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Samsung: If Apple Releases an LTE iPhone, We’re Ready to Sue

And the plot thickens. According to a report out of Korea Times, Samsung has confirmed that if Apple releases an LTE-enabled iPhone next month, the Korean electronics giant will slap them with a lawsuit immediately here in the States. Taken from analysis over at iRunway, Samsung currently holds 10% of all LTE patents granted so far and has waited for Apple to release an LTE iPhone for just this reason – deciding not to go after Apple’s less popular LTE-enabled iPad device. The “hit them where it hurts” approach. 

As many would expect, there is no way Apple isn’t going to release an LTE iPhone this year. It’s simply become the standard that consumers look for when purchasing a new smartphone. Plus let’s face it, if Apple doesn’t release LTE on the next iPhone, then they will have basically screwed themselves anyways.

So, will Apple release the device and then gather their legal team once more for another showdown? With unveiling of the iPhone 5 in a matter of weeks, we shall see soon enough.

Via: BGR, Korea Times

  • Caleb

    I’ve just been reading the comments out of boredom and it amazes me how much people actually care they are both legitimate phones with legitimate reasons for being liked and sold. The minute people realize that in the scheme of things everybody’s individual opinion is worthless compared to the masses and that everybody has their own opinions and views, the better off everybody will be… Live and let Live people.. And iphone users have every right to post on here, the website article involves both Apple and Samsung, last i checked that means their are 2 sides, not 1. I have an itouch and personally don’t have the money for a smart phone, (just turned 18), but does that kind of crap really matter people??

    • JazzoRenee

      You should tell that to Apple who started and initiated this whole sue and get sued catastrophe.

  • Joey Joe Joe Jerimiah

    Here Come Da SmackDown!!!!

  • Todisco

    The article states “deciding not to go after Apple’s less popular LTE-enabled iPad device.” – I call BS – there is not a company in existence who would not file suit on product with a billion dollar market share that stole there patent. Everyone lawyer knows the rule to sue for everything and see what sticks (as sad as that is).

    The article should read “Samsung currently does not holds 90% of all LTE patents granted so far and really hopes Apple is dumb enough to use the 10% is does hold”

  • bluemanta07

    They still make iPhones? hmmm…….

  • sigh

    OP has never heard of laches.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Nothing more than the ramblings of a butthurt copycat company who got bit in the ass and is trying to save face. They are already under investigation for FRAND abuse for trying to sue Apple based upon standards essential 3G patents: http://www.slashgear.com/ec-investigates-samsung-over-alleged-abuse-of-frand-patent-standards-to-beat-apple-04193036/

    And now they’re at it again….what a joke of a company

  • Since when does Droid Life have iTrolls?
    If you are an iTroll, I suggest you go join your iSheep herd and worship your iShit 5 before it gets iBanned by Samsung!

  • joejoe5709

    I… don’t know what to say. Part of me says, “Samsung, hit ’em hard and do all the damage you can!!” But the other part of me says, take your losses, Samsung, and let this damn thing die. Pretty soon the public will tire of all this crap and turn sour to both of your companies.

    • richcricketz

      Apple is the bully on the sand lot, but most non geeks don’t see them as being a bully. Like most good bully’s Apple has successfully marketed itself as being the underdog who is standing up for himself.

      I fear that when Samsung throws finally stands up for themselves and breaks Apples nose, the American public will feel sorry for Apple.

      But boy will it be a great day when that iPhone gets banned and Apple goes running to mommy with a bloody nose. I cant wait to see the hypocritical Apple sheep whine over how broken the patent system is and how we need reform. I hope it gets real cold out in front of that Apple Store while they wait for there precious iPhone’s

      • JazzoRenee

        As an American, I can tell you that “most” of America won’t even care.

  • S Bosworth

    Samsung owned 10% of LTE patents while embattled in a lawsuit with Apple, who 100% know that Samsung has said patents. That leaves us with a 0% chance that the guys at Cupertino would include any tech which possibly violates any Samsung patents. That leaves us with a 100% chance of Samsung being forced to pay Apple’s legal fees.

  • Mike Hawke

    samsung f*** off. You’re halting technological advances by being little babies. Yeah, apple f***ed you… move on.

    • Nick S

      I’m sure Samsung’s shareholders would disagree.