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Next Nexus Phones Coming From LG, Sony, and Samsung?

According to a report out of Android Noodles, a document showing the winter roadmap for Japan’s Docomo, lists out three (3) different Nexus devices. The three manufacturers on their list are Samsung, LG, and Sony. The report mentions a 3-column table that references the three devices, however, no picture or further proof was provided. 

What we do know, is that a report out of the Wall Street Journal back in May suggested that Google wanted to have more than one Nexus partner this year and had opened up the program to at least 5 different OEMs. So if Docomo has three Nexus devices on their winter roadmap, and Asus already released the Nexus 7, we are certainly on our way to matching that previous report.

Also, we saw a Samsung device by the model number GT-I9260 with “Nexus” attached to it, this morning.

At this point, we can only consider this rumor until more hard evidence comes out. We have seen LG mentioned in Nexus conversations for some time now, so maybe this is a sign that they are finally getting their shot. Sony, on the other hand, is a bit surprising, but then again, they are a company that needs to make something happen aside from their tired old Xperia line of phones.

The names mentioned in this report for each device are Samsung Galaxy Nexus II, LG Optimus Nexus, and Sony Xperia Nexus.

Believable? Disappointing?

Via:  Android Noodles

  • More competition = a win for us

  • tty7

    Would be cool if they aren’t Carrier exclusive or unlocked only.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Samsung really doesn’t deserve another Nexus.

  • SBSdroid

    Sorry, but this list was made up by an anonymous poster on 2ch. Click my profile and on to my blog and you’ll get the run down.

  • Twi

    So this is a trend now? Attaching your brand name to the nexus? Hell, in that case, where is my DROID NEXUS (Nexus with a slider and proper screen? I’d get it in a heartbeat)

  • yarrellray

    To a certain point that may be true and that’s ONLY because of Verizon and it’s crappy cdma lte network. Yes the Galaxy Nexus was plaqued with poor reception/signal strenth fron day one December 15 2011 stuck on android 4.0.3 until June 2012. By that time people have changed two or three time or just gave up on the crappy devices. Including myself I gave up on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and kicked Verizon to the curb too for it’s poor mamnagement of the device as well as very poor updates fixing issues that was well lknow especially in the forums. Glad to be rolling with GSM and my Glaxy S3 NO MORE cdma devices for me.

    • capecodcarl

      I don’t think the problem is with the LTE network as much as poor radio implementations in the devices. The Motorola Bionic had a lot of problems with LTE when it came out but software updates for the radio fixed them and it has been a good device since. The HTC Rezound I have has worked great from day one. The Galaxy Nexus on the other hand would drop 4G data constantly and drain its battery searching for signal right in the same area the Bionic had a great signal. From web searches this is a common problem and the only way people have solved it was to keep swapping their phone out for another Nexus until they found one that didn’t have the issue. That’s just poor quality control of the hardware IMHO, especially if a software radio fix can’t fix it.

  • yarrellray

    Yes there will be a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 as well as the Lg Nexus and Sony Nexus. I hope HTC get it’s Nexus together for the masses. The first Nexus that has expandable storage will be the BEST NEXUS for purchase even if they do 32internal and 32/64 sd card. People better roll with Sammy for that…

  • dsass600

    Maybe no one bought the Galaxy Nexus cause it sucked?

  • feztheforeigner

    Two things:

    First, the Nexus name should always come first, not last. It’s always annoyed me how the Galaxy Nexus lists its name.

    Second, HTC and Motorola should be top candidates alongside Samsung. The other companies are not so great for the Nexus name…

  • 4n1m4L


  • Since I am curious why do people not like the idea of a HTC nexus device? The only downfall HTC has is it’s own sense which won’t be on a nexus…

  • I’d like HTC over Sony/LG but let’s wait and see

  • fh

    Not sure why Sony is so unbelievable. Sony was one of the earliest and most forthcoming for unlocking bootloaders, and has been quite cooperative as far as open-sourcing drivers, supporting custom ROM development, and providing software updates is concerned. The recent Xperia S/AOSP news should at least set off some alarms.

    Docomo’s winter Xperia flagship (code SO-01E) is expected to have an updated S4 dual core, tri-band LTE, quad- or penta-band 3G, in 4.6″ 1280×720 form factor, likely with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM or greater. (Variants for other 3G/LTE and CDMA markets are also scheduled.) An impressive set of hardware, if it is to become a Nexus.

  • Nick V

    Personally, I am thinking we are going to be seeing three different device types with the Nexus brand. ASUS has made the Nexus7, maybe we will see a new Nexus Phone from Sammy, a tablet, a TV, and something else?

    I think Google is going to go big. Nexus, although not as well known as the Galaxy brand, has made a lot of news this year, and i think that Google will be capitalizing.

  • This better be a joke, because if there’s no Moto Nexus, I’m going to be quite upset…

  • carlisimo

    I’d be very happy if we got a high-quality Nexus phone that was significantly smaller than the Galaxy Nexus.

    Something the size of the HTC One S, at most.

  • M O T O R O L A… Please and thank you…

  • Bionic

    Seriously? Sony? I won’t buy one.

  • Turb0wned

    I would prefer they stay with one a year. Please no Moto or HTC. Sony would be badass if not them Asus or Samsung. Im hoping for Sony they.

  • Noel

    Okay so the original rumor from wsj had Google giving five OEMs a go for the JB NEXUS. I Well maybe Docomo just choose to carry three of the five. There might be two more from HTC and Motorola not mentioned on their sites. I so badly want a Nexus from HTC… i hope Google gave them another cracks at it…besides let’s not forget they made the first Android phone and the first Nexus phone. They have been loyal Android partners through and through. If and only if by some small chance Google for some strange reason did not choose HTC as one of the rumored five JB Nexus OEMs..i.will STRONGLY URGE HTC TO DO ITS UTMOST TO PUT OUT A KNOCK OUT, PURE AND PURE VANILLA JB DEVICE THAT BLOWS THAT OF THE ABOVE NAMED THREE OEMs. This monster should come with a beating heart of a Quad core Qualcomm S4 pro 8960T processor, 2GB RAM, ample internal storage 32/64GB, SD card slot of 32/64GB, removable battery with a lotta juice 2500+mAh, a rear cam of 16Mpx and 3 or 4Mpx front, a 4.5 to 4.8 1080p IPS2 or Super Amoled plus HD screen. Finally this should be served in a nice tight little package not more than 130mm tall and abt 10mm thin. Peter Chou get ur guys to work and deliver us that gem of a device…either a Nexus or a pure JB device. No Sense UI on this one PLEASEEEEEEEE.

  • Hanging my hopes on an HTC Nexus…

    • Mike Yost


      • carlisimo

        Styling would be one reason I’d like an HTC Nexus.

      • I know this was a long time ago, but they have my favorite Android phone designs. The HTC One X is a thing of beauty as far as I’m concerned. If only Big Red would’ve carried it… So maybe a One X themed Nexus would make my day!

  • paul_cus

    It would be nice to see Sony get a shot at making a Nexus.

  • Scott Hartman

    Sounds plausible to me.

  • hkklife

    I SO BADLY want a series of Nexus devices from Moto AND HTC. BAH!

    Why Sony, Samsung and LG? Well, Google’s fascination with Samsung has been ongoing for quite a while. And Sony and LG probably because they are also-rans in the Android game and are heavily invested in unlocked GSM devices and were able (or willing) to meet Google’s midrange pricepoint demands. They also have so little to lose in the smartphone game at this stage that they thought the best way to differentiate their hardware AND save on software development costs was to let Google do all the heavy lifting and go with a pure GED. I think Google is going to mimic the N7 for their next Nexus smartphones and go with devices that are mostly midrange devices sprinkled with a few high-end specs and sold for very aggressive pricepoints.

    I predict we will see a pretty mediocre lineup of next Nexii: a slightly refreshed GNex from Sammy, probably a slightly tweaked version of the Xperia S from Sony, and MAYBE a nexus version of LG’s Optimus LTE 2, in which case LG for once might have the most compelling piece of hardware compared to its competitors.

  • karakterZERO

    Sony isn’t surprising to me… I had the privilege of spending thanksgiving last year with a certain Googler closely tied to Android who mentioned that Sony was selected as the initial Nexus device, but development broke down and HTC took the reigns. I personally would appreciate a Moto Nexus

  • Google is trying too hard not to show favoritism to Moto. The customers WANT them to play favorites. {{-_-}}

  • Jeremy A

    i was hoping for the motorola droid razd hd maxx nexus!!

  • Winterblade

    I honestly would like that each nexus have a “class” of their own, for example, Samsung make a phonblet aka nexus note, LG an entry-level 3.X inch display phone, sony could do the “normal” nexus taking the Xperia T as basis, then following this and making my dreams come true motorola could make a 4.3-4.5 physical qwerty nexus :P. Also they could take HTC and the One S, fix the display, and fill the mid-to-high spectrum.

  • epps720

    The real question is what type of devices are we going to see? I doubt we’ll see 3 Nexus phones thrown out at the same time. Most likely 1 phone, maybe a 10″ tablet, and a 7″ tablet. Maybe they’re using Sony for an Xperia tablet.

  • Nicholassss

    I was really hoping for a moto nexus

  • tomn1ce

    It would be negligent of Google not to include Motorola into the Nexus program. Not only is their built quality superb, great radios, have a killer battery but they are part of Google.

  • EC8CH

    And what are the odds any of them will actually make it on VZW?

    • JoshGroff

      At this point, probably low.

    • desiman26

      Wasn’t it reported earlier that they would still make some CDMA phones?

    • r0lct

      Hopefully before they plan on unlocking Droid branded phones, since that’s not happening too soon.

  • Knlegend1

    Sony I’m interested. Hopefully Verizon gets some love.

    • JoshGroff

      Like they deserve it after the G-Nex fiasco…

      • Knlegend1

        I agree but I’m not switching anytime soon.

  • That list makes 4 of 5, I find it difficult to imagine that Motorola won’t be #5 as Google now owns them.

  • chris125

    Lg makes nice phones it was the software that killed them

    • gokusimpson

      Except for the 4:3 ridiculousness

  • wouldn’t Sony make sense now that Google has been experimenting AOSP with the Xperia?

  • coolsilver

    I would buy a LG phone if they were unlocked and had good hardware over HTC. I am DONE with HTC. I love them and hate to tell them no, but enough is enough. They try really hard but trying and being constantly late on everything, poor battery life on their devices…. the bootloader unlock is nice and glad they did first. Just not doing it for me. I’m tired of sense as well. Sorry HTC. Better options out there.

  • satsmine2k4


  • NorCalGuy

    Might just be time to try out a Sony phone… if moto does come through I will be getting one. Just can’t compete with moto build quality.

  • Buckoman

    Xperia Nexus
    Galaxy Nexus
    LG Super Fun Time Phone (Nexus Edition)


    I would have never thought that HTC and Motorola would lose out to the likes of Sony and LG. I think they might be releasing multiple phones in the sense that they would go from a more budget standpoint, then a mid-range device, and finally, a high-end one. This would allow more people (read: blind iOS users) to actually consider these phones instead of just those who are entwined in the developer community, like us. With more options at different prices, Samsung’s statement that no one bought the Galaxy Nexus would be a thing of the past.

  • duke69111

    How would this work anyways? Would each OEM provide a phone with the same specs, just different looks to the actual exterior of phone.

    • desiman26

      I really doubt all of them would have the same specs. Each would probably have its strengths and weaknesses to differentiate it from the others. (i.e. one would have a great camera, another great screen, etc).

      • duke69111

        That’s kind of what I was thinking as well. That would suck however, because I like to think the nexus line is the best of everything, but that seams to be changing. I guess we will have to wait and see.

        • Diablo81588

          The nexus program simply means it runs stock Android with no skins. Hardly the best hardware wise.

        • desiman26

          Well I don’t think that’s the point of a Nexus to have the best of everything. Take the Galaxy Nexus for example, it didn’t have the top of the line camera or processor. The point of a Nexus is to optimize the OS and showcase it.


    I’m not too excited about any of those.

  • boybert

    While I’d definitely like to see a Moto Nexus, I’d be interested to see what a Sony Nexus might be like.

  • jaybar

    those names are awful

  • why is everyone so butt hurt that moto isnt on this list its all rumor anyway… not like its out of the picture

  • desiman26

    A Sony Nexus should be interesting to see. They always have good designs. Looking forward to what Sony and the other companies release.

  • gokusimpson

    So now there’s going to be a squared 4:3 Nexus? Excellent

  • Disappointing! Where is Motorola Nexus. Not going to deny it, I’m hoping they make one. I miss Motorola solid hardware.

  • Meister_Li

    A Sony Nexus? Count me in! Aside from the outdated Chips they use, Sony-phones are absolutely stellar and well made. And they support Android like no other Manufacturer, so I want to give back to those guys!

    • JoshGroff

      I must say I will definitely be looking forward to a Sony Nexus. Especially if it’s Playstation certified. (which it damn sure should be.)

  • azndan4

    Motorola sucks. If you want blurry screens and ugly designs with huge bezels, you can still buy a Razr.

    • JoshGroff

      The RAZR looks sleek and the screen is decent (albeit not great.) Also, I’ve seen worse bezels.

    • Not to mention the weird corners…

    • Graham Cluck

      um, have you seen the screen on the Atrix HD? That Colorboost display looks sweet. And how do you figure the RAZR display is blurry? I have a MAXX, and while the resolution could be better, it’s far from blurry dude. And I’ll take Moto’s designs over HTC’s these days simply because they at least are trying different things (One series notwithstanding). Give me the RAZR HD display, with their awesome radios, 4.5″ screen or slightly bigger, vanilla Android, and their killer build quality, and I’ll throw money at them for that Nexus. How can anyone argue that it would be a killer phone?

  • Moto please? =/

  • Guest


  • enob

    I guess Sony makes sense because of the previous article about Google experimenting with AOSP on the Sony Xperia S

  • Buy This

    The best way to respond to this is to play F**k, Kill, Marry

    Sony: F**K because Sony has sexy looking hardware
    Samsung: Marry because they will always be bringing new stuff to the table
    LG: Kill because self explanatory

    • JoshGroff

      Hmm, I think I would marry Sony, f**k Samsung, and kill LG.

    • coolsilver

      I’m not happy at Sony for their game consoles and rootkits on cds. Samsung is just not as fun to play with but least hackable. LG… well they just need to get better or go away.

      • EC8CH

        Sony is pretty locked down to consumers on many fronts… but as far as AOSP goes, they’re one of the more open manufactures out there.

      • Jillxz

        I like LG and hope they get a real high end phone that beats them all .

  • DontBeConfused

    Sony is interesting. They have very interesting designs that are always let down. I would like to see what they offer. LG is interesting cause they have been pushing the hardware but lack in software. A nexus device would, I imagine, bring software up to par at least

  • This is just for one carrier….. Possibly more than that? Interesting.

    I want to believe, not sure I do.

    • JoshGroff

      Most likely GSM unlocked, carriers always find a way to mess everything up.

  • When are companies going to ditch the cumbersome names? I mean, Galaxy Nexus isn’t the most eloquent, but LG Optimus Nexus? Sony Xperia Nexus? Blech.

    • I don’t see how Xperia Nexus is any worse than Galaxy Nexus, though Optimus Nexus does sound pretty goofy but that’s probably got something to do with them ending in the same sound.

  • kaufkin

    even more vague, but more believable, is Panda’s comment this morning ”
    Jelly was just the beginning of the butter baby ” – now THAT makes me look forward to the next nexus or 2. 🙂 Bring me 1 MotoNexus w/ Extra Butter!

    • kaufkin

      Gee… 8 posts all almost simultaneous, and 6/8 want Moto, and the other 2 just are dissapointed… can’t tell how this conversation is going to shake out… 🙂

  • Android1997

    The LG will come out with 4.0 and only update will be to 4.0.4

    • f

      Stupid you is

      • Android1997


  • Timothy McGovern

    I’d rather them just make one nexus device with moto than make three with Samsung, lg, and Sony. Motorola is just good with their hardware. The other three feel cheap. I’ve got a galaxy nexus and its just not holding up great.

    • JoshGroff

      Sony makes pretty solid devices (coming from a console fan, only Sony phone I’ve owned was an Xperia, and that was a solid device.)

    • paul_cus

      The Sony Xperia ion that just came out this summer doesn’t feel cheap at all.

  • DroidzFX

    Moto is a no show

  • Adam

    How can they even consider not making a Motorola Nexus? That would be a huge mistake. Also, LG and Sony? I have never, not once, considered one of their Android devices.

    • Too soon for a Googlrola Nexus. Not enough development time left. Plus Google has said they’d rather not step on the toes of the other OEM’s.

      • Adam

        Just because they give one to Moto shouldn’t mean they’re stepping on anyone’s toes. As the story suggests, there could be a Sony, LG and Samsung model. Does that mean they’re stepping on HTC’s toes alone then?

        • Yeah I’m hoping they put it out there for every manufacturer and we get craploads of options and competition. I’d love a 5 inch one personally.

    • JoshGroff

      Sony makes some beautiful looking devices, it’s a shame that they release so few in the US.

      • I agree, I’d give sony a shot.

      • paul_cus

        Totally agree.

  • I’d love to see a Sony Nexus. The Xperia S is a brilliant phone, let down by the out of date internals. With onscreen buttons and up-to-date internals, it’d be a killer.

    • Same here. They have solid equipment and are generally overlooked for no reason that’s apparent to me. Their new stacked cameras sound pretty awesome too.

      • Millidooms

        Overlooked by me because none are on Verizon. Except the Play.

        • paul_cus

          Yeah, they’ve got to fix that.

    • Yeah I’d be willing to try a Sony Nexus phone for sure. I’m glad they’re letting other companies into this cause it makes more competition.

  • summit1986

    Disappointing is an understatement.

  • MikeSaver

    yeah because all Android phones need is another way to confuse customers on which phone to buy. Part of the reason iPhone outsells so much is that they have very simple branding. There’s one iPhone and about 50,000 android phones. Which would you choose if you knew nothing about smartphones?

    • The advantage of Android is the choice you have. Don’t like Samsung’s glossy plastics? Cool, go get a HTC. Don’t like Motorola’s corners? Go get a Sony.

      • MikeSaver

        I agree totally, but there’s a disadvantage there from a marketing stand point and that has a direct impact on sales and popularity. That much is evident if you just look around in public and see how many people are holding iPhones.

        Android offers a better product, but its hard, no near impossible, for the average consumer to 1. figure that out and 2. find the product that best suits their needs. Its easier to just buy an iPhone when you don’t read sites like DroidLife or Engadget every day.

        • Ken Bosse

          some of that problem is the fact that there is a 2nd generation of a phone a couple months later, like the maxx.

          We cant help it if Moto pumps out a new phone ever few weeks it seems, though they have been better lately.

          • MikeSaver

            Yeah things get real confusing. Though Motorola has done well with their DROID branding. Your average non-tech nerd refers to most Android phones as DROIDs, even if they aren’t even made by Motorola. This branding problem is an unavoidable problem, as every OEM wants to do their own things. And no one knows how to make commercials.

            I was hoping Google could do some good things with their “Nexus” brand, but if they are just going to dillute the market with tons of nexuses, it kind of squashes that theory.

    • OreoMan

      You’re statement is oxymoron. You mention iPhone and ask us what we would choose all with in the same comment. There is no choice with iPhone. It’s whatever Apple says it is. That’s why we all choose Android! We want a choice, we want different brands with different looks and feels all while using the Android ecosystem.

  • Suralin

    Really? As much as I like to see multi-manufacturer Nexus phones… why must it be LG, Sony, and Samsung? We all know that Motorola’s hardware gives us the best radios…why can’t I have my Motorola Nexus, dammit?!

  • Akashshr

    MOTOROLA!!! A Motorola NEXUS!!
    Damm disappointing this!

    • Corey Foltman

      Motorola Droid Nexus*

      • JoshGroff

        Considering A, they passed off the Droid branding to Verizon and B, Verizon will most likely not get another Nexus after the debacle with the last one, I doubt that will be the name.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        The droid line is exclusive to Verizon..and it’s synonymous with bloatware..i think its safe to say that big red does not want another nexus device

      • Kevin Aparicio

        I would be super SUPER surprised if we saw another nexus device on VZW anytime soon. i’m having to prepare myself to buy a GSM nexus phone when the new one comes out, goodbye amazing coverage and super fast 4G :/

    • Hopefully it will be the Nexus with the keyboard too!

    • r0lct

      Maybe they don’t want to turn around another phone right after releasing the RAZR HD in October. Of course it hasn’t stopped them before.


    LG and Sony over HTC? I’ll never understand that…

    • Kind of odd choices if true. I’d agree that most people want HTC and Motorola to make the next Nexus. Who knows, maybe they don’t want to make them…according to Samsung, no one bought the Galaxy Nexus.

      • gokusimpson

        I’ve only seen 2 Galaxy Nexus’ in the wild (1 yesterday at USC orientation) since its release. Maybe I’m not hanging with the right crowds, but I’ve seen so many more SGS3s and Razrs and even HTC OneXs.

        • Ken Bosse

          agree, on the bus I always just look around and see what phones are being used. Very Rarely do I see a nexus. GS3 is more and more common along with the more common motos

        • desiman26

          I agree. You don’t really see a nexus phone out there. However, when I show people my Galaxy Nexus, they are impressed with it. I saw a bunch of Galaxy Nexus’ during my trip to a Nintendo Event. I guess it depends on the crowds.

        • tomn1ce

          That’s true, other then me I don’t know anyone who has VZW G-Nexus. I have seen only one GS3, a couple of Droid Razrs and bunch of GS2..

          • JoshGroff

            It would help if Google put out the marketing that Samsung and Motorola did on the RAZR/MAXX and Galaxy SIII.

        • ERIC REED

          I know only one person that owns one. And have never seen anyone else but me with one!!

        • Jason James

          If I wanted to see my phone every where I would have gotten an *phone which I would never do. I would rather be asked what device I have rather than if my phone has an “s” in its name of not lol

        • I think you may be missing the ‘news’ here. The news is potentially multiple low cost off contract phones.

        • abqnm

          i only ever knew one with a Nexus One and not anyone with a Nexus S. I see the GNEX quite a bit, aside from those that I recommended it to.

        • Larizard

          why would you go to USC?

          lol kidding #gobruins

          I’ve seen two other GNex around my area, with one guy using a stylus on his. Odd. But it’s nice to see a few around, since you know they probably are developers/modders as well.

        • conceptual

          That’s funny, besides my friend who bought it the same day as me, I have seen more than 10. This includes people that don’t really know tech that well, but understood a little bit about what they were wanting. I haven’t recommended the GNex to anyone in my recollection, so that doesn’t even factor. Most of them didn’t even realize they got the same phone as me until they saw me using my phone after they got theirs. Of not my friends, I have seen a fair amount as well, whether it’s on airplanes, trains, restaurants, bars, or just walking around the city. Seen about as many GS3 as I have seen GNex that way. Only seen 2 HOX in the wild. Razrs are pretty common, too.

      • No one ever accused Moto of making smart decisions. Maybe their execs should replace their brains with their own excellent radios so they can hear from the masses actually want for a change!

      • Whyteboyello

        Sony makes a little sense considering they are playing around with AOSP on the Xperia S… Might be a trial run.

      • I bet Moto is wild eyed and furiously arguing to make a Nexus with a locked bootloader, and Google is looking at them like they have slobber hanging down to their nipples.

      • EC8CH

        I bought one.

      • calum wilper

        I don’t think the nexus line has ever been about the sales anyway though

        • Jim McClain

          this nexus is an embarrasment to samsung

      • karakterZERO

        Sony isn’t surprising to me… I had the privilege of spending thanksgiving last year with a certain Googler closely tied to Android who mentioned that Sony was selected as the initial Nexus device, but development broke down and HTC took the reigns. I personally would appreciate a Moto Nexus. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a total of 5 Nexus devices (phones only) – which leaves a few manufacturers unnamed based on this article.

      • Jim McClain

        well the s3 in my opinion is a far superior phone than the nexus

        • Steve Wojciechowski

          I’ll have to agree with that; although my Nexus is working great (had to replace once), my wife had 6 Nexus’ before finally saying f’it and getting a Razr instead.

      • I think the problems is the Galaxy Nexus was the right software with the wrong hardware. Apple (and I’m not a fanboy so don’t judge) produces great hardware. We need a manufacturer to put together a device with an amazing camera, great sound, and a good feel in hand with a beautiful display. It feels like picking the lesser of 2 evils sometimes when it comes to Android devices. I own the Galaxy Nexus and love it simply for the software (Jelly Bean!), but the hardware leaves a lot to desired. Coming from the Rezound display to this one makes me wish everyday for that quality again…

        • Graham Cluck

          Have to agree with Curtis. GNex had the software no doubt, but the processor was a tad outdated for what it needed to be, it had only a 5mp camera, the radio was crap, speaker was weak, and that battery life…..yikes. Even with the extended battery it was horrible. And yet somehow I still liked it while I had it. Must have been simply vanilla Android that won me over with it.

        • yarrellray

          The Galaxy S3 beats the Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, Razr Maxx, and anyother current android device screen wise. Won’t even discuss internal specs the Galaxy S3 pimp slaps all of them…

      • abqnm

        It would be the first LG to ever get updates…albeit from AOSP.

      • Michael

        So does this mean that Motorola is guaranteed a Nexus phone or none at all?

    • JoshGroff

      I would have preferred HTC, Motorola, Sony, but that’s just me. Although, that does save me a bit of money seeing as the only one I would buy is the Sony out of this line-up.

    • coolsilver

      I’d go LG over HTC at this point.

    • Naga Appani

      Do not you worry, This news would go into bin..

    • HTC is all in on Sense Bloatware..

      • Erin Looney

        No bloatware allowed on a Nexus. It’d be a great HTC phone.

    • The oneX is their one saving grace…that’s why. Moto would have been a better choice