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Quick Look: Portenzo Custom BookCase for Nexus 7

Portenzo hit us up a couple of weeks ago to see if we were interested in checking out the Nexus 7 BookCase that they had created. At first, we hesitated because typically, we see readers who care more for softer feels and portability in a case, but then we learned that these are custom, hand made in the U.S. with incredibly high quality materials and had to give them a try. We also know that they are popular in the uber-competitive iPad case business. So here we are, with 2 custom Nexus 7 BookCases from Portenzo. 

What is a Portenzo BookCase?

A BookCase from Portenzo is exactly what it sounds like it would be. It’s a case for the Nexus 7, but rather than being a soft TPU or pliable leather, it’s hard, just like a hardcover book would be. It offers ultimate protection, but carries an appeal that fashionistas would love thanks to a number of customizable options.


The big selling point here is the fact that you get to customize the case to be the color scheme of your dreams. Whether you want a faux leather feel or a canvas cover, you have up to 8 color choices on the outside. From there, you get to choose from 9 different interior colors along with magnet and strap options. Lastly, you can tell Portenzo to turn the back of the case into an Intellistand to make video watching all the more comfortable.


The Portenzo team hand makes their cases using “tried and true methods of old world book binding” with materials like American maple as a base. They include auto sleep/wake functionality free of charge, an Audio-Flow sound chamber to improve your audio experience, and then all of the other add-ons you chose during checkout.


I really like the craftsmanship with the Portenzo BookCase. You can tell the minute you pick it up that these are well made with quality goods. The Nexus 7 fits in tightly after a few presses and has all of its ports and mics semi-exposed. It’s a bit difficult to tap the power and volume switches, but the auto sleep/wake eliminates half of that problem. The different color schemes that you can create are pretty fun, especially knowing that your case is essentially a one of a kind. I also like the fact that these are made right here in the States. At almost $40, I’d call that a reasonable price, knowing that you are getting a product of this caliber.

Buy  ($39.95)


  • napes22

    Some other pictures posted by users found on XDA:


    I bought a Portenza for my Nexus 7 and really like it. If you’d like I can share pictures too (faux leather, dark blue linen interior, intellistand, magnets and strap).

    Note: the second set of pictures are for a Treegloo case.

    • Does the case feel awkward to hold in landscape while playing a game? Does the cover fold flat on the back while doing this?

  • saint_stephen

    Just ordered mine… Seems like a great case.

  • Thomas Partida

    This is such a beautiful vase and $40 for a custom case is a pretty good deal considering it is made here in the states as opposed to china. I really don’t have a need for one anymore since I have already broke my nexus, thanks for delivering that case I pre ordered back in June Google.(sarcasm)

  • TheCheapGamer

    Maybe it’s just me, but $40 seems a bit much for a case.
    Perhaps that is the price of “unique” with its wood layout.

    • JoshGroff

      $40 for a case for a more expensive tablet I could understand. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than 1/10th of the price of an item for an accessory, unless that accessory worked for multiple devices.

      • Hunter

        That may work except when the device gets fairly cheap (a.k.a. Nexus 7) guess you’ll be wrapping yours in card board.

        • JoshGroff

          That’s true, but I did get a decent Blurex “leather” portfolio case for $14.

  • Chad

    Nexus Nexus Nexus Nexus….
    Droid Life my A$$!! Nexus is all you ever post these days Kellex! A case??!! Who cares about a flippin’ case? Getting old n boring.

    • jeres88

      Sorry, the Droid line has lost it’s luster. Droid phones just aren’t what they used to be. Nexus ftw!

    • Winner for wildest comment of the month!! And guess what, you win a case! 😛

      ……Just kidding 🙂

      • nightscout13

        What was the comment (since it was removed)

    • napes22

      I really hope you realize that “droid” is just a moniker for “android.”

      • JoshGroff

        This, I’ll just give my T-bolt a droid-eye boot animation and call it a day.

    • Justin

      Back in the day, Droid’s were the hotness (OG). Now it is the Nexus devices. Get over the name of the site.

      We love what you guys do, so keep it up.

      Plus the OG Droid was a “nexus,” so your point is invalid.

      • Dain Laguna

        it ran vanilla android but wasnt really a ‘nexus’ fwiw

    • Hunter

      I care. Also “Droid” is short for Android so forgive them for not posting information solely related to your precious encrypted boot loaders.

  • How did the device sit in the wood frame, any chaffing over time you think?

    • Will let you know in a week.

    • napes22

      It sits tightly with no movement. It’s a perfect fit, and everything is put together very well. I can’t speak for over time, but I’ve read people still using their iPad Portenza case years later without issue.

    • Justin

      It has these little rubber grommets in the corners too, so it doesn’t even really come in direct contact with the wood. But over time this could change. Either way, it is a top notch quality case, hand made in the USA.

  • Treegloo does not make a better product. Please stop spreading your cheap opinion. I own both and this stomps the Treegloo one.

    • sabre82

      Hey look at me, I own 2 of each and the moon. They are both decent products so no need to get all bent out of shape. I have read reviews on both and people like both so to each their own.

  • LionStone

    Hmm…that looks good, however I just sprung for the M-Edge incline case at Staples, $40 too. But good thing I saved the receipt, I like the wood of the Portenzo and US made is nice.

  • guest

    Treegloo.com has better stuff with more options. You will pay more with treegloo though.

    • napes22

      That’s your opinion. I have a Portenzo and did a lot of research. Treegloo’s customer service and and durability was in question, so I went with Portenzo. I didn’t look back.

      • Dain Laguna

        research into either company brings up customer service issues. im impressed with both, but leaning more towards tg

  • Senna

    Saw these but opted for the TreeGloo since they offered them first and have more options to choose from.

  • Rick Hicks

    I got a Targus Playbook case for $15 works great

    • EvanTheGamer

      That’s the one I got(well, the one specifically for the Galaxy Tab) and looks way better than the Portenzo BookCase, as well.

  • nightscout13

    What is that rectangular opening on the back of the wood casing?

    • Captain_Doug

      audio flow sound chamber?

      • nightscout13

        I thought the sound chamber is the half circle towards the bottom, since the speaker is on the bottom portion of the back of the Nexus 7….

        • Captain_Doug

          Shows how much I know.

    • It’s so you can push there and pop the device out, I believe.

  • Captain_Doug

    They have some pretty sweet options. Definitely worth a look.