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PayPal Receives UI Makeover With Version 4.0

PayPal for Android receive a massive UI overhaul today when it was bumped up to version 4.0. Sending payments, receiving cash from friends, and shopping on-the-go never looked so pretty. You can see that the designers followed parts of the newest Android design and theme guidelines, but went with an orange tint in favor of the ICS blue. Overall, it looks a heck of a lot better than it did in version 3.0, is easier to navigate through, and should make managing your online funds a breeze.

Besides the stylish new look, they also added in these features:

  • View your total, available, and pending PayPal balances
  • Take a picture of your credit or debit card to easily add it to your account
  • Find local merchants who are using our new PayPal Here service
  • Enhanced support for Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Bug fixes

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Cheers Josh!

  • “Take a picture of your credit or debit card to easily add it to your account”

    Seems legit.

    • itznfb

      About as legit as Paypal itself.

  • rohicks

    Interesting color pallet.

  • Steven Fields

    Anyone else notice the “Hangover” movie reference?

    • oz0ne

      Haha, yes I did. And Maria Lee is smoking’ hot!

  • El Big CHRIS

    Man it’s been forever since I’ve used paypal. App looks great though!

  • s23

    I’ve got to hand it to google, the new framework of these apps (jellybean look) is slick, simple, and intuitive. It totally enhances old apps, Spotify is a glaring example. BIg thumbs up to the devs and Google.

    On an unrelated note, I believe apps (specifically games) are lacking on android. When ever i go to my cuz’s house, I’m always attracted to his iPAD simply because NBA 2K12 and the other games are fluid,have decent graphics, and is addictive. Devs don’t see $ in Android and I don’t blame them since I haven’t spent a cent in the Play Store since i’ve owned an Android Smartphone (2009). I just wish we had more quality console-esque from A name developers. This is the only plus IMO that iOS has on Android. The gap is narrowing and i hope it just happens faster. End of Rant!

    • ArmanUV

      I agree than the quality of play store apps is lacking compared to iOS apps, but how do you expect developers to produce high quality apps and games when you don’t spend a dime to support them?

    • nerdkill

      so you’re surprised that you don’t have any high quality apps because you’re comparing your free games to a $10 ipad game… makes sense.