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Apple’s Lawyers: Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus is a Copycat Product

When will the madness come to an end? In a new plea to the courts, separate from the case happening down in San Jose between Samsung and Apple, Apple’s lawyers are looking for an appeals court to go through with the ban on the Galaxy Nexus. Apple states that the Galaxy Nexus was purely a “copycat product” in an attempt to steal smartphone market share. As you may re-call, Apple did win a previous injunction on the device, but thankfully Google was able to fix the unified search issue that was in question. 

Apple’s game plan will be to show that the Galaxy Nexus did indeed steal some share from the iPhone and caused millions of dollars in damages, but Samsung’s lawyers believe that will be very difficult, given the Galaxy Nexus’ “miniscule” sales numbers. According to Bloomberg, a trial is set to take place March 2014. It looks like we’ll be waiting a while for all of this to end.

Apple, where do you get off?

Via: CNET | Bloomberg

  • Chandlerbing

    Not even close to be remotly close to anything apple other then it being a cell phone! Apple is ridiculous they are just jealous of the much better software and the fact their market share is not as big anymore. @teleclimber:disqus exactly! Who introduced this first? Android right lets go screw Apple on that! Also I feel Google should allow any of their services on the apple products and really make a statement!

    • chandlerbing

      Sorry lots of grammatical errors. “Shouldnt” let Apple use any of their services

  • Tyler Chappell

    Months? More like Android has been there for years, lol. I’ve seen the people that buy iPhones, and I am not impressed. ;]

  • someone should DDoS those Cupertino King of Copycats for a few days and show them what real million dollar losses look like. Tired of hearing about these ridiculous lawsuits too. Glad the big G will be flipping the script and giving them a taste of their own medicine soon..http://www.xda-developers.com/android/the-sleeping-giant-may-have-awoken/