  • Cory Guagliardo

    I refuse to use wifi on my S3 because of the notification.

  • baoqian736
  • S2556

    its the carriers adding this right? because I have a S3 with no carrier bloat or carrier anything just samsungs crap and never had this come up on my S3.

  • Wesley Pardue

    Hope that means Verizon will remove it from the GSIII with the next update.

  • Alan Paone

    What purpose does an annoying ongoing notification serve? Its nice to see motorola stand up to this, but is Vzw insane?

    • capecodcarl

      VZW just likes to pour salt in the wounds by telling you that you should be using the wonderful free WiFi networks available instead of their cellular data network that you’re paying an arm and a leg for. Oh, and if you use the WiFi networks you still have to pay for your data plan even if you don’t use a single byte of data on it because you’re using a smartphone.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I hate it when I have to take a bink poop. Last time I had to hand out cigars.

  • herb

    I’ve been sitting on my last verizon upgrade discount for a few months now. It’s been pretty easy since I’m not a fan of the wave of huge super-phones, and my Incredible has been a real soldier. But this RAZR M really caught my eye. I’d have pre-ordered one but I’m waiting to hear about battery life and camera quality. If both of those are halfway decent, I think this is the phone for me.

  • nightscout13

    So will we get this for GS3? cause i can’t stand it.

    • pizzaparties

      You can remove it without even rooting.

      Enter this into the dialer:


      this will open “HiddenMenuWifiOffload” menu.
      select “Disable WifiOffloading”
      press OK


      • nightscout13

        Thanks for this. I tried it, but the ongoing notification in the drop down notification area is still there… is there a way to get rid of that?

  • Droid Razr doesnt have this either! I wouldn’t be able to deal with an ongoing notification because I’m on Verizon’s unlimited plans and I don’t ever use Wifi because 4G LTE is faster!

    • This “Feature” only appeared on the last couple of devices, so its absence on the Razr M is indeed a (minor) cause for celebration.

  • Steven02

    Don’t worry, an upcoming software update will fix that…

    • Please don’t say that! 😛

      Actually, that was my first thought as well, since Moto is telling me that this is a “beta” build of the phone.

      • Tim_Horton

        I’ll bet you a dollar if it does appear, you get an option to turn it off in the settings (or maybe on the notification itself the first time?).

  • Drtechy

    Um you can just disable the notification on the razr and razr maxx. So not sure why this is such a big deal

    • MyStroPro

      Yea, never had that annoying reminded on my Razr. Almost always have WiFi shut off since 4G is so good in my area.

    • On the GS3 and Inc4G, the WiFi reminder would continue to pop up even if you had WiFi turned off. It was a Verizon measure to “help” you remember that you don’t have unlimited data anymore, and should use WiFi whenever you can. Gee, thanks Verzion! /s

      • Wait, would it still pop up even if you have unlimited data?

      • pizzaparties

        You can get rid of this easily.

        enter this into dialer:*#6335623#

        this will open “HiddenMenuWifiOffload” menu.
        select “Disable WifiOffloading”
        press OK

        • pizzaparties

          Not sure why Droid-life hasn’t featured that hidden menu yet. I’ve seen it on a few forums.

        • Supraman21

          I dialed that number but nothing happens

      • Tim_Horton

        Neither of those were built by Motorola, a company that continues to give VZ some pretty cool exclusive devices, so I have to assume they’ve leveraged that to get them the simple ability to turn this crap off.

        …and by simple I dont mean A B A B up down up down left right left right.

  • chris125

    does it have the amazon apps installed?

  • azndan4

    For once Motorola did something right!

  • Dima Aryeh

    Doubt it was Motorola’s choice. You can’t say they “didn’t give in to Verizon” about these notifications because they gave in to Verizon to lock their bootloaders with no way to unlock, which is a fallacy far worse than a notification.

    • Jordan Webb

      That was when Motorola was a struggling hardware manufacturer that depended on Verizon to survive. Now Verizon’s facing down Google.

    • Jay

      So what you’re saying is, Verizon had enough influence over Samsung and HTC to get their ongoing notification onto the GS3 and Inc4G, yet just up and decided to not bother with Razr M?
      That doesn’t make any sense. And I’m 99% sure that that’s an incorrect use of the word fallacy…

      • michael arazan

        Verizon had enough influence? how about the Nexus on Verizon for one example!

    • michael arazan

      I hope once you activate it you don’t get push notifications from verizon with “friendly reminder from Verizon, you can use wifi on this device”

  • duke69111

    Can you add me to the list when phones just show up on my door step. Thanks..

    I know I know… their just test units..

  • moelsen8

    score one for the little people

    • Pedro

      Isn’t that a new Bravo reality series?

  • Tim Swann

    my colleague was at the announcement and got his device and has been very happy so far. Coming off the Droid 2, he had to get a SIM card and when he went into the store he said the reps in the store hadn’t even seen it yet (or so they said). He’s a big fan of the overall design and after playing with it for about a half an hour myself I have to say that this is one solid piece of hardware. With some friends reluctant to use their upgrades because the new Android devices are too big, I can safely recommend this to them instead of telling them Apple is their only choice. Good Job MOTO!

  • QQpayne

    ‘bink stink’

    nice one

    • I’m gonna go scour Urban Dictionary for “bink stink”…