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Google Now Available for Huge List of Supported Devices Through Flashable Zips

A series of flashable zip files have been released that will bring Google Now to a large list of supported Ice Cream Sandwich devices. If your device is rooted, running ClockworkMod Recovery and is not already being powered by Jelly Bean, then this is for you. The process is simple – just download a zip (there are online/offline dictation versions) and flash through recovery. Easy, right? Once installed, you’ll be able to access the cards and ask it all of the silly questions you can think of.

To see if you own a supported device, check the list under ARMv7. To download the zips, check the original thread here.

Via: XDA

Cheers HolyGrail!

  • if I’m using STOCK ics & am rooted, which file do I wanna be grabbing? And are you using Rick’s Safestrap or HashCode’s?

  • Nathan Borup

    Is it possible to install this without flashing it? I have a Razr Maxx that is rooted, I just don’t have ClockWorkMod installed, nor do i want to have to flash anything

  • I am on a rooted Galaxy S3, running official Samsung OS (no ROM), and I keep getting an “E:signature verification failed” error on both ver. 6 of online and offline zip files. Does anyone know what’s wrong here?

  • JasonDiaz

    What a complete Siri rip-off.

    • Nathan Borup

      You need to look at who came up with the idea of voice commands first… oh yeah, I believe that was ANDROID, not apple

  • gokusimpson

    I’m running it with a Droid X on aokp ics, but it won’t answer my questions. It has those little dot things when you ask it something, but then it just sits.

    • gokusimpson

      I have to type in the question to get an answer. I guess voice search isn’t working for me.

  • mdiaz5

    I have a droid 4 and using hashofcodes version of ics but i have safestrap 2.0 can i still do this?

    • jeesung

      i’m Razr Maxx on Arctic ICS w/ safestrap 2.0. works very well.

      • mdiaz5

        Thx I’ll flash it tomorrow

  • Jeremy

    Would have been really nice if the post include “you need to be on ICS for this to work..” but still cool

  • enigmaco

    Flashed it on my droid 3 and it is pretty cool and quick

  • Any way to get this on a non-rooted Rezound running ICS?

    • David Hayden

      I’ll need someone to verify this, but if you downloaded the zip, and renamed it PH98IMG.zip and put it in your SD card, you could be able to flash it in the stock recovery. Like I said though, I’ll need someone to verify just to make sure you don’t do anything bad to your device.

      • Only problem I see is that in the instruction guide, it says you have to check and possibly change permission settings which I think you must be rooted to do.

  • William Peterson

    The list shows it works on the Thunderbolt but I have yet to find an ics rom. Can someone help me out with a good one, if one exists?

  • Petar

    is anyone able to swipe up and access google now from any screen? Doesn’t work on my galaxy note (Telus/AT&T), but everything else works

    • Petar

      Also, i notice it does not show pictures like it does in the JB demos.. I.e. if you ask it who is the president of xxx, you will see the name + a picture

      • jeesung

        just tried it for “President of United States” and see the GN Card for Obama. running the Mikey v6 APK

    • jeesung

      that doesn’t work. might be a JB launcher thing. search key launches it.

  • This makes you wonder why Google didn’t make it an app in the first place — with the whole OEM updating process being a mess, it’s a sin not making Google Now an app that even ICS can enjoy. It’s something that Google cannot afford not to release to as many devices as possible.

    • A lot of the features are device specific I think. Like the above mentioned wifi on/off. Regardless, it doesn’t work fully on every device. They would have to design it specifically for each device instead of having the device manufacturers deal with it.

    • Droidzilla

      You’ll notice this has to be flashed in CWR, not installed as an apk. I think it’s too complex to simply be an app.

      • jeesung

        yep. it replaces the search APK as well as installs additional files for the JB voice framework.

  • yeh

    No gingerbread? 🙁

  • Matthew Morrison

    more cards would be nice

  • George264

    Funny how there is a HTC Vigor under the name of HTC Thunderbolt 2, lol. Um, once my warranty runs out, doing this!

    • Matthew Merrick

      Vigor and Thunderbolt 2 were both working names for the Rezound

      • George264

        But rezound is the official name and vigor is the code name. Nowhere is tbolt 2 is offical

  • anyone tried this on the touchpad yet?

  • really? no razr/maxx?

    • was wondering the same thing…seems odd

    • topherta

      I just installed it on my razr and seems to work fine.

      • Marc

        are you gsm?

        • topherta

          Voice part works great, and no I am on Verizon CDMA/LTE.

          • David Carano

            I keep getting invalid signature. What comstom recovery are you using? ar is it just stock recovery?

          • jeesung

            i have Safestrap which is based on CWM Recovery

          • Marc

            ok thats good to know, i am currently attempting to install it

      • JohnM

        Does the voice part work now as well?

        • jeesung

          yes. functionality varies by device, it appears, but works well on my Razr Maxx

      • Andrew Madril

        what root method did ya use, i’m a noob and dont wanna brick my maxx

        • jeesung

          razr utility 1.81 from DroidRzr.com

    • Hmm….

      It’s on the list. They may have added it after you checked.:)

  • When I read this.the first thing that came to mind was “should grab it before Google has it taken down.” Then I realized it’s Google, not apple.

    • I think if anything Google will welcome this because it helps them to stress test the service and gather more data.

  • Jdubz33

    Now I just need ICS working on my Thunderbolt and I’m good to go!

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Is the Rezound really not on the list?

    • George264

      I was thinking that too. Then I realized. HTC Thunderbolt 2(HTC Vigor) was the Rezound. So yeah, it’s there.

  • Haskell Gray

    It is still a barely there service. It doesn’t create new events on my calendar, it doesn’t set a recurring alarm, It can’t tell me when the next game for any NFL team, and when I touch the weather card to get details i get a different city in the browser! I’m let down by it overall and want to see improvements

    • Andilicious217

      It also displays a different city for me when I click on the weather card….very annoying.

    • You can’t really complain. I mean, this was released for Jelly Bean, You’re on ICS. You have it, but complain about how it isn’t working properly? Really? This software shouldn’t even be there, but because of amazing Developers/Hackers–it is. Be grateful.

    • Holy Grail

      When I touch the weather it show my city just fine….maybe its phone specific? Using Galaxy S3.

  • J Dub

    I use it some to ask it things like converting numbers and such.

  • Yes, you have to have ICS on your phone. Just tried it with my TBolt running CM7 and it said it installed fine through CWM, but when the ROM rebooted, I didn’t see any Google Now app.

    • New_Guy

      You and me both. Running CM7.2 on my T-Bolt with the same result. Knew it was too good to be true…

      • mcblue


    • Chris

      The app is just called Google.

    • AhsanS

      Looks like I’ll give CM9 for the Droid 2G a go then.

    • Make sure you read everything in that post. Make sure you have the permissions set correctly. Furthermore, just press the “search” button. There is no app for it.

  • Eric

    S3 is an armv7 correct? (I didn’t see it on the list)

    • They may need to update that list to reflect the SGSIII.

    • Esteban_Colberto

      V9 actually. Don’t know if this will work on the Verizon s3. Any reports on that?

    • Holy Grail

      No…..it works fine fine on my verizon galaxy S3.

  • James_Kernicky

    Motorola Droid FTW

  • Eric

    S3 is an armv7 right? (Didn’t see it on the list)

    • Tommy Thompson

      Wondering the same thing.

      • axis_power

        And here

    • SomeDooD123

      Well the S3 runs the Snapdragon S4 MSM8960. Which is ARMv7 according to wikipedia.

      • New_Guy

        And if Wikipedia says it, it must be true!…..right?

        • SomeDooD123


        • Matthew Merrick

          always =P

    • axis_power

      The I9300 is but not sure about I535

    • zepfloyd

      Yes, it is, and it works just fine on the GS3.

    • RMarkwald

      I flashed it on my SGS3 on US Cellular with TWRP recovery and it works just fine.

      • Tommy Thompson


  • streetlightman

    I think that this post should mention that you need ICS

  • Murphy

    Anyone having 4G connectivity problems? Denver, Colorado here…

  • John

    The more I’ve used Google Now the more I’ve come to understand why they designed it the way they did. It’s pretty freaking nice so far. I can’t wait to see how they continue to improve the functionality of it.

    I just want the “turn wifi on/off etc” features to work for my galaxy nexus.

    • Jay Sherman

      I enjoyed it also but shut it off, was draining my battery. 6 – 8 hours max on extended battery.

      • John

        Crazy. I haven’t noticed any affect on my battery. Then again, I only use it to voice search & weather + calendar reminders. I’ve turned off all other things like traffic etc.

        • therealciviczc

          Same here. I notice nearly no drain on my battery. I’ve always left wifi and gps off on my phones to save battery, but on my GNEX, now with wifi and gps on constantly, I’m doing just fine.

          • John

            Yep. Guess it’s just a YMMV sort of thing =/

      • My battery is better since JB and I use this a lot.

  • Dan-O

    Does this require ICS?

  • JulianZHuang

    it lag on my GN.

  • kaufkin

    subject line could use some cleaning up for clarity… 🙂 we’ve had Google for a while… Google Now OTOH… 🙂

    • Touche lol

      • Liderc

        The price you pay for capitalizing every letter in a title =P

        • Droidzilla

          Italics, my friend.

          • Liderc

            Or you know..write a title correctly. All Caps Is For Idiots.

          • Droidzilla

            His title format was correct, though there are other conventions that are also accepted for web article titles. I don’t think you ought to be correcting anyone’s grammar . . . ever.

          • Liderc

            Their title format isn’t correct. I’m not running a website, my grammar isn’t in question and isn’t representing a professional website.