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In the Case of Apple Vs. Samsung, Samsung Found “Guilty” (Updating)

Bad day for Samsung. The Samsung vs. Apple jury has just finished deliberating and the verdict is out in San Jose. Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung has been found guilty of deliberate patent infringement time and time again on many devices spanning multiple carriers. As you may guess, this was never going to be just a simple ‘guilty’ or ‘non guilty’ outcome. There was a 700 question form for jurors to answer and as I type this, the verdict is still being read and discussed in court. What we know so far is that Samsung is going to have a rough road ahead with this loss. 

This post will be updated as more details are made available. You can expect a full breakdown next Monday as all of the trial’s information and verdict are compiled for easy digestion.

Update: In good news, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was found not to infringe on the iPad’s design. That’s a big one.

Update 2: In terms of damages, Apple has just been awarded $1.05 billion. Ouch.

Update 3: So far, Samsung’s claims against Apple are being met with a wall of “No.”

Update 4: That’s it for now. All of Apple’s patents valid. Samsung devices infringe on many of them. Samsung must pay big money. We’ll keep you posted!

For live coverage, you can follow the Verge’s livecast here.

  • Justice

    Apple is a morally bankrupt company. They make a living stealing other people’s work and then claiming it as their own and suing for patent rights. How can the patent office allow a patent that is so broad and vague and strikes me and “obvious to the trade.” Internationally, Apple has been getting kicked in the ass because they were trying to do the same thing that flies just fine here. Several independent developers have been muscled out by Apple and whenever Apple sees a dev idea that they like, it suddenly “disappears” and then an Apple version is released for its worshipping customers. No one, and I mean NO ONE buys a Samsung thinking they were buying an Apple. Samsung has been a staple in the electronics field for a long time and Apple has always been a thorn in it. Apple has had to make so many sacrifices because what they offer is not as appealing to customers as they would like to think and the Apple business model just sucks. Look at the stocks! Even though this will be a major hit to Samsung, their stock is still stable at twice Apple’s. Apple is falling at a pretty good rate and this is just another one of their legal lash-outs to recover their lost profits. It has nothing to do with Samsung actually infringing on anything. I don’t care who you are, you can’t patent a front-facing touchscreen. Even the guy who invented it did not patent it! Apple’s attempts at these ridiculous patents are comical, and while I think it is acceptable for them to patent a full device design (which, interestingly enough, Samsung did NOT infringe on – and even funnier, Apple’s devices don’t look like it either!), it is not acceptable for them to patent a vague (or even precise) partial design of a smartphone that would essentially give them a monopoly in the trade. Apple just needs to stop crying that people like other electronic devices as well and just be an honest corporation. I am not saying all others are angels, but Samsung is a victim here, and it is sad that many cannot see that. Apple should have to give the $1B back plus “damages” – what does that word even mean here? In the future, all of the markets that Apple is trying to weasel its way into, it better not make its devices look, function, feel, smell, sound, interact, or any of the stuff that Apple sues other people for. Apple should also not be able to sue if its own devices don’t resemble the patents that they are suing in regard to. And if anyone who works for any of the related departments of theft at Apple reads this, you suck!

  • Jon Gee

    In related news, Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Proctor & Gamble because Ivory soap is the same color and shape as the iPhone.

  • Robert Jakiel

    This won’t stand at all. By the time the appeals are over and the patents invalidated by the USPTO Apple will have little to nothing left. Not to mention that once Google’s patent for the notification bar is granted I would truly hope El Goog shoves it down Apple’s throat.

  • michael o’brien

    The thing that I find funny. Juror of peers. I bet maybe 1 person on the jury actually even knew what a patent is. I believe that items like this need to be taken and ruled by the judge, or an outside agency that actually realizes what patents are. Swipe is different that moving a puzzle piece to unlock…swipe is different than a scroll wheel.

  • Joshua

    I guess Apple is hoping that people have forgotten about the Palm Pilot from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The Palm my sister still has on her desk is battery operated, white in color, has rounded corners, and colorful icons on the screen and a “dock” of icons on the bottom. You can zoom in and out, scroll longer messages and sites, and even add applications. Hmmm looks like Apple copied the Palm Pilot and just added their usual “coat of paint” on it and had the mainstream media call it “innovative”. Whats that you say, Apple just took the look of the Palm Pilot and improved upon on, adding a phone and a better interface….wait isn’t that what Samsung just did?

    The real pioneers of this technology are IBM, Microsoft, HP, and Motorola….those are the ones who should be holding ALL of Apple’s patents as Apple has NEVER made anything new, only stole it from others and slapped a bitten logo on it.

  • Kierra

    Lol I remember a time when ppl on this very site steered clear of Samsumg because of obvious copying from the iPhone.Since Samsung is the new android darling I guess we’ve forgotten.
    It’s obvious that Samsung was biting apple in the beginning moreso than the other OEM.
    C’mon ! Look at some Samsung galaxy chargers…
    This decision doesn’t damn competition in my eyes.
    Hell even GOOGLE warned Samsung that their products were dangerously similar to Apple.
    Yes Google.

  • Crazy ettiquette

    So If I make a pair of basketball shorts that look like nike shorts but put my logo on them, Can nike sue me because they are a pair of shorts?

  • jorgedev

    From an Android dev. I’m actually excited that Samsung is sent to the drawing board. I believe that Apple should be scared because Samsung may just come up with a device that is so much better than the Iphone 5. I also hate that tech sites make the ruling seem like it’s all over for Android when in fact it’s not. It may be an obstacle. But that’s about it. Android is very popular with consumers and has a lot of developers on it’s back. Android is going nowhere. ps. I own the G Nexus, Galaxy tab 10.1 and Galaxy tab 2 7.0.

  • Erick

    So why doesn’t Samsung just take this ball and roll with it?

    AGREE with the court ruling and just say their products are the same as Apple’s.

    THEN let everyone see the price differential.

    That should help Apple’s sales…


  • EddieDaniels

    steddie7 just now
    It’s hard to argue the patent system isn’t broken. Those people who are cheering for victory for Apple scoff at those who disagree, like apple never copies? How about the notification bar apple copied? Copied exactly I might add. But because apple plays dirty they take concepts that they themselves stole and copied, patent them, and demand everyone else innovate! Really now? How about when I walk past one of those little claw machines in the mall, and see a BLATENT rip off of an ipod. Even the name is similar. imusic it says. Now that is a real copy. Televisions look alike, mp3 players look alike, game controllers look alike, land line telephones, the list goes on and on. Call of Duty looks and plays like how many other shooters? Apple plays dirty plain and simple.

    • Tyler Chappell

      There is such an incredibly large amount of copycat iProducts out there, and Apple is fully aware of it. But guess what, even though those devices are far more similar, Apple doesn’t care about them because almost nobody buys them and so they are not a threat. Apple is just greedy and has always been that way since their existence. But when it comes down to it, their products are always behind upon release and really its just inferior, less intuitive technology that appeals to less intelligent people that care more about their image and buying iDevices as a fashion statement or status symbol to feed their feeble minded egos because they are too ignorant to see for themselves which technology is superior.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    You really should say “The judge found that Samsung was guilty or the moronic jurors did”. What you shouldn’t post is “Samsung is guilty of……add suit claim here”. Because, to any person who is not an Iphone or Apple cult member, and any person who can fully utilize and fire all processes in their brain for reasoning, deduction, logic, etc…., no, Samsung didn’t copy jack or his retarded brother sh!t. A non-troglodyte can easily see that from the beginning of this trial, and every earlier or future trial/lawsuit claim, that this is once again the heinous abuse of the patent system and Apple bullying out competition instead out-innovating competition.

    Just because a brain-dead judge and some jurors said differently, well it does not make it so. Yet I’m sure I’ll see some hypocrites in here, who formerly decried Apple for throwing it’s d!ck around, all of sudden agree with it just because a biased judge and some biased jurors said so. Next time you call someone sheep, you might want to pull down your pants first, and check to see if you have a bushy little scrunched up tail sitting above your feces hole.


    Awww, pawww pawww Apoo. They stole the idea of controlling a computer screen by mouse for the original Macintosh from Xerox who invented and pioneered the idea. It was called the Xerox Star System. Apple can steal from others but other can’t steal from Apple? You know Samsung’s lawyers are gonna appeal this to the hilt for years.

  • pilot25

    Apple lawyers and reportedly going to ask the court to immediately pull its line of phones.

  • Devilsephiroth

    This was settled in a court of public opinion , which was deeply seeded in apples propaganda .

  • wm snyder

    Why did people buy android instead of iphone that’s the question not this stupid lawsuit!

  • jjt

    Samsung is one of my favorite companies. I own a myriad of Samsung products from appliances, televisions, a home theater system, and 2 Samsung cameras. I love all of my Samsung products. That being said, I’m sorry folks, while Samsung phones may have some design differences, the evidence (at least that which has been made public) clearly shows (quite unfortunately) that they tried very hard to copy Apple’s products! For instance, why does the GS3 have that god-awful home button when Android phone makers are clearly steering away from that, many going to on screen softkey navigation? Well, iCrap has one! Why on earth they did it, I can’t tell you, as they have all of the ability they could hope for to be innovative. In fact, they 1-uped Apple using Apple’s own technology. This is still a loss for us as consumers. I believe technology should be shared like science. Sammy will bounce back from this, but I fear that it will empower Apple to sue everybody over everything. What’s next? I wonder if they’ll sue all of the other wireless device makers for including accelerometers? In some ways you have to feel like Apple is just sore because Samsung essentially made a better product based on similar technology. I don’t think any of this will affect whether someone will buy a GS3 or not, except to encourage some folks who may have thought that it was too different from iCrap.

  • Manny

    Samsung got what it deserved. One thing comes to mind here, sammy is the android’s most succesful device maker, think where would android be without copying apple. Nowhere !!!!! Android sucks.

  • wm snyder

    Apple is trying to uphold all the patents that make in today’s terms a smartphone. In the end they will be forced to share all their secrets ; you cannot have a monopoly it is against the law which will in turn bring patent law’s under question. Think…… Bigger picture not the tit for tat.

  • wm snyder

    You know people, Jellybean may not be the Greatest…. We may have a game changer ahead of us….. Hmmm could be exciting!!

  • wm snyder
    • wm snyder

      So I’m thinking apple just sued Samsung for doing what they have done since the beginning!

  • I’m kind of happy that Samsung lost to Apple. I was never a fan of Samsung phones for some reason. Samsung had it coming; they totally ripped off of other companies including Apple.

    • Before people get angry at me, I am an Android owner. I have a HTC Droid Incredible 2. lol

  • sport

    If ya can’t beat em, sue…..screw ApPle…….

  • balthuszar

    people, how can you trash on apple for doing this, and then cheer on google for doing the exact same thing?

    • balthuszar

      if google is right, then apple is just as right

  • EvanTheGamer

    F Apple and their piece of trash phones. They can burn in the fiery depth of monkey hell for all I care, damn f’n cry babies.

  • dkprnce

    Some people want this sooo badly to be o.k. but it isn’t ok. The question wasn’t wether the samsung (whatever the flavor is today) looks like the iphone – It was that there was no question that samsung copied apples original ideas. There is no doubt that samsung used apples designs for the galaxy S. Thus giving them a huge leap into a market they previously floundered in. Simple. And undeniable.

  • Jon Wright

    Lawyers win, consumers lose.© SSDD

  • blade78

    Still not buying a boring Iphone; which you can’t customize the way you want. SG3 all the way. Samsung hold your head up and continue to make high quality galaxy phones.

  • fallsgable

    I heard that Apple made the “claim” that my favorite App was THEIRS as well….If I have to uninstall it, I will be FORCED to switch….

  • boss

    How much y’all wanna bet that each one of those jurors have an iphone or some type of Apple device

    • anti-boss

      How much y’all wanna bet that at least one of those jurors have an Android phone or some type of Google device.

      • ty

        lol I doubt it… they all probably using windows phone

  • Lucky Armpit

    The media, in general, is so “brainwashed” by Apple that I’m not surprised at the verdit.

  • We need to find the true companies that own these patents and petition them to sue Apple and the US Patent System for allowing Apple to be approved for those patents. It’s kinda sad when a company can bluntly rip off several companies’s tech and then get approved for a patent and then hold that patent up without a single bit of remorse for the billions of dollars they are profiting off of other people’s work.

  • og

    I feel at lost for Samsung, but I’m looking forward to an overhaul to the Touchwiz UI!

  • Steve

    yep and OJ is innocent too.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah, I still can’t get over the fact that some believe this, and the fact some black didn’t actually care if he was innocent or not, it was okay he was wrongfully found innocent just because the color of his skin, hmmmm, a good example of actually being racist yourself if you believed he was innocent for that reason.

  • GF1 Fanatic

    This is a dark, dark day for technology, innovation, and the American consumer! A jury of peers! Come on! Since when are nine Americans South Korea’s Samsung’s peers. Apple is using their elephant in the room status to bully everyone else. Shame on these jurors for letting themselves be manipulated.

    I would rather give up my smartphone altogether than use an iPhone. And I am a Mac user since day one.

    Congratulation Apple, you have become Big Brother!

  • Sy Balsen

    This is a dark, dark day for technology

  • tyguy829

    While I definitely don’t agree with the ruling, it will force samsung to really live up to it’s potential, and innovate in even better ways that Apple could never dream of.

    Now…if they could just get the damages reduced in the appeals so they can actually put it towards R&D/innovation.

  • Finire

    I’m just waiting for this statement…

    Samsung: Unfortunately due to company wide budget cuts we will no longer be able to manufacture parts for the iCrap. We will also be safeguarding our patents on the technology used in our products so others will not be able to manufacture in place of us.

  • Wise_Tech_Babe

    I would think Google/Android copied the iPhone OS… far more than Samsung copied anything.

  • Wise_Tech_Babe

    I guess Samsung will need to increase their prices $10 per phone… in order to pay for that.

    Who really “lost” this case? Anyone that will buy a Samsung phone in 2013 or 2014. And even then… you only “lost” $10.

  • Gnexustexas

    $1.05 billion is not “a drop the bucket”. Samsung only made about 12 billion last year so this would account for roughly 10% of net income. That is a huge amount.

  • distraught willard

    Who cares, the big boys came out to play. Now what is going to happen to millions of phones that are in use?

  • Don

    “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal” – Steve Jobs, 1994

  • Blades

    The deal with this lawsuit was basically about older Phones that Samsung doesn’t even support or make anymore that were infringement. This was a lawsuit about History and phones and software that happened in the past not current phones. As I don’t see any resemblance to an Iphone in the Galaxy SIII…….oh wait rounded edges…..dooohh!!

    • Matthew Guan

      Actually Iphone patent states that 4 symmetric round corners but GS3 does not and neither does Gnex.

  • Going back to basics.
    They said if it looks like duck, sounds like duck, acts like duck, is it duck?
    Then let me ask this question.You have same of 2 long pieces of stick(pen, pencil, drumstick) next to each other. You can pick up an item with it just as you would with chopstick.Now, does this make chopstick? cuz it sorta looks like chopstick(2 of same stick) and acts like chopstick.

    No, at the end of the day, it’s still pen, pencil, drumstick, etc

  • NestleCrunchTime

    I suppose Apple’s billion dollar win in court means Samsung will essentially be manufacturing Apple’s iPhone/iPad parts now for free. Apple just won themselves a whole lot of Korean slave labor (possibly from China), and what a great prize for a supervillain, so maybe that was their plan all along.

  • Sad day for Samsung. Hopefully they’ll be appealing the verdict. One thing is for sure, this certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth for anything Apple, as they have proved they are patent trolls. Move over Rambus, you’ve got a new stable mate.

  • Lane252

    …poor samsung…. in other news this win for apple will keep them afloat for another 3 years before they go bankrupt without their (dearly missed) brain child mr jobs. so no worries the bitten apple will meet its day of rotting

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      This is probably a very real possibility and accurate assessment you’ve made here. I could see Apple getting to the point where their only source of further income, is gained solely from winning frivolous lawsuits, also, while they’ve failed to innovate in any other business or creative areas. That will probably be their final, dying source of income.

  • shanklin07

    A billion dollars is a lot of money but Samsung has their hands in so many different markets this will merely be a set back. Even if things change drastically in the mobile industry, Samsung has other markets it already competes in to keep the cash flowing. Apple really only has mobile to keep them going; At least that’s where they made their money. But Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world so they can f*ck up and still be ok for awhile. But IMO, I don’t think Apple is innovating on the i*hone 5 and as a result I think they will loose new adopters and maybe even veteran users. I feel like a third company like RIM or Microsoft needs to be a threat here to keep things interesting for mobile. Anyway.

  • Havoc70

    Crapple has tons of cash I wonder how much they paid for that verdict?

  • John Wildman

    Apple won big this in a court of law, enough said. Samsung isn’t going out of business, but they do need to stop ripping off others hard work. I’m not a Apple fan, but stealing from anyone isn’t right no matter how much I dislike them. I have said it for years.. the Japanese and Koreans don’t have a original idea ever, they just steal others and make it better. This time they didn’t get away with it. Enjoy that Inexus you all have been bragging about, I’ll stick with my Moto, at least it isn’t trying to be a iPhone, it is a true android experience 🙂

    • apple didn’t invent colorful squares or webpages or rectangles. what did they invent and not tweak that samsung copied?

  • Steven Cornea

    as much as this sucks, from what I read samsung really dug themselves into a hole what with the emails and all.

  • fanboy1974

    Nothing we can do now. The past is the past. We got to look forward to better Samsung/Android phones. Good reason for Samsung to stick with stock Android and let Google worry about Apple’s crying.

    • kidheated

      Exactly. Maybe now, all the other manufacturers will see the benefit of just sticking to what they do best (building hardware) and let Google worry about everything else. It’s what everyone wants anyway. Cut your losses before they even happen and just start stacking profits. Or just give your software away as a DLC sort of thing (or something like that). If it’s free, they can’t sue you for it. Maybe now we will get that UI chooser system idea that has been tossed around.

  • Bionic

    I honestly couldn’t care less. I do hate apple though.

  • Ekknr

    Justice prevails. Let this be a lesson thieves. Crime doesn’t pay!!!

    • LionStone

      If crime doesn’t pay…then how come Apple is getting paid!?

  • JoelSeph

    All I have to say is…pfft.

  • As part of its lawsuit, Apple also demanded that Samsung pull its most popular cellphones and computer tablets from the U.S. market.

    The judge is expected to rule on that at a later date. And — given the number of patents that Samsung unabashedly violated and infringed upon — there’s a pretty decent chance that some Samsung products will be ordered pulled from the U.S. market. Appeals would delay that so long though that most of those products should be obsolete and no longer even produced by the time they actually have to act on it.

    I just hope I get my Galaxy SIII update before the judge orders Samsung to stop selling and supporting them.

  • Pegleg

    Patent law and patent issues are so complicated there is no way this jury new what the hell they were looking at.

  • Apple is single handedly killing innovation and the way phones will be designed. This isn’t right!!!

    • Wise_Tech_Babe

      > Apple is single handedly [sic] killing innovation

      Killing innovation? The phones look more and more amazing every 1-2 years than I ever dreamed possible. That’s “killing innovation”????

      Do you think the 2014 phones will be anything short of stunning and eye-popping????

  • Honestly, Samsung did deserve some of this. Even Google told some devices “looked too much like “”.

    However, do I think Samsung deserved to be hit this hard? Probably not. At the same time though $1 billion really is a drop in the bucket to Samsung. Hopefully, they appeal and get it reduced due to Judge Koh not allowing quite a bit of evidence that should honestly invalidate patents on rectangular devices with rounded corners.

    In the long run the only people that really losing out is the consumer.

  • I think this issue will be around for years, back and forth. Litigation will be the way to capitalize on another company, inovation will be left out of the equation. Sad day for us all for sure.

  • Spider210

    so whats the difference, verizon share everything plan, now at&t mobile share plan, why doesn’t verizon sue at&t for coping its plans that are ‘slightly’ different

  • madcow706

    How about this, Samsung just stopping making components for Apple. Wouldn’t that Apple?

    • frankandsimple

      That’ll hurt Samsung USA plant in Texas. The next iphone is already using LG for their display.. You need to understand who the top dog is here.. .. who is in a commanding position and who is not. Companies dime a dozen will fall head over heels just to be in business with a product (iphone).. that does more business by itself than the combined business of everything that Microsoft does.

  • Nobody

    So how many of the jurors were carrying iPhones?

  • Rickerbilly

    Samsung will survive. Big whoop.

  • Chris

    $1.409 billion holy hell

    • Chris

      $1.049 billion whoops

  • tech247

    Samsung will get its revenge in Asia where it will use its influence (especially in China) to get Apple products banned.

  • AlexKCMO

    Something I’m not clear on. They were saying the original SGS infringed on the iPhone (I don’t blame them, the original SGS did look like an iPhone… but didn’t they remove the middle home button for the US release? Surely, they weren’t suing Samsung in a US court for the look of their phones on the European market?

    There’s no way in holy hell that these people went through the documents that quickly. Something is off and I think this will be appealed. I want Judge Richard Posner to handle the appeal. He’s a tech savvy guy who has no bias (Blackberry user) and he really knows his tech.

    • Posner is in a different circuit.

    • frankandsimple

      see the article about the technical details in b g r.. they’ve explained it all there.


      Patent cases are appealed to the Federal Circuit. Posner sits on the 7th Circuit.

      • AlexKCMO

        So there isn’t a way for him to be a consultant on the case? I feel like he’s one of the more competent judges who should be involved in these disputes.

    • SilverUberXeno

      Why would somebody that “knows their tech” have a BLACKBERRY?

  • L. S.

    Hopefully this help Samsung be something they are not.

    • frankandsimple

      most sensible reply.

  • Destroythanet

    Memo to Samsung: Stop sending emails talking about how awesome the iPhone and iOS are to your employees.

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      Thank you!!! 🙂

  • takean

    As much as I like my iPhone, this is a huge disappointment IMO. This will undoubtly hurt the smartphone/tablet industry and is borderline apple holding a monopoly. Remember when AT&T was considered holding a monopoly. This is what all corporations want…and Samsung isnt excluded. They want to own the competition. This is a step in the wrong direction for technology advancement. 🙁

  • Ny Reynolds

    Here’s hoping the appeals process fixes this sham of a trial….

  • sporty

    Seems as if Sammy’s got fruit envy. They need to kick this REAL quick and get some of their own innovations cooking. Quit trying to copy the competition….

  • Frank Lorito

    Lets go Google now its your turn.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    “We have filed for 200 patents for all the inventions in the iPhone. AND WE INTEND TO PROTECT THEM”.~~~Steve Jobs, January 9, 2007 at MacWorld.

    Quit your whining, fandroids. The arrogance of Samsung is what led to this verdict. They were warned, and they chose to ignore the warning. Even Google warned Samsung to stop copying Apple: http://m.pocketnow.com/2012/07/26/trial-briefs-google-warned-samsung-not-to-copy-apple-samsung-fighting-back/?wpmp_switcher=mobile

    The chickens have come home to roost 🙂

    • tomgillotti

      F*ing Trolls lol… hey, apple finally did something right. Go you, IfanBOY 😉

    • Of course, well over a hundred of those things were obvious and/or had prior art. A granted patent doesn’t mean it’s original.

    • frankandsimple

      you got that right! .. friggin cheap ass south korean company trying to take on Apple.. Apple makes more money selling iphones than Microsoft makes with their entire business!!… This is about showing who the boss is!

  • This is going to have a horrible effect on the growing market place of Smartphones. Today Apple just won. Android is going to be on the defensive for a long time to come and Apple will be very reluctant to change anything considering they will lack most major competition. Android will have it’s own lawsuits yes but increasingly it looks like the future is going to have a Apple as the victor whether we like it or not.

    So now we can expect hundreds more patents for the most minute of features. Companies suing each other for similar ‘designs’ and one phone by one manufacturer having ‘features’ that another doesn’t. So what a wonderful feature it will be. Like if back in the PC/Mac wars a patent had existed for a mouse and one didn’t have one…That kind of insanity is going to prevail in this marketplace. How wonderful that will be. Enjoy your victory Apple, but also enjoy the massive amounts of lawsuits you will now bring down upon yourself from dozens of other companies.

    • frankandsimple

      Samsung is the only one that riles up Apple.. Apple doesn’t seem to bothered with the rest.. I think you are being melodramatic.. This will have no impact in the market.. unless you are in the market for cheap iphone ripoffs and blatant lift off of others’ work.

  • Samsung’s statement by the way:

    “Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple’s claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer.”

    • frankandsimple

      that’s like piratebay saying after their shut down “today the consumers have lost because they can no longer view movies for free”.. LOL

      • DroidDoesnt_2


      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Yes, these two cases and sentiments by those two different companies, well they are identical. How anyone could confuse the two, well only a mongoloid would not see the shocking similarities. It’s long been lauded by experts and scholars, that the case of Apple being a bully and stifiling innovation at every turn by suing instead of working hard to out-compete the competition, was just so gosh darn similar to the case of a company making large sums of money by facilitating the large scale piracy of intellectual properties, well it’s said they are so similar that people often ask their cell phone carrier if they have the new Samsung Galaxy Piratebayexus or the Apple iPiratebayhone. I’m shocked that you are the first person to see this striking similarity between the two cases, and I applaud your incredibly sharp deduction skills and genius perception.

        • frankandsimple

          I have no clue whether you are being sarcastic or serious.. I presume English is not your native tongue. Anyway.. Samsung was given more than ample opportunity to LEGALLY use the patents that it infringed on, by none other than apple. it is not as if this was a sneak attack on Samsung.
          Samsung willfully violated them even after given an opportunity and a warning by google

    • Wise_Tech_Babe

      > one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners,

      If the patent offices foolishly issues a patent for it… it’s YOUR patent.

      If you owned the patent… you wouldn’t take the $1 *BILLION* dollars????

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        No, no I can honestly say I wouldn’t, if it meant I had to sell my soul to lucifer, become a dirty whore, cripple innovation, have zero integrity and no real friends that would still be around if I was penniless, have no morals or business ethics, not be able to look my children in the eyes and have them know that their dad does the right thing and helps the world be a better place and help’s his fellow man, no, I would turn down that billion dollars in a heartbeat. I’ve had no money and I’ve had lots of money, and it’s always been apparent what matters more in life, and it’s not the money it’s those things I listed that Apple will never have. How much does Apple give to charity every year, I forgot? Even if they did give half of their accumulated net worth, well it would be dirty, dirty money. It would still help those in need which is great, but Apple would still be a deplorable company, not being selfless, and only caring about image. But last I checked they are neither.

  • frankandsimple

    I am ecstatic!.. Justice was served!!.. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how enamored Samsung is with Apple.. Forget the technicality of the codes that Samsung copied.. right from their kies software to their damn AC charger.. they’ve copied Apple Shamelessly.

    GO USA!!

    • DroidDoesnt_2


  • MikeSaver

    But apple is free to copy android with nfc, notification pull downs, etc?

    • buckazui

      right? i always wondered about how they got away with the notification panel on ios 5

      • MikeSaver

        Well I actually think it’s because android is open source so there isn’t a patent on that?

        -Mike Saver

        Sent from my Google Nexus device.

        • frankandsimple

          actually no. being open source does not mean it is patent free.. it only means it is copyright free. there is a difference. Google’s main reason for acquiring motorola was to get their patent portfolio

          • cphilano

            actually no, open source is a copyright license for software that makes it available for everyone. There are usually requirements in the open source licenses that set restrictions like preserving the name of the author and the copyright statement. So its all dependent on the wording of the Open Source license.

          • frankandsimple

            you are saying exactly what I said.. open source is loose on copyright.. making it available for everyone.. patenting is not.

          • capecodcarl

            No, it is not loose on copyright. The copyright belongs to the authors. That is a very important point because it stops a company from Apple from just coming and incorporating “open source” code, especially licensed under the GPL, into their closed source environment legally. Open source does not mean public domain. I understand what you’re implying though, that it is more open to modify than closed source, but there are still strong copyright protections for open source software.

      • G_Romero

        Android is open source.

      • L. S.

        Because Android is open source. The idea was first introduced on Android though.

        • Just because a technology is open source, it does not give another company the right to make billions off of the same tech, especially when the first company holds a patent for it.

    • CIFchamp24

      So far there is no NFC. And android the OS did not invent NFC nor own the tech in anyway. That’s like saying apple and android copy each other on batteries for the phones.

      • MikeSaver

        Understood. But couldn’t the same be said for apples suit on slide to unlock and pinch to zoom? Apple just proved you don’t need to have invented something to sue someone for «copying” it from you

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          You are exactly correct and it sets a very sad and disturbing precedent for all future pointless and baseless patent lawsuits and court battles, hmmmmm, just like this travesty was and is in the end and beginning. Morons of the world unite and celebrate Apple’s evil and spinelessly uncreative innovation smothering victory, hoorah!

          edit for: typos

      • Liderc

        Oh you mean like Apple saying they created the rounded rectangle?

    • feztheforeigner

      Two reasons:

      1) Google filed for the pull down notification in 2007 and is still waiting for its approval (pretty sad patent system right?)

      2) Apple knows that Google has a reputation of being the ‘nice guy’ and wouldn’t want to lose that. Google just doesn’t sue people.

  • The Real Uncle Sam

    I will be dumping my Samsung for the iPhone 5. I can not in good conscience support a company full of Korean thieves stealing from Americans.

    • tharealoc

      Good for you, support American thieves.

    • UrDoGG

      Seriously, dude?

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    So……..Google what are you going to do about this, they basically just jumped your boy.

  • teleclimber

    Personally I think some of Samsung’s designs were a little too close to the i*hone. I am not surprised that the jury went that way.

    We do have such a thing as trade dress protections and it’s a good thing. Pepsi can’t come out tomorrow with a red can and a silver swirl on it for a reason. That’s a good thing.

    Motorola proved again and again that you can compete head-on with the i*hone while looking completely different from an i*hone.

    I don’t like the i*hone, I don’t want anybody to copy it. Come up with something better. It’s really not hard.

    • UrDoGG

      I completely agree.

    • “Pepsi can’t come out tomorrow with a red can and a silver swirl on it for a reason.” But luckily they can come out with it in a can. I hope Samsung abandons their physical home button on future models and makes a few minor tweaks. Once that happens it would be more like iPhone-Cola suing Galaxy-Cola for also offering their beverage in cans. 😛

      • JB

        Isn’t that more or less what this already was. Most of the patents should have been invalid due to the presence of prior art. Sure the Galaxy S UI is similar but the rest of it should have been tossed out.

      • Apostrafee

        It wouldn’t stop Apples claims, I mean they flat out said in court that the Nexus was a direct copycat of the iPhone….REALLY?!?!

  • wm snyder

    The judge uses a I phone… Hmm…

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Apple owns all you biotches……

  • STupid ApPle

    apple can pretty much kiss the hariest part of my ass all the way to the bank now

  • What happens with the case of the Galaxy S3? It looks different than any iPhone today but when the iPhone 5 is released and it has a bigger screen, thinner, and lighter design it will basically be the S3 but with an Apple logo. Thats when legal battles and patent wars will become very complex!

    • JB

      Apple will have to “retroactively” patent those new features.

  • SeanBello

    good. Apple is royally effed now. This means they’re gonna have to pay up over all of the patents Googorola just came with, and it’s gonna be a LOT more than $1 bil

  • thenew3

    The trial took place where the jury either has family, friends that work for Apple, or work for some other business that is heavily dependent on those that work for apple, thus they’re not going to rule against a company that is the one of the basic lifeblood of their home environment.

    To be a fair trial, it must take place out side of the USA and South Korea, in a neutral country that does not benefit from either company (so can’t be china), with judges, jury that does not use products from either company and does not have family or friends that in any way directly or indirectly benefit from the outcome.

    That place likely doesn’t exist on this planet, (except in very inhospitable areas), this this whole law suit is just silly and crazy!

    • LionStone

      I don’t know if Samsung tried to get the case moved but yea, it certainly had an effect…too close to home. Even if most the jurors did not have smart phones as I’ve heard, in this location it doesn’t matter because you hear, see advertising and media and friends have or talk about iBuy devices. And apple balked that none of the Korean bigwigs came to the ridiculous circus court case. I wouldn’t either if I wasn’t getting a fair trial.

  • anon

    Question is this is just the jury right? The presiding Judge has yet to weigh in? If so things still might change.

  • tharealoc

    August 24, 2012

    A sad day for technology and innovation, wonderful day for sheep

  • Ridiulous how a similar lawsuit can find drastically different results. I like the Korean verdict: “You are both guilty of idiocy. Grow up and move on.” … My paraphrasing :O

  • Drew

    More pictures

    • walloftext

      Distortion field lol, CBS/paramount should sue apple for stealing trek style. TNG had those padd things that looked like a rounded rectangle decades before apple.

    • G_Romero

      This! ^^^

    • We should find the original companies and petition them to sue Apple for copying THEIR idea, and while they’re at it they can sue the United Stated Patent office for wrongly allowing the patents to be approved in the first place.

      • SKAVENG3R

        You do the leg work and I will sign! Let us know.

  • jeff3yan

    This is great news. I like Android as a platform but Samsung is definitely the worst OEM when it comes to design language.

  • This just in the jury has *&^^ for brains and were all found to have iphones in their pockets.

    • anon

      What you have to really ask is how much the jury understood the case and what was going on. They clearly were fooled into believing a patent is a end of story closed case argument. They failed to look past that black and white to consider how much those patents were wrong and invalid.

      • wm snyder

        They could not give their opinion they had to answer the questions and for a score above 60 you get a iphone free unlimited everything!

  • Hmm….

    They are going to have to sue in a completely different case that Apple’s patents are invalid due to prior art. They only hinted at that without going hard core into it. Judge Koh knows all about that issue, having been an IP attorney, which may partially explain why she got so irritated at the entire stupidity of this case.

  • DJyoSNOW

    My guesses are the next case will be the home button.

    • JB

      When are they coming for my old windows mobile phone? I’m sure that violates the iphone trade dress. Rounded corners, grid of icons, home button, oh nos!

  • Destroythanet

    After losing a billion friggin dollars because of Touchwiz, can Samsung get rid of that crap already?

    • richardsonadm

      You can blame Verizon for TouchWiz. Verizon doesn’t want so many different android phones with stock.

      • Jake

        That doesn’t explain why TouchWiz is on devices on other carriers and Wifi-only devices that aren’t on any carrier. Even if you were right, Samsung didn’t have to make TouchWiz look so similar to iOS. Other manufacturer’s skins look different., so Samsung could have done the same.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          And copying pull down notifications are okay to you? Not that I think Samsung copied jack sh!t because they did not. And it doesn’t matter if Google sues over the pull down notifications or not. They don’t have to sue to make it patent infringing for Apple to have used this feature, by your broken and idiotic logic and rules. You can’t claim Apple is in the right and that Samsung copied anything, until you address the very real fact, using your logic of course, that Apple copied Google, blatantly. Well you can deny it using your biased perverse logic, but then you are a moron and a highly hypocritical disingenuious moron to boot, you know, using your skewed logic.

      • Diablo81588


    • anon

      I do not see apple in touch jizz. But I also do not see what people hate about it. I only hated the icon set and the huge gap between the “hotseat” app dock and the desktop. (GSIII) Simply loaded nova/whatever loader I feel like on it.
      Touch jizz had a small portion of this case though.

      • MKader17

        You don’t see appl in touch wizz yet you talked about the hideous icons. They are damn near identical.

    • Bionicman

      Man who cares about touchwiz. All this is going to hurt is us one way or another, the consumer. I am glad I am apple free and this bs just solidifies that.

  • msnight04

    I still don’t understand why the Galaxy Nexus is a part of this suit. Since Google controls the entire software experience on this device, how can Apple legally sue Samsung for it.

    • UrDoGG

      I don’t think that the Galaxy Nexus was a part of this suit. The Nexus S 4G was, though.

      • Nexus S 4G looks nothing like an iPhone, in fact, it is am example of unique design that’s beautiful. The only thing it seemed to copy was the packaging.

  • Dogg Fon

    I’d have more sympathy for Samsung if the Galaxy Nexus they sold me for $600 actually had radios that could allow a clean voice call or a decent data connection. But since Samsung screwed me over, I am glad they are now paying the price. Looking forward to an invasion by North Korea.

    • Cliff Wynne

      wow really….I dont have any major problems with my nexus and those I do have is not enough wish that Apple gets a foothold in the smartphone market that could stifle innovation.

  • Drew

    Praise Apple, the greatest innovators of our time!

    • Lmao, you got trolled.

  • Destroythanet

    Maybe the jury had some of the crack that Apple’s lawyers were smoking.

  • joejoe5709

    Minor speedbump, people. Samsung (and Android) will find a way to keep on keepin’ on. Apple is only delaying their inevitable demise. Eventually people will see them for who they really are…

    • richardsonadm

      This is so true, iPhone 5 will bring nothing new to iOS except the number 6. What ever feature they bring, Android already has it.

      • kevin

        As much as this is true you are still forgetting about all the Isheep. They can literally just put their logo on a cow turd and they will still have people lined up for days to buy it. People are in a trance and I think apple has too tight of a grip on them that they can never break away from it.

        • Apostrafee

          You’re right and really that is the only reason why they won this case…popularity.

          • kevin

            Not just that but lets say if Samsung did in fact win the case I personally think that a lot of consumers will still end up siding with apple and just few Samsung as the OJ Simpson in this case in the sense that even though samsung won they are still terribly guilty. As much as I hate to say it I doubt Apples fan base will deteriorate at all any time soon.

    • Plasticky

      You’re nuts, bro. I own a GS3, but the iPhone is a really great product. Don’t let brand loyalty blind you to reality.

      • dangolds

        Totally agree. I’m in the same boat as you. Have a GS3, like the top android phones but also recognize that iPhone is a sweet product too. I don’t understand why it has to be one or the other…..especially since the changes we see now in each device are often incorporating features from the other side (e.g. Next iPhone – bigger screen; “Project Butter” – replicating the smoothness historically seen in iOS). People need to chill and appreciate both systems.

        • I woudn’t have cared I have apple products including the last ipod touch, but this suing for such vague bs has made me not care much for apple at all.

          • They’re suing over patents that they don’t even technically own! Every patent they own is BS because, as Samsung has showed the apparently blind jury, there was tons of previous work that shows Apple copied the ideas.

    • Exactly, but what really gets me is that Apple is allowed to sue Samsung in just about EVERY country! There should be a world wide law that says you can only sue a company for copyright in one country. But I seriously think that all this news of Apple suing is starting to deter customers from purchasing their products, its letting off a clear indication that Apple would rather sue than innovate and as time progresses it will become more and more apparent in their products (just look at iPhones…they lack 4G LTE, NFC, powerful processors, lots of RAM, etc.)

  • brkshr

    I hope Google rains fire on crapple with lawsuits now!

  • carlisimo

    I agree with some of it (mostly the Galaxy S / iPhone3gs trade dress issue), and I thought that the bounce-back patent, at least, might be upheld (it’s not THAT obvious, imo)… but this is too much. It’s a bit worrying.

    • There’s prior art on the bounce back, as well.

  • Trevor

    What exactly did the galaxy nexus infringe upon that other android devices didn’t?

    • Cliff Wynne

      not only that it doesnt have touch wiz its totally stock android…

      • ArrTooDeeToo

        If Apple goes after Samsung for the Galaxy Nexus, they’re barking up the wrong tree. They should go after Google if they wanna chance it.

        • ArrTooDeeToo

          But they don’t because they know they’d lose.

    • Trevor

      Apple users remind me of the San Francisco fart smelling people from south park

    • UrDoGG

      It wasn’t a part of this case, the Nexus S 4G was because of the bounce-back patent.

  • i bet the jurors were offered money and free i-device for life. just like their witnesses

  • gdashlock

    The jurors probably have iPhones in their pockets….

  • jim

    ok folks calm down, think of it this way, does any of this change your life in any way?… no, samsung will either write them a check, or appeal and drag it out forever

    • anon

      It already has affected consumers you moron. What were all these dumbed down searches but not capitulation to apple. What this means is consumers will loose features off their phones. It also means the consumer will pay more since apple will get it’s draconian payoff on each device because the patents are so vauge and the technology so ingrained into the devices. It also sets a precedent now, watch as apple will go and sue everyone now because this case proves these patents.
      Think before flapping that vomit hole.

      • jim

        all it takes is for them to file an appeal

      • jim

        you are quite the ass now arent you

      • Jim McClain

        Grow up kid

  • Me

    I have personally had business dealings with a Korean business in the past and am not surprised one bit with this out come. They can be very sneaky.

  • i never had respect for american judicial system and jurors.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      It may have gigantic blunders like this, but it’s still ten times better than any judicial system in the world. Countless countries have modeled their judicial systems off that of the American system. Despite our many flaws, America is still the best place to live and always the strident torch bearer for freedom and justice. You show me something wrong with America, and there are many things in this fallen world, and I’ll show you another fifty things that are wrong with any country you compare us too. And keep in mind I’m an ardent student of world history and global events. Compared to the other horrors in the world’s judicial systems, America is a fricking choir boy.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        And I just point out covenient and wholly typical of your American-hating kind, to never indicate the amazing country you live in, who has a judicial system that puts our great judicial system to shame and deserves so much more respect and praise, yes how typical to knowingly omit that tid bit of information. So easy to compare notes when you don’t actually show the other person your notes, now isn’t it? I guess that speaks truths about the country you are a citizen of, I could easily chance a few guesses.

  • nightscout13

    I just lost respect for America. More specifically the judicial system.

    • Drew

      You can’t say 9 uninformed every day Joe’s represent America. They don’t know anything about technology. The patents were basically “a black brick like shape with a screen in the middle”.

      • nightscout13

        Society as a whole is going down hill. Judge Koh blocked evidence Samsung tried to present. I hope Samsung appeals.

        • Drew

          It’s not even a big deal to Samsung. This is about 2 dollars to them. I just hate that Apple fanboys are going to shove this in our faces.

          • nightscout13

            It’s cool, Android still has bigger market share, and no phones or tablets were banned. So at the end of the day, life goes on.

          • Drew

            Apple fans don’t understand that sadly.

          • nightscout13

            We have something to look forward to though, Motorola’s suit against Apple. THAT one should be much better, since Motorola has a MASSIVE patent portfolio.

          • Drew

            Oh boy, when is that?

          • 2014

          • Drew


          • nightscout13

            I think sometime 2013.

          • Apostrafee

            Well there was a Moto vs Apple suit that finished yesterday

          • nightscout13

            No, the ITC passed the case down to the courts.

          • dangolds

            Anyone with common business sense understands that it’s an apples/oranges comparison. Android has how many different OEMs…..how many different models? Apple’s business model intentionally sacrifices market share for greater profitability. But name a single phone model on any US carrier that outsells the most current iPhone model in a given year. GS3 is the first model I can think of that might pose a real threat in this regard. But in general, comparing total Android against total Apple sales is analogous to saying that General Motors sells more cars than BMW. It’s a true statement but not a meaningful comparison.

          • Drew

            Razr Maxx out sold the iPhone 4S in Q1 and Q2 this year on Verizon. It could be due to Verizon’s attempt to push their customers onto 4G LTE devices though. I went in my Verizon store last June, and the guy convinced my sister to get a Razr Maxx (she went in wanting an iPhone)

          • dangolds

            I think they outsold the iPhone in Q2 only, not Q1. I bought a Razr Maxx earlier this year and Verizon was definitely hawking it. But if you take a look at the full first year sales of both devices, I’m sure the iPhone had the higher figures. And keep in mind that this was with Apple basically mailing it in, waiting an extra model year before coming out with LTE. Pretty smart from a profitability standpoint, even though I found it to be annoying.

          • ERIC REED

            Now name five people you know with a Razr MAXX…you just can’t do it!!

          • Drew

            I actually can: My sister, my uncle, my two close friends, and myself.

          • dangolds

            #6 was me….until I sold mine to get the GS3. Crappy camera, hot screen and having to reboot the phone 2-3 times/week eventually turned me against the Maxx. No such problems with the GS3. Best Android phone I’ve ever used.

          • Drew

            Glad you like it! Enjoy that Snapdragon-4 processor!

          • ERIC REED

            I stand corrected…

          • paul_cus

            Couldn’t agree more, drop in the bucket for Samsung.

        • I’d think they’d have an insanely good argument for an appeal. This judge was horribly biased from the start.

  • Cliff Wynne

    Actually I can see the case against the original Galaxy line. What gets me is how Apple was able to get away with calling the Galaxy’s App Screen their Home screen when clearly it wasnt.

  • Liderc

    Bunch of iSheep just did a terrible thing, they don’t even understand the ramifications of this verdict. They’ll be paying for it down the line as well as the rest of us.

  • seriously, how can the jury find the rectangle design original? then moses should be awarded patent for rectangle design for the device

    • carlisimo

      I think that part of the case included the metallic rim around the edge, and the grid of icons in the screen. The most damning part of that, imo, is the dock – in Touchwiz it looks uncomfortably close to the iPhone’s springboard.

  • webby

    Apple spending billions to sue to slow down competition instead of on faster innovation, will in the long run act to the detriment of all of us, even you gloating Apple fanbois.

  • this decision needs to be overturned. so wrong….

    • I hope so and ASAP. We need to know the probably of that happening.

  • MechaEx

    What may be the reality of carriers/Samsung pushing through software updates to change/alter infringing patents? Is there a way to turn off such updates as to not lose features?

  • jroc

    Really though, Samsung had to have known someday this would come back to them. I’m sure they have the money set aside for the day they would be held accountable.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      I remember you from the last time Apple threw their big gut of weight around and it made headlines on this site, funny how you pop up every time something like that happens, yet are absent all the other times to this site. It’s surely not typical of an Apple cult member, and how they are never just content with enjoying their Apple device, and must run out and try to convert others to join the cult, and make it their mission to badmouth and sling mud at all those who would dare speak out or against their coveted and magical gift from the almighty Apple. No, you surely do not fit that modus operandi.

  • chris125

    Samsung owes apple 1 instagram lol

  • jim

    with all the money they have,its not going to break them

  • It boggles me that one company can be forced to pay for ripping off another company’s ideas, when those ideas were ripped off from someone else to begin with. Got to love the patent system.

    • 4n1m4L

      I wonder which is more, 1.05b or elevating this enough to fix the patent system

  • JG

    i was almost thinking of buying a macbook for my programming. After this im never touching ANYTHING apple makes. Im afraid they will sue my for living cause they have a patent on that.

    …although Jobs infringed on that by dying…

    • anon

      Soon apple will own anything you do or produce on a apple product. AKA Disney

    • Allen Byrd

      Use Linux. Macbook, UGH. I hate OS X.

      • snowblind64

        That’s funny because they keep making Ubuntu Linux look more like OS X.

        • OS X is beautiful, but the OS itself is crappy.

        • Steven Tolnai

          Which is why I started using Linux Mint 🙂

        • Allen Byrd

          Uh, no they don’t… lol

    • envoy510

      The Mrs. is jonesing for a Mac book, but I’m gonna do my best to change her mind. She’ll only ever use a browser, so I think a Chromebook would do her fine, and save a bunch of money. Before this long slow slide into patent hell, I didn’t really think much about it, and was on board with the decision. While I hope a lot of people do the same, I’m not holding my breath that it will actually make a dent in Apple’s bottom line.

      • Matthew Merrick

        make sure to buy her a Samsung chromebook.

        my dad wants a tablet, was thinking about the nexus 7. I’ll be splurging to get him a GNote 101 just because of this

        • And not just because we’re trying to help Samsung here… the Sammy Chromebook is a much better model.

    • Liderc

      Exactly fk Jobs and Apple, hope he’s burning in hell.

    • I bought one last Christmas and I must say, even tho I don’t believe in a single bit of Apple’s business models and their business ethic, the MacBook Pro is a beast of a machine! It’s a power house of a machine thats extremely reliable! To me, its worth every penny because I’ve made every dollar back through photo editing and video editing, not to mention that I can’t even count how much time this thing has saved me. No more dealing with backups, disk defagmenting, annoying control panel, etc.) I hate to say it but on the mac, “Everything just works.” lol And don’t think of me as some fanboy, I love my MacBook Pro but I love my Droid Razr!

    • Manny

      Your a moron just like most if not all android fanboys. Had it not been for apple android would not exist !!!!

      • You’re the Moron. Android was founded in 2003, Google purchased it in 2005, iOS was not released until 2007. Sure iOS helped develop Android to where it is today, but it existence is not based on Apple.

    • Dell is just about to release the XPS 13 Ultrabook preinstalled with Ubuntu, sub $1000, hopefully more like $800. Even if you wanna load your own distro, this is a good option not having to pay the Windows licensing.

  • Apple is single handedly killing innovation and the way phones will be designed. This isn’t right!!!

  • motcher41

    jury was likely a bunch of iphone owners…epic fail of the justice system….samsung forever!

    • Neomastermind

      Actually, they were most likely android users. You know, with Android’s prevalence and all that jazz.

      • anon

        San Jose, a bastion of Apple users. Seriously though I do wonder why there was not more friction when choosing the jury.

        • dangolds

          News flash: Mountain View is right by San Jose. Sheesh, the way some of your guys are reacting you’d think something earth shattering just happened, like war breaking out or a head of state being assassinated. A little perspective, please. One giant rich company sued another giant rich company in a court of law and won. And your biggest fear is that a bunch of Apple dweebs will make fun of a bunch of Android dweebs as a result. Come tomorrow, next year and beyond, we will all still have plenty of Android and Apple devices to argue over.

          And please, spare me the innovation argument. Has it ever dawned on you guys that companies like Apple, Google and Samsung have the resources to simultaneously innovate AND litigate? It’s not like it’s one or the other. And finally, enough with the Apple never innovate argument. They innovate and so does Google. You just so happen to like Google’s products better than Apple’s so you put on blinders that are just as silly as those worn by the Apple Fan Boys that you detest so much. As someone who regularly uses both companies’ products and reviews forums from both sides, trust me when I say that some of you are equally as biased and over sensitive as they Apple legions.

    • carlisimo
  • tharealoc

    well now i cannot wait till google/moto drop the ban hammer they just raised up.

  • I thought I sent this on my iPhone, but sure enough it’s a “Galaxy Nexus,” whatever that means.

    • Andrew Bernath

      Wil wins the thread.

  • that should be 1.051 billion.

  • tharealoc

    this was a biased jury its pretty clear from these many “yes” votes fr apple and all the “no” votes for samsung

  • David

    I believe they got what they deserved. They copied Apple. End of story. Innovation comes from new and inventive ideas not ideas that are “kind of like” what other people are doing. If anything, innovation just got reinforced today.

    • richardsonadm

      What has apple innovated? They are just the first to the market on everything and know how to market the heck out of it. iPad really did suck at first and is expensive for what it was.

      • They’re not even first to market, they simply wait until everyone else that got in the market before manufacturing caught up to design has invented everything, then they do a good job of sewing it together and dumbing it down for the average technophobe idiot.

    • I hope you like Apple having the only smartphone that has any features worth buying – because thats what this ruling reinforced. It KILLED innovation.

    • bose301s

      When has Apple EVER had a new and inventive idea? I’ll give you a hint, NEVER.

      • dangolds

        Yeah, because that whole app store concept was just hanging out there for years on all our phones before the iPhone came along, right? Here’s a hint about innovation – it applies to more than just prototype development. Identifying new product markets, improving manufacturing and design processes, marketing strategies, building brand loyalty and successfully executing on product launches……All require innovation. If you don’t recognize these as activities and functions requiring innovation, then we should all hope you’re never asked to run Google or Samsung.

        • LionStone

          …marketing strategies…pulling over our eyes… 😉

          • dangolds

            Exactly how do you expect a business to achieve good sales volumes without successful marketing and promotion of its product? You might not like the fact that Apple’s ad campaigns worked so effectively, but that doesn’t change the fact that their advertising and marketing efforts were innovative relative to other Tech companies.

            “Buy this phone because it has an unlocked bootloader and you can flash custom ROMs” isn’t the way to spark massive commercial sales interest. It’s not just about specs – innovation in business extends well beyond that.

          • LionStone

            That’s right, I don’t like apples ad campaign because it is so deceptive. Take for instance their commercials showing off siri and making people believe it works so fast and seamlessly and then, OH? Whats that fine print at the bottom? Times have been shortened!? hmm clever marketing indeed, if you can’t see through the wool.

    • anon

      stay out of the kool-aid. Litigation never helps innovation.

  • chris125

    Well still wasn’t what apple wanted but will be interesting to see how samsung reacts. Maybe go stock android or actually come up with their own completely redesigned UI rather than touchwiz.

  • Well we all know this verdict will be challenged and this will probably go on for awhile

  • MicroNix

    Let all innovation in the smart phone industry halt as of today.

    • jroc

      This can only help innovation – now Samsung will have to come up with their own ideas, if they are able.

      • Liderc

        Jroc you’re still the dumbest mfer I’ve ever seen online. Please die already. Still using your POS Razr?

        • NorCalGuy

          Ur no better than an I sheep why go around bashing other android phones, not to mention it actually happens to be one of the top of the line android phones , and just because its locked doesn’t mean its a pos.

          • Liderc

            Is your name Jroc? Then go away.

      • Agreed! they need to find themselves and stop looking at Apple like its some all knowing company

      • Matthew Merrick

        yes, your own ideas, such as a non-square phone?

  • Neomastermind

    “1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars” Apple smugly walks to the bank.

  • tharealoc

    damages ….

    1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars are you kidding me

  • tharealoc

    this was not a jury of our peers…it was a stable of sheep…

    • imronburgundy

      Actually not, only like 3 people in the jury even owned smartphones.

      • tharealoc

        you don’t have to own an iphone to be a fanboy.

      • Peers would own a smartphone.

        • duke69111

          I agree. Smartphone users would most likely be able to tell the differnce between them. Most people who dod not own them, think they all look alike anyway.

          • Liderc

            Exactly, these idiots couldn’t tell the difference because they have an IQ of 47. These things should not be left to average citizens.

          • L. S.

            Then who?

          • Liderc

            Maybe a committee of patent experts? You know, people who could actually read the documents.

          • chris

            Are you serious? Its the average citizen who’s not a smartphone user that they’re trying to entice to get a smartphone. People who have smartphones generally already have a preference as to what they like. So it should be left up to those individuals who don’t own one, to determine. I don’t agree with the patent infringement claims, but it’s the world we live in. Besides, after all the appeals process and stuff, this will be carried out for another 10 years and by then no one will even remember wtf this was about.

          • Liderc

            No… Just no… Average citizens should not decide the outcome of cases that could send ripples through the entire smart phone/tablet market for the rest of our lives. Some of these idiots probably didn’t graduate from high school do you think they could decipher ANY documents that were presented?

          • Chris

            EXACTLY. Send ripples through the entire smartphone/tablet market. God knows it’s needed. BE INNOVATIVE. Create new ways of performing tasks on the device. Use your imagination. Hopefully this will bitchslap everyone into creating new ideas in doing things.

          • Liderc

            Except this sends bad ripples. Apple copies Android’s pull down notification bar, do you see them being sued because of it?

            Double standard a bit?

          • Sobr0801

            Well its up to google to protect its intellectual rights is it not?

          • Liderc

            They know that the smart phone industry is better because they allow another company to use one of their ideas. There’s room for all companies in the industry, which has been seen by great devices being released by all manufacturers this past year. Apple is the only one going sue-happy. Which is ironic considering their entire motto was to steal other people’s ideas.

          • Sobr0801

            Who IS suppose to determine the outcome of this trial, a legion of android or apple fanboi’s. No thanks, it would be like sending a legion of Rush Limbaugh/Obama fanatics to decide the president.

          • duke69111

            I don’t know that I would go as far as to say they have an IQ of 47, but I do agree that they likely have no idea as to what was presented to them. When I talk to people about smartphones using what I think is fairly basic lingo, I often just get blank stares.

          • michael arazan

            An IQ of 75 or lower usually has mental retardation or a mental disability from a birth defect. The average person has the IQ of 100 and people with an IQ of like 160 , I think, or higher are genius. It is based on a chart that shows the median for our society. I had to take two days of testing for my IQ test.

          • Chris

            Which is exactly what apple was trying to say. That soon to be smartphone users will probably be confused as to what is an iphone and what is a samsung device. It’s good that none of them were smartphone users. I’m not happy with the verdict, but it seems pretty fair if that’s the case.

          • Liderc

            If this case was only about one thing, then you’d be right, sadly it wasn’t. It was about patent reform, which these people have no clue about. They should have never been allowed to decide the outcome of this case. I bet 90% of them couldn’t even understand a single document they were presented with.

          • Chris

            It wasn’t about patent reform. It was about whether samsung copied apple. Which is kind of hard to deny. Will patent reform come from this and Samsungs appeals? Perhaps. Perhaps not. That’s another battle still to be fought.

          • Liderc

            Yes it was about patent reform, they could have invalidated Apples ridiculous patents. You obviously haven’t followed this case, so stick to what you know best…[ ]

          • duke69111

            @chris @Liderc I talk to family members, neighbors, friends (who are not smartphone owners) all the time about smartphones and they all think the motorola looks like the samsung looks like the iphone….a smartphone’s a smartphone to them. These buyers are going to rely on a friend or relative or a store rep’s reccomendation and buy based off of that, not because they think one looks very similar to the other. If one phone kind of looks like the other they are not going to choose the samsung or the motorola because they think it looks like an iphone, they are going to choose it, because they don’t care and probably don’t know the difference anyway.
            I really don’t think someone is going to walk in to a store or online and go, oh this samsung looks like an iphone I should buy it.

          • JB

            Back in the PalmOS days, people always asked if I had a blackberry. People who know nothing about phones will tend to assume that any smartphone is the one they have heard the most about.

      • huskerkate

        ….which means they were most likely too dumb to understand anything that was said. there’s a common saying – cases are always decided by 12 people who are “too dumb to get out of jury duty.”

        • CIFchamp24

          All it took was 9….

          • I thought the decision had to be unanimous?

          • I think thats only for criminal cases. Idk i was on a jury and it had to be unanimous for a criminal case.

        • James

          some people like doing jury duty idiot. a day away from the drudgery of normal life. sucks for you its fun.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Considering how many people in the American population that own Iphone/iPad/iPod’s, there is a good chance that the juror had a family member or close friend who owns or at one time owned one of those devices. Then compound that possible scenario with the very real fact that a huge portion of Apple owners are hypocritical fanatics, that can’t see any opinion, fact, or piece of logic that differs from their own, i.e. they are very similar to liberals. And well you tie all of that together and it doesn’t matter if they personally didn’t own Apple devices, because they were probably already non-objective and biased when they first sat down in the courtroom.

        And only 3 of them owned smart phones you say, well what kind of smart phones were they, I’m seriously asking because I haven’t read much on this sham? Plus you can’t forget about Apple’s marketing. Even if the jurors didn’t own “i-devices”, they were no doubt inudated with Apple’s warm and fuzzy, extremely simple and dumbed down commercials or internet-based advertisements, that going off of the cheery “magical” ads Apple puts out, well “Apple is just a big hip teddy bear, I can’t believe this American big loveable company, is having their hard work and “money” stolen, by those despicable Korean [email protected]!”, you know despite the fact that those Korean’s supply parts and all the “i-devices” are as about as American as anything with the words “Made In Taiwan” written on them.
        Well I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what went on in the head’s of those either ignorant or just plain moronic jurors. Samsung just as any company that is not Apple, is doomed from the start when being sued and having bogus allegations brought against them by Apple. GestApple is much more accurate, hiel Jobs mein furher!

    • Don’t hate

      You mean they not hater? All I know is hater here Lol

    • Jeff Tycz

      what you people seem to be forgetting is the fact that both apple and Samsung agreed on the jurors so how does that statement even hold any water? Or are you saying Samsung intentionally sabotaged the trial for appeals court?

      • Mark

        Exactly. The Judge even gave Apple and Samsung a chance to settle instead of leaving it up to these “non-expert” jurors. Both companies knew what they were getting into. They both went all-in and Samsung unfortunately lost.

        • BAoxymoron

          but apple said quite some time ago that they wouldn’t settle with samsung… regardless… not standing up for samsung I mean they definitively shamelessly copied software though their hardware is fairly different imo

          • you can’t copy something you yourself invented. Apple holds patents for software they didn’t develop- Samsung proved they innovated a lot of what Apple claims they invented. But because Apple own the patents they can sue whoever they feel violated them. It’s a broken system being abused by a broken company

          • mx

            Clearly they didn’t prove anything of the sort in the jury’s opinion.

          • If you’ve ever served for jury duty, you’d know that you can only use the facts in your decision. You don’t use your interpretation of the facts to suit your purpose or pick a side based on how you feel (regardless of how it may seem on the outside looking in). So, with that in mind, did Samsung violate Apple’s patents that are currently in dispute? In some cases, yes. Apple holds the patents. That was the point of this case. Samsung violated them regardless of whether Apple copied another. They hold the patents. I’m not agreeing with the verdict because I also feel the patent system is broken, but that’s how it is.

          • Erick

            Technically, you’re wrong. Look up Jury Nullification. Though, from what I gather, not many lawyers prefer their juries are aware of this power

          • sb1831

            Jury nullification is only applicable to criminal trials in the US. Judges are empowered to overturn such verdicts in civil matters.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            I also do not even remotely agree with the verdict, and I highly question the integrity and intelligence of the jurors. And I absolutely believe this to be a huge tradegy, because more than anything what this does is that it emboldens Apple and encourages them keep bullying instead of out innovating the competition, and it gives them a new fresh fervor to attack even more companies and bring even more frivolous patent suits and baseless allegations to these companies door steps.

            But sadly, a small part of me blames the Samsung legal team as well. Granted they were fighting a losing battle from the start, with almost every card stacked against them. But like the post above said, barring having biased non-objective, evil jurors, well if you follow the judge’s orders, then you can only decide on the case with what has been presented to, with a completely objective mind. I’ve served as a juror on a cocaine trafficking and murder case before. And despite some of the idiots I served with, I absolutely went into with an objective mind, and I only decided on issues, with how they were adequately or inadequately presented to me. I found the accused guilty of the trafficking and the muder charges, but there was a charge pertaining to all the money he had made and had stored up from selling blow for many years. And I didn’t rule in favor of the state seizing the money, I ruled in favor of his family getting to keep it all. And this wasn’t because I thought that he somhow had millions sitting in the bank and in his homes from working the meanial job he used as a front, no that would have been ludicrous to believe that, and I won’t divulge all the details. But suffice it to say, as much as in my heart knew he aquired all that money from selling coke, I just could not let the state have it instead of his family, because the prosecution did not adequately show me beyond the shadow of a doubt, that all of this money came from selling drugs, I could only decide with the facts and evidence given to me, and the prosecution did a p!ss poor job of convincing me of that.

            So, assuming the jurors followed the judge’s order’s, and only decided with what was presented to them (which knowing how stupid a lot of people can be and how they use emotions to decide things), well obscuring that very real possibility, I would then lay a portion of the blame on Samsung’s lawyers. But as I said, it was pretty much decided from the start that Samsung would lose overall, because of all the corrupt factors in place in anything Apple does regarding patent lawsuits.

          • Well there has to be consensus. One juror could’ve held out, and they’d have a hung jury. That wouldn’t help anyone either; with an appeal, Samsung can request a change of venue (whether that’s granted or not is another story). They agreed that Samsung violated some of Apple’s patents based on the evidence provided. Honestly, Samsung has been pretty brazen by walking that fine line, but they can afford to do so. I’m still not sure how a rectangle with rounded corners and a screen in the middle was awarded a design patent. Like really?

          • The patent system wasn’t on trial. Therefore it doesn’t matter if the the jury felt the patent system is broken or not..

          • BAoxymoron

            I wasn’t referring to patents… patents do nothing more than impede innovation. I was talking about trade dress and brand design which company’s spend millions of dollars building(read the Android recovery article) and use to give their products a preconceived notion of what they’re getting/ build hype for the brand something samsung did copy a little too much on in my opinion on the software side with touch wiz. It didn’t just take design cues from iOS but was in fact modeled after(just read the emails).

      • richcricketz

        all the jurors were from the silicon valley area. biased a little? The town where the iPhone came from and Steve Jobs was a legend.

        • Jeff Tycz

          Whatever makes you sleep at night my friend, If Samsung thought they could not get a fair trial they could have requested a change in venue. So I again restate my statement that BOTH apple AND Samsung had to agree on the jurors that were selected. This verdict is not going to effect android much if at all, it only effects Samsung and how they design their phones

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Yes and it surely won’t embolden Apple to throw more baseless allegations of patent infringement on many more companies. Regardless of the technical details, this morally and ethically corrupt, but keep playing the devil’s advocate if it makes you feel better.

          • Jeff Tycz

            This trial was about the trade dress of the iphone and if samsung diluted it. Any other allegations to other manufacturers from apple would happen anyway regardless of the outcome of this trial

          • michael arazan

            What’s odd is in writings, If I paraphrased someone else’s words it is not plagiarize but if I copied it almost word for word it is. Is that what samsung did? I haven’t read about all the evidence yet. Because I’m sure they couldn’t possibly be stupid enough to do so. I mean these companies pay millions in lawyers and patent reseach, and I’d think someone would have advised them against a full on copy, even the exec’s wouldn’t be stupid enough to do so.

          • michael arazan

            Even if they did request a change of venue, doesn’t mean they would be granted one. But it would be an excuse of many i’m sure for when this judgement is appealed.

    • JulianZHuang

      couple of the jurors are android users. read or google before comment please.

  • Destroythanet

    The big question is how much will Samsung be forced to pay for these “infringements”.

  • sam copycat

    Dear Samsung:

    Pay up, bitch!

  • Jim McClain

    Well if they want to take my nexus and give me an siii, I’d b OK with that

  • Kyle Miller

    Dah well! Sent from my Very Rare Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

  • finally the stolen product of android is starting to finally show cracks….they pay microsoft, and they get hit legally by apple.

    • chris125

      actually “they” don’t get hit by apple. Samsung gets hit by apple the other manufacturers didnt make an almost replica like UI based off the iphone.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Get out troll, at least try and read before making stupid comments.

    • tharealoc

      how are you liking that drop down notification menu on your iphone? oh and that “multitasking”? and that voice navigation? oops they still haven’t released that to you, ive had it for years now. keep trying to catch up

    • Nick

      Michael, you must have just got done smoking crack if you think android is a stolen product. Go troll on another site.

    • richardsonadm

      Google financially backed the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., and later purchased it in 2005.[8] The unveiling of the Android distribution in 2007 was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 86hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices.[9] Google releases the Android code as open-source, under the Apache License.[10] The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the maintenance and further development of Android.[11]


    • I’m rather sure none of the source code for iOS is in Android. Apple “stole” more ideas for the iphone than any android manufacturer has “stolen” from Apple.

  • paul_cus


  • 1324356565


  • DLM

    Also all of the patents upheld.

  • Murphy

    Oh sh*t!!! I wonder what the future holds…

    • msnight04


  • kerrhome

    SGT 10.1 did NOT infringe on i*ad!!