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AT&T’s Mobile Share Plans Go Live August 23

The date has been set for AT&T’s Mobile Share plans. On August 23, customers will be able to choose from a new Mobile Share plan, to keep their current plan, or to change to one of AT&T’s existing plans. For now, there will be no forcing new customers onto the Share plans, even when upgrading to a new phone. They have six options in total for “data bucket” sizes at 1GB going all the way up to 20GB. 

To see our current rundown of Shared Data on both, Verizon and AT&T, check out our post here.


Via: AT&T

  • Elizabeth

    I have iPhone 4S and iPad 2. My entire family each has 1, 2, or 3, apple devices per person. I’m serious, my 5 year old sister has an iPod. I’m getting my grandparents each an iPhone. They deserve it. BTW- I’m twelve.

  • matthew

    I want to remind you that if you go into a store at Verizon we don’t make you switch to the share everything plan either, its just 9 times out of 10 it saves the customer money, but I have upgraded several people in the last month and a half and not changed their plan because it would have cost them more. The only reason people need to switch is if they’re going from a basic phone to a smartphone, or are switching from a smartphone with unlimited data, if you have the tier plans and it isn’t cheaper to do share everything you don’t have to switch.

    • michael arazan

      It doesn’t save money for that many, if i switched and many others on this site have also contributed, we all would be paying double in terms of the data we use. Shared data at verizon is like putting perfume on a pig. Verizon is forcing new customers to use shared data, maybe not pre-existing yet

  • NoMoney

    Wow these data prices are expensive.

  • Hothfox

    I’m sure they’ll screw everyone over at some point, but Verizon should have allowed AT LEAST single line new customers choose a tiered plan, instead of this share crap.

    • AlexKCMO

      They do… I was in a store asking about adding a third line and they said the third line would get 2 GB of data. Same if I purchased a separate line of service.

      • Hothfox

        Oh? I chatted with their support online and they said that all new lines had to pick a shared plan. Guess it just depends on the rep.

        • T4rd

          I think it depends if the line is the primary line on the account. If not, or if the line is the only number on the account, then you will have the tiered options that were available before the share everything plans were available. I’ve read from mulitple publications and actual Verizon reps that individual lines don’t have the “share everything” data plan options and that they start out with the 2GB/$30 plans.

          • Hothfox

            I was fake-starting a new account that would have only one line – the primary line, to see what my data options were. They told me that the tiered plans were not available for new lines at all, even if the new account was only going to have the one line.

            I’m not talking about upgrades either, rather new lines. Upgrades can keep their tiered plans, but a new line on a new account cannot go with the tiered. I was interested in this scenario personally, for when I leave my parent’s account and get my own account and port my number to a new line.

        • jamalyn2369

          Technically is would be a shareplan but you would be only one using it. If you ever wanted to add a line you could have them share your data which would be more cost effective versus each paying separate..

          • Hothfox

            It’s really only more cost effective if you don’t bump yourself up to a new data tier to share. If I have one device using 2GB, I’m probably going to need to go up to 4GB to share with another device, which costs more. Plus the extra device cost every month. If, however, you can restrain your usage to stay on the 2GB tier with two devices, then it is more cost effective.

  • Muddy B00ts

    *Overused, sarcastic remark about Androidlife being dead here.

  • KleenDroid


  • JetBlue

    Have they said anything about new customers if they will have to get shared data or not?

    • Third sentence –

      “For now, there will be no forcing new customers onto the Share plans”

      • T4rd

        I’m going to throw that line in Verizon’s face when I’m due for re-up if they don’t let me keep unlimited data. If the arguably worst carrier (in terms of value and customer service) in the US will let us keep our existing plans, then Verizon should too. I guess Verizon is trying to take that throne from AT&T now though..

        • Hothfox

          Unfortunately, I think Verizon knows they have arguably the best coverage, and it’s getting to their heads.