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Google Maps Updated to Version 6.11.1, Hopefully It Fixes HTC Rezound Reboot Issues

A Google Maps update to version 6.11.1 just went live in the Play store. It’s not clear yet if anything major was included, but we know that HTC Rezound owners have patiently been waiting for a fix after the last update. For those not familiar, the last Maps update was causing Rezounds and other HTC devices to reboot immediately after launching the app. To say it was an unfortunate situation is an understatement. The only way to fix the issue was to uninstall that last update and use an older build of Maps. Hopefully, this takes care of it.

If you own a Rezound, be sure to update and let us know how your device behaves afterwards.

Update:  According to the comments, this update does indeed fix the reboot issue for Rezound owners.

Update 2:  An official post with details for the update is now up. It sounds like biking directions and biking turn-by-turn navigation were also included along with the reboot fix.

Also, once an official changelog is posted, we will update this post.

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  • Fixed for me, too. By the way, with the ICS update to the phone, is Rezound now officially the best Android handset? I think so. Only downside is the ginormous extended battery, if you choose to use it.

  • Tony Perez

    It works on my HTC Rezound and it no longer randomly reboots. However, I reverted to an earlier version before to remove the problem and went back to it again. I find the newer versions add a step to navigation from the maps app.

    I used to get a location “bubble” what included the blue arrowhead that let me launch directly into navigation. Now, the blue arrow is missing and I have to go to an extra screen before I get to select the navigation function. Does anyone know if there is a setting to adjust this back to getting the blue arrowhead in maps or are we stuck with an extra step to get navigation (GPS) functionality? Please help. I’m pretty well versed in Android functionality but this situation eludes me. Thanks in advance!

    • I have the “blue arrowhead” on my Rezound and it’s stock. You might find it under Widgets.

  • umgoblue80

    good to see this was a common problem, wish I had known about it sooner though, I sent two phones back to Verizon because the “maps” app kept messing up the rest of my phone

    • Tony Perez

      When something goes wacky with your handset, it’s a good idea to do a GOOGLE search on the problem. You’re more likely to see if anyone else has the same issue and possibly learn what people are doing to make it better without the need to replace a handset. I figured this out from a similar experience. Hope this help you in the future. I know what a pain it is to configure a replacement handset.

  • A friend just updated and now her GPS is miles out of wack and her navigation takes her in illogical directions

    • Tony Perez

      Try going into Google Play, uninstalling all updates, then install the new version again. Just a guess…

  • Tom

    Two Words “Bicycling Navigation”

    This is huge for all the people that use it for bicycle directions. It is now usable for cycling!
    Thank you Google!

    • Tony Perez

      I too am looking forward to it! I moved from California to Texas and miss my old bike paths. Finding a mobile source for bike paths in the DFW region is a serious challenge as I’m sure it is for many who are in an area not familiar to them. Has anyone checked to see if they have bike paths for the Hawaiian Islands?

  • Michael Peppler

    This does not bring back the latitude widget, damn.

  • My Rezound is Navigation-worthy once again. The update solved the problem.

  • So the bug was on Google’s side not HTC’s. Good thing or us Rezound owners would be waiting another 9 months for that update.

    • Tony Perez

      Yeah, no kidding! I agree,

      If HTC gets their act together and stops producing too many (and different) handsets next year, the next generation of HTC smartphones should be much easier to keep updated. They could take a lesson from Samsung and come up with one or two superphones that all carriers can carry making it easier to maintain and support.

  • Andy S

    Well, the Maps app doesn’t crash my Rezound anymore, but it’s showing my GPS signal to be about 2 miles west of my actual location, which is even worse in my opinion

    • Tony Perez

      Did you give it a few more seconds to locate you? Depending on your location, it may take a little more time to center on a more precise location for you. If you have a light blue circle around the location it displays for you, the system hasn’t pegged your location yet.

    • I had a similar issue the first time I used the new update. But since then Maps has apparently found me and no issues.

  • notap

    Agreed !! My rezound no longer reboots !!

  • Paola

    Fixed reboot issue in my Rezound

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    My HTC Thunderbolt never had any issues. Just an fyi.

    • Tony Perez

      Same with my wife’s and daughter’s Thunderbolts. No problems. It seemed to only affect some of the phones released after the Thunderbolt and before the One X series.

  • Phil Stout

    Maybe in my location history it wont say I traveled 203 thousand miles in a day anymore

  • thank god!!! I was going crazy!!! My phone was worthless when i drove to vegas!

    • capecodcarl

      Why is that? You could just uninstall the Maps update and it would’ve used the original version which works fine.

      • Guest

        For whatever reason when I did that Latitude refused to work.

        • capecodcarl

          Ah, I never tried Latitude, just the maps and navigation. Seems to be fixed now in any case.

  • Yes, this fixed it.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Who said anything about “patiently” waiting. Thankfully, this does seem to fix the issue.

  • Fixed the reboot issue with my Rezound.

  • igloobunny

    I noticed this time it downloaded the full 8.42mb (if that means anything – I just recall last time it only seemed to download a fraction of that, but I could be wrong).

    Haven’t noticed any crashes yet on the Rezound with ICS.

  • Mark F

    Was location history in last update ?

  • So far so good! Finally! HTC Rezound Owner

  • Jeff Creemer

    Yes, it’s fixed the problems here.

  • jjooeey

    seems to have fixed my HTC rezound reboot problem…

  • hochoch

    Never had the reboot issue, but it would not login. update seems to have fixed it on my rezound.