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Thursday Poll: Interested in Any of the New Kindle Devices?

It’s been a big day for tablet lovers. Amazon has announced a total of six new Kindle devices and we’re curious to see if anyone here is going to pick one up. The options are certainly all over the board and there’s bound to be one to suit the needs of anybody looking to jump into the tablet market. If you need a bigger display with 4G LTE, there’s the Fire HD w/ LTE or if you’re just looking for a basic e-reader there’s the new Paperwhite.

Let us know which one has caught your eye.

Interested in any of the new Kindle devices?

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  • scott

    Nexus 7 or hopefully an Nexus 10 soon.

  • Jon

    The only hope for the Fire HD models is if and when they get rooted and custom Jelly Bean Roms are created for them. That would remove the lag and the gimped Amazon overlay that takes away all of the google apps.

  • Robert Jakiel

    After reading a bunch of hands on reviews looks like the “new” Kindles are no different than the old ones when it comes to performance. Amazon’s decision of using the OMAP 4470 and pairing it with a larger HD screen has done nothing at all in the realm of performance and UI smoothness. If anything they should have, at a minimum, used a quad core S4 or Exynos 4412. The price difference would have been minimal if any and would have yielded a far better product and user experience.

  • Lucky Armpit

    I told the wife about this yesterday as she has a Kindle (2nd-gen?) and she liked the idea of the Paperwhite 3G. I did notice, however, that the Paperwhite 3G has half the storage (2GB) of her current Kindle 3G (4GB), and is more expensive. However, the new one has the backlight as well as a touchscreen so of course there has to be concessions somewhere. Still, 2GB is like 1400 books or something crazy like that.

  • Gerret Walczak

    Particularly in reference to the Paperwhite devices, you need to start including an “Already own an older device, no need to upgrade” type option to these polls.

    No, I’m not buying the new Kindles, but only because my current ereader is perfect for my needs. Not because I don’t think the device is totally bitchin’.

  • NexusMan

    While there are several specs on the Kindle Fire HD versions that look great, no GPS, Jellybean and Google Suite of Apps like Play Store, native Gmail and Maps = FAIL…oh, and they sure are ugly.

  • hardwarelooksgood,pricelooksgood, softwaredubious.

    ps, doestheSwypeautospacingfailforanyoneelseonthispage?

  • I’ll be getting the Kindle Paperwhite to go with my Nexus 7 and iPad 3. When I’m on the beach, nothing beats e-ink, and since Barnes & Noble no longer wants to support my Nook 3G, I’m switching to Kindle.

  • Bionic

    Nexus 7 is still better.

  • Benjamin Sicard

    E-ink is certainly the way to go for a real reading apparatus, so the Paperwhite might have been interesting to me, but it still doesn’t support the epub ebook format so it’s really just proprietary garbo. epub makes for a giant portion of available ebooks and it much more feature-rich than mobi. Cutting me off from that defeats the purpose of owning this since I’ll end up reading half of my books on my Nexus 7.

    Fire runs forked Android and limits you to one ecosystem. The Nexus 7 runs an open faucet of awesome and allows you access to both Amazon and Google.

    It’s staggering how much more capable a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7 are together than any other tandem in the world of e-gadgetry right now. Amazon did nothing to impact that fact with these woefully limited devices.

    • Ryan Quinn

      I don’t think you’ve ever owned an e-reader, otherwise you would have heard of the blessing called Calibre and how it silently converts all your books from whatever format they are in to a format compatible with your device. http://www.calibre-ebook.com/

      • Benjamin Sicard

        I have owned an e-reader and use Calibre to manage my collection of e-books. You missed the point that I made about epub being more feature rich than other e-book formats. That along with the fact that Calibre, however good a job that it does do, does not seamlessly convert books from epub to mobi.

  • Pegleg

    With Nook doing their version and Amazon doing their version…and then there is Apple! No thanks!

  • I’m not interested. I only want to own Stock Android devices from here on out. I cannot imagine using anything else at this point.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Other Option: Why buy a Kindle tablet when you can buy a Nexus 7, instead?

  • possomcrast

    Paper white because id like a really nice ebook-only device. I have tablets which are good for video watching not for ebook-reading.

  • Pedro

    Paperwhite in heartbeat. Except I have a Kindle 2 for me and a Kindle Touch for the missus. Both work great. I wouldn’t use anything but e-ink for a true reader. Or outside, like by a pool or on a beach.
    The Kindle app is nice on the Xoom, but only for a while. Indoors.

    If you want a dedicated e-reader, get the e-ink.

  • I would actually consider one of the HD models, but that’s a whole lotta bezel going on…

  • EC8CH

    I only wish I could get Amazon Prime video streaming on my Nexus 7.

    Ipad recently got it… come on Amazon throw stock Andy some love.

  • From what I’ve seen with the first hands-on videos of the Fire HD, the device lags like crazy. Crazy as in, my Galaxy S variant from 2010 was less laggy on stock Samsung TWed Froyo. That’s bad news. There should be no reason why any reasonably maintained (software-wise) device in late 2012 with those specs should lag like that. You can give a tablet all of the nice hardware and a beautiful screen all you want, but if the software sucks, the entire tablet experience will suck.

    This is where the Nexus 7 has and will always have a major advantage over any customized, forked version of Android that Amazon can throw together. Stock Jellybean runs like a dream, and not only that, but there is no advantage that the Fire has in terms of content as the Amazon and Kindle app environments are available to run on the Nexus 7.

    All in all, it’s a mediocre-at-best tablet covered with an admittedly really nice display.

  • EC8CH

    Great refresh on the original Kindle Fire, I’m sure they’ll sell well especially at such good pricing.

    Laggy forked android is what keeps me away however.

  • William_Morris

    Nexus 7 trumps it.

  • They’re all ad supported. No thanks. I’m waiting for the Nexus 10.

  • They’re all ad supported. I’ll be waiting for the Nexus 10.

  • user311

    8.9 is the perfect size for a tablet, but to get forked is to be f*cked. Plus, I’m happy with my Transformer Infinity.

    • Matthew Merrick

      incredibly well said 🙂

  • Liquidretro

    Nexus 7 is still a Nexus. No Forked android here!

    • Robhimself79

      With rumors of a nexus 10 coming not a chance I would buy Amazon’s attempt at apple’ing android in a walled garden. Aside from that the “big” one has a size of an iPad with an inch smaller screen. Got bezel?!

  • lostsync

    If my wife or mom was in the tablet market, the Fire HD would likely be what they got if I got it for them. It looks pretty consumer-friendly. If it was mine, I’d just root it and throw JB on there, so I don’t see why I wouldn’t just get an n7 if I bought a tablet any time soon and get proper updates from Google.

  • gfacekilla01

    I’ll consider the paperwhite after a hands on. What irks me is the new size of the paperwhite and how it is incompatible, case wise, with the ‘old’ touch. If I want one of the new fancy-smancy leather cases, well kiss another $40 bucks goodbye. And what happen to the music player. Some of us like to listen to tunes when we read, especially at night…….

    • Daniel

      yeah, they glazed over the removal of the speakers and headphone port entirely…and also I have to see this new screen to judge if it’s really better..I don’t want to have to use the frontlight just to see when there’s glare..I love how eink without any coatings on it is glare-free

  • Just bought an Asus Infinity 700 last month. Happy with that.

  • Very tempted by the Paperwhite, my phone and TF Prime are too hard on my eyes when trying to read before bed.

  • wm snyder

    Eco system Sucks not going there!

  • John Zander

    The Kindle Fire 8.9 LTE just seems way to expensive. 250 MB per month won’t even cover a fraction one decent game or video, and if the bandwidth of the lockscreen ads are counted as part of that 250 there will be an absolute _uproar._

    • Anon

      The LTE portion is intended for people checking their e-mail on the road, and casual browsing, whild using WiFi for anything that consumes significant data.

      Four bucks a month doesn’t seem that expensive for 250MB when you consider what Verizon charges for their 300MB/month data plan.

      • Ryan Quinn

        ^^this. Though I wish they had a 16GB version for $399… 499 is just too much.

  • Adam Neighbors

    amazon knows the nexus 7 exists, right?

    • EC8CH

      I bet this will sell more than the N7… way more

      and I do own a N7 myself.

      This is be on the front page of amazon and in major brick and mortar retailers. Amazon knows how to sell things.

      • shooter50

        Agreed, Nexus fanboyism aside this thing will sell like crazy.

  • If they had a smoother response then i’m all for it, but the lack of any real custom home screen or widgets makes this seem like a waste…the sound is a win but my mom’s nexus is still the nicest tablet i’ve ever used…and i own the infinity.

  • Rob Becker

    Too much jank just like the first Kindle Fire. Also they have crossed the line from unobtrusive ads to obtrusive ads. No thanks.

  • MattH818

    Paperwhite WiFi for me please. I hate reading books on my TF Prime, or any backlit LCD screen really.

  • droidftw

    I read “Paperwhite” “PaperWeight” originally.

  • Justin

    After seeing the lag and the lack of specs compared to the better Nexus 7, I will NOT be buying one of these. Sorry, Amazon, but you failed to impress.

    • Uh, it outspecs the Nexus 7. OMAP4470 & SGX544 vs Tegra 3, 1920×1200 screen vs 1280×00 screen, 8.8mm thick vs 10.7mm thick.

      • Justin

        The only dual core processor that conpares to the Tegra 3 is an S4.. OMAP processors are horrible in comparison. The 7″ Fire has a 1280×768 screen (16×9), whereas the N7 has a 1280×720 (16×10) screen. Oh, and it’s only two millimeters thinner. That’s not that big of a difference. Once a Nexus 10 comes out, then we can compare the 10″ HD to the Nexus tablet.

        • This is the full OMAP4470 with the SGX544. That GPU is more powerful than the Tegra 3’s, which looks pretty bad compared to Mali, Adreno 320, and the well documented SGX543MP2. I am much more interested in the Fire HD 8.9, though, admittedly, only if rooted and running an AOSP build.

  • machine45

    how could you not buy the “FIRE HD”..terrible

  • Jeff

    Does the Kindle Fire or any USB host capable Android tablet support receiving an RNDIS internet connection that’s built into Android phones? I’d like to share my phone’s internet via USB instead of WiFi hotspot since it uses less battery overall. Thanks.

  • spunker88

    Only interested in getting a new Amazon Instant Video apk from these devices. The old apk has issues on Android 4.x and since Amazon won’t release a standalone app for Android the only option is to either go through a browser with flash or sideload the app from the Kindle Fire.

  • Change “Paperwhite” to “PaperWeight” and I’ll vote.

    • Gregory L. Taylor

      I though it actually said “paperweight” when I read it!!