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Gmail for Android Updated – Improved 7″ Device Support, Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Google pushed an update out to Gmail today which includes a few bug fixes along with some added support for Nexus 7 owners. The changelog for apps like this are never very descriptive, so it’s hard to say exactly which bugs were fixed or improvements were added, but what we do know is that there still is no pinch-to-zoom feature. Come on, Google. We’re waiting. 🙂


Android 4.0 (ICS) and up:

  • Improved 7″ support:
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Android 2.2 and up:

  • New Labels API for 3rd-party app developers
  • Performance improvements

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  • andy

    important and userfrindly post for gmail support and people really benefit for this.

  • Guest

    If I have 55 emails… and I only want to delete email #22… can I do it?
    Or (totally without warning) does it delete 55 of my emails?

    Asking “are you sure you want to delete this conversation”… is *NOT* the same as “do you want to delete 55 of your totally irreplaceable emails”.

    • JosephMoreno

      There’s an undo button that pops up for a second after you delete anyways, so.. ANd actually if you delete them it’s not hard at all to put them back in your inbox

  • All I want is Select All Unread. That’s all. C’mon Google!

    • in the search area type in “is:unread” then hit the select all check box, a message right above the first email will say “Select all conversations that match this search” click it then do whatever (delete or move or mark as read, ect.)

      not sure if it works in the app, but it works on the website.

  • yadda

    Pinch zoom. Definitely need that. I, among many people, receive many pics and subscriptions, when they load we need to be able to scale the attachment/email. Can someone point to a Google forum where we can petition for this feature?

  • Yes please, pinch-to-zoom! Please!

  • droid209

    i have a dumb question: what’s the difference between a gmail app and the main email app on the phone? i’ve never really used gmail app at all on my phone.

    • ArmanUV

      The gmail app has gmail specific features like Labels, etc but it doesn’t have pinch-to-zoon. They look very much alike.

      • droid209

        thanks. i didn’t use labels, so i guess, i didn’t miss much.

    • JustTrollin69

      Email is used for gmail and other email services, such as yahoo, hotmail, and also supports exchange emails. Gmail is only used with your gmail account, but is arguably a better interface. I feel it is more integrated with your google powered phone and the interface is smooth and similar to actual gmail. Sorry if that was repetitive, long day.

  • enigmaco

    Amazon got a nice update as well

  • Mack

    Thank you Tim. PINCH-TO-ZOOM! Not a big fan of MotoBlur but that was my favorite part of the Blur email app.

  • PyroHoltz

    Is this just for the n7 or any 7″ specific device? My Nook Color with CM9 could use some better Gmail love.

  • Jim McClain

    Quick question, is everything working right on the latest bugless beast jelly bean?

    • JosephMoreno

      Little off topic there. And wouldn’t it be faster to just check the forums?

      • Jim McClain

        Yes a little bit,thats why I said ‘quick question’ and sometimes its quicker here 😉

        • Virus

          Works great 🙂

      • Nazzi_Muhammad

        in the time it took you to write that, wouldn’t it be faster to just answer the damn question?

        • JosephMoreno

          Nope because A) I’m a fast typer and B) I don’t follow ROM’s that are not for my phone, so I would have had to do what I suggested he do

          • Nazzi_Muhammad

            And C), you’re a meathead

      • MikeSaver

        What forums do you mean? This is a serious question, I’m a newbie.

        • JosephMoreno

          Web Forums like XDA or RootzWiki, where Android ROM’s are discussed and put up for release