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DROID 4 Soak Test Set to Begin, More Than Likely Ice Cream Sandwich

We are hearing reports from readers, suggesting that Motorola is inviting DROID 4 owners to participate in a new software update soak test. No indication has been given that this will be Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), but at this point, we would be pretty surprised if it wasn’t. Motorola previously told us to expect it in Q3, and since we are sitting in the middle of the quarter, now would be the time to start testing it in preparation for rollout.

This morning, we also spent a minute cruising around Motorola D4 forums and found an “ICS Waiting Room” thread. In that thread within the last week, Moto Forums’ manager Matt, stopped by to remind everyone with a DROID 4 to be sure they have opted-in to the Motorola Feedback Network, the group that sends out invites and allows you to test new software. Could there be a bigger hint?

Cheers J!

  • ThinkOpenly

    I sure hope the update makes all the Droid 4 wackiness go away (touchscreen goes berserk, have to touch icons 2 or 3 times to launch, …)

  • Story_Ninja

    I am actually really happy with my droid 4. I got it because I couldn’t give up a physical keyboard. I get why lots of the community on this site passed on the phone, (locked bootloader, Custom Moto Rom). But in all honesty, It is still the most powerful Qwerty keyboarded phone on Verizon. I went to the Droid 4 from the OG Droid. And for me it was like a Quantum leap. Not big into flashing my own ROMS. All I wanted to do was be able to root it. I played around with the Galaxy Nexus but I found that the build quality was not up to what I was used to with the OG and I couldnt type as rapidly as with the physical Keyboard. I look forward to having ICE Cream sandwich and Im Glad that Droid-Life Still covers the phone even though it’s not widely supported or appreciated by the Dev Community.

  • Weezer

    I just think it’s hilarious that everybody’s talking about the Bionic in a Droid 4 story, shows you what the more popular phone is, and .238 just leaked for the Bionic Friday so it shouldn’t be long now.

  • noc007

    ’bout damn time. I hope they’re already working on a JB. I’ll settle for ICS for now, but six months after JB’s code was released, I’m going to be sitting here wondering WTF.

  • lol and finally big blue gets the communist data plans like all the rest of us

  • Bob V.

    Now if they can only figure out how to get my Droid4 to hold a steady LTE signal…

    • John C.

      Same with all the other Verizon LTE phones. I wonder if Verizon will always have issues because of their hybrid network.

      • RobMorris

        I keep steady LTE signal on my Rezound

        • jason

          Not my Rezound.

          • RobMorris

            Are you on the ICS update?

    • Ya I am having the same problem!!! I never should have updated GB with that last update a few months ago. Everything was fine before then, now I have problems with the keyboard backlight not coming on when it is supposed to and the LTE connection not holding…

  • Raven

    As awesome as this phone is, it is getting a little too old to buy as a new phone. I was really hoping for a 5th generation slider from Motorola to replace my really old Droid 2, but when this gets ICS I may just have to jump on it anyway if I have not at least heard of any solid Droid 5 rumors by the end of September.

    • Bionic

      id say the Droid Razr HD is the only moto phone for verizon until christmas time. then maybe you might see a Droid 5

    • BigRed4X15

      The Photon Q could very well become a Droid 5 in the near future. looks to be a pretty good phone.

      • Jeff

        I going to guess the Droid 5 will be better than the Photon Q. Just like how the Photon Q is better than the Droid 4.

  • Bionic

    How did droid 4 jump ahead of bionic? Lame

    • Diablo81588

      Yeah what the hell moto?! Bionic was supposed to be “early” Q3, and the 4 was just Q3..

      • D4 is newer though. It only makes sense

        • Bionic

          not really

        • Diablo81588

          It would make sense if Motorola had said different on their ICS release schedule. According to that however, the Bionic was supposed to get OTA ICS first. Doesn’t matter to me anyway really, the 232 leak is rock solid.

    • Lambo_21

      Thinking the same thing

    • violator702

      I’m thinking it was easier to do so, cuz the droid 4 has an omap like the razrs and not a tegra.

      • Diablo81588

        The Bionic has the same OMAP processor as both the RAZR and the DROID 4.

        • michael arazan

          Probably going on development of ics on how popular the phones were, and the d4 is similar to the razr, just sucks that they are doing this one phone at a time for everybody it seems. Surprised Moto doesn’t come out with a tablet slider, a tablet with a built in sliding keyboard would be pretty cool I think.

    • Knlegend1

      How did the Razr jump ahead the bionic? Simple if you think about it.

    • Buy This

      wah wah wait a couple more weeks or root it/slap a leak on there. At least you have a flipping LTE smartphone that will receive ICS.

    • because its not as popular

      • Diablo81588

        I could be wrong, but I would think Verizon has sold alot more bionics than Droid 4s, simply because the bionic was the first dual core phone with lte. The Droid 4 is just a regular RAZR with a physical keyboard.

        • Ex-Bionic User

          Most people who had the Bionic have already moved on.

          • sk102704

            According to the poll Droid Life did last week the Bionic is currently 4 times more popular than the Droid 4. There goes that theory.

          • skates

            By people who read this site which is an extremely small percentage of Verizon Droid users.

    • Joe

      Seriously? How about because the Bionic is a piece of $hit and the DROID4 is a great phone? Wow

      • timmyt

        Bionic is so much better than the Droid. Everybody knows that.

      • Heartless12


      • Diablo81588

        Its almost exactly the same phone minus the physical keyboard you moron..

    • My theory is they had problems with the RAZR rollout, perhaps they are getting the D4 out of the way because if it DOES go wrong, a smaller number of devices will be affected. Usually, these odd delays mean that Motorola is upgrading their internal infrastructure to support pushing a large update to a larger number of users. ICS is the biggest update they’ve ever attempted to push en masse. Could be the D4 release is a “soak test” of sorts for the more widespread Bionic push.
      Doesn’t affect me, as I am on the 6.7.238 leak – but feel sorry for those who CAN’T install leaks on their device because ICS really is a significant improvement.

    • Alias73

      Totally agree! WTF happened to the ICS update for the BIONIC! Motorola and Verizon are assh*les!!

  • enigmaco

    The droid 3 will have ics good chance for JB as well thanks to kexec they brought my phone back from the dead.

  • Greg

    Man it’s about time! Now where’s my JellyBean??? 😀

    • dont get greedy now!

    • Fly_Dog

      Sorry, accidental dislike. I couldn’t figure out how to undo it. The count went to 2 when I clicked again.

  • I’ve been running the leaked version .215 on my DROID 4 and it’s pretty awesome.

  • imns

    *cough cough* droid 3 *cough cough*

    • Not going to get it OTA, not enough ram

      • Guy

        Check out the new kexec based roms/kernels on XDA

      • imns

        It is doable, they just don’t want to. Why support an older phone when customers can buy a newer one? If the dev community can get it working so can Motorola/Verizon

    • Knlegend1