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Chinese Makers of Goophone Intend to Sue Apple Upon Release of iPhone 5

In a piece of news that is just too wild to believe, the makers of the new Goophone I5, an Android powered device that is in the shape of the upcoming iPhone 5, intends to sue Apple for patent infringement upon release of the iPhone 5 in China. Designed from leaked specs on the iPhone 5, the Goophone has already been patented in China and the company will do all it can to make sure Apple doesn’t steal any of their hard work. You’re kidding, right?  

Anyone remember GooApple 3G? It was the original Android powered iPhone device that was actually pretty awesome. Either way, if this company actually intends to sue Apple, that case probably won’t last long. Apple’s lawyers would most likely have a field day with these copycats.

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Via: Yahoo News

  • Oh look GooPhone is doing exactly what Apple has done for years… Steal something, patent it, then sue the inventor… Not so fun when the rabbit has the gun

  • too amazing — if only this would come true!

  • Jizzum Bomb

    Two Words: Karma

  • BroRob

    The Goophone I5 looks nothing like a GS3… speaking of GS3, not THAT looks like an i*hone imitation!! 😉

  • All of my wuts.

  • Jimneezy

    “Good artist copy, great artist steal” LMAO!!!!

  • Take down apple!!!!

  • yarrellray

    I hope they sue the dog doo doo out of apple.

  • Apple should sue Goophone for copying their iphone 4 designs. Serves them right for being greedy and trying to earn a buck by copying leaked designs.