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HTC’s 5-inch 1080p Smartphone Rumors Pop Up Again, Could Launch in September on Verizon

Remember the HTC device with the 5″ 1080p display (1794×1080) and Snapdragon S4 Pro processor that we first uncovered in a benchmark? According to DigiTimes, it could arrive as early as September or October. Their sources reference the same display resolution that we saw from that benchmark, and also match up to a late-Q3 release timeframe that was talked about back in April.

If you were looking for the next step towards the ultimate “super phone,” this would be it. If we go back and look at the benchmark for it, you’ll see scores that no other phone can even come close to. If it truly is running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, it’ll have the new Adreno 320 GPU inside, and essentially torch any other 2012 device.

We also know from that benchmark that the device is headed to Verizon, as Big Red’s name was splashed all over the system information that was captured. The current codename for the device is “dlx” and will undoubtedly run on their 4G LTE network.

With the Galaxy Note 2 on the verge of being announced, which will reign supreme? Unless Samsung has a few tricks up their sleeves, like a 1080p display and a newer quad-core chip than what’s currently available, I’m not sure even it can stop this new HTC device.

I know that the Galaxy S3 just came out, but how can you not feel a little warm and fuzzy inside when thinking about this phone?

Via:  DigiTimes | BGR

  • christian

    i’m excited to see that htc new smartphone Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system 5-inch 1920×1080 super amoled Display and stunning 441 PIXEL PER INCH (PPI) RESOLUTION Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 Processor 2GB of RAM 12 Megapixel primary camera at 1080p video format 3 megapixel front camera at 720p video format 2500 mAh Battery 16 or 32GB of storage + Micro SD Card slot that was awesome i think this smartphone was the biggest competitor of samsung galaxy note 2 they have same specs

  • Goose306


    5″ is too big. I already have a Nexus 7, why would I want something this massive to pack around? I have a GSIII, that is the biggest I’ll go, and that’s even pushing it.

    • trob6969

      If 5″ is too big then why did you buy the 7″ Nexus 7 when a smartphone and tablet are basically the same sort of device? Except a smartphone does more.

  • The Dude

    2 words – locked bootloader

    I have very little hope VZW will allow any device with an unlocked (or easy to unlock) bootloader except the Nexus, and even that is doubtful.

  • MentatYP

    Big battery = no need for the janked up One X multitasking “feature” = win. Here’s hoping they figure it out.

  • NemaCystX

    Is this why Verizon skipped on the One X? hmm

    • trob6969

      It most likely will be the rezound 2 because the rezound was the first phone to have a 720p display so its successor should be first to have a 1080p display.

  • I hope it has removable storage and battery.

    • trob6969

      Exactly my thoughts. I don’t care how great a smartphone’s specs are, if it doesn’t have an SD slot AND removable battery I’m not buying it.

  • If it is 5″ and not like 5.2″ or 5.5″ then I’d get this. Or wait another months for a Nexus device.

  • I am really excited to see what tabphones (5+ in screens) are on the way.. I love my Gnex and my Asus Transformer, and am trying to get a Nexus 7, but I want a 5″-6″ screen phone that is still pocketable, but a bigger screen then my Gnex has.. And of course it being on my unlimited LTE plan.. Either this HTC, or hopefully a Nexus this fall/winter..

  • DJyoSNOW

    Being a droid charge owner and going through four like none other. I would love to jump ship on the samsung carp experience I’ve had. Bring it HTC!!

  • sml698

    I hate wasting upgrades -___- Verizon sucks….

  • Liz

    I love HTC, and will never buy any other brand of phone. I have owned the original Incredible, and 4G LTE Thunderbolt — they are both great products! I am ready to see what HTC will do next.

    • LionStone

      Same here…Incredible > Thunderbolt > Incredible 4 (which will go to the GF once this beast comes out)…nice job HTC, still bringing it!

    • jose

      Same here. I went from Moto to Samsung to HTC. Think I’ll be sticking with HTC for a while. To go back to Moto would require them to have a good camera and a good display. Samsung, well I got burned on the Gnex, so it will be a while before I trust them again.

      • Fatty Bunter

        What don’t you like about the GNex?

  • Trueblue711

    So maybe this is why Verizon passed on the One X series….

    • George264

      It’s like when they passed on GSII, but hopefully they don’t screw us like how they screwed the GN, I will not be an early adopter on this, I have been screwed on Rezound, and I’ll wait and see on this.

      • michael arazan

        What if this phone was the New HTC Nexus phone? There are suppose to be five different companies creating a nexus phone this year, if they want. No one has heard anything on any new nexus phones yet. Last summer rumors broke out in july 2011 about the samsung nexus rumors. So right now companies would have to be developing them.

      • trob6969

        I have the rezound and think its only beaten by the s3 of all the other phones out now in overall features and functions.

  • nightscout13

    HTC is a knock off brand. Low quality phones.

    • trob6969

      Evidently you never used a rezound.

      • nightscout13

        The review’s around the web taught me not to. The majority of review’s say the phone sucks, along with it’s battery.

        • trob6969

          It’s wise to do your own research then take into consideration what actual owners have to say about a product instead of these ‘reviewers’ who only have it for a few minutes…its like the many times I’ve heard critics slam movies that I saw and really liked, these reviewers are no different.

          • nightscout13

            Please do tell, what is your experience with your battery, and are you a light, moderate, or heavy user?

          • trob6969

            I’m a heavy user and yes the rezound’s standard battery does suck, which I expected so I bought the 2750 mah battery at the time of purchase. But other than that, the phone is very good.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    This will finally be a reason to drop my OG Incredible 1 for something better. Overclocked inc running CM9 still performs better than most stock bloated phones at verizon.

    • Captain_Doug

      The Dinc2 was a good upgrade. I’m running CM10 oh so smooth.

  • jakemyster84

    Depending on what the new nexus device is coming out this winter this will most likely then be my next upgrade come December. Although I have a Thunderbolt now and that is a major let down when it comes to ICS being released, and the battery life does suck so put a monster of a battery in this please. Sure sounds like it has huge potential to be great!!!

  • S4 Pro will not stay on top too long. Cortex-A15 will beat Krait again soon. But S4 Pro is still a powerhouse. Just like what happened between Cortex-A9 and Scorpion. HTC will have to have a Tegra 4 device next year.

    • trob6969

      The quad s4 in the DLX is an A15…supposedly.

      • S4 Plus, Pro, Prime are base on Krait. Krait is between Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A15. Cortex-A9 << Krait < Cortex-A15. Cortex-A8 < Scorpion < Cortex-A9

  • Philip Van Luke

    After buying a thunderbolt to lock in 4G LTE unlimited (which ended up not even being necessary) I will never buy HTC again. that phone was garbage and I hated every month I owned it. It took me 12 months to convince my wife to let me buy a nexus, and I will never buy anything other than a nexus ever again.

    • While I got a s3, i regret nothing and am having a hard time selling my TB. Such a HUGE upgrade though.

      • yes it was hard selling my thunderbolt has well,it was a great phone , such a big dev support

    • JoshGroff

      I recently downgraded from a Rezound to the Thunderbolt, it’s not as bad of a phone now with the latest update, and the dev community did a pretty solid job with HTC and VZW’s red-headed step child. If only the parents would own up and give it the ICS it worked so hard for.

    • Not that I’m sticking up for the Thunderbolt, but try to remember that it was the first LTE phone ever, and basically a test phone. The technologies have come so far now. The One X is arguably the best phone available today. This new 5″ device should be even better.

    • majorhunadadun

      Oh please get off the Thunderbolt soapbox will ya! HTC makes awesome products and I for one am eagerly awaiting its release.

      • coolsilver

        It’s not a soapbox, it’s HTC’s headstone.

      • Garrett Shaw

        Really??? Seems like they are losing money, like water out of a faucet. Has to be crappy hardware with a touch of superbloated Skin (Sense). HTC needs like 4 gig of memory to run the big HOG.

        • Yes, because Touchwiz is any less bloated than sense?

        • LionStone

          Guess you haven’t heard what Sense 4.1 brings 🙂

        • trob6969

          No, its HTC’s lack of marketing the features of their phones. Take the rezound for instance: it was the first phone to have a 720p ‘true’ HD display, it is the only phone to trounce iPhone’s coveted retina display with its 342ppi, it was first to have a 1.5 dual core, its front cam also records HD and both cams record slow-motion video, and it has SWOW SRS surround sound. BUT despite all that, , all HTC promoted was Beats Audio! HTC is

  • WAldenIV

    1080p is 1920×1080 resolution.

    • Angryunibrow

      They omits 126 vertical lines for Android’s onscreen navigation buttons. So it still is 1920×1080

      • WAldenIV

        Aha, thanks.

      • Exactly. 🙂

      • I am not an Android user, but planning to buy Note 2 or HTC DLX when they come out. When we play a 1920*1080 video what will happen to those 126 lines, will they still be there or during video those vanish ?

        • trob6969

          When playing video the 126 lines is added to the screen. They only are used for the on-screen control buttons when needed.

  • Stratocat0

    I like HTC devices…
    I currently have an Inc2
    I need to know if I should get the Samsung GS3 or wait for this beast? Suggestions please…

    • droid4life

      The best will always be “coming” but if you want the best right NOW then get the GS3.

    • Jake

      Just got with SIII. If this is 5″ even and has onscreen keys the SIII will be really close. 1080p is kinda overkill for devices not approaching 6″ or atleast well over 5″. The S4 Pro will be really nice, but nothing earth shaking unless you are a hardcore phone gamer or extreme multitasker(if it really is the quadcore version). If you prefer replaceable batter and/or microSD expansion option then it’s a 100% no brainer for the SIII as the devices are FAR to close to give up those things to have this.

  • Tom

    Too bad it will be an HTC. I’m done with HTC after owning the Thunderbolt!

    • JoshGroff

      Having owned a few HTC phones (and having friends that owned most of the others on VZW,) I must say the Thunderbolt is the only one I felt the need to S-off and flash custom ROMs on. Having also owned the Rezound and Sensation 4G (and having a friend that owned the Inc 1&2), I must say that they make some solid devices (with the Thunderbolt being the exception to the rule.) But then again, what do you expect from a phone that’s the first with anything? (Sensation 4G was pretty glitchy on release being the first with Sense 3.0, which was quickly patched)

      • Garrett Shaw

        until you load up some apps and then Sense keeps re-booting. Great phone for people that don’t add apps.

        • JoshGroff

          I typically have ~30 apps/games and haven’t experienced any crash issues, maybe you have a bad apple somewhere. My friend’s brother had the same problem on his Incredible 2, and after a factory reset, he was fine.

    • ajz

      I’m with you

  • htowngtr


  • AlexKCMO

    I think most people here are shunned away from HTC after their debacle with the Rezound. almost 9 months after ICS Announcement to release ICS (when there was a very working build in February) and their refusal to release source code, which is a violation of the GPL.

    HTC really needs to take a note from Samsung (minus the recent SGSIII Bootloader Debacle). Fully unlock phones… none of the S-OFF garbage, release source as soon as the OTA goes live.

    • htowngtr

      It’s on Verizon so unlikely for S-OFF and fully unlocked. Judging from how Sammy had to lock the VZW S3, I would bet it has more to do with VZW being the way they are than HTC locking it up.

      • JoshGroff

        Rezound and T-bolt both have S-off. Also, both have access to HTC’s boot-loader unlock tool.

      • AlexKCMO

        The One X still has S-ON and hasn’t been bypassed (according to XDA’s Wiki). The Incredible 4G can’t be rooted yet (last I read).

        Verizon isn’t the entire problem, but they’re definitely a big part of the equation. HTC isn’t clean either though.

        • coolsilver

          I’ll be buying a Nexus phone, retail anyway since Verizon is forcing people off unlimited data soon when you upgrade.

    • Jake

      These are all VZW problems more so than anything to do with HTC. These are the reasons we should always beg for something like what the SIII Dev is should be. A totally unVZW sponsored/molested VZW network compatible device. Hopefully it gets updates and all sorts of treatment before the locked VZW version does as I don’t see any reason it couldn’t.

      • AlexKCMO

        So the One X not having S-OFF was decided by VZW?

        • Jake

          That would be AT&T’s doing. All the networks would rather the OEM leave the device as locked up as possible. Shoot, AT&T doesn’t even want you to be able to side load apps. IF they don’t want you doing that, why on earth would they be hunky dory with S-OFF being simple and supported?

          • Diablo81588

            Samsung phones are unlocked on ATT..

          • Jake

            Samsung has more clout over AT&T than HTC. HTC is to AT&T what Moto is to VZW essentially.

          • So the European One X not having S-OFF was AT&T’s doing?

    • jose

      Speak for yourself. I’ve had my Rezound since December and it’s been perfect. Does everything I need it to do and then some. When a phone works day in and day out in the real world, you kind of forget about petty little things like hacking and ROMing. With some phones, that’s a necessity. Not the case with the Rezound.

      • Immolate

        Think you’re missing the point of ROMs entirely. The S3 is superior to the Rezound in pretty much every way, and yet I happily load a new ROM on it every few days because I enjoy it. I’d feel trapped a frustrated on a phone that didn’t allow ROM-based customization, not matter how “complete” it was.

        • jose

          No I get it. I played the ROMing game for 2yrs with the D1. I just don’t care for it anymore. Some people enjoy it. It’s almost like a hobby for them. But to say that most people are shunned away from HTC is not accurate. I’m an Android enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean I have the desire to wipe and load new ROMs consistently.

        • RezCommando4231

          +1 with Rez over S3 for fun. Its crazy, but I moved back to the Rez. The S3 is locked down so far, and has a lot of annoying little issues, plus the reception is weak compared to my Rez. This kills it more than anything. I never get data or voice drops on the Rez, while the S3 hits about 3 deadzones on the way home, plus I can’t pull a signal @ work.
          I’m not selling the S3 yet, but I’m not missing it other than the better batt life and speed.
          The Rez is a bit of a chunk, and not as fast as the newest phones, but lots of dev options, and no stupid home button. Perhaps if this 5″ phone is coming to VZW, I will sell the S3 and pocket the cash to buy this.

        • trob6969

          Nope! The only things that the s3 are superior to the rezound are speed and its NFC chip. That’s it. The rezound beats it in display sharpness by far, accuracy of color reproduction, its camera set (its front cam also records HD), it records slow motion , it has WOW SRS surround sound. People think the s3 is so much better than the rezound only because they don’t know its ‘real’ features due to HTC not promoting them, all they ever advertised was Beats Audio.

    • Adol

      Verizon was too busy shoving the razr down our throats. HTC did a great job getting builds of ICS out, and they even “leaked” signed copies of ICS so if you knew anything about what you were doing, you had a Rezound with ICS in February like me and every other Rezound owner I knew.

      Verizon did everything in their power to hold down HTC from pushing out updates.

      Just like Verizon won’t push Jelly Bean for a NEXUS device. They just say, “It’s not ready.”

  • chris125

    Put a huge battery in it please HTC!!! This has potential to be the real flagship they needed as long as it doesn’t have thunderbolt like battery life.

    • snookie

      HTC + Thunderbolt + Rezound + HTC’s track record on battery life = BIG FAIL

      • chris125

        That’s why I said huge battery.

      • George264

        Well I don’t know if I’m allowed to reveal this, or even if this helps, but, I have and others have suggested in HTC Elevate that a bigger battery would be a great upgrade. I hope they listen! Also, I think 5 inches is outrageous. 4.8/4.7 is probably the IDEAL screen size, I used to say 4.3 but with the minimal bezel, 4.7 is great, and 4.8 is the same. that .2 inches makes a difference!

      • LionStone

        What? The S4 processor on the Inc4 gives insane battery life…don’t forget to include that.

      • trob6969

        Evidently you don’t have a rezound, or if you do it must have been a dud because in overall features and functions its the only other phone out now that’s comparable to the s3.

    • I agree. Battery is KEY

    • trob6969

      Yeah, a large AND swappable battery to be exact! And for me it MUST have an SD card slot also.

  • Radgatt

    Only time will tell if this will be a beast or not…I’m sure a side by side comparison will be on this site soon.