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MIUI Jelly Bean ROM Released for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7

MIUI, one of our all-time favorite ROMs, was updated this weekend to Jelly Bean and then released for a couple of our favorite devices of all time. The Galaxy Nexus (both LTE and GSM) and Nexus 7 each received a build that apparently has little to no issues or bugs. The changelog itself is massive, however, it doesn’t dive into many new features per se. The upgrade from ICS to JB appears to be more of a bug fixer than anything. 


Download Links:  Galaxy Nexus LTE | Nexus 7


1.  Download the ROM to your device’s internal storage.
2.  Reboot into recovery and create a backup.
3.  Wipe data and cache.
4.  Choose the .zip file through recovery and flash it.

*Thoughts – It’s definitely still MIUI, just as you have grown to expect. Google Now is included since it’s Jelly Bean. I’ve noticed a notification bar bug already, along with a lengthy drop from 4G to 3G. Overall, the build is really polished and looks stellar, but it’ll take some time before I can tell if it’s incredibly stable or not.

Via:  MIUI Android [Changelog]

Cheers Jason!

  • jack

    gnex download link is dead

  • Bruno Daniel López Pineda

    this is only for LTE ?? i dont read fine and install it in my nexus (gsm) and now i dont have signal in Mexico !!!

    • Bruno Daniel López Pineda

      help please !!!

  • Billy’s Bitch

    Is there anyone having GPS issues with the JB MIUI ROM?

  • matti861

    I wiped everything and flashed it but it doesnt boot for whatever reason. Did I do something?

  • AJ

    I wasn’t able to connect to my home WiFi network as it is a hidden connection and the ROM doesn’t allow you to enter a password when manually adding a connection. Hope they get this fixed soon!

    • mikekimoc

      Same issue here. Immediately moved on to the Nightlies.


    Just out of curiosity, can anyone confirm Emoji support for this still?
    It’s one of those subtle annoyances that’s growing into an issue for me as someone who is interacting with people with iPhones. Which I also don’t understand why it hasn’t been integrated into AOSP. Especially since JB added the Emoji language pack.

  • James Hill

    Titanium Backup does not work on this!
    Oh, and notice that the default time is 4:20 when the phone boots up before cell service is established.

  • SethMcDonald

    I’m Pretty sure samsung got sued for a skin that looked basically just like this . I tried it anyway, and it was way to idroid for me.

  • MindSetter

    MIUI is closed-source software from unknown authors in mainland China. Flash at your own risk.

  • Just tried this ROM and I know I’ll get downvoted into oblivion for saying this, but it’s awful. No app drawer, terrible performance (everything seems very slugglish compared to true JB), questionable changes from stock Jelly Bean, etc.

    • PC_Tool

      I have to agree.

      Aside form the app drawer thing (simple enough to work around/avoid entirely), it’s nowhere near where the GB version of MIUI was before they reset development with ICS…they have yet to get even close with ICS or JB.

      It’s sad, really. MIUI used to be very impressive, even for those who didn’t really prefer it’s changes…now it just feels like badly skinned, under-performing AOSP.

  • jaybar


  • Grasshopper239

    Video showing off new “free launcher” feature available in new MIUI. It is theme driven, meaning your theme must have it or it won’t show. Pretty innovative..

  • miui lover

    miui.us version is by far the best … not sure why they even would link people to miuiandroids build

  • skynet11

    There’s a MIUI.US build out, too

    • Inquizitor

      You do realize that’s what the Nexus 7’s UI already was, right?

      • skynet11

        There are some differences with Grouper, though. Many Google apps are, for example, tablet-oriented in stock Jelly Bean…

  • Inquizitor

    Forget the missing app drawer, MIUI continues to force a legacy software menu button, and even goes so far as to REMOVE new action bar/action overflow functionality in ICS and Jelly Bean. Disgusting and disapointing. I’ll never touch a MIUI ROM again until they accept progress, and the DL community in general should do the same.

    • “Progress” means different things to different people. MIUI is definitely going in the right direction.

      • Inquizitor

        By sticking to the outdated methods? Seriously? In what way is having an extra button cluttering the navbar, not to mention those ugly, iOS-style menu options, the “right direction” over ICS/JB’s elegant action bar solution? Do you really believe that the ICS Gmail app works better in MIUI than stock?

        • The menu button isn’t cluttering, it’s one extra button, and one that we’re used to with a history of phones with four buttons. Some people prefer menu navigation versus the actionbar. I don’t use Gmail so I can’t comment on the app working any better, but MIUI provides a nice unified interface which I enjoy. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. But until you can personally provide something better than MIUI, you’re in no place to insult it.

          • Inquizitor

            I’m not insulting it, I’m criticizing it. There’s a difference. I have extreme respect for the MIUI team, and in many aspects I consider them some of the greatest Android developers of our time. They do pretty amazing things, and I just wish they would at least give users a choice over this option that really does polarize a lot of users who either can’t understand the menu button (my dad never understood on his Nexus S 4G, and doesn’t miss it on his One X), or who know it and just prefer the new methods like myself and I’m sure many others. There’s a feature I don’t agree with, and so I have a right to voice my opinion and choose not to patronize them over it.

  • Loved MIUI on my Droid X. Anyone know if there are plans to bring this Rom to the 2dvzw?

  • oaxican509

    Question? Do I have to flash gapps? Or are they included in the ROM?

    • PC_Tool

      MIUI includes them…

  • ManBearPig618

    No App drawer = no fun. It’s too tedious to get all the apps out of the way after flashing/restoring and downloading an “app drawer” to make it worth the flash

    • This is the biggest reason why I can’t use MIUI. I simply don’t understand what the reason is for no app drawer.

    • ChuckDz3

      I know its a hassle. but just make a folder and bam you have your app drawer back.

    • napes22

      I never understood why people make the app drawer argument. Download apex or nova and your app drawer is back. The main draw of MIUI is its interface and custom apps. It’s obviously not for everyone, but don’t write it off because the default launcher has no app drawer.

  • DigitalDK

    Not sure if this is the case for the JB builds that popped up from MIUI Android and MIUI.us but on Vicious’s MIUI you have to create a folder named theme in data/system and set all permissions (except the three special permissions) for themes to actually work, just a heads up.

    • PC_Tool

      They had the same issue with ICS MIUI.

      I’m sure they are working on it… Haven’t really been a huge fan of MIUI since GB days when it actually felt like a completely functional and finished ROM.

      Lately, it just seems like an “Alpha” by comparison…


    You know what I like about MIUI? The default wallpaper they keep showing off recently. It’s a nice wallpaper, but that’s about it.

    • MikeCiggy

      Miui is definitely not for everyone but i know a friend or two that i have loaded it on their phones and they did not want to go back to CM. Crazy i know, i dislike miui also.

      • Marc White

        this seems more for people coming from a iphone and liked that set up

  • sean.yesmunt

    Never tried MIUI, always been a fan of the vanilla android. Definitely gonna flash and check it out though.

  • Robert MacDonald


  • Mgokeefe

    Pretty great day, MIUI and AOKP!

    • Yep, AOKP moments ago. Tim is on it. 🙂

      • Nex__

        AOKP is OUT?

        • napes22

          Yup, go to the AOKP main site (aokp.co). But as Kellex mentioned, Tim will be posting about it soon.

          EDIT: It doesn’t seem that they have released the files yet for the first official JB release.

          • CheeseMcGee

            Crap! I just wet my pants when I saw your comment, and then I cried when I saw your edit. 🙁

          • PC_Tool

            If you have a build box, you can build the “official” build 1 now, otherwise, I am sure we’ll have links within the next hour or so if not already from what I have heard on twitter.

          • Greg Hesp

            I’m running aokp on my Gnex. Aokp jb

          • DanSan

            oh snap, didnt realize they jumped off nightly!

          • Bill W

            Just build it yourself, they posted a guide on RootzWiki

    • Guest

      whats knew with AOKP?

    • DanSan

      whats new with AOKP?

  • Can you share any actual info on the ROM? Why does it differ from BB/AOKP/JB/ETC…

    • Michael Forte

      If you want an iPhone like UI then you may like MIUI. I’m not a fan but people have different tastes.

      • PC_Tool

        …the whole “It looks like iPhone” is hugely disingenuous. These same folks would say the same about any “white” skinned AOSP.

        It’s AOSP, heavily themed. Almost every aspect of the UI can be drastically altered through the use of themes…and there are tons of them out there.

        Sure, you can *get* an iPhone-like UI (There are dozens of iPhone themes), but there are hundreds more that are not. There are also sense, blur, TouchWiz, Arc, etc, fwiw…

        • Inquizitor

          To be fair, TouchWiz is also an iOS clone. With water drop sounds.

          • PC_Tool

            …Um, yeah. Sure thing.

    • this is completely different then all AOSP ROMs. its like a custom skin over android, kind of like Blur and touch wiz, but its actually pretty nice!

      i used to run MIUI all the time on the OG droud and thunderbolt. but have not played with it much since the nexus… might have to give this a try…

    • MIUI is basically like a UI overlay that covers the entire system as well as its own system apps, the different is though is that you can decide how its themed, kinda like how AOSP has the theme manager but the themes in MIUI cover a much larger basis in changing the look of Android.

      I use it for the nice enhancements that MIUI adds, the only thing I hate is the Launcher on MIUI (Lack of an App drawer).

      • MikeCiggy

        Pretty sure it would be possible, cant you run Nova or another launcher inside miui?

        • yes you can run a custom launcher within miui

        • Cody

          Yes. I used to use GO Launcher

  • Nex__

    Getting that itch to flash a rom

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Don’t DO IT! . . . i don’t have a good reason though.

      • Trevor

        because it MIUI thats the reason

      • Nex__

        Lol running AOKP nightlies and new nightly came out may have to hold off, curious how Miui would be on my 7.

        • PC_Tool

          Recent tweets from Roman and crew are leading me to expect an official build 1 tonight unless it’s already dropped.