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Samsung and Dropbox Reach Deal For 50GB of Storage on Note 2 and Galaxy Camera

Once again, Dropbox has teamed up with an OEM to offer a large amount of storage just for purchasing a device. This time, Samsung has promised future owners of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera will get 50GB of storage at their disposal. This is especially enticing for owners of the camera having a huge space to immediately put all of your photos.

Only question is now: which of the carriers will actually let this deal stand? We have seen Verizon be extremely resistant to offers like this in the past, maybe we’ll see a change this time around?

Via: Engadget


    Hard to turn away from HTC’s 1080p phone… we’ll see. this is something I need to try in the store. Upgrade is Dec 1st.

  • if i already have 50GB free do i get 100GB or no?

  • Alpha_Axl

    Is this 50GB for life? Or temporary? If life, I’m getting a Galaxy Camera day one. (Not like I didn’t intend to get one already)

    • Two years.

    • fixxmyhead

      2yrs for the s3 so most likely the same applies here

  • Corey Foltman

    You would think vzw would like people having more cloud storage. That’s more data for people to use and go over their shared data plans allowance.

    • Destroythanet

      Still too many unlimited data customers for that to work to their advantage, probably.

      • Corey Foltman

        But unless you upgrade to the note2 at full retail you lose your unlimited. I don’t know if they could tweak the offer…but they may word it so you have to switch to shared data to get the 50gb…

  • ckeegan

    because Drive would make far too much sense.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Let’s be honest… Facebook or Google is going to buy Dropbox out in the next year or so anyways. They are making too much headway

      • duke69111

        I hope not. Maybe google, but I still like them as they are.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          Agreed. But you honestly can’t tell me it wouldn’t be great to have that synced with Google. Restore your phone and Dropbox automatically syncs as well. It would be like Google Music but for everything else on your phone.

  • Hopefully XDA can turn this in to a apk we can download once it comes out like they did with the 3GB HTC hack

    • Corey Foltman

      Didn’t Drive reverse everyones space that used that hack?

      • Drive? As in Google Drive? What does that have to do with DropBox? And no, they didn’t. Mines good to go. I think they only got you if you left the hacked apk installed. I uninstalled it once I received the 3gb and then installed the play store version.

        • Corey Foltman

          I meant dropbox.

      • fixxmyhead

        no not me. still got like 52 gigs of dropbox. thank u s3 dropbox mod

    • I used a hack on XDA to get the 50gb Dropbox space on my Verizon GS3, but it was removed a few days later. Luckily, I logged in Dropbox on a Best Buy demo Galaxy 2 Tablet and got the 50gb space, but only for 1 year.

  • Do we know if VZW is going to carry the Note 2?

    • No and I hope so!

    • fixxmyhead

      carriers? ur doing it wrong.

      • for the note?

        • fixxmyhead

          yes. unlocked only way to go with no carrier BS especially from verizon and somewhat faster updates on unlocked versions. dont u get tired of being shackled to that carrier always dictating what u do?

  • MKader17

    So if someone was to buy a cam and a note 2 would they get 100gb?

    • AJA0

      No. It doesn’t stack.

      • UndergroundWire

        It does stack. I got the 3GB from the HTC Rezound, 25GB from HTC One X and the 50GB from Samsung Galaxy S III.

    • michael arazan

      Why not use two different accounts.

  • craig1989

    why do carriers block these types of things?

    • bealtaine

      They’re afraid that it’ll become a burden on their network. If you offer people extra GB, what’s to say they won’t want to start filling it up ASAP?

      (Not that that’s a valid point, but that’s mainly why they do it)

    • Aardvark99

      Every player (manuf, google, carrier) in the a smart phone game is desperate to control the product and the experience as much as possible. This is especially true with online services and digital media – esp those things you pay for and/or things that gather personal info about you. Online storage is all part of this.

    • My guess is that Verizon has their own cloud storage option, Backup Assistant Plus, they give 500mb free to all customers.