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Mysterious HTC Device Pictured With Verizon-Red Accents, is This the 1080p 5″ Device?

Care to take a guess as to what this phone is? It popped up over at Chinese forum Phone HK, and appears to be an HTC device with the red accents that Verizon loves to use. That’s speculation of course, but we do know that Big Red and HTC have teamed up to produce a phone with a 1080p full HD display codenamed “dlx.” Is this it? 

Very few details were included with the post of these pictures, however, we can gather a couple of details if we look closely. First, those do not appear to be on-screen navigation keys. That sort of leads us off of it being the 1080p phone since that had a resolution (1794×1080 that hinted at missing pixels from on-screen navigation keys. Well, as a commenter pointed out, unless the benchmark was done and that nasty black bar with the menu appeared on screen and is to blame for the odd resolution. We are seeing HTC and Beats logos though, along with a rear placed FCC-type sticker that hints at a non-removable battery. The red accents, again, give off the impression that this could be a Verizon device, but the EVO line has also had its share of red over the years. The rest, is a complete mystery.

Aside from speculation, I think it’s safe to say that this is a beautiful device. I’m diggin’ the red panels on the side, accents throughout, and the form factor. It’s looks similar to the One X, but maybe even flatter.


Via:  PhoneHK | The Verge

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Anyone check out the source today? User’s post was taken down and replaced with a surrender gif. HTC must have gone after him

  • xXIrishCowboyXx

    Rezound 2

  • Palmer Nyako

    worthless unless it has gingerbread.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Would this be a good buy for my next update after my Rezound?

  • MKader17

    Is Droid-Life taking off for Labor Day?!? WTH? I don’t get to take off for Labor Day. What am I supposed to do today? be productive?!?!

  • Chris

    I was on another website and read through the comments, and someone said it looked like the HTC J, which was released in Japan and supposed to come to Hong Kong shortly.

    I REALLY think that is what this picture here is.

    Link: http://www.htc.com/jp/

  • I’ve owned many HTC devices. Htc touch, HTC hero, HTC evo4g, HTC evo3d. But after the 3d I’m done with them. The gnex is great. I may end up trying out the Sony nexus if it happens. But any HTC device I am done with. Locked down boot loaders. Impossible to truly root with s-off. I’m done.


    What do you think will get more love from the developers and OTA updates; this HTC or the Note 2? My upgrade is in December and I’m torn…

  • dickdouche

    Its a windows phone dumbasses

  • zackh121556

    Everyone needs to sign this petition to stop apple so it can grow to allow more signatures. We need to stop apple from stopping global innovation by suing everyone for doing what apple cant do itself!!!! https://www.change.org/petitions/apple-inc-stop-slowing-down-global-innovative

  • Butters619

    440 ppi. As cool as 1080p sounds, there is really no point for that.

    • trob6969

      Why is it that the silly notion of once the ppi gets past a certain number that its useless just because you can’t see the individual pixels? That’s nonsense because although you can’t see the pixels, you CAN see a huge difference in the minute details of the overall images displayed on the screen.

      • Butters619

        While that is true, those extra pixels require a lot of processing power for very little appreciable difference. There may be a couple times under normal use that you notice it, but the processing power, and hence battery drain, will be constant.

        • trob6969

          What you say is true but smartphone makers are constantly striving for more powerful processors and batteries so that we can enjoy better displays as well as other features. They are supposed to try to make their products better.

          • Butters619

            I have a One X. I love it. Honestly though, I can’t make it through a day on battery. I get about 2.5-3 hours of on screen time. If HTC goes with a 5″ 1080p SLCD2, this phone has no chance of making it through a day. Just look at the pictures. That phone is thin.

          • trob6969

            Yeah, and that’s why I refuse to buy ANY smartphone that doesn’t have a swappable battery. I don’t care how ‘spectacular’ it might be.

          • Butters619

            If HTC paired this phone with a 3500+ mAh battery, I wouldn’t care. But HTC is still too concerned about thickness.

          • trob6969

            I’m tired of the whole thinner-is-better smartphone nonsense. The ultra thin phones are less comfortable to hold and by being so thin, there’s no room to add better features including bigger batteries. And I couldn’t care less about putting my phone in my pocket because I keep mine in a protective case in a belt holster.

  • dray

    Dear HTC ,
    Heres how you make a good phone. Quad core, 2 gigs of ram 12 mp carmera, 3000mah battery, screen size range from 4.5″-4.8″ you choose, 16, 32, 64gb memory options, sd card, hi res screen, and give us an option to use Stock Jellybean, do this and you will have a hit product. Also make it a flagship phone and sell it everywhere and stop making exclusive phones for the US carriers that mean nothing to anyone. It dilutes your brand name. Realistically I dont think many people give a damn what the phone looks like, if its stable, works well ,and has all the features people want .. they will buy it. Iphone4 and GalaxyS2 and 3 are ugly, but they are the best at what they do.
    Please Pass to HTC president.

  • OneCanDream69

    Dream Specs for the 5″ HTC Verizon Phone – HTC6435 – DLX

    5″ 1080p Super LCD2 or Super+OLED? screen
    Jelly Bean with on screen buttons
    Somewhat… edge to edge screen (ie. smallest possible size with 5″ screen)
    USB OTG with power out support
    HDMI MHL support
    Removable battery!
    Large battery at least +2500mAh! (bigger is better!)
    Removable SDslot 64GB support exFAT!
    F2.0 camera with BSI +8-12MP
    ~2MP+ front camera
    Full NFC support
    Wireless charger support
    Sense 4.1+
    > or = to 1.5Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 320 + LTE
    2GB ram
    32GB internal Storage
    Image sense chip
    Gorilla Glass 2
    World Phone – (would be cool if it was on all carriers like the… GS3)
    $200-$250ish price tag for a Verizon upgrade would be expected.

    +all the nice features the HTC One X has…

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I would second your idea of a dream HTC smart phone, but I would add one more feature. I would want it to have simple storage, in essence, I would want it to have – Internal Storage & SD card Storage, that is it. I absolutely despise the storage allocation on my HTC Rezound. I personally believe it to be the most idiotic way to allocate memory/storage. Instead of what I had on my previous phone, the Motorola Droid X, where I had the lovely aforementioned Internal & SD (External). Now I’m stuck with a storage scheme that could only have only been conceived and commissioned by a drunk or retardedly high HTC employee. They say “Well not as many developers offer the ability to move your apps to the SD card”, well I eagerly say “BULLSH!T!!!!” to that sentiment!

      I download apps like a madman on an app-binge. Brand new or super old, I use and own them all, of all possible varieties. And if I use my phone’s default APP2SD function, or use a third-party app to do so, well the ratio of apps that allow for moving to the SD card versus those that do not, well the percentage of those that do is massive compared to the opposite, and I currently have quite a few apps installed.

      Yet, the geniuses at HTC, thought it would be funny to p!ss me off, and they allocated the storage as such – Phone Storage/Internal Storage/External Storage (aka-SD, External 2, Ext 2). And I have found not a single way to move a single damn app to my 32GB external SD card. Hell, it’s a pain in the anus just finding a File Explorer that reads it properly, luckily I did though. But my SD card sits inside my Rezound with only 5GB’s of it being utilized. And a good portion of that 5GB’s being filled up, is stupid system crap that actual SD card needs and uses to function. Yes I know I can store movies and photos and songs on it, but that isn’t a pressing need for me personally. What I do need is more space for the many applications that I like to download and use regularly. The what I consider to be, moronic wisdom, of thinking it’s a wonderful idea to partition the phone’s internal storage into two parts, well [email protected] I think it’s so annoyingly stupid and completely less effective than the simple “Internal & External (SD)” scheme. As much as I enjoy using my Rezound, that one little niggle really sours the experience, and keeps it from reaching the status of what I consider to be a perfect smart phone.

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    What ever it is I hope we see the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon.

  • Droid Incredible X “dix”

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      It couldn’t be the Droid Incredible X … Because to shorten it you would call it “dix” and want to put it in your mouth… And if they don’t have the waterproof coating on it your phone won’t last a minute with you drooling over the DIX

  • nightscout13

    Doesn’t look thin

  • jim

    looks really sleek

  • mini-me

    Knowing HTC, they’ll slap a 1600mah non-removable battery in there with that massive screen.

  • JulianZHuang

    crappy WP os.

  • 博客比我的强多了,学习下

  • Turb0wned

    I see rounded corners!!!!!! Apple quick take a look at this!

  • Looks like a Windows phone to me.

    • Zacharypt

      It looks like from what I have seen that HTC windows phones have a windows icon for the home button. So I am gonna disagree as this home button looks distinctly android. As well as the multitasking button on the right.

  • sith77

    Well its nice to see yet another HTC Verizon blunder about to be created. ok hold on so …… now we gonna get another HTC / Verizon mess where the phone is gonna be loaded to the gills with BLOATWARE and most likely be shipped with an old version of the os ….. Probably the first version of ICS . Then we will have to wait 12-15 months for a VERIZON issued version of Jelly Bean to come out that will only be a base release not even a full up to date version, which will probably also have an OLD version of sense because the phone wont have a phone +10 magic card to be able to run what ever current of sense would be at the time Verizon decides to push out the update . Best part is right when Verizon decides to push Jelly Bean for it everyone else will be running
    Key Lime Pie …………….. ** face palm ** ill keep my nexus…i mean look at the track record ……. thunder bolt fail ………. Rezound update EPIC FAIL …….

    • Louis B

      Yeah just keep your plasticky Samshitty Nexus with blue/ purple tinted, dimly lit pentile display. Enjoy your fugly phone and dont get out of the rock you’re living in.

  • stayflyer

    i hope this doesn’t mean we’re noting getting the note 2 because will be coming out.

    • Dan

      Between this and that LG vu/whatever monstrosity, I’m afraid you are right. Frankly it’s time to jump ship, tired of this cdma crap and slow updates and lack of phone selection. Verizon LTE is nice but frankly I rarely need it as I am almost always on decent wifi. Either a GSM Note II or a new Nexus are coming soonish to me.

  • johnc7995

    I really like the way this phone looks. If this comes to Verizon I am considering it as my next phone.

  • GazaIan

    The HTC Droid Incredible XL.

  • It sure does look sexy…

  • One X?

  • While I don’t like the red, thats a pretty nice looking phone and if its resolution is that high.. wow. Very impressive. While I’m in for the Note 2, and not sure about this as we don’t know much about it, I’m still SO GLAD to see more 5 inch devices!:) Thing that sucks is it will likely have Sense and HTC does not have the legacy of experience with 5 inch phone designing that Samsung has already had and allowed us to enjoy already. Though, I’m admittedly keeping my eyes opened for this one..

  • Go to the japanese HTC site. Its the HTC J.

      • Daveydog

        Exactly. That’s not the same phone.

      • gokusimpson

        Close, but no dice.

    • slide83

      Nope. The HTC J has an all red backplate. This one clearly does not.

      • steve30x

        i know i almost thought it was when i clicked the link but your right about the backplate..that and the screen is a bit wider and longer at that and the one on the japanese site did not match with this blown up pic of the screen.

  • Tyler Casilio

    If it comes with JB then maybeeee, it’s just the 5″ screen. I dunno that’s kinda big

    • fanboy1974

      I’m eyeballing a Note 2 which is 5.5″. LOL. 5″ would be small in comparison. I went from 3.6″ to 3.7″ to 4.3″ to 4.65″ and now 5+”. I believe 5.5″ is the limit for me.

      • Tyler Casilio

        Do you feel comfortable with the bigger screens, the Rezound is the biggest I’ve had but this might be my next phone

  • interstellarmind

    Note 2. When’s the Note 2 coming, vzw?

    I am seriously going to switch to at&t if vzw doesn’t carry the Note 2!

  • Hope its not a windows phone 😀

  • fanboy1974

    Tell me what you guys think. Vote up for Galaxy Note 2 or vote down for a 1080p 5 inch HTC phone. I was leaning towards HTC but I like the S-Pen. I just hope that Galaxy Note 2 is released on Verizon as well.

    • Steve Douglas

      Im torn the note 2 has some serious software and hardware…htc had better bring their A game…I’m hoping they do!

  • Tony Perez

    It’s time for HTC to get Google’s blessing for another Nexus device and one that is compatible with all carriers. This will be much easier for the user to maintain and HTC to service and update. It should be a “top shelf” device that has every possible function available at the time and should be contracted with the carriers to have no HTC Sense or VZW bloatware. Then a carrier can charge a premium price for subsidized agreements and likely make more per handset than they would from the (bloatware) app developers. This would leave us with a handset that should receive rapid updates to the operating system. Also, HTC could become recognized as a true leader in the hardware market! HTC could also offer Sense as an add-on for those who want it for a few bucks on Google Play. I believe a hardware company should stick to what they’re good at, HARDWARE. While Sense is an excellent interface, it’s not for everyone. Give us choice and we will give our loyalty in return.

    What do you guys think?

    • 4n1m4L

      I think(but hope to be proved wrong) that HTC could make a better nexus that the three rumored combined. If the one x came with pure Android and on screen keys I’d pay my etf right now and get one.

      • TheCheapGamer

        Getting more than one Nexus is like thinking Apple was going to release two iPhones last year.

        • Josh Nichols

          Well there have only been two so far and Google confirmed five..

          • Supposedly comes with 2GB of RAM so there’s that....HopsOnToday5.blogspot.com

          • AJA0

            The Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, that’s three.. Where did Google confirm 5 total?

    • The only problem (and it’s unfortunate) with the “optional Sense/PlayStore download” is that it’s soooo deeply intergrated into the system of the phone & not just a skin/launcher/overlay so cant really see them doing that. It would be dope to have that option though & would be VERY welcome IMHO.

    • Josh Nichols

      Sense isn’t an app, it’s an entire framework. You can’t just put that on the Play Store for one.. Two, there will probably never be one single phone compatible with all carriers. I would love an HTC Nexus device, though.

    • Dain Laguna

      not so much about the sense part, but man id love an htc nexus. epic hardware, a camera on par if not better than the next iphone, gorgeous screen….hell make the battery unremoveable as long as its at least 2100 mah

  • cooksta32676

    1080p will kill battery life due to the massive up converting engine in the graphics hardware suite, since only a small percentage of items are at that resolution online.

  • Me

    In theory, I’d trade my SG3 for this in a second as I prefer HTC, but….. There is still the way they’ve been handling multitasking and the fact that they’ve yet to put a decent battery in a phone with the exception of the EVO4GLTE and I like the safety of removable.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I just bought and use the big extended battery on my HTC Rezound, and it easily gets me through a full 24 hours with moderate to heavy use. When I buy a new smart phone, the first accessory I purchase for it is always an extended battery. In fact, I always verify before I purchase the smart phone, that they do indeed offer an extended battery. And for me, one of the absolute joys of buying and using a phone with a removable battery, is the fact that if I’m using the extended battery and it for some reason goes flat. Well I can just take it out and pop in the fully charged regular/default battery. Plus, with the ability to buy as many regular or extended batteries as I’d like. I don’t really see how I could ever be caught in a situation, relatively speaking, where I didn’t have an ample amount of juiced batteries sitting in reserve until they are called forth for duty. Sure the power could go out and I wouldn’t be able to use an outlet to charge them. But I keep them all fully charged at all times whether they needed at the time or not, and they hold a stationary charge for quite a long time. And, if they over go bad from sitting on the charger at all times, I’ll just replace them, and I also cycle them regularly through the phone. I just personally don’t understand why someone would want to give up that freedom in the battery and or storage department, but hey, to each their own. But as I’ve said in previous posts, I’m very much hoping that it becomes to where non-removable battery/storage top tier phones are the only thing available to purchase. That will truly be a sad, iPhone-esque day for the world of Android and the community. If those freedoms became forever lost, well as much as it pains me to say, I might have to abandon the Android ship. And since the other smart phone choices are worst, bleak or similar in degradation of user choice and freedom, well dumb phone here I come once again. To me and as should be everyone else, a smart phone is always going to be luxury and definitely not anywhere near a necessity.

  • Nicholassss

    The red is kind of ugly. But then again, I use a Droid 3 so obviously looks don’t matter much to me. Haha

    • fanboy1974

      Color does not bother me because I always use cases.

    • I’ll take the Droid 3 design over the 4.

  • MKader17

    Capacitive keys? No thanks.

    Kudos to HTC for actually making a decent looking phone though.

    • TheCheapGamer

      Why do people want their screen taken up with buttons?

      • Nicholassss

        I think the on screen buttons look better but totally agree, fit as much screen as you can on a handset!

      • Mack

        Actually it’s the screen taking up the space where the buttons would otherwise be. Plus when the on-screen buttons are not needed, you have even more screen for what you are doing (movies, photo viewing, games).

      • I got rid of the nav bar on my GNex and use LMT for navigation. It looks so much cleaner and more fun to use. I don’t think I would go back to any phone with capacitive keys.

      • Josh Nichols

        Because if you’ve spent five minutes putting a ROM on a Galaxy Nexus or S3, the buttons have HUGE potential. You can change what they look like, which ones appear, what they do, how many there are, put them in any order you like; Hell they even have widgets that can popup from a soft-key toggle. Onscreen buttons are so awesome that I use them on my S3.

        • Louis B

          Yep and everyone who buys an Android wanna spend hours modding their devices, forgetting about their REAL jobs/ families/ friends/ relationships. I see.

          • No but some do. Why exclude the ones that do for those that don’t? Even if you don’t want to mod the on-screen buttons (it takes minutes, not hours anyway) they have they serve the same purpose and have other pluses.

      • Because the on-screen keys are where the hardware ones would be?

      • summit1986

        It’s more like, who wants buttons when they’re watching video? The advantage is them going away when you don’t need them.

  • Scottyb112

    Its pretty sexy looking

  • bakdroid

    Kellex needs to learn what 1080p is. It is defined by horizontal resolution. Probably the app that was used to get the screen res had the ICS menu button bar that shows up on HTC.

    • Learning what 1080p is has nothing to do with it, but you are right, this could be part of it. As someone that hates the evil black bar more than anyone, I should have thought of that. Thanks for reminding me.

      • ManBearPig618

        Kellex working on the long weekend?!?!

    • Kellex’s Bodyguard

      Hey hey who da fuk you think u iz? Huh you dont talk to my client like that okay? He’s the all knower of android, and if you wannaz come in heres and talk shits, I gon have to take you to that ghetto university. You aint gon like what happens

      • Apostrafee


  • dsass600

    Requirements to pick this up:
    1080p Display
    Less than 8mm Thickness
    Battery life on par with the Galaxy S3
    Build Quality has to be phenomenal
    Unlocked Bootloader
    Jelly Bean
    Incredible Camera

    • enerjak

      Why do people insist on saying “It better have an unlocked bootloader”, when there”s a 98% chance it won’t?

      • fanboy1974

        Or a locked bootloader that is unlockable via a app/hack. I was shocked that the S3 got unlocked. Anything is possible.

      • Mack

        No phone comes with an unlocked bootloader. What people want is a fully unlockable, un-encrypted bootloader.

    • Kebo

      + no physical or capacitive buttons…. It’s all onscreen buttons for me from now on… Why Sammy decided to put a physical button on the s3 and note 2 is beyond me…. Oh wait its a apple thing sorry I got it now!

  • Cream

    Bring it to Verizon and i will purchase it. that device looks sexy!

  • steve30x

    If HTC does bring this to Verizon i will get in a heartbeat especially if it has all the bells and whistles with camera burst and record with snapshot..even better if the camera is more improved that will be awesome, that with 1080 full Hd this will be a pleasure to watch videos!

  • chris125

    HTC finally made an awesome looking device for verizon if this does end up coming to verizon. No more brick thick phones.

  • This looks pretty sweet. I really want this or the Note 2.

  • chris125

    Hope they stick a big battery in it. Would definitely buy it if they put a razr maxx size battery in it.

    • Tony Perez

      I couldn’t agree more! Especially if they design it with a non-user removable battery. HTC apparently has a battery division working on thinner batteries with more capacity. Hang in there HTC! Focus on your hardware (less on Sense) and you’ll make it through these difficult times!

  • Can we please stop assuming the 1080p rumor is a fact. I truly will not believe that such a screen can be miniaturized until I see it. And if anybody has that technology, they won’t sell it to HTC before putting it in their own phones. Unless I’m mistaken, HTC doesn’t make their own screens

    • Mmmhmmmmm

      Didn’t that original rumor come from BGR anyhow? We all know their track record.

    • Nathan Kosakowski
      • I stand corrected, but my point is still valid. Can this be mass produced, and why on earth would LG debut it on a competitors phone?

        • Nathan Kosakowski

          well LG and Sharp (or whoever) debuted the retina display in the iphone 4 with apple first. a huge part of their business is component supply to other manufactures/brands; the LG device brand is a small subset of the LG manufacturing company (who just so happens to make and supply displays to just about everyone, from phones to tvs).

          thinking about it now, it makes sense to let those with established access to large (ie, american, etc) markets move the product than shoulder the burden of developing a phone and then trying to sell it in places like the US were LG isn’t known as a big smartphone player.

          I dont doubt they will release their own devices in Asian markets. the whole point of having that display on display (ha) back in May was to shop it around to other manufacturers further up the food chain.

          i know, tl;dr.

          • I respectfully disagree. If you can leverage your advantage in one market to increase market share in another, you do it. Tech like this would be a massive advantage that leaves every other manufacturer scrambling to keep up.

          • Nathan Kosakowski

            oh yeah, i agree that they SHOULD do it, and from our perspective we’d eat it up (being into that sorta thing). It just doesn’t appear that they WANT to do it. or they would’ve been a big more hush hush on their cool panel. since they’ve come from decades of traditional manufacturing , i speculate someone like HTC (presuming this is actually that 1080p panel) was willing to buy more panels that LG was willing take on themselves. a bland risk assessment and all that. i totally agree that in this modern tech market no risk equals no reward. for ever apple there are countless failures. they played the conservative hand.

            a year ago i wouldnt be interested in an LG phone; it would appear their newest crop is better than the last and they are stretching their legs in that regard.

            i mean, think if LG kept those first ‘retina’ panels for their own and made a crap phone that didn’t go anywhere. weighing their hand they let apple do it and it was a crazy progress moving homerun. a lot more than LG couldve done themselves back then. now its a lot more democratic with android.

            if ONLY more people would do the r&d and take risks with some cool stuff… i love the bleeding edge of tech. apples great and all, i just wish there were a few more players really upping the game in the same way.

    • Tony Perez

      If they don’t make their own screens, it’s only a manufacturing issue. They may have engineers designing the specs for these screens and contract with Samsung or other company for the actual screen production. The can hold the patent for this technology and license it out later to its competitors after they have about a year lead in the industry. They can make money both ways. I believe a lot of companies to do this.

      The best example I have is what JVC did. Betamax was a superior format over VHS but Sony (like Apple) felt they should keep the technology to themselves. JVC developed VHS and eventually licensed it to anyone willing to pay the license fee. The result was billions in license revenue to JVC and Betamax died an agonizing death as a consumer format. Yes, I’m exposing my years…

      Anyway, the point is that HTC may have the technology and they will find someone to produce it. I only hope the battery supporting it is powerful enough.

      • The problem with your example is that its two separate industries. Really, your example is closer to Windows Phone vs Android. WP is good. Android is better, but not 10 times better as market share would have you believe. For a format war, support is what matters in the end.

    • Josh Nichols
  • Ugh now I feel like a hypocrite for wanting this phone right after I mentioned not seeing the point of 5 inch display phones. Curse you HTC for making a sexy device!! Curses!!! lol

  • ManBearPig618

    Now, let’s see if they can get it to drop with JB and not ICS. And make sure it’s unlocked.

    • Allen Byrd

      Also, it should be able to multitask. It not, it’s instant crap.

      • 4n1m4L

        I must be missing something. Thought multi tasking was built into at least 2.3+

        • yeh
          • 4n1m4L

            Oh wow. Almost like its own task killer. Jeez. Still a gorgeous phone though.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Android works beautifully as it is, but HTC just has to plaster their skin all over it, and cause all sorts of issues such as this one. Why can’t manufacturers just make the hardware, and let Google make the software?

          • Paul

            At most they should make a widget of their clock to put on their phones.

      • manny

        the fact that its android and htc i think is enough to call it instant crap !!!

        • Allen Byrd

          HTC, I somewhat agree. Android, no.
          You’re at an Android site. Go away, iFan.

          • evilstewie23

            How is HTC crap???

          • Allen Byrd

            The multitasking issues.

          • StevexP

            it can be tweaked by changing minfree values… geez even s3 has the multitasking issue too… stop flaming htc

          • Allen Byrd

            Lol, no it doesn’t. Who told you that? And I’m not “flaming” HTC. It’s true, isn’t it?

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Not for me, no it’s not. I own and use a Rezound daily, and I’ve never experienced negative or bad multi-tasking issues.

          • trob6969

            What multitasking issues does HTC phones have? I have the rezound and don’t know of any.

          • Tyler Casilio

            HTC, crap?…..lets stick with the Apple hate lo,

          • Louis B

            So just because someone dislikes HTC/ Samsung/ Sony they’re automatically branded ifans? Talk about stupidity. Just so you know not all Android fans get along with each other. I am an Android user and I hate hate hate everything Samsung branded. I’m a Google fan boy, not plasticky copycat fan. And F.U too.

          • Allen Byrd

            This is a QUOTE from the guy that I branded an iFan.
            “the fact that its android”

            Please, learn to read before trying to scold someone. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Samsung only copied a few of Apple’s icons in the Galaxy S. Not the S2, and not the S3. Those are completely different.
            No need to be rude. Take a valium, man.

          • Dain Laguna

            Im a google fan too…which is why i take issue with whay he said. Learn to read brah

      • Even if it can’t multitask, let it be unlockable and flash an AOSP based rom, problem solved.

      • Josh Nichols

        Supposedly comes with 2GB of RAM so there’s that..