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Sears Offering Up Free Keyboard Dock With Purchase of ASUS Transformer Pad

Looking for a tablet? Maybe one that rocks Jelly Bean? Maybe one that incorporates a sweet keyboard dock? Good news then. For a very limited time, Sears is hosting a deal on the ASUS Transformer Pad (TF300). When you buy the tablet for $400, they’ll throw in the matching keyboard dock for free, which usually runs a cool $150. Not a bad deal at all if you’re looking for a quad-core, JB-rockin’, multi-tasking super tablet.


Via: Droid Dog

  • WJB

    Ordered from sears. Won’t be available for a month. Once again, Sears lies. A worthless company that should have gone out of business a long time ago. Talked to customer service – no customer service at Sears!

  • i hate fraudsters

    It’s a lie, they don’t have them in stock, never did for the sale, and will not honor the deal even though they did not say subject to limited quantities on hand. I intend to file all the complaints I can and maybe a small claims lawsuit to discourage this type of bait and switch/false advertising.

  • panicswhenubered

    What is a “Sears”?

  • So, now it’s showing for $359, but you cannot find the dock on the site sold by Sears. It says that the savings will appear on the dock, but both must be in the shopping cart. I think they either ran out of docks, or got smart. btw – the link took me to a page that initially showed the TF3 for $359, but then changed to $399…but after putting it in the cart, back to $359. Still can’t find the dock on their site.

    • poolgod10

      The dock is out of stock and they will not allow for rainchecks or backorders….so once again Sears lets us down!

  • tyrion

    This sale is a lie. They are out of stock, won’t backorder the docking station, and have been completely out of stock since before the sale went into effect. Why they would have a promotion with zero available product is completely beyond me.

  • Jonathan Levin

    Not really sure how you can get this deal if you can’t even add the keyboard dock to your order.

  • Ryan Habersham

    Still only 3g, quad-core for what?

  • avs

    thinking about buying 1, how does typing feel like?

  • Chris Jennings

    It’s telling me that the keyboard doc is out of stock to ship. May still be available to pick up in-person at some stores, but won’t let me add it to my cart to ship. Bummer.

  • Drew

    This is a really good deal. Wish I had some spare cash.

  • 2001400ex

    Is this the original that has the gps and WiFi issues?

    • David Rosen

      i never understood that… half the reviews said it was the best tablet ever made with zero issues, have the reviews said it was an unusable mess with gps, wifi and touchscreen issues, as well as lag.

    • Greyhame

      No, that would be the Transformer Prime (201), not the 300.

  • Higher_Ground

    Nice, I went ahead and bought the dock back in june after I had my tf300 for a few weeks. I was really hesitant about spending $150 on the dock when you could pick up a bluetooth keyboard for much much cheaper. I have to say I don’t have any regrets but it is just too expensive IMO. $75 would have been a much more reasonable price but maybe they are just trying to recoup some of the profit they missed out on by selling the tablet for cheap to begin with. Definitely a great deal if you want the tf300 instead of the newer infinity.

  • This is how Asus should’ve started selling the Transformers to begin with! I mean, you sell a tablet called the “Transformer”, the main selling point is the keyboard dock, and they decide its better to sell it separately. That’s why Asus’s transformer sales aren’t too hot.

    • Finire

      I have to agree… I work in retail sales/support, and customers couldn’t care less about the transformer until I pull out mine with the keyboard, 128gb SD card, and full on USB support… That and the extra battery sells it every time.

  • Jigga_Z


  • New_Guy


    Should have waited =(…meh, I’m happy regardless. Maybe if they ever get sued by Apple, my money will go towards their numbers =)…

  • Wow. I just bought the Infinity + dock

    • will bartlett

      return it.

  • GazaIan

    For 400, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Keyboard + Trackpad + full USB port helps you do pretty much anything with this tabletl

    • New_Guy

      The best deal out (other than Galaxy 7).

      • feztheforeigner

        I think you meant: “The best deal out (other than the Nexus 7)”

        • New_Guy

          damn! you’re right…what the hell am I talking about =D?!

  • OreoMan

    Look at Sears taking on the competition. Pulling up the big boy pants!