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Verizon Approves Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID XYBOARD 10.1, Here are the Details

Last night, Motorola approved Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) for the WiFi XYBOARD models, leaving out the “DROID” XYBOARD variants. This morning, Verizon gave the update for the “DROID” versions the green light and has posted the changelog for it. The build number is 11.11.27 and is 336.4MB in size.

From the pictures, this appears to be very similar in styling to the ICS builds we have seen for the DROID RAZR and DROID 4, but of course, in a blown up ratio to meet the tablet standard. A new lock screen with quick app shortcuts is included, you get folders, more control in your apps drawer, and a data usage monitor.

We are not seeing information an ICS update for the XYBOARD 8.2.

When these support docs go live, we tend to see the updates within a matter of days. Be sure to let us know if it pops up! 




  • Mike W

    1) it its not Motorola, but Verizon that is stalling the updates, and if you are ready to ditch moto, your as smart as a football bat being that google has acquired Motorola.

    2) there is still no update for the xyboard

    3) Verizon did leak all of the updates in July.

  • anonymous

    i own the bionic, i called Verizon the other day due to reception issuses and the rep told me it was noted that i will be getting an update mid september. so hold on folks just a about a month left

  • tremper126

    I’m done with Motorola. I’ve had my bionic for a little over a year, my friend gets the droid razar and a week later has ics. Wtf.

  • M.star

    Ya’ll should read more. Verizon released an official press statement. Ice Cream is going live for Bionic in less than 30 days. And I’m sorry but f*ck everyone who says Verizon is taking care of Bionic users last. Do you guys call in do you do ur own research and inquire why we’re one of the last ones. It’s because ICS had a huge problem with the video player on the o.s. and let me guess you guys would have wanted the software with all the bugs and everything right. Instead of waiting for them to fix it and you come on here and bitch at this poor womans blog who’s only trying to inform you guys of updated info and you guys go all postal saying well looky here waaahhhhh another device gets it before I do. If you ask me half of you here shouldn’t get the update just for bitching about how long it’s taking. No wonder half of you people will never amount to anything you’re to busy bitching about an o.s. that was never intended for us anyways. If you ask me were lucky to be getting it. So be thankful were in the list rather than bitching please. Deuces.

    • chris

      Let me guess you work for Verizon? Jk you make a valid point, maybe two, but you overlook the fact that Verizon and Motorola used to dominate the industry because of their insane technology, product build, AND UNBEATABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Half the time I call Verizon i get someone who doesn’t know what a dual core processor is, true story, which is why I don’t waste my time calling them. Bottom line Verizon and Motorola keep making promises they can’t make good on and are pissed that the og droid users who made them what they are today still have unlimited data packages. They already have our money so they figure if they dangle a a sweet treat in front of us long enough we’ll just give up and get a new device and contract, and increase their bandwidth/profit margin. I’m with Justin, I’m keeping my unlimited data plan with Verizon . maybe I’ll buy a prepaid phone and just leave netflix looping on my bionic for a couple months and see how they like being jerked around. “deuces”

      • M.star

        Hey Chris, well no I don’t work for Verizon and trust me I know what you mean about calling in. I too agree that half the time or more I call in and the representative doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about when it comes to questions I have about my device or other things. And yes true Motorola and Verizon were at the cutting edgw of technology in some aspects still are but I just think alot of it has to do with Motorola and Verizon trying to push out products and updates to fast. They used to take their time and make sure it was all great before any word would get out about what they were doing or had in the works. Now it’s less about the customer and more about making money. I was fortunate enough to have the unlimited data plan before Verizon removed it from their offered plans and moved into tiers. If you ask me alot of what’s done is, to try to move the consumer into purchasing more devices and expensive plans thay give us less. None the less I still think some people bitch to much. All the same in the end I think technology is moving way to fast for the companies themselves. I notice more and more how companies are finding themselves introuble with the fact that because technology is moving way to fast for them they find they cant train their employees fast enough to get up to speed. So they can help customers like us with questions we may have. I just wish Motorola would stop dicking around and properly release statements instead of keeping us in the dark.

        • chris

          Agreed and ya people might bitch too much but with this phone more I can recall so than any other, maybe thunderbolt, I feel like it’s warranted. Honestly, I think we can agree they’re obviously out to make money but I have to think that if developers are releasing ICS scripts with very few bugs, the developers at motorola have the update perfected. If they don’t they maybe motorla needs to hire the developers that are shaming their employees that have the inside knowledge. Regardless, we’ve waited this long…whats a few more weeks.

  • Justin

    I’m going to 4th this because I’ve been waiting for it since July (which is early 3rd quarter). Not that at this point it really makes any difference… I’m going to pick up the RAZR HD when it arrives in September – off contract of course… keeping my unlimited data!

  • matt

    Yeah really where’s ics for the Bionic! Come on Verizon don’t make us switch to at&t!

  • Katie Ulrich

    I had to change my droid bionic to a 3g only setting just to get it to work….and get this….3g is 10xs better then 4g….. :/ also I really want this ICS operator and it just doesn’t seen to come…..what is the hold up???? does ANYBODY know a date instead of this Q3 crap?? :/

  • ryan

    I finally gave up and got rid of the bionic And I got The samsung s 3 much happier now getting jelly beans very soon enjoy your ice cream sandwich if you ever get it

  • bill

    another lie for bionic owners. this was promised before 2012,now its end of 3rd quarter. competition is eating them alive. tata motorola. samsung looking better all the time.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Can’t wait for the end of September. Because at the end of September will be the end of Q3. And at the end of Q3 Bionic owners will either be quietly happy or have something real to scream about!

  • Rocky

    Calm down everyone. According to this:
    https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c the XYBOARD was stated to get updated in early Q3, which is now past, so this device is late just like the Bionic.

  • John Hockett

    Just spoke with someone on Motorola Live Chat. This is what i was told “The ICS update
    for the Droid Bionic will be available before the 3rd quarter ends. You
    will be notified when the update is available.”

    • Katie Ulrich

      so what day is “before the 3rd quarter ends.” when is that?? I keep checking and checking and searching for answers…..by the time ICS gets here everybody will want the Jelly Bean or whatever it is called…… :/

  • nightrain

    bionics suck. Get a real phone

    • Justin

      In addition to what he said, the bionic has essentially the same hardware as a RAZR (same processor, although different clock, same amount of RAM, etc.). The main differences are the case and the screen.

    • chris

      Seriously, learn how to read and compare the bionic product spec sheet to your “real phone” before you comment in a public forum and make yourself look ignorant.

  • Assurion no longer has xoom in stock let me choose xyboard or ipad 2. I even got the 64gig xyboard

  • Mo

    I was a loyal Motorola smartphone buyer for years but this don’t care attitude about Bionic by Motorola and Verizon has made me look at other manufacturers for good.

    • slarowe

      I have ICS on mine, of course its rooted, but everything works and I’m sure its faster than the update that motorola is going to push out

    • wildwest

      I think this is my last Motorola because of this. I have a couple of friends with the new Samsung and it looks awesome.

      I downloaded the leak for Bionic, but a little scared to install.

  • The way Verizon has been, once they have ICS updated, I’ll be going to a rooted version on my Bionic.

  • Rich

    I have the 10.1 Verizon XyBoard. I did install the ICS leak a month or so ago. I just wanted anyone else who has done the leak and needs to get back to Honeycomb the one click fastboot method does work. I am now back on OTA path and will be able to update when this becomes available.

  • alias73

    Fux Verizon, BIG TIME!

  • Where is the ice cream sandwich update for the droid bionic!!!!!!!!

  • Bionic

    Hurry the fuckk up with Bionic

    • Adam Buffa

      lmao! I’ll second that.

  • Well look at that us Droid Bionic users continue to wait be laughed at screwed over and left behind well done verizon loyal customer of over 10 years having serious doubt

    • alias73

      Me too! 12 years of loyalty and no love on this one! The least they can do is let us know WTF is going on!

  • bakdroid

    WOW! Based on the Moto schedule, the only 3rd quarter devices left are the Atrix family, Xoom Family Edition, and the Bionic. So the Bionic is the only Verizon Moto device still waiting. Sad face… 🙁

  • Ricky

    Where is the update for the Xoom, who cares about the worst named tablet on the market?!?

    • bakdroid

      The Xoom has already had the update to ICS or JB (Wifi). If you are talking the family addition, well you are stupid for buying that POS in the first place.

  • thenew3

    So where is the update for the wifi xyboard 8.2? Got one sitting here waiting for an update!!

    • The update instructions for the 8.2 are live as well. Same URL, just substitute 8.2 for 10.1 – http://support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/xyboard8.2_instructions.pdf

      • thenew3

        That’s for the verizon version. I’m talking about the wifi only, moto branded version! Which in theory should get the update first because it doesn’t require verizon’s blessing!

        • bakdroid

          Both WiFi’s were approved. See other DL post for Wifi earlier this morning.

  • I do not understand why Verizon has to approve ICS for each device. Shouldn’t they just approve ICS itself and then let the flood gates open? How differently can the LTE radio work from each different device that it needs approval separately? Why is the radio update linked to OS update anyway (I assume this is why Verizon needs to approve it). If Sense or Motorblur eats all the the users bandwidth why is that Verizons fault? Why do they care? Why should they care?

    I am glad I have my gnex HSPA+ on Tmobile.

    • Diablo81588

      THANK YOU for saying HSPA+ and not 4g.

    • because when people complain that they’re not getting service, they go right to the carriers with their complaints
      of course there’s also the issue of bloat ware, or rather making sure that their bloatware gets along with whatever software and hardware is on the phone.

  • Rex

    now the 15 owners of the xyboard can be on ICS. Yay.

  • master94

    Im sure both people who bought those tablets would be glad. /jk

  • wickets

    where is galaxy nexus JB update verizon?

    • Mark

      The Galaxy Nexus for Verizon has been given early EOL status. It will receive no further support from Verizon, as such.

      • wickets

        yikes!!! when did that happen?

      • hitekdroid

        Really? That would really piss me off if I bought one(which I almost did).If I hadn’t been grandfathered into vzw’s unlimited data I might’ve tried another carrier.

      • mustbepbs

        Erm..that’s not what EOL means. The Bionic has EOL status, but is being given an ICS update. EOL means that they stop carrying the device and stop carrying accessories and refurbs. It’s up to the OEM to drop update support for their devices, not Verizon. The Galaxy Nexus is still available on Verizon. It doesn’t have EOL status yet.

        • Joe

          I highly doubt the Bionic will actually receive ICS. My guess is that we will receive a notification sometime in the next month that states that the update exploration was cancelled.

          • mustbepbs

            It’s slated for Q3 release. If it wasn’t going to happen, they wouldn’t say it’s coming so soon. Motorola has had no issue knocking the D3 and DX2 out of ICS updates, so they won’t lie about the Bionic.

            Not only that but there have been numerous leaks of the software. No need to get upset. It’s coming.

      • I’m not sure where you got this bogus idea but The Gnex has not reached EOL yet. End of life COULD be looming though…

      • michael arazan

        It seems Verizon wants to update all its gingerbread phones to ICS first before they update the Nexus to JB. I figure they think it will avoid complaints by people who would say why are you updating a phone to JB when we haven’t got ICS, like bionic users.
        Verizon really needs to have more people in their tech/software department for approvals and push. This is ridiculous, because it seems they only work on one device at a time on some type of order. They need to be working on multiple devices at a time for faster update process. But i don’t think they care enough to commit anymore to it than they have to so execs can get their bigger bonus’


    Of course I have the one of the four that has gone unmentioned today…