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Samsung Opens First ‘Experience’ Retail Store, Comes Out Looking Like Apple’s

Above is a photo of the brand new Samsung “Experience” retail store in Australia. Unsurprisingly, everyone is picking on Samsung for taking many cues straight from Apple’s successful retail look. As you can see, there are islands in the store that display Sammy’s newest products, just as you would see in Apple’s. Along with the looks, Samsung has even gone as far as to have “Samsung Smart Tutors” who are a team of Samsung techies to help you with all of your questions. Come on, didn’t you think that was just a little too much

Crazy enough, all employees are required to also wear blue shirts, but that’s just because Samsung’s company color happens to be blue. I for one look forward to the day an Experience store opens up near me. I can go in there, buy a Galaxy Tab, and then return it stating that I was mistaken and thought I was in an Apple store buying an iPad.

What do you think of Sammy’s new stores? A little too much or is everyone just nitpicking?

Via: Techno Buffalo, AllThingsD

  • WickedToby741

    I really hate that the Samsung case was the first to go to trial. I mean, would pinch-to-zoom and bounce-back have been invalidated if HTC or Motorola had been pleaing to the jury? From juror interviews, it’s apparent the jury had already determined Samsung’s guilt after day 1, so how much testimony, how much prior art, after that point did they actually, genuinely listen to? They didn’t even read the jury instructions for Pete’s sake! And now unfortunately, this case has set a precedent that Apple’s patents, bounce-back, pinch-to-zoom, and tap-to-zoom included, are valid that other courts across the globe are likely to follow. I can’t help but feel a though Samsung doomed the rest of the Android OEM’s with this verdict.

  • Kevin

    Whoa, islands in the middle of a room? They must have copied Apple, only Apple could have come up with “A room with things in it and people talking about those things”.

  • Am I missing something? Is there usage of displays like Apple or something? Because I’ve seen 3 Apple stores in my life and they all have four legged tables and that’s about it.

  • Sounds like a Verizon store to me. Never been in a apple store.

  • cvpcs

    This actually looks extremely similar to any cellular store I’ve ever been in (Verizon, AT&T, etc). I don’t see why Samsung should get any flack for this.

  • Blades

    Wow kind of reminds me of those old Gateway 2000 Computer stores that were open once upon a time. And that was way before Apple Stores. So will Gateway suing Microsoft(for there stores) and MS going after Apple, then Apple to Samsung? Then Samsung to RIM, just because RIM need to be kicked some more.

  • Mj

    Apple has a patent on that too!!

  • Well here comes another Lawsuit. F U Apple, you can’t monopolize everything you do

  • gkinsella2

    Maybe Macy’s can sue Dillard’s for the layout of their department store. Or maybe Kroger’s can go after Bigg’s.

    • Diablo81588

      Piggly wiggly 😛

  • joejoe5709

    Okay. We all know there’s a CLEAR difference between the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Tabs, and anything Apple makes. There’s also a CLEAR difference between Android and iOS. But… ummm… Samsung? This is definitely too much. At a certain point ya throw a bone to Apple. This is too close to an Apple store. Sorry Samsung… I still love you.

  • MrEnglish

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Samsung is flattering the living shiite out of Apple. Then again, I don’t blame them for copying what works. Like the quote…good artists copy, great artists steal. Samsung is looking pretty great to me because lately their looking more like the Apple products I enjoy.