Chinese Makers of Goophone Intend to Sue Apple Upon Release of iPhone 5

In a piece of news that is just too wild to believe, the makers of the new Goophone I5, an Android powered device that is in the shape of the upcoming iPhone 5, intends to sue Apple for patent infringement upon release of the iPhone 5 in China. Designed from leaked specs on the iPhone 5, the Goophone has already been patented in China and the company will do all it can to make sure Apple doesn’t steal any of their hard work. You’re kidding, right?   (more…)

Google And Apple Join Forces To Create The Next Revolutionary Device [Video]

The billion dollar idea has come and gone with the introduction of the GooApple 3G. An i*hone body, but at it’s core is Android version 2.2 (Froyo). This isn’t the first of its kind, but the GooApple 3G brings full Android functionality, with the stylish look and feel of the ever so popular i*hone 4.

The video demo of the GooApple 3G is accompanied by soothing music, as the presenter shows all the devices features, including but not limited to – Google Maps, Angry Birds, and even the infamous pull down notification. This is truly a remarkable device.  (more…)