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Official Pinterest App Finally Arrives on Android

Ladies! (And some dudes “who own businesses.”) (Did Tim really just sign up?) It has arrived! Pinterest for Android is finally in the building in an official capacity. Your cupcake photos can be seen from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your mobile device in hand. The only requirement that we are seeing is a minimum OS version of Android 2.2 (Froyo). Since 2.2 and above makes up for 95% of Android users, I’d say that almost all of you won’t have a problem meeting that. It also should work great on tablets, especially our favorite, the Nexus 7.

If your only Android device is a Kindle Fire, you’ll have access to the app later this week through the Amazon Appstore.

Go pin some sh*t! 

Play Link

Cheers Amanda!

  • I have 2 pinterest accounts, one for personal and one for business. On the droid razor, how do you log out of one and into the other?

  • achaff86

    I’m glad they finally released it!!

  • Romans5Three

    Their mobile site is extremely buggy so I’m glad to finally see this day! The app is smooth and beautiful. The UI is clean and repinning is a snap.

  • I don’t use it, but I’m happy that the Android platform has gained another app, that from what I can tell works well, that some people actually want to use. And that’s okay any day in my tablet…err book.

  • Tsabhira

    Thanks, Droid Life commenters, for reminding me once again that women (or anything perceived as unmanly and deserving of minimizing) aren’t really welcome at the Android party.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You know how geeks are… they can’t talk to women so they alienate them. Haven’t you ever watched the Big Bang Theory?! lol

      • Tsabhira

        I know you’re teasing, but that’s exactly why I hate BBT. It’s obnoxious to men AND women in its rush to perpetuate stupid geek stereotypes.

    • TheDrizzle

      Yup. Then we complain that it’s mostly dudes on Android.

  • They have $37 million in funding at it took 2 years for these apps to come out…wow.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Theres a lot that $37 million will buy before it buys times to build an app. Private jets, drugs and women aren’t gonna enjoy themselves. Well maybe the women but i digress.

  • sirmeili

    I’m always curious why people think pinterest is for women only. I don’t use it all the time, but I find it a great distraction and a way to find interesting recipes, projects and the like. I wish I could filter out all the fashion and phrases crap, but you take the good with the bad.

  • ceejw

    No one has actually commented on the quality of the app yet so I will. This is a very well written app, pictures and graphics load very fast and scrolling is always silky smooth. Pinterest did a great job of preserving their design ID while still adhering to Android design guidelines. Being able to swipe horizontally between categories, boards, and profile is great.

  • this is a great site! it is a great example of the don’t knock it till you try it! as a photographer, i can pin photo inspiration i find on the site or anywhere on the web so i have it all in one location. my wife uses it to keep track of recipe ideas. keep track of cool gadgets or other items you may want, sort of a virtual wish list. keep track of blog posts you would like to keep for reference… it has tons of uses! the only reason why its perceived as “for girls” is because it seems that’s what their target audience is. i never wanted anything to do with it till a couple big name photographers talked about how great it was, so i gave it a shot and im glad i did!

  • my wife will love this on her Nexus 7. not something i am into, but she should love this for sure.

  • Mallahet

    I have never used Pinterest, but to me it’s Web 2.0’s version of bookmarks. Might be useful at times, though. Especially in mobile form.

  • I’m surprised at the negative views of Pinterest here. I find it incredibly useful for remembering ideas (food, design, clothes, even tech). I use it a lot when I travel by pinning specific sites I want to see in a city, or restaurants I want to try. It’s nice to have as a visual reminder…

    • mustbepbs

      No doubt it’s great for the metrosexual types.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I am neither a woman or metro. Its just a place to pics of things you think are cool. Women post pics of wedding dresses and cupcakes. I post pics of titties and cars. To each their own you know?

        • mustbepbs

          Don’t worry, Fattie McDoogles, your secret is safe with me.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            tell the world I dont care lol. I GOT TITTIE PICS ON MY PINTREST PAGE!!!!!

    • Droidzilla

      So says the guy in hipster glasses.

  • sweet i’ll put it in the folder with instagram so i can use them when i put on skinny jeans…

    • noyfb

      This will be great for all the teenage girls that read the site

      • noyfb

        oh wait… they don’t

  • It made no sense to me at all, but gives you tons of ideas for home improvement to vacations. I love it now.

  • paul_cus

    Alright….wait, I don’t care.

    • zepfloyd

      …yet you clicked and commented…hmm. Ok, I’ll show myself out.

      • paul_cus

        You win.

  • Liderc

    Still have no clue what use this thing is. Seriously.

    • sirmeili

      Honestly, when I want to search for something and I’m not quite sure I will get what I want based off of text, I use Google Images to search instead. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

      And that is why I personally like Pinterest. Its a way for me to visually screen a ton of great ideas, products, etc faster than I ever could by reading search results.

      Have you even tried it? I’ll admit I don’t use it everyday, but every once in a while its great to just go there and see what is out there (I often filter by topic such as Gardening, Food, etc).

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I am the exact same way

      • Liderc

        I have to be honest, I’ve never tried it but my wife uses it and I finally just blocked it from showing me stuff on facebook because it was so spammy. But now I understand the use that women have for it.

        • sirmeili

          Yeah, sorry man, it’s not only women, not only do I use it, but so does my brother. It really is a great place to find cool DIY stuff, and to be honest, the content is determined by the user base. I’m sure if more techie people got on there, there would be more than enough content to go around.

          Another great use is to use it almost like a bookmarking site. It allows you create your own categories (boards) to pin to. Just saying, you should probably try it before knocking it and implying that it’s just for women.

    • capecodcarl

      It’s a site for women to exchange pictures of wedding dresses and recipes.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I post lots of naked women, gadgets, athletes, cars, food and clothes.

    • anon

      My wife and daughter use it. Its a fancy bookmark site that you can share with friends. So its great for, say, recipes or bookmarking (and sharing) pictures from you favorite movies/books with your own notes – things I don’t do – but I keep thinking I should try it for my non-work bookmarks because it would be handy when you are weighing options for home improvement (like patio designs) or comparing products (keep a list of TVs you’ve looked at) etc.

      And the nice part is that its shared. So, for my wife, she sometimes looks at the recipes her friends have pinned for ideas. Or maybe someone has already pinned a bunch of patio designs and you can leverage their research.

  • duoexo

    Pinterest asked me to click on a few things i like. I clicked on; Chicks, Cats, Star Wars, Batman, and chicks. Rawr ;D

  • I didn’t know Google had a 4G version of the Nexus 7.

    • Liderc

      Your’s doesn’t have 4G? You’re missing out.

      • JoshGroff

        Yours* Sorry, just felt the need to correct that real quick. It’s one of those days.

        • Droidzilla

          Oughtn’t that read, “really quickly?” I’m also questioning why you went with a comma over a semicolon, and why you chose to eschew convention for your asterisk-bound correction.


  • Murphy

    Can we ‘pin’ this to the ‘who gives a sh*t?” bulletin board =)

  • jcorf

    I haven’t got a chance to try out Pinterest, is it worth it?

    • I actually have no idea. It’s popular as hell, so they must be doing something right. I just have no time to take on yet another social type internet thing.

      • palomosan

        I have it, I like it, it’s actually good if you have a business like photography or style, then this is actually good to promote some of you products.

      • sirmeili

        I don’t really use it as a social networking thing. I follow my friends, but I follow others as well. I think of it the same way some people describe G+ in a way (in comparison with FBook). Facebook is for keeping in touch with those you know, G+ is for finding and keeping in contact with people you share interests with.

        For pinterest, it is a way for me to find people with similar taste in products, food, design, etc and follow them. To be honest though, most the time I go there I just look at the home page and see what new stuff is streaming in (or filter to a specific topic such as Gardening, Food, etc).

        The great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t HAVE to use it like a social networking site, though I’m sure that is part of their intent.