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Discover Makes Use of Google Wallet’s New APIs, A Step in the Right Direction?

To say that Google Wallet has had a rough beginning would be a bit of an understatement. However, Google is looking to reboot the service and get more people using NFC transactions with their Android devices. A few weeks ago, Google launched a system allowing you to use any card number with Google Wallet, along with a few new APIs for companies to use. Discover has taken advantage of the “Save to Wallet” API and now wants you to add your card and start spending.

The process is as easy as heading to Discover’s website, signing into your Discover and then Google Account and that’s it, your card is added. You can now rack up points by using the card through NFC and Discover was even nice enough to allow Google to use an image of their card on Google Wallet so you can identify which card you are using. Hopefully we will see more companies jumping on the Google Wallet train and making the switch this easy.

Via: Google Commerce

  • Katie Pollard

    I just wish Google would do something to make Wallet usable for those with fried secure elements. 🙁

    • There are some ways to reset it looks around on xda and rootzwiki

  • RedPandaAlex

    Good move for Discover too. Now, you can use a Discover card anywhere MasterCard paypass is accepted.

  • WB

    I have had my credit/debit card accounts compromised so many times that there is no way I’d ever consider using something like this, what is the impetus towards this other than it’s just a neat idea?

  • Sweet. Just upgraded to the GS3 the other day, and have tried unsuccessfully to use GW once, but I’m gonna keep trying. Glad to get another card on there too!

    Does anyone know for sure if NFC works on CM10 btw?

  • Matthew Harmon

    Has anyone noticed with the new version that you have to always select the card, if not, it shows as disabled? Is there a setting I’m missing, it is a pretty annoying step.

  • I really want to use Google Wallet more, but aside from McDonald’s and Jack-in-the-Box, I have not seen any PayPass terminals. The last time I did find one a few months ago the store had the terminal turned off so I couldn’t use it anyway. Retailers need to step up if this is ever going to go anywhere.

    • sikasja

      Footlocker has it.

    • p.Red

      Target has them as well. And, if you live in the Mid-Atlantic area, so does Wawa.

    • CVS Has it also

    • gregmr

      7-11, American Eagle, Petco, CVS, Macy’s, Taco Bell and many other retailers around me have PayPass

  • paul_cus

    It’s a nice option, but I wouldn’t add my Discover card to Google Wallet. I’m too reckless with my money as it is now.

  • signed up!

  • mustbepbs

    Google Wallet – The Paypal Killer.

    It’s about time someone knocked Paypal off its throne. I’m sick of all the fees and stupid policies that Paypal enforces with an iron fist.

  • when is Verizon going to let us use it!? this is why I wanted NFC

    • p.Red

      Just get the apk and sideload it. Works fine.

      • where can i get the apk?

        • Go to the market and search “Google Wallet” and there will be an app called “Get Google Wallet” or something like that. Download it, and it will show you how. Really easy.

      • i have a galaxy s3, do have something that doesn’t require me to root?

  • Mark F

    Google really jumped over a beginners hurdle by bypassing the big guns and now they (the big guns)will slowly jump back into the game. This is awesome!

  • Justin Langfeldt

    Just added my card, never been easier!

    • Colin Zack

      Incredibly easy. Adding all cards to google wallet should be this easy.

  • Me

    This is all well and good but where would i even use my Google Wallet other than the Play Store and the few NFC merchants (fast food and a gas station) around my house?

  • mtkregs

    More payment options are great, but participation from retailers is equally important. The first is useless without the second.

    • Paypass terminals are fairly ubiquitous in areas around me, is this not the case throughout most of America?

      • mtkregs

        Yes, many places have Paypass. If it were only for making the payment itself, Google Wallet has no advantage over pulling the actual credit or debit card out of your wallet and swiping it. Where Google Wallet becomes powerful is when you can go to a retailer and pay, apply offers/coupons, and credit will be applied to your rewards card all with one tap of your phone. The retailers would have to get onboard in order for that to happen.

        • michael arazan

          In st.louis by me the only paypass is at certain gas stations and 7-11, mcdonalds and petco.

  • Michael Forte

    Good to see that things with Google Wallet are progressing. For a while, with Verizon blocking it and carriers aligning deals with other companies for NFC payments, I was a little worried. I hope Google Wallet comes out on top. Wish more retailers accepted it as a form of payment.

  • I have been wanting to use this forever but still haven’t found a NFC receiver in Albuquerque

    • PuzzleShot

      Just head to McDonald’s if you have one.