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Next Nexus Phones Coming From LG, Sony, and Samsung?

According to a report out of Android Noodles, a document showing the winter roadmap for Japan’s Docomo, lists out three (3) different Nexus devices. The three manufacturers on their list are Samsung, LG, and Sony. The report mentions a 3-column table that references the three devices, however, no picture or further proof was provided. 

What we do know, is that a report out of the Wall Street Journal back in May suggested that Google wanted to have more than one Nexus partner this year and had opened up the program to at least 5 different OEMs. So if Docomo has three Nexus devices on their winter roadmap, and Asus already released the Nexus 7, we are certainly on our way to matching that previous report.

Also, we saw a Samsung device by the model number GT-I9260 with “Nexus” attached to it, this morning.

At this point, we can only consider this rumor until more hard evidence comes out. We have seen LG mentioned in Nexus conversations for some time now, so maybe this is a sign that they are finally getting their shot. Sony, on the other hand, is a bit surprising, but then again, they are a company that needs to make something happen aside from their tired old Xperia line of phones.

The names mentioned in this report for each device are Samsung Galaxy Nexus II, LG Optimus Nexus, and Sony Xperia Nexus.

Believable? Disappointing?

Via:  Android Noodles

  • More competition = a win for us

  • tty7

    Would be cool if they aren’t Carrier exclusive or unlocked only.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Samsung really doesn’t deserve another Nexus.

  • SBSdroid

    Sorry, but this list was made up by an anonymous poster on 2ch. Click my profile and on to my blog and you’ll get the run down.

  • Twi

    So this is a trend now? Attaching your brand name to the nexus? Hell, in that case, where is my DROID NEXUS (Nexus with a slider and proper screen? I’d get it in a heartbeat)

  • yarrellray

    To a certain point that may be true and that’s ONLY because of Verizon and it’s crappy cdma lte network. Yes the Galaxy Nexus was plaqued with poor reception/signal strenth fron day one December 15 2011 stuck on android 4.0.3 until June 2012. By that time people have changed two or three time or just gave up on the crappy devices. Including myself I gave up on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and kicked Verizon to the curb too for it’s poor mamnagement of the device as well as very poor updates fixing issues that was well lknow especially in the forums. Glad to be rolling with GSM and my Glaxy S3 NO MORE cdma devices for me.

    • capecodcarl

      I don’t think the problem is with the LTE network as much as poor radio implementations in the devices. The Motorola Bionic had a lot of problems with LTE when it came out but software updates for the radio fixed them and it has been a good device since. The HTC Rezound I have has worked great from day one. The Galaxy Nexus on the other hand would drop 4G data constantly and drain its battery searching for signal right in the same area the Bionic had a great signal. From web searches this is a common problem and the only way people have solved it was to keep swapping their phone out for another Nexus until they found one that didn’t have the issue. That’s just poor quality control of the hardware IMHO, especially if a software radio fix can’t fix it.

  • yarrellray

    Yes there will be a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 as well as the Lg Nexus and Sony Nexus. I hope HTC get it’s Nexus together for the masses. The first Nexus that has expandable storage will be the BEST NEXUS for purchase even if they do 32internal and 32/64 sd card. People better roll with Sammy for that…

  • dsass600

    Maybe no one bought the Galaxy Nexus cause it sucked?

  • feztheforeigner

    Two things:

    First, the Nexus name should always come first, not last. It’s always annoyed me how the Galaxy Nexus lists its name.

    Second, HTC and Motorola should be top candidates alongside Samsung. The other companies are not so great for the Nexus name…

  • 4n1m4L


  • Since I am curious why do people not like the idea of a HTC nexus device? The only downfall HTC has is it’s own sense which won’t be on a nexus…

  • I’d like HTC over Sony/LG but let’s wait and see

  • fh

    Not sure why Sony is so unbelievable. Sony was one of the earliest and most forthcoming for unlocking bootloaders, and has been quite cooperative as far as open-sourcing drivers, supporting custom ROM development, and providing software updates is concerned. The recent Xperia S/AOSP news should at least set off some alarms.

    Docomo’s winter Xperia flagship (code SO-01E) is expected to have an updated S4 dual core, tri-band LTE, quad- or penta-band 3G, in 4.6″ 1280×720 form factor, likely with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM or greater. (Variants for other 3G/LTE and CDMA markets are also scheduled.) An impressive set of hardware, if it is to become a Nexus.

  • Nick V

    Personally, I am thinking we are going to be seeing three different device types with the Nexus brand. ASUS has made the Nexus7, maybe we will see a new Nexus Phone from Sammy, a tablet, a TV, and something else?

    I think Google is going to go big. Nexus, although not as well known as the Galaxy brand, has made a lot of news this year, and i think that Google will be capitalizing.

  • This better be a joke, because if there’s no Moto Nexus, I’m going to be quite upset…

  • carlisimo

    I’d be very happy if we got a high-quality Nexus phone that was significantly smaller than the Galaxy Nexus.

    Something the size of the HTC One S, at most.

  • M O T O R O L A… Please and thank you…

  • Bionic

    Seriously? Sony? I won’t buy one.

  • Turb0wned

    I would prefer they stay with one a year. Please no Moto or HTC. Sony would be badass if not them Asus or Samsung. Im hoping for Sony they.