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LG Optimus Vu Launching on Verizon This Quarter

In a round about way, LG announced last night that the Optimus Vu with 4G LTE will launch on Verizon this quarter. Their press release didn’t actually mention Big Red by name, but they said that the device will launch in the United States during the third quarter of this year. Since we have already seen an Optimus Vu variant cruise through the FCC with Verizon branding and 4G LTE radios, along with a set of in-the-wild photos of one, it’s safe to assume that it was indeed Big Red that they were referring to. 

The only thing we need to know now is what the price will be. This may be a 5″ device with solid specs, but it’s such a niche product with the most random of display ratios, that I can’t imagine anyone is going to flock to this. In my opinion, the Vu should launch at no more than $149 on contract, maybe even at $99, however, I’d be surprised if it’s less than $200.

We spent some time with it in May at CTIA and came away completely unimpressed. Take a look below:


Does this phone interest any of you?

Via:  UnwiredView | LG

  • Why are phones still being made with hardware buttons? Especially search and menu!

  • I trusted LG and VZW to come through on their ICS update promise on the Spectrum. Now I’m stuck with a phone not only unsupported by carrier and manufacturer, but one that developers won’t touch. In short…not interested.

  • Robert Causey

    Whats even more of a disapointment (if the specs are the same as the international varent) is that it will launch with the old Snapdragon S3 processor 8660…. Sad Day in deed (at $200 especially) If it was $50 or maybe $0.99 it would be passable.

  • 00111

    “Is that a digital picture frame your trying to use as a phone?”

  • Liderc

    Just threw up in my mouth.

  • Here’s your market research, Verizon. Should’ve gone with the Note.

  • Come on everyone 1 word to describe this phone?

    • now you try….

    • Knlegend1


  • Knlegend1

    The only good thing about this device is that its a Optimus. Other than that this thing beyond huge for everyday use. EPIC FAIL………for me lol.

  • Ryan5609

    Come on LG. I usually like the design of LG products, but my god have they dropped the ball this time. The team that brought this to market should be fired. This would be nearly impossible to operate with one hand. Let alone just to hold in one hand. WTF is with the 4:3 aspect ratio? When I first saw the picture I thought someone did a really bad job at uniformly scaling the picture. LG is stupid for creating such a monstrosity and VZW is stupid for putting it on their network. I am all for designing out of the box, but come on. All around fail.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    No new Nexus news?

  • hkklife

    Ugh. This isn’t even sloppy seconds compared to the Galaxy Note (and soon, Note 2) other carriers are gettings. Why are LG and VZW SO damn tight? LG just keeps churning out one lackluster device after another on Big Red.
    My DREAM device would be a 5″ Moto Phablet with a gigantic battery, lightly Blurred JB and expandable storage. Next up I’d take a Note 2 on VZW and after that I’d go with the rumored HTC 5″ 1080p device. Heck, I’d gladly even take an original Note over this monstrosity. 4:3 aspect ratio has NO place on any PC, smartphone or television in this day and age (though you could make an argument for it on an e-reader or tablet).
    The VZW sales people are pushing LG smartphones at VZW corporate stores like crazy these days. My father in law went in there to buy an iPhone 4 and came out with an LG Nitro.

    • chris125

      Nitro is att. Did you actually go into a Verizon store? They push moto devices I’ve never had them push any lg device.

      • hkklife

        LG Lucid, sorry. All of those me-too LG phones tend to run together. Yep, we were in a VZW corporate store. I was expect a huge Moto push, thus my surprise when they kept trying to steer us to the LGs.

  • nightscout13

    Huge Bezel….

  • Oh yeah. This is the one right here. The iPhone killer. This is it folks. Its here. Its killer, jagged, harsh rectangular design fits comfortably in the palms of both hands. Innovation is back!

  • David Hayden

    It’s ugly, yet beautiful at the same time.

  • thedonxr

    What’s next 4:3 aspect ratio flat screen tvs from LG. No cause that would be silly…. no one would want one… hmm…

  • picaso86

    Damn it Droid-Life, I just had lunch!! ugh!


    I’ll wait on note 2 or 5in HTC phone

    • Yeah same here

      • noyfb

        Rolling the dice, crossing the fingers, throwing change in a wishing well for the Note @ at vzw

  • mustbepbs

    I believe I just threw up a little.

  • This is my reaction to this

  • ThisIsNoSGSIII

    Ugliest phone ever!!!

  • triangle8

    Why are they even bothering? Verizon should just carry the Galaxy Note 2 and be done with it.

  • Bionic_Pags

    Fugliest thing i have seen in a long time 😛 Just Awful

    • motta2003

      and you were being nice!

    • r0lct

      It’s the Pontiac Aztek of phones

  • chris125

    Don’t even waste your time lg. It will be a 1 month phone before it is EOL’d

  • No. Just no.

  • Hunter

    ROFL ….looking at that phone in hand