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Google Translate Receives Update, Translate Straight from Your Camera Shots

Google Translate received a major update today, which was teased previously at Google I/O. Starting today, users can take a snapshot of a foreign language and have the app translate the words straight from the picture. Once you take a photo, simply highlight the text area you want translated with your finger. Perfect for the next time you take out that certain someone to a fancy French restaurant. 

Along with that main feature, they have also added instant translation results, ability to choose dialect preferences, and Japanese handwriting will now recognize multiple characters at once. Quite an impressive update for the hard workers at Google.


  • Use camera to take a picture and brush text to translate (available on Android 2.3 and above).
  • Get instant translation results as you type.
  • Choose dialect preference for speech input.
  • Japanese handwriting now recognizes multiple characters at once.
  • Added access network state permission to check network availability when sending requests.

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Cheers Micheal!

  • Tried it…doesn’t work very well 🙁

  • Phil Stout

    Does this work with fancy dinner menus?

  • Phil Stout

    When can I call someone in china and have google voice talk to them for me!?

    Does this feature require signal?

  • Wow, downloading now.

  • Welcome to the future.

  • zulu208

    looks like you can’t take a picture of a japanese or chinese text and have it translate to English.

  • El Big CHRIS

    Awesome! Finally!

    • Lucky Armpit

      That’s cool!!

      • michael arazan

        This is getting close to having the universal translator of star trek

  • Andrew

    It’s the little things

  • Greg Morgan

    I think that’s pretty impressive that you can take a picture and it’ll translate a sign like that.