Google Opens Up App Translation Service to All Developers, Translating Full Apps Made Easy

Google Translate

Google introduced the App Translation Service back at Google I/O, at which point a small amount of Android app developers were allowed to enter a pilot program. Apparently, the service has been a huge success, so Google has decided to open the service to all Android developers everywhere. This service allows for applications to be translated in a variety of languages, which will allow the developer to then market their app to a broader audience.  (more…)

Google Translate Receives Update, Translate Straight from Your Camera Shots

Google Translate received a major update today, which was teased previously at Google I/O. Starting today, users can take a snapshot of a foreign language and have the app translate the words straight from the picture. Once you take a photo, simply highlight the text area you want translated with your finger. Perfect for the next time you take out that certain someone to a fancy French restaurant.  (more…)

Google Translate Receives Visual Makeover, More Languages Added

Google Translate received an update yesterday afternoon that introduced a more ICS-inspired UI (meaning no menu button). It now matches up to the rest of Google’s apps as far as looks, but the Translate team also tossed in more languages for your traveling needs.

Have you had the opportunity to use this in the wild? I have yet to, however, running through an entire conversation with someone who doesn’t speak English, and being able to understand each other thanks to this app sounds incredible.

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Google Translate Expands Conversation Mode to 14 Languages

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Did your kids manage to talk you into allowing the creepy German foreign exchange student into your house for the semester? Worried that his Deutsch mumbling that sounds so sincere is actually him telling you to go suck on a bratwurst? You can find some comfort in the process now using Google Translate that just introduced 14 new languages to its Conversation Mode, including German, French, Italian and Japanese.

All you have to do is choose the languages on your phone that you plan to speak to your foreign friend in, tell him to wash his lederhosen and then pass the phone so he can hear it in his native language. He can then return the conversation to you with Google Translate doing all of the work. Who needs Rosetta Stone?

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Google Translate Receives Update, Includes New “Conversation” Mode

Google Translate came equipped with a new “Conversation” mode today that allows you to have a conversation with someone on the street, with your phone, in 2 different languages.  This new option currently only translates conversations in English and Spanish, but that’s impressive in itself.  Here is Google’s explanation on this new feature:

In conversation mode, simply press the microphone for your language and start speaking. Google Translate will translate your speech and read the translation out loud. Your conversation partner can then respond in their language, and you’ll hear the translation spoken back to you. Because this technology is still in alpha, factors like regional accents, background noise or rapid speech may make it difficult to understand what you’re saying. Even with these caveats, we’re excited about the future promise of this technology to be able to help people connect across languages.

Now, knowing Google, this will likely have many other languages in just a short amount of time.  In fact, they already have voice support for 15 languages, so the base is already in place to get conversations going between the rest of our wonderful world.  They also updated the UI, but the star here is the breakthrough “Conversation” mode.  Anyone given it a spin yet?

Via:  Google Mobile Blog