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Android Build JRO03L ROM Released for Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE and Nexus 7

After hitting the AOSP servers, Android build JRO03L of Jelly Bean has already been turned into a custom ROM that is ready for flashing on the VZW Galaxy Nexus and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. It’s still Android 4.1.1 and there is no official changelog that we’ve seen yet. If you’re in a flashing mood, simply download this file and flash through ClockworkMod. A wipe is recommended if coming from anything else.

DownloadJRO03L for Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE | Nexus 7

Via: XDA

Cheers Isaac!

  • robotturkey

    bugless beast got updated

  • Does this seem a little light on settings? I don’t see anyway to replace the microphone with the comma on the keyboard, nor do I see a way to keep it from vibrating whenever you touch a key.

  • nhizzat

    Download doesn’t finish because Chrome doesn’t like the file. Anyone else getting this?

  • dean2359

    Running Liquid Smooth beta and its been great. Stable with lots of customization and themes.

  • So is there any job rom that works perfect?

  • Mike Muzzy

    If anyone is wondering who built the ROM for the Galaxy Nexus, this appears to be my file. This is my thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1762846

  • Stewie

    Sorry to say but imho its Vicious 4.1.1 v1 FTW … I can wait for anything on this ….

  • Joediver

    If this is a ROM why is the file labelled saying it’s just GAPPS file?

    • Joediver

      Never mind. Answered my own question by going to XDA

  • I like Bugless Beast but had issues with several apps not working correctly, like my BoA mobile app for instance. There were enough that I went back to a CM9 ICS-based ROM.

    • I was told that everything worked perfect on bb

  • johnc7995

    Flashing this now, I love having a Stock ROM installed.

    • hfoster52

      Share your results because I am waiting to see how this goes…..

      • johnc7995

        Not exactly what I expected. First of all old boot animation (flashing android text) and old (pre-ICS) touch noises, not sure exactly why. But otherwise seems stable.

        • hfoster52

          Thanks!!! Almost jumped the Gun. Just want Jelly Bean. Stupid Verizon.

          • wickets

            you doodz are so picky LOL

          • hfoster52

            Yeah working ROM I know picky….

  • daryle barden jr

    Is it beneficial to flash a JB bootloader along with a JB ROM?

  • Wes

    FYI : The N7 build caused it to mine to bootloop from stock JROO3C.

  • nhizzat

    I’ll wait for Team BAMF to update their rom for the GN, and flash this on the N7 tonight.

    • droid209

      I’ve used this for a couple weeks now, and i like it because it has more customization options than bb and it seemed to be more stable

  • Ive been running Liquid Smooth Jelly bean v2.0 beta1 with no problem. It really is very smooth. I’m hoping they incorporate this new build.

  • William_Morris

    Kinda off topic: Is there anyone that knows of a mirror for the latest BB nightly by Pete? The download on his site is so darn slow.

    • What about checking Rom Manager?

    • dmgdroid

      there are some on the Bugless beast forum on rootzwiki. I check there frequently

    • C-Law

      Look up. One of the comments above this has a mirror I used. Worked fast

    • robotturkey

      for some reason 8/5 rom was slow took me 10 hours but i found that the others were fast. and that was also on 85/35mbps speed

  • jad911911

    Just a ROM release. No radios here. Google devel still shows factory images for ICS only.

    • JustinRadice

      So this wouldn’t work on the Verizon network BC radio software isn’t built in……..need yo wait for a dev to update a custom ROM?

      • jonny6pak

        He’s just noting that this doesn’t have any new radios, it’s just a ROM. It works fine on Verizon, although I can’t really see much benefit to using this over any of the current custom roms even with the update. The new code will make it into the other roms soon enough.

  • JustinRadice

    So is the official (Google) jelly bean release for the late nexus that will be pushed down to unrooted phones eventually?

  • I do not see a JRO03L in the binaries section of google’s developer site. What is this JRO03L? Why is it not mentioned anywhere but this guy’s thread?

  • I’ve been on this ROM for a while now and it’s relieved my flashing addiction. JRO03L is its base:

    Edit: it was recently updated to the most recent base – it runs like a buttery beast.

  • Andrew

    AOKP nightlies have been solid for me

  • TemplesOfSyrinx

    AOKP nightlies already have a bunch of customization. Just needs to add color change to nav bar IMO. Give them a try. I don’t think you will go back.

    • John

      How have the nightlies been lately? I haven’t been keeping up much, since I haven’t seen an easy to follow changelog lately. Sure I can look at all the commits, but sometimes it gets sort of tedious to follow.

      • TemplesOfSyrinx

        They are great. Stable, fast, all the butter you need. They use Faux123 kernel but I have been swiching to Leankernel with leantweaks.

  • John Karaman

    Not much of a rooter, and am too nervous to do it without instuructions and how to’s. can you guys do something like that? make a how to?

    • William_Morris

      There is already a how to for the Galaxy Nexus on this website.

    • MikeKorby

      If you really need help with it, someone in the community will be more than willing to tutor you. For rooting the device, the instructions are already available on this site. As far as flashing a new ROM, it is fairly painless and very fun. Most of us who are in this game started off with some trepidation, but after some trial/error, it becomes a standard part of how you use your phone ^_^.

    • viciousking1914

      Droid Life has done many how-to’s on rooting. I’m not much of the developer myself, but i’ve learned so much over the past couple of years, just through DL alone.

    • Looks like my link to the guide within DL was removed or something. If you look on the right-hand side of the webpage it’s on there about 3/4 of the way down.

    • Booyah

      Wugfresh Toolkit

    • nhizzat

      Know how to use Google? And please don’t use a tool kit, there’s a reason why we bought the Nexus: it’s easy to work with. Using a tool kit on a Nexus defeats purpose of buying one.

    • Prime7

      The only thing that kind of sucks is that you will need to wipe your phone and lose everything when you unlock your bootloader.

      I treat it as if I just bought a brand new phone and have the opportunity to cherry-pick my favorite apps and settings whenever I do that, though.

  • Jeremy Morrison

    I though the new build was JRO03H? Was or has there been a new update yo the binaries since?

    • Greyhame

      That was for the Xoom LTE I believe.

  • Any idea what’s different?

    • Michael Franz

      My guess, the new binaries and probably some 4G stuff, i doubt much is different

  • Michael Forte

    Never mind.

  • John

    Hope AOKP hurrys up with some more mods. I’m on Liquid ROM until they have more time to keep adding customization.

  • I’ll wait for Bugless Beast to get updated.

    • theentropic

      Same. Been loving bugless beast while I wait for a stable release of CM10.

      • I am running it on both my N7 and Gnex

        • theentropic

          Running what? CM10? I know there are alpha/preview builds out there, but I don’t want to run those. I can wait until all the kinks have been worked out.

          • BB, I meant to reply to adam but I guess I clicked on your name. XP

          • hoss

            Been running cm10 for a little over a week now coming from BB. haven’t experienced much difference between the two. overall quite happy. nothing detrimental.

        • RCCola85

          How is BB on the N7? I was debating flashing it but I don’t know what the pros are to flashing it instead of staying on the original (rooted) OS.

          • With BB, there are no cons.

          • Yeah BB is just slightly better than stock and was just something for me to do. But for the first build it is as always bugless (Or as bugless as software gets).

          • RCCola85

            Nice I tried downloading it the other day but the download was gonna take 7 hours and I couldn’t find a mirror so I gave up. Been running it on my Gnex for the last month though.

          • Uhhhh I have a mirror from Android Central somewhere if you want it, obviously check the MD5 sum against the one on Pete’s site.

            Edit: Found it here is the direct download link http://www.garrettkeating.com/bb/grouper/pete_grouper_ota_2012-08-03.zip

          • RCCola85

            Nice thanks

          • You have to look for the mirrors. They’re usually found on Peter’s twtter feed or in the bugless beast Rootzwiki, XDA, or Android Central threads. Tons of people get the file and then put up mirrors in those threads.

          • RCCola85

            Yea I won’t lie, I wasn’t crazy proactive about trying to find a mirror for the N7 build. I searched a few forum threads the day after he released it & didn’t find anything so I just stopped. It’s enough scouring for mirrors for the Gnex builds. lol

      • KenBarnum

        Have you guys had any trouble with BB and Google Music? Mine skips from song to song anywhere from 10 seconds in to 1min in. It will play fine for 15 min 1st though. Its while I’m running with a GPS app on as well.
        I reverted to the last Google Music update and the GPS app hasn’t changed. Still same prob…have you guys seen that at all?

        • theentropic

          Can’t say that I’ve seen the issue. I’ve used it fairly regularly for long periods of time when I go to the gym as well. Although, I’m running a slightly outdated BB (JRO03C).

        • I’ve read about this problem before with Music. Though I don’t think it has anything to do with BB or even JB in particular.

        • Alex Rieck

          I used to have this issue on my charge, I think it was due to network issues causing incomplete files, since it was fixed after I cleared data and cache from music. Haven’t had it happen at all on my nexus on BB.

      • RCCola85

        Same exact thing I’m doing. #WellPlayed

    • Double ditto.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      BB used to be my go to Rom before Jellybean came out. Now I find that Jelly Belly is the best one out there, in my opinion.

      • Booyah

        What does Jelly Belly have over BB?

        • C-Law

          In my experience, it was worse. Maybe the new builds are running better

          • Booyah

            I’m sure Jelly Belly works great, but I’ve been using BB for a few weeks now and it’s pretty amazing. Liquid smooth.

      • C-Law

        I went to BB from jelly belly. On every build of jelly belly I tried, I had issues and bugs. Market restore didn’t work, on some builds ear piece volume was soft, etc. On BB I have had ZERO issues

      • The Jelly Belly dev introduces more bugs than he fixes half the time. I got tired of the daily updates with countless fixes for bugs that weren’t even there before.

    • cgalyon

      I actually ran into some strange problems when I flashed BB (along with Alfonso’s radio and bootloader). I started having *really* long boot sequences (I’d guess 5 minutes is a reasonable estimate, maybe longer). Tried thoroughly wiping before the install too. I’m still running it, but I’m a bit concerned about my device’s stability at this point (occasionally reboots too).

      That said, it may not be BB at all. I used multiple ROMs before that (AOKP, then VanirBean and Vicious JB). Could be something went wonky before, but the problems all appeared when I installed BB and its associated files.

      • Cory Larson

        Have you flashed the JB bootloader yet? It’s supposed to help with long boots.

        • cgalyon

          Yeah, I flashed PRIMELC03 (bootloader for Android 4.1). Anyone know if there is a newer one?

          • That won’t help with the long boot times. I get long boot times on BB, but I live with them.

          • Shane Girodat

            I was getting long boots using the PRIMELC03 for 4.1.1 went back to PRIMELC02 for 4.0.4 and haven’t had that problem since.

          • cgalyon

            Sounds good, don’t suppose you can help point me to that particular file? I can find PRIMELA03, but not LC. Also can you confirm that LC02 works on the Verizon version (toro)? Thanks!

          • Shane Girodat

            Sorry it is LA03 my bad. It works well on my vzw gnex

      • robotturkey

        did you do a full wipe?

        • cgalyon

          Yup, tried thoroughly wiping everything prior (and after).

    • saint_stephen

      Agreed. Just flashed the 8/3/12 Bugless Beast build (previously had the 7/19 build and then tried AOKP for a day before missing the performance of BB…), so I’ll likely stick with that for the time being.

    • C-Law

      Same here. Its the only JB build I havnt had issues with on my vzw gnex

    • I was thinking of flashing the ROM. Bugless Beast is Flashless. I’m having trouble viewing my Adult Content. Anybody have any ideas?

  • SirSoloDolo

    Verizon always get out done by the DEV Community xD

    • Sqube

      All the OEMs get outdone by the community. Then again, the community relies so much on what the OEMs do.

      Symbiotic, dontcha know.