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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Set to Receive Jelly Bean Update Today, Where You at Verizon?

Sprint has updated it’s support document page for their Galaxy Nexus today and what do you know, Jelly Bean is on the way soon. That’s right, the last carrier to get the Galaxy Nexus now has an official Android 4.1 update rolling out to it. The newest build number is JRO03R for those that are curious.

This is an LTE version of Google’s latest flagship that is very similar to the one on Verizon, so that leads us to the question: when do we get our update? We have all heard about Verizon’s strict “testing” of each OTA before it reaches consumer hands, but how long are we going to have to wait before we get official Jelly Bean? Apparently that test build of JRO03O that popped up last week wasn’t good enough?

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Cheers Mike, Tim, and everyone else!



    My phone has ROOT. would it be nice to get a official update, yes. My thing is I love my ROM. AOSP, AOKP, CM10, VICIOUS. As long as they sell Nexus devices I’m fine.

  • joejoe5709

    Dood. I’m so flippin glad I was able to install a custom ROM. I’d be so angry right now.

  • xXAaronSXx

    I have Verizon for their service, but I’m realizing that Big Red is fast becoming a greedy Evil Empire and the subscribers have little to do with their decision making (locked bootloaders, late updates, tier data plans, etc). That being said, I have a Nexus for the roms. And I specifically got the Nexus so I wouldn’t have to deal with waiting for them to approve updates. I learned by lesson with my two previous phones. I used to blame the OEM but soon realized whose behind the delay. The good news is I can’t remember the last time I had a stock rom on my Gnex and I have had JB since the day after it was announced at Google I/O. Verizon’s letting the competition get the jump on this because they already sold you the phone, they can take as long as they what to approve the update. It feels like they’re sitting there saying “What are you gonna do, move to Sprint, or go Unlocked? We dare you. And oh, BTW, give us our ETF on your way out”.

  • Markuz

    F*** You Big Evil Red!!!!!!!

  • yarrellray

    That’s why I kicked Verizon to the curb for Tmobile and purchased my Galaxy S3. The funniest thing is my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile will have jellybean by September 30th way before Verizon and it’s CDMA LTE Galaxy Nexus. Verizon sucks rotten eggs and monkey balls.

  • something

    and of course pos verizon does not have our update!

  • Hey Verizon F*ck You!

  • Flatsurf

    I’m leaving verizon switching to sprint. 1. f**k you verizon 2.Unlimited data 3.I cant believe we are the last ones to receive JB

  • Adam Metzner

    ITS A NEXUS! If you own this phone and are not already running Jelly Bean, you are doing it wrong!

  • Big Papi

    I had 3 or 4 GNex’s! The last one had the IMM76Q and was crap, I thought it was my JB rom, come to find out it was just a crap build.. They sent me a GS3 and with all the bloatware Id rather have my GNex with JB then this garbage GS3!! Google is ultimately the one to blame!!! I hear people say apple only has one phone platform so it’s easier. Well if Google can Google where to find some balls and do like apple does EVERYONE would have the update or at least the phones they choose too!!! What are the carriers going to do, stop selling Android??? Yeah right!! SO COME ON GOOGLE!!!! I KNOW THEIR HAS TO BE A SET OF BALLS SOMEWHERE UNDER THAT DRESS!!!!

  • ken

    this would be why i ditched my thunderbolt and verizon and went to sprint gnex! that and the shared data. Been rocking JB since 2 days after its release πŸ™‚

  • Gina Kennelly

    The Droid Bionic still hasn’t gotten Ice Cream Sandwich. Yet again we are forced to wait much longer than promised. Motorola and Verizon think nothing of making people that wanted and finally bought the Droid Bionic to wait and wait more. This is getting very tiresome.

  • Sixthnewkid

    Its our faults. Why do we even put up with Verizon anyways. They have the worst phone contracts and now they have consistently ignored or overly delayed support of their devices. Inexcusable.

  • I’m running jelly bean 4.1.1the test build is working fine with me fast and vibrant you could always flash if you don’t wanna wait it’s too easy

  • J.B

    WHAT!? Verizon doesn’t have JB yet? That’s really pathetic, I honestly just assumed everyone got the update along time ago since it was a Gnex. I’ve been rocking it for months on my rooted GNex. Come on Verizon, you really need to step up your game.

  • Never leave your happiness in the hands of others.

  • ChuckG73

    Rooting a Nexus device to get the latest version of the Android OS is inexcusable. Verizon has really dropped the ball here.

  • turb0wned

    I hope Verizon NEVER sees another Nexus.

    • Bodhiballer

      Great, make us pay the price for their shortcomings.

  • NJans

    Verizon is notorious for making common sense upgrades painful and slow for it’s customers. I’m at the point where I want to drop Verizon all together and just get some cheapo per month dealio. At least when I have bad service there I can say, “you get what you pay for”.

    • +1 I was just in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and was completely shocked at the super-crappy reception I had with VZW in such a major city! My wife on the other hand was using her AT&T phone everywhere without a glitch. I am either going back to AT&T, or like you said, I am considering a pay-as-you-go phone instead.

  • yeaitsme

    and this is why I own sprint stock and not verizon (also why my sprint stock is up over 80%)

  • TrentFromRobotzindisguise

    Unacceptable that it took this long.

  • Jeff Suina

    Looked on peteralfonso.com this morning and found an update to Bugless Beast for Toro. Flashing it now…

    • Trevor

      Love his Nexus ROM.

  • Chris

    I went to my local verizon store about two days ago getting (yet another) replacement for my GNex. The rep there told me that Jelly Bean was currently (at that time) being released in small batches. I figured that wasn’t true since I didn’t hear it here first. The claim was also made that the new radios coming with JB will fix software issues causing the dropped calls and mic muting. The temporary fix for my most recent replacement has been to keep it in CDMA only mode so it won’t drop calls. When the latest replacement comes in, it will be replacement number 3 for me. Verizon has been fast with replacement turn arounds and has been willing to replace the phones so I do give them that.

    • Jim McClain

      only 3? i’ve had 8, some they sent me were worse than the one I had, I have had the mic cut off with everyone, thought it was a hardware issue, but two weeks ago I put jelly bean on mine and so far have not had one mic cut off

      • That happened with my thunderbolt. The CPO phones usually suck. I lucked out when I was swapped to a GNex

  • Tristan Lang

    for some reason, mine is the IMM76Q but i cannot find a correct way to unlock the BL for the life of me. im really good with phones and rooting but i never had a phone that i had to unlock the BL. Someone help please. I really want to get my GNex unlocked and rooted

  • HueThree

    Why haven’t you guys switched to the Google Play Nexus and $45 per month Straight Talk Sim yet? Have had JB for months now. Makes really no sense to stay with Verizon unless you can’t get out of your contract. HSPA+ speeds are fast and battery saving. Att coverage is great.

    • PhoneGod

      I would do that but dones at&t or tmo have insurance on the phone if its lost or stolen?

      • HueThree

        I don’t know if Google offers insurance on the GSM phone or not.You can probably buy third party insurance if they don’t. It’s worth the risk to me to save $50 per month on service over Verizon, but I am sure there are insurance alternatives. I never used insurance once the 9 years I was with Verizon.

        • PhoneGod

          Thanks a lot! I’m going look into that when the next nexus drops and my Verizon contract is up. I need insurance tho lol I am always dropping my phone.

  • PhoneGod

    I need to finally grow some balls and root this damn thiing….is it really easy to do? And how hard is it to unroot just incase I need to send my phone back in?

    • Dan Treacy

      This toolkit is all you need, the program does all the work for you.


      • PhoneGod

        Thanks. is there a chance my phone will brick?

        • Dingus

          MINE WAS BRICKED IN THE PAST, and I USED THIS toolkit. Use adb and do it on your own.

          • PhoneGod

            Thanks man. Going do a lot of reading before I take the dive.

      • Trevor

        I use Wug’s toolkit for all my Nexus hackery, and for the most part, it makes everything wonderfully easy.

    • Mike

      you don’t need to root. You need to unlock your bootloader and flash a custom recovery like CWM and on Nexus devices that is very simple to do and undo

      • PhoneGod

        oh ok. Very new to those terms sorry. What’s a good place I can read up on that?

        • Mike
          • PhoneGod

            Whoa! Got a lot of reading to do lol

          • Mike

            Its really very simple. All you have to do is install that toolkit on your PC that I linked. Once that’s done, from that toolkit, select the option to unlock bootloader. After doing that, flash the recovery of your choice. After flashing the recovery you can install any Jellybean ROM you want through recovery. CM10 nightly is what I’m running. You can always ask for help on XDA if you have any questions and people are always willing to help there

          • PhoneGod

            Thanks man. This don’t seem hard at all

  • I doubt I will ever install an official verizon build on my GNex. I am still using the GSM port that was released during Google I/O and cannot be happier. I love how tether just works with no issues.

  • Richard Georges

    Most Droid Life readers have already rooted, and installed JRO030, don’t you think?

  • nexus

    As others have said, 99% of their customers have no friggin clue what Android OS version they are on, and they could care less. As long as the phone works and looks cool they are happy. Now Apple peeps on the other hand pretty much know where they are at by what phone they have. Can you say fragmentation?

  • Cipher Zero

    “Where you at Verizon?” They are laughing at everyone. I would be shocked if Verizon’s GNex will see JB before Christmas. They sat on 4.0.4 for a looooong time, if you weren’t rooted (I think if you buy a Nexus without rooting it, you should be required to give it to a more deserving person), you were at Verizon’s mercy (haha).
    It’s almost unbelievable that this is the same company who, along with Google, made “Android” practically a household name and really launched our beloved platform into the mainstream with the OG Droid. Now, they go so far as to actually hold back updates – 4.0.4 did NOT require months of testing as some like to claim.
    They get the SGS3 with a signed bootloader and actually try to blame it on Samsung! Unbelievable. if it weren’t for the fact that I get the best coverage from them, I’d have left long ago.

    • Big Papi

      I completely agree!!!! Verizon needs a good bitch slappin’!!!! I think that is the only reason that anyone stays with their sorry ass is because of having the best coverage!! But I am getting tired of it too!!!

  • Jim McClain

    I talked with a suprevisior two weeks ago when I got my wife the s3, he said they were testing jelly Bean and were having lots of problems with it, yea right

  • Jim McClain

    I gave up waiting for verizon two weeks ago, rooted and put jelly Bean on it myself, to hell with them

    • JoshGroff

      I just gave in, bought a G-nex from ebay, and installed AOKP same day. (after fixing the boot loop problem the original owner had.)

  • CodeToJoy

    This is one area where I wish Google would put their foot down. The GNex is supposed to be a developer phone, always on the latest and greatest available. They should mandate that Nexus devices must get their updates direct from Google – no testing, no adding crapware, no input from the carriers at all.

  • Joe

    And THAT’s why we root πŸ™‚

    Honestly can’t believe that such a large portion of the Droid Life-reading, Android-geeking hardcore population is still rocking unrooted stock phones, thus relying on the carriers for updates. For me that has always been, by far, the biggest reason I’m an Android guy. Oh well.

    • Ryan Kratochvil

      While I understand your point, the reason why I bought the galaxy nexus is to have the newest version of android right away without having to read xda/rootwiki/etc everyday. I expected the newest stuff to be pushed to my phone. I bought the phone accepting the fact that I would have bugs pushed down, but I knew that it would also be patched. To be honest the way this nexus phone has been handled by verizon has me considering switching carriers. Problem is, who would I go to? I look at my coworker who bought his Galaxy Nexus directly from the Play store and hooked it up to AT&T. While I don’t like the coverage nor the lack of 4g, he does have all of the newest updates the second they come out. That’s exactly what I expected and failed to get. I don’t want to have to root my nexus just so I can actually have the newest software. I want to root *should* I choose to try out a different rom. And Yes, I am running rooted with a JB Rom.

      • Pretty much exactly what I said to Verizon. They said its not their fault and that The GNex isn’t a flagshiop device. I called him a dumbshit.
        The reason why I didnt root my phone is because I need it to be reliable and when I rooted before, I had a horrid experience to the point where my phone wouldn’t boot to anything. So I just decided to go to stock.

        • cheezer88

          i have no problems with Bugless Beast

          • William_Morris

            Same here. Newest nightly is solid.

        • Jim McClain

          been running paradigm for 2 weeks now,no problems at all, and the mic doesnt cut off anymore

          • counsel Dew

            Mic cuts off here 80% of calls. I thonk it has more to do with Verizon’s towers and the Via chip-friend in MN says he no longer hashas the nic issue, but he thinks Verizon updated his towers…

    • counsel dew
  • I don’t ever even expect ONE update for any phone/device I get through Verizon. Past experiences with Verizon device updates have proven that the anticipation most often just leads to bitter disappointment in the end because their updates come with even more bloatware and typically screw up multiple device features — and generally don’t ever even arrive until the device has already been rendered obsolete or near-obsolete.

    Verizon updates are just random happy surprises [if they don’t fubar the device] that sometimes show up on the phone some day off into the future — maybe — if we’re lucky.

    • This is the correct attitude to have. When you get a Verizon phone, learn to be happy with the way it is that very day, because chances are it will never change.

  • Chocolate noodle

    Vzw limits updates in order to push new products, duhh…

    • This certainly seems correct. They want to sell their new Razr HD line and those will take a hit if more people buy GNex’s with Jelly Bean.

  • duke69111

    Now the other carrier is stating to make Verizon look like a little bitch.

  • Chris

    They are sitting there eating “Jelly Beans” instead of passing them out and sharing like good boys and girls. πŸ˜›

  • VZW can’t be too far away… the build that leaked a week or so ago seemed to have few reported bugs.

  • Drummer62

    So F’n typical of Verizon! Why not just release what google sent and if there are problems fix them with a patch later. At least that way you can get the updates out faster than what your current slow motion policy is !!

    • 4n1m4L

      I think it’d be much easier to release software, then if there are bugs reported, fix them

  • Instead of chastising Verizon for something we know they take awhile in doing, why don’t we praise Sprint and Samsung for doing something unexpected? Just saying.

    • JoshGroff

      Sprint “expect the unexpected”

    • btod

      So true

    • violator702

      Too bad Samsung has nothing to do with it.

      • As far as I know, going by what I read on XDA, the kernel on the Sprint GNex is Samsung built and supported. If that’s true then yes, Samsung has a big role to play in updates, just as they do with the regional yakju variants around the world that are not Google-supported.

      • Taken from member “oldblue910” on the XDA forums. “The Sprint Gnex has a kernel that’s built by Samsung, not Google. Notice the [email protected] and the build date being in KST (Korean Standard Time). That’s because the Sprint Gnex gets updates from Samsung, not Google. Verizon gets updates direct from Google and uses the AOSP kernel.”

    • Njans

      Give Sprint credit. But Verizon deserve’s and needs to be complained about. If everybody keeps there mouth shut on the bad service Verizon offers, there will be no chance of it improving. And Samsung has nothing to do with the update.

      • Taken from member “oldblue910” on the XDA forums. “The Sprint Gnex has a kernel that’s built by Samsung, not Google. Notice the [email protected] and the build date being in KST (Korean Standard Time). That’s because the Sprint Gnex gets updates from Samsung, not Google. Verizon gets updates direct from Google and uses the AOSP kernel.”

  • Buckoman

    They’re laughing in the corner at all of those who have broken radios (IMM76Q) on their Nexi.

    All because their customers with the phone have to stay on their contract for at least another year.

    • 4n1m4L

      Imm76q didn’t include radios.

      • Buckoman

        No, but it messed them up. On IMM76K the radios were fine. After IMM76Q the radio can’t hold 4g for more than 10 seconds at a time.

        Kills the phone and it’s battery.

        • 4n1m4L

          Funny. I had the same issues on imm76k. Get on jro03o. Its wonderful. First time my radios really worked

          • Buckoman

            Do I have to be rooted or have the bootloader unlocked, or can I just flash it through regular recovery?

            I think it’s signed, no?

          • 4n1m4L

            Its signed, but recovery says “flash update from /cache” now. At least until your on jro03o. What files do you want to keep?

          • Buckoman

            Potentially nothing.

            I had the GNex and received four replacements. Then I got the Maxx (replacement) and have gone through four of those. Depending on how easy the process is, I can ask for another Nexus, which seems like the thing I want to do.

          • 4n1m4L

            Its personal preference, but on jelly bean my rev 10 nexus performs phenominally

          • Buckoman

            Well, I have the choice of a GS3 or a Nexus for replacement. I’d assume that now that the bootloader is unlocked, the GS3 would be the best choice?

          • 4n1m4L

            Again I’d choose the nexus, but that’s me. The gs3 has become very popular. And your more likely to get a working phone instead of one somebody else turned in because it didn’t work

  • Sirx

    You want to know when you’re going to get the update? When you pry your money out of Verizon’s cold, dead pocket, that’s when. And not a moment sooner.

    • xformulax

      the beauty of android…. been on JB for a couple weeks now… and i’d be running paranoid android regardless if verizon releases JB or not.


    • Joe

      I see what you’re saying, but I always assumed that the majority of the population of folks to frequent, or even know about, sites like this are already “techy” to the point where they’re rooting phones. After all I think we can all admit that the openness of the hardware/software is the #1 thing that sets Android apart from “the other OS”. But maybe I’m totally out in left field here…

      • No, you’re not, and I get it. I’m running BB and enjoy it, a custom guy since the OG. I just would never get on here and condescendingly degrade those who have decided to rely on what were supposed to be early carrier updates. “Just root already” is not the attitude to throw at people, especially newly engaged Droid-Life readers. Let them be.

        • trollhater

          Unlike many of the trolls I see in these forums I hold a full time job which requires a security clearance and non-rooted or jail broken phones or they won’t allow their email on them. Don’t chastise people for expecting a company to do their jobs and update their phones on a semi-regular basis.

    • Jim McClain

      got tired of verizon and all the folks on here kept giving me hell for not rooting, they just wore me down, and yes it was easy and yes I should have done it a long time ago, but I kept gettin bad phones ,figured this one is the best I was going to get, funny how since I put jelly bean on it, the mic has not cut off one time

  • Capt. Crunch

    Thanks for taking the time to put bloatware on our phones

  • Rex

    Verizon always gets left behind.

    • Verizon leaves themselves behind…. but BIGGEST 4G LTE!

    • DanWazz

      Verizon always leaves the consumer behind.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    So frustrated right now. I cannot believe that VZW let Sprint beat them to the punch. What a mess.

    • Really?!? I can.

    • Xavier Mathews

      I feel the same as you right now.

    • Cipher Zero

      I find it not only easy to believe, I expected it.

  • 4n1m4L

    Got my leak. I’m happy.

    • Side question, can you update stock to the leak without losing phone data? Then, can we update leak to official without losing data again?

      • 4n1m4L

        So your probably imm76k. Are you unlocked? ?

        • crap locked, nm unlock will wipe.. thankd for replying though. Didn’t think about lock (this isn’t for my phone, for a common normal user)

          • 4n1m4L

            If you can figure out how to get it to /cache without unlocking youll be in business

  • T Hall

    This is bull! On another note, either way I still love my Nexus πŸ™‚

  • Sweet Verizon just keep screwing over your customers…

  • Futbolrunner

    “This is bullshiit!”

  • RadicalPie

    What bout my girlfriends nexus s 4g?