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Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Now Supports All Android Devices

If you’ve been waiting for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies to end that silly Xperia exclusive agreement, today is the day. Finally, owners of any Android device can go pick up Black Ops Zombies for the same price of $6.99 on Google Play. I don’t think much else needs to be said – it’s zombies!

Go grab it and let us know how you’re liking it.

Play Link ($6.99)

  • all devices my ass

    All decices except for Motorola ones.

  • Lewis

    but it doesn’t work with TF700… why?

  • WTF.com

    All android devices my ass.

  • deazul

    I don’t want to be a buzz kill but sixaxis does not work with this game. Many have tried and failed to make a working profile, including myself, and failed. The lack of gamepad support is astounding. The touch controls are atrociously bad, not believe what you read about on the fake reviews. I bought this and wish I could play but until an update is released with gamepad support I have waster seven dollars.

    Seriously, how hard is it to add gamepad support for a game designed for a device with a BUILT IN GAMEPAD???

  • JoshGroff

    Cool, on my N7 and G-nex, gonna have some fun after work. 🙂

  • picaso86

    Kellex: Why don’t you buy and review them? I am sure it won’t break your bank.

  • Jason James

    $7 with in-app purchases tsk tsk

    • IAP are always optional 🙂

      • DainLaguna

        exactly. its just there for impatient folks who dont wanna level up

        • JoshGroff

          In Zombies, it’s for maps, if there’s any other IAPs, I will be thoroughly displeased.

  • Samvelavich

    time to put that utorrent app to good use….

    • blahblahblah


    • Why not just download Dead Trigger, it’s free already.

    • To everyone below, how do you know he isn’t just going to try the game before he buys it? I mean I wouldn’t want to buy a $7 app and it totally suck and I’m sure you wouldn’t either!

  • nightscout13

    I can’t get on board yet with these FPS games on mobile devices. I need screen real estate, along with HD graphics and sound. Oh and Multiplayer modes.

    • Derek Ross

      FPS’s are pretty good on tablets. I really enjoyed Dead Trigger on my g-tab 10.1. Still a controller would of course be better but I haven’t tried pairing any to mine and I know only some games support them anyway.

      • adb.push.Freedom

        You have to be rooted to pair your ps3 controller and if Jellybean or free WiFi tethering aren’t good enough reasons to root than pairing your controller is another good reason to root.
        I have been using the gameklip that droidlife wrote a post about earlier and it is awesome. You can use the ps3 controller with ANY game because the sixaxis app allows you to map buttons on the controller to touch points on the screen. All I have to say is my Galaxy Nexus+Gameklip+ps3 controller+Zombies is going to make me a very happy person!

        • this is awesome

          I agree with the above. I also got a Game Klip and use it with my galaxy nexus. Then I figured out my PS3 controller also works with my HP touchpad that I put cyanogen mod on. Best $100 tablet ever

    • DainLaguna

      play on a nexus. its perfect. no controller needed. mobile gaming has come far enough to be labeled ‘hd’ as well.

      • nightscout13

        Tried that. Still doesn’t fill the void that PC gaming does.

        • Dain Laguna

          Oh well of course not.

        • JoshGroff

          Does anything? (gaming wise)

        • It’s also hard to drag your PC around with you everywhere you go. I still game on the PC too, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of a phone, which you probably have with you all the time.

    • I used to think the same, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised, mostly with Gameloft’s and MadFinger’s games. Sure, it’s not as good as a keyboard and mouse, but it’s not that much worse than a controller for me, for the most part.

    • I personally use my Droid Razr with the HD Station to utilize Web Dock mode. This thing is amazing! Its basically an entire computer that hooked up to my plasma tv! Not to mention its fast, I mean it competes with my MacBook Pro, not on terms of raw power but overall responsiveness (mountain Lion has been hard on my 2011 MacBook Pro) and 4G LTE blows away the speeds I get on my home WiFi. Combine this with a wired / wireless mouse and keyboard and Dead Trigger is AMAZING!

    • And tactile controls. I can’t stand gaming on anything without sticks and buttons.