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New Transit-inspired Version of Google Maps for Android is Available

Version 6.1.0 of Google Maps for Android is now available. Announced yesterday, this new build includes a transit page makeover, new transit options in the pulldown (not showing for me yet), more detailed My Places pages, and a Location History option. It also appears as if the standard icon for Maps in the app has been updated, but that doesn’t change functionality by any means. Another solid update.

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  • Andrew

    Mine wont let me pick layers!! The search bar at the top of maps isnt even there!! Please help

  • bdp

    today i have had the same issue with it wanting to restart my rezound with clean rom stnd, so easy fix was to just disable it being able to update for now, and uninstalling the update. same as you would uninstall an app. it just reverts back, still works fine, and no issues with restarts now.

  • socalrailroader

    Now, whenever you search for a city or postal code, the borders of that region are highlighted”
    It doesn’t do it for my location, Redwood Valley, CA 95470, it just shows a red pin. We are not an incorporated area (there are only four incorporated towns in Mendocino County, Ukiah, Willits, Fort Bragg, Point Arena), but are known as a CDP (Census Designated Place). I thought it would at least show the Zip Code boundaries for 95470, but I guess they still have some bugs to work out.
    http://maps.huge.info/zip.htm That site does show the Zip Code boundaries.

  • Tom

    I’m always afraid to update Maps. I use it everyday for navigation in the car and can’t have it break on me.

  • Chris

    What the hell is it with the Rezound…. First ICS causes Skype to transmit with a green tint and now Google maps causes a reboot…. Haven’t seen this issues on any other phone of yet…. What is it about the OS on this phone that is so different from all the old and new phones?

    • Jeremy Mullins

      It has to be a kernel issue or radio issue. I’m running CM9 and it does it to me too, and kernel bits and radios are the only commonalities between the stock rom and AOSP.

  • I really like the new map icon, but funny thing is my ex in laws both have DROID x2 and got bored here got the update but still have the old icons

  • Woods

    Stock ICS on Rezound keeps making phone reboot.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Not so solid a release for me. Keeps making my Rezound reboot whenever I touch the map to move or zoom it.

  • Patrick Fitzpatrick

    Transit doesn’t work in offline mode however.

    • jnmigr

      Well how can it give u a transit report while offline?

  • Ray

    After update everytime I open the app my phone reboots itself. Rezound stock ICS.

    • JoeDirt2217

      Same here. Rezound.

    • I’m on custom rom rezound, reboots almost instantly upon open. Smh

    • Mike

      same here but i have a sensation 4g

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    There are a ton of reports that save map for offline is now only for the US. is that true? that’s a deal breaker for me as the only time i want offline maps is overseas.

    Also, the latitude thing is unfortunate. I don’t want to waste battery, but i’m sure being rooted i can find a way to undo that.

  • br_hermon

    So I just installed this and compared it to the previous release. This version will not allow you to log out of Lattitude like you could before. I don’t see the option anywhere. If memory serves me correct, hasn’t Lattitude running in the background been a battery and resource hog?

    Personally I never use Lattitude because 1. Google doesn’t need to log where I am every minute of the day. 2. I don’t travel a lot (work from home even) so Lattitude is useless. 3. I want to save battery and keep this from regularly running.

    Anyone else feel the same or no?

    • @br_hermon:disqus @AnotherAndroidKid:disqus
      EDIT: Under settings > Location Settings
      Go to Settings -> Accounts – Google -> Maps & Lattitude -> Location Settings-> Latitude Location Sharing: Enable/Disable

      • br_hermon

        Right, I saw that but… but that only enables/disables sharing with my contacts. That still doesn’t stop Latitude from constantly running in the background and keeping a log of my whereabouts, right?

        • Jeremy Mullins

          Location Settings->Location reporting->Do not update your location

          It’s the same option I remember from older versions.

          • br_hermon

            I just checked and yes you’re right, that appears in the new and old versions. However, not to beat a dead horse here but I think the issue remains. Maybe its a grey area. Not updating my location is not the same as signing out and stopping the service completely. I can choose to not update my location, while Lattitude continues to run, simply not updating. If choosing not to update my location effectively stops the app from running at all (in essence signing out) I wish Google would just make it clear.

  • gbenj

    To get the ‘Transit’ option in the pulldown turn on the Transit layer…I see the new stuff and the menu button appears in the top bar…seems to be the only way to get in there though.

    • gbenj

      Heres my transit layer now.

      • Are you a Googler? I know that neck of the woods…

        • gbenj

          Nope, another tech company in the area though.

    • gbenj

      And this view seems cleaner too.

  • Hothfox

    The location history reporting in the app has greatly improved with this update. It’s actually useful now!

  • Tom

    Seems to be running incredibly slow now after the update.

    • Cam

      Weird, it’s the exact opposite for me. It seems much MUCH snappier. On JB here.

  • rwp5028

    FYI it is version 6.10.0

  • I really like the new Maps Icon

    • Edwin M

      That’s the first thing I said too once my update installed.

  • Murphy

    This was a life saver while I was visiting Chicago last weekend.