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Video: Official TouchWiz’d Jelly Bean Leaked, Up and Running on Samsung Galaxy SIII

An official build of Jelly Bean for the international Samsung Galaxy S3 variant has leaked and a user has posted up a beautiful video going over the build in great detail. Although, you may want to brush up on some of your high school Spanish notes. From what we see so far in the video, Samsung has allowed for only a little of Jelly Bean to show through in terms of UI and have stuck to their TouchWiz UI look. 

Fortunately, they did include many of the Jelly Bean core features that ROM users have come to love. For example, we note they have implemented the new Notification system that allows for more interactive controls on an individual notification and they have also added a brightness dial right on the pulldown bar.  Google Now is most definitely on board, and you better believe there’s some Project Butter in there too.

Jelly Bean roll out is rumored to begin August 29 for the the Galaxy S3, although Verizon’s version does not have an ETA of delivery yet. Sorry, folks.


Via: AndroidMX

  • ixobelle

    am I tripping balls, or do I see an LDAP option in the add account screen?! (at 2m15s)

  • nick

    i like touchwiz, is more beautiful them the original android. but i think that galaxy s3 deserves a different (and better) touchwiz that galaxy s2, the two are very similar.

  • socal

    I personally like a hybrid like synergy with some stock ics apps like browser, mms, email
    perfect blend if I was akop, I have my gnex

  • PC_Tool

    Love the brightness slider. Cannot wait until AOKP brings that back…

  • Still wondering how Google Now will be accessed as there is a hardware home button… and it already functions multiple apps, one or two presses…

    • BSweetness

      Long pressing the home button brings up the recent apps list. Double tapping the home button brings up S Voice. Hopefully with the Jelly Bean update, double tapping will launch Google Now.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Should be an interesting argument between Google and Samsung then who gets the home button double tap. But either way, some XDA dev will come up with a mod so tat you can pick what you trigger. Maybe for that matter, a new setting is there to decide what you want to trigger. Then again, in the VZW version, Google Now might just get stripped out.

        • PC_Tool

          Would not be the least bit surprised to see the now infamous JB default chooser pop-up.

          “S Voice – “Google Now”
          “Always – Just Once”

          I’m betting S Voice will see a huge drop in use….

          • I’m sure Samsung won’t care, as long as it makes their phone better and with more appeal to the masses (hopefully)! Double tap for GNow it is! …btw, my wife has stock GS3 and never uses S-voice, she says it’s too slow.

          • Ethan

            Yeah, I tried using it for about a week. Then I realized it was faster to manually do EVERYTHING rather than wait 4-5 times for S-Voice to load, give me errors on what it heard, and then do the task.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I saw the wifi toggle IN the toggle bar area. Unless you have a hacked SystemUI.apk right now that is not on our phones so I hope that makes it into the VZW version. yeah… right

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Lots of hate for this phone. I love mine personally. Sold my GNex on swappa the next day. The SGS3 ( on 4.0.4) runs just as fast, if not faster than a GNex running 4.1.1. TouchWiz isn’t “perfect” but its a great phone. My most favorite to date.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Hate? I love this phone. If I was a phone, I would marry it.

  • Butters619

    You mean “Yelly Bean”

    • Dodgesityballer

      No you mean “Yelly Veen”

  • ddevito


  • I’m gonna just say it. Touchwiz on top of Jelly Bean, and a big question mark about when it might be released on Verizon (I’m still glaring at VZW about Jelly Bean not being released for the Nexus yet), is why so many “everyday” consumers see Android as intimidating, ugly, unpredictable…you name it.

    I have been with Android for a good while now, but I have long held that Google should practice a good stiff arm with OEMs and carriers. If there’s anything Google (ahem…and Samsung) could learn from Apple is how to force the hand of the carriers (read: give them a stiff middle finger). Android has assumed the pole position with smartphones, but yet Google and OEMs still pussy-foot around and curtsey to the carriers.

    I think there’s a difference between a geek and a nerd. Neither is bad, but I’m a nerd. I like tech, but I’m really not interested in popping the hood and futzing around with the ROM. I want a device that is stable,and looks and runs the way it was designed by Google’s OS architects. If I don’t like it, I’ll change to a difference OS, not a device. To me, the differentiator with Android devices should be creativity and innovation with the hardware. In essence, that’s what’s happen in the Windows-based PC market. All the OEMs run the same underlying software, the key is to create a compelling shell. I would much rather there be some spartan, entry-level, hardware running Jelly Bean, than to have some shiggity device running versions of Android that are two or three versions behind.

    I’m sorry. I really didn’t start writing this to be a rant. It just spilled out, like the stale filling of Android Eclair

    • PC_Tool

      Everyone has an opinion. It’s one of the reasons so many people *like* Android…it caters to nearly everyone. Don’t like TW? Throw AOSP on it. Don’t like AOSP? There’s a theme for that.

      While you prefer hardware differentiation, others would prefer fewer hardware choices (I’m looking at you, Motorola), and a greater variety of software/look n’ feel options.

      Personally? I’d love one device I could run iOS, WP7, Android and WebOS on.

      • NexusMan

        PC_Tool…The whole point of downloading a widget as opposed to being forced to have one by Samsung, is your freedom of choice and customization. I have a couple of toggle widgets, and guess what, my “desktop,” or homescreens, are NOT cluttered. You know why? There are a multitude of types and sizes of widgets available in the Play Store that you can download and place anywhere you want, and that are formatted and sized at different specs, so as to NOT clutter your device. Android gives you that choice. Samsung Touchwiz doesn’t.

        • PC_Tool


          Samsung didn’t force squat on you. You don’t want it, don’t buy it. Simple as that.

          Nice try,

          “Android gives you that choice. Samsung Touchwiz doesn’t.”

          Wrong. Android gave Samsung that choice. ….and Motorola. ..and LG. …and Cyanogen.

          You get to choose what to buy. Your decision doesn’t make the other options any less or more appealing to anyone else. For every person out there that likes notifications in one spot, there are just as many who like them elsewhere….and there are devices and ROMS that cater to them.

          • wajdlovesandroid

            i agree with you, people have different choices and just because one might like this and not that, it doesn’t mean the other choice is less appealing. however, OEMs and carriers take away the choice, they force their layover and added apps on you. so instead of all this mess, why not on startup of a phone, they give us the choice between stock android and touvhwiz or whatever OEM they will be using. and the best part of it, is that while the company works on releasing newer layovers for new android software updates, users instead can switch to the stock android update. and i still agree with @matthewdlyons. google and OEMs shouldn’t tiptoe around carriers, they should give them the middle finger especially with the nexus. verizon still hasn’t updated its nexus devices and nexus is supposed to be the android phone to get all the updates. and like what matthew said, some people do not want to root their devices for many reasons.

          • PC_Tool

            “OEMs and carriers take away the choice, ”

            They make their choice, and we choose whether or not to buy it.

            “why not on startup of a phone, they give us the choice between stock android and touvhwiz or whatever OEM they will be using.”

            Because they are selling their apps and “looks” just like Apple and everyone else is. Differentiation.

            “google and OEMs shouldn’t tiptoe around carriers, they should give them the middle finger especially with the nexus.”

            Partially agree. Google needs the carriers…but not for Nexus. No future Nexus should be sold at a carrier….all should be sold through the Play Store from here on out.

            “verizon still hasn’t updated its nexus devices and nexus is supposed to be the android phone to get all the updates.”

            It’s a Nexus.

            “and like what matthew said, some people do not want to root their devices for many reasons.”

            Well, sucks to be them. No one can please everyone.

      • Thanks for your reasoned response. It’s nice to know people can appreciate opinions, particularly differing ones, without resorting to flame throwers.

        I’m not suggesting the Android follow Apple’s model of one device. I actually agree with you on less hardware — overall. I’d like to see fewer devices by each manufacturers. Perhaps a few high-end, and one entry-level and one mid-range.

        I think widgets are a compelling selling point and differentiation between iOS and Android; but I do think a good number of people still don’t know a lot about their Android smartphones. I don’t know who is really to blame for that. The users for not digging deeper? Google and the OEMs not doing a great job explaining the features and how-tos? Fortunately, those of us that care enough have great sides like Droid-Life to show us and create forums for us to discuss.

        • PC_Tool

          Thanks. Honestly, I actually *like* that Android is “fragmented” (At least in the sense that most folks use the term to cast derogatory implications on manufacturer skins).

          Anyone can walk into a store, and without having any knowledge of Android can pick and choose between dozens of devices that have widgets here, there, different skins, pre-installed apps…all without having to manually “hack” anything.

          By way of example: My wife hates messing with things. We walked into VZW when we bought our first smartphones and used pretty much all of them on display. We both walked out with Fascinates.

          I rooted and flashed mine. She loved hers just the way it was. I now have a Nexus and she has an SIII. Samsung caters to her, Nexus/AOSP devices cater to me. Options for all types. I love it.

          • Sounds exactly like my house. My wife and I had the Droid X. I rooted mine, and she kept her as is. She just got an SIII, and will use it just the way Samsung sent it out. I was going to get the Nexus (and I wouldn’t root it), but am holding out for a while to see what comes down the pike in the next couple of months. I’m not afraid to say that i’m waiting to see what the next iPhone looks like. Based on the leaks, I will likely be sticking with Android. Hopefully the reported Nexus program for multiple OEMs holds some water.

          • PC_Tool

            Hear, hear. Multiple Nexus devices would be awesome, but I’m not holding out much hope. It is just a rumor, and a stretch at that.

  • cooksta3276

    What are the advantages of JB over ICS besides hardware acceleration? Seems like people are already calling ICS old news. Kind of like a 2012 car being garbage since there is a 2013 out…..?

  • ragnarok180

    Kill it with fIya!!!!

  • CyHawk60

    I hope they put the wi-fi toggle back where it is supposed to be on the Verizon model.

  • NexusMan

    Touchwiz’ Widget Toggle makes the notification area cluttered…it’s not necessary…just download a widget from the Play Store and put it anywhere you want.

    • PC_Tool

      So…clutter your desktop instead of your notification drawer??

  • Kizipotamus

    I’m absolutely shocked they included Google Now after paying to build S Voice.

  • Mike_Cook7

    VZ to realease in 2013

  • Michael Forte

    I’m wondering since long press home is recent apps then how do you activate Google Now on the GS3? Long press menu?

    • James J. Brown II

      Double “click” Home

      • BSweetness

        Hopefully Samsung will allow the double tap to mapped to Google Now. Currently, it’s mapped to S Voice, and you can’t change that with stock settings.

        • S2556

          I am using nova launcher and I have it set that if i press home twice it will open google now. Works good, haven’t used svoice in a long time.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        Isn’t that how you pull up S Voice? I doubt that they got rid of that. You will probably be forced to just used the search bar or search app

    • Phil Onyschuk

      Press in the google widget

  • Too bad I won’t be running that atrocious TW skin when I get my GSIII.
    CM10 ftw. (hey that rhymes)

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I got the S3 about a week ago… Dumped my Gnex… more because the S3 will have better resale value in 6months when the Other Nexus phones come out…. REALLY REALLY been trying to use Touch Wiz to its full potential… its better than the past… but SHEESH I really just don’t like it… Takes away too much from stock.. for goodness sake where is my Lock Screen Music Controls!!!

      • Phil Onyschuk

        Google music lock screen music controls work.

  • I would love to see a widget toggle in stock Jelly Bean like they have in touchwiz. Custom roms all implement them now. Otherwise the skin seems like a waste.

    • PC_Tool

      Widgetsoid is a good option if you don’t want to root or install a custm rom.

  • SomeDooD123

    Meh, got CM10 on my VZW GS3. Couldn’t be happier.

    • sixohtew

      me too, but this will allow for our cm10 builds to be more perfected since it is official. cant wait to see what the cm team does with this.

  • Liderc

    Why do they put skins over JB, gah, it’s such a good OS.

    • PC_Tool

      Not everyone thinks JB is gorgeous? Heck, even AOSP devs are constantly themeing their devices and many users won’tinstall a CM ROM unles it support theme manager….

      …apparently there are a rather large number of folks who want to skin JB.

      …just sayin’…

      • MFG

        Most, if not all, themes are beyond hideous.

        …just sayin'”..

        • PC_Tool

          That’s odd. Ya know, considering how popular themes are on CM9/10 ROMs.

          Ohwait…that was just your opinion? Ah…well, in that case

  • bloop.. bloop… bloop

    • chrismcconkey

      That noise is so annoying!!!

  • So why hasn’t there been a ROM made using this yet? lol

  • Why would anyone wants a Touchwiz version of Jelly Bean? That would be like taking a beautiful painting and smearing poo all over it.

    • JoshGroff

      I think that’s what they call “abstract art.”

    • PC_Tool

      I am running a TouchWiz 5.0 theme on my AOKP JB Galaxy Nexus.

      Some folks actually like it, as hard as that may be to believe. When the SII came out, I was incredibly disappointed with Verizon for not picking it up because while TW 3.0 was *horrible*, TW4 and above was fluid, smooth, and actually added functionality instead of taking it away.

      I actually bought the Nexus with the high hopes that a full TW ROM would eventually be ported to it.

      So to answer your question: Because there are as many different preferences as there are people.

      I bought the SIII for my wife though, because I am now addicted to the on-screen keys of the Nexus… 😉 (I am still just a tad jealous though…)

    • Butters619

      Poo that has been inspired by nature*

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Cuz it makes it different. If I wanted the same look on every phone I had I would go with the iPhone. But I love the different OEM skins because they make it unique. TouchWiz adds a lot of great stuff that isn’t in the ASOP software. The gestures are fantastic. And personally I don’t mind the nature thing. As long as I can use Light Flow to control my LED and have Google Now I’m great with Touch Wiz

      • So what you’re saying is that you’ll use a product simply because it’s different, even if different = worse?

        • Fattie McDoogles

          Worse is a matter of personal opinion. I am one of the few people who doesn’t swear by ASOP. I don’t think its perfect. There’s a ton of things I wish Google did differently in the stock ICS/JB software. And there are things that OEM’s have added to their skins that add functionality that I like. I also like the difference in looks. Its like cars for me. All cars drive. They will all get you from point A to point B. But you get the one that appeals to you. And that may be a very different car then what I like or someone else likes. So I appreciate that OEM skins because it removes the one size fits all feeling that Apple and Windows both have with their devices.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wait… Saw a lot in there but what about Folders? Drag And Drop Folders???? TouchWiz current implementation is lame and ugly

  • motta2003

    effin’ Verizon…

    • you’re blaming touchwiz’d jb on verizon?

      • Snowcrash

        I think this is what he’s upset about… “Verizon’s version does not have an ETA of delivery yet. Sorry, folks”.

  • 4n1m4L

    Gnex before s3 or I quit.

    • Turb0wned

      Get a real Nexus. GSM.

      • arod

        Get a clue… LTE > GSM

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You need a GSM phone then lol

      • 4n1m4L

        If I got GSM service in the middle of.the desert I would

    • DanWazz

      Verizon is useless with updates. They test them to no end, but release buggy OTAs. You might as well just root. Wug’s Nexus Root Kit makes it so easy to unlock and re-lock, root and un-root, that you really have no excuse (unless its a work phone…etc.). Why not have the latest software AND LTE speeds?

      • 4n1m4L

        On xda I’ve had tool many people who those kit have screwed. I’m good with adb and fast boot. Screw the kits. They are DANGEROUS.
        As far as root is concerned. Its purpose is to break security. I value security more than I value running jb. I do keep my boot loader unlocked though.

        • DanWazz

          Fair enough. The kit worked great for me and I have had no problems. If security is your thing, there is nothing wrong with that, just prepare for the wait.