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Google Makes Mobile Search from Phones and Tablets Interactive and Content Rich

Google is rolling out more interactive search results on mobile phones and tablets. For example, when searching for math answers like I have done above, instead of just giving you the answer, Google Search displays an entire calculator for you to edit the equation to what you need. Bossy. Other inquiries that will see this Google Now card-esque makeover are Stocks, Flights, Currency Conversion, Holidays, Unit Conversion, and Dictionary Definitions.

Another example, when checking a flight status, Google will display a progress bar with a little plane icon for you to visually see how far along the flight is. It will move further towards the right as it approaches its final destination. The roll out has started today, so go check out the updates on your phone or tablet inside a web browser. Just another reason why Google kicks butt.

Via: Inside Search

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    That sure seems Bossy, yahgnawmeen?! Unnggghhh! It’s almost Who’s The Bossy, unngghhh! Number up and crooked down Bossy, although it is still somewhat Passivessy.

  • MikeCiggy

    One of the wonderful things Google does rite. They keep all of their products even when not directly connected uniformed.

    These new results are parts of Google Now.

  • Booyah

    So this isn’t for Google Now search, but only for within browsers?

    • michael arazan

      Both, just google it and it also comes up in the browser on phones and pc from what I’ve been seeing.

  • ddevito

    Google is doing their damnest to bring a smooth and worthwhile experience to mobile, but frankly browsers just don’t cut it.

    Native apps all the way

  • Mei

    Looks like a nice improvement.