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Official Nexus 7 Accessory Lineup Leaks, POGO Dock and Premium Leather Case Incoming

According to leaked slides obtained by Nordic Hardware, the Nexus 7 accessory lineup is about to get a lot more interesting.

You know those pogo pins on the side of the device? Yeah, there is a dock on its way that will take advantage of them. These slides show a $49.99 price tag and an 8/24 release date. The dock has been made to “perfectly-angle” your Nexus 7 for “better movie and photo viewing, browsing, and email.” It includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, so that you can hook up speakers, however, it does not appear to have HDMI support. That shouldn’t surprise you, though. 

What about cases? Were you not satisfied with the TPU case that we took a look at earlier? No worries, because there is a premium leather version in the works as well, that should arrive around 8/31 for $39.99 in 4 different colors. And if the TPU case was your thing, but you were simply waiting for Asus to release other colors, you should have them…well, we still aren’t sure even though they continue to pop up in plans. As of today, you can only purchase the dark version from the Google Play store.

Assuming all of this is legit, this hopefully made your day as it has ours.

Via:  Nordic Hardware

Cheers Lake!

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  • Christopher Chin

    Sounds like a biz opp. Looks like there’s a huge market for docks/cases for the nexus 7 that isn’t being fulfilled. Sucks because since it doesn’t have a fruit logo on it, no one wants to build for it.

    Who’s got seed money to start up a new accessory business for Android tablets? The current manufacturers are turning a blind eye to us 🙂

  • Yeah Asus is cool, i have Laptops, mainboard, videocards, tablets, phone…everything. Never had any problems, hope not to speak too soon.

  • Dear Lord….
    On the back of the Dock is a micro USB port. That connects your dock to your computers USB port. The computer send power down the USB cable to the dock. The dock sends the power through the POGO pins to the tablet charging the tablet.
    That was not rocket science.

  • Scorpineo

    Where’s the dock? It’s almost October already. I don’t understand companies. Do you really NOT WANT to make a profit from this?

    Would be better if this thing had built in speakers.

    Does anyone have a schematic for the POGO pin functions?

    F this waiting, let’s make our own docks!

  • Joseph Kreifeks II

    Where is it?

  • ganjagoblin

    for one i want a doc that can play music why i fall asleep i dont want it to just charge it WTF google needs to step up there game in that area big time i mean spend money on a device but theres nothing released for the device come on google we know your better then them Ishit products

  • Marsh

    Here it is Sept. and still not Offical Case or Dock…

  • Now that we are in week 34 has there been any more news about the dock coming out?

  • BingBooo

    Sounds like a pretty crazy plan to me dude.

  • narg

    “Charge via micro USB” WTF?!?!? Why do I need to plug in a micro USB while it’s in a cradle, isn’t there a side connector (4 little round connections) that charges it while it’s sitting in the cradle?!? Did Google mess this one up?

  • Amenemhat1

    Hopefully ASUS gets a shot at the next Nexus phone as well

  • Jon

    such a shame there is not HDMI out on that thing.

    • narg

      For $199, really? Wow you folks expect a lot.

      • I know this is 3 months old, but Nexus 7 will soon have video out via an adapter. Look at the specs for the soon available Jelly Bean. Video out. 😀

        Edit – By soon available jelly bean i mean the 4.2 update.”Wireless TV Display”.

  • SEE THIS SAMSUNG? The dock is $49 and uses the POGO pins. That’s what you were supposed to do for the Galaxy Nexus. Thanks.

    • narg

      If the pogo pins are used, why does the description above state “charge-while-you-use via micro USB”?? Someone messed up here.

      • harryharry

        see photo, back of dock: “Micro USB connector for charging”

        I’d assume that means it uses the pogo pins.

        • 4n1m4L

          Four pins mean this pogo dock is USB pass through

  • fauxshizzl

    Gigantic “meh” from this guy.

  • anthony

    any idea on a UK release date as we still haven’t sen the travel cases released over here yet

  • I was so looking forward to a nexus tablet, but 7″ is just too small.. the transformer prime had it’s issues as well. I feel dirty, but i just bought a 32gb new ipad today. I really wish there was an android tablet with jellybean that just worked as good as the ipad with the battery life/smoothness/size/screen quality and overall feel. I still can’t believe after all this weight how half ass it is with screens lifting and stuff. I still love my android phone over the iphone by leaps and bounds…. just wish they’d really step up in the tablet department. I waited two years to buy one, and now i have an apple tablet after swearing off of ever buying one.

    • LOL- most everyone else was saying a 10″ tablet was too big, so they started making 7″ tablets and they caught on—even Apple is making a smaller tablet now. Now you’re going back to the 10″

      Make up your mind people! 🙂

    • Greyhame

      for shame….

    • Keith0606

      I used to have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 but sold it b/c it just wasn’t that great. I considered an iPad on and off for the past couple months, and my wife even bought one. After playing with it a bit i quickly got bored of it just like every other ipad i’ve played with so I decided i’d wait and see what else came along. When I initially heard about the Nexus 7, I thought 7″ would be too small too, but thought I’d give the nexus 7 a go, $250+nexus, I figured why not. I love it. I actually think I like 7″ form factor more than a 10″ better now since it’s easy to hold with one hand, and it’s still big enough for movies, and just perfect for games and books. Guess i’m lucky b/c I don’t have any manufacturing issues with mine, hopefully their manufacturing process gets better/more reliable. I would not trade this for any other tablet on the market right now even if someone offered me one (ipad, transformer infinity, etc).

      • ddialogue

        Could not have said it better myself. Moved from a TF101 to this and I am loving the 7″ form factor!

      • i should have noted that i also have a kindle fire running a nice ics rom… it’s just too small for my needs. I wanted something that resembles an actual page of a book. I’m as much of an android fanboy as you can get, but there’s still not a single android tablet that steps up to the newest ipad on all fronts. Vote me down all you want, facts are facts. I mean, the ipad doesn’t have external storage and some other stuff, but then again, neither does the nexus 7.. I’m really hoping the nexus 10 lives up to expectations, because the 7, while nice for the price, has a lot of shortcomings, and a very embarassing thing with the screens being defecive and lifting up.

        • Keith0606

          Since you stated you have tried the 7″ form factor that would have changed my original comment a bit. I was not actually trying to “vote you down” or anything. Frankly, as I work in IT, I get asked about what to buy all the time, and in a lot of cases I recommend people get iphones and ipads, it just depends on their situation. In the past I have not recommended an android tablet to anyone (other than android buffs like myself) until the nexus 7. Now I’d recommend it to almost anyone.

          I just wanted to put a different perspective out there for anyone considering a tablet, to not knock a 7″ tablet till you try it (more specifically the nexus 7, because in my opinion it really is that good). I know in the past I sure did. I also wanted to tell people who have previously used an android tablet and have been “underwhelmed” that you should re-evaluate your opinion after using a nexus 7.
          Also, while there is undoubtedly a good number of defective screens out there I personally doubt that it is as bad (in numbers) as some people think. More people comment on bad experiences than good ones. Still only Google and Asus know the answer to that. I expect that it will get better as well.

      • narg

        You need to wait for Windows 8 tablets.

        • replies that are just ad hominem attacks are what i’d expect from apple fanboys.. congrats on being just as ignorant.

          • narg

            You’re just calling the kettle black…

    • narg


  • Ryan Powell

    Hopefully they produce enough of the dock that we don’t have to fight for them. Because I’d punch you. Punch you right in the mouth.

    • narg


  • Bionic

    Dock looks good for watching porn. I can’t hold my nexus 7 because I need both hands cuz I’m huge……

    • JoshGroff

      Two words: zombie hand

  • Cowboydroid

    Make a folding keyboard attachment Asus. I know you’re capable of it. And I want one.

  • ferrari187

    Well there goes a hundred bucks!

    • narg

      Yep, this $199 device is quickly turning into a $400 device…

  • SeanBello

    I’m ALL over that dock. looks perfect to use while playing Super Metroid 😉

  • nightscout13

    When will OEM’s design stands that allow use with device cases?

    • that is close to impossible….there are too many different case models that are made to ever narrow down 1 mold that they will all fit in…if anything it would be up to the case manufacturer to build that functionality into the case.

      • quiklives

        When there’s an official case released, like now, they could at least build it to work with that. Granted, anyone who didn’t like that case would be out of luck, but it would still be more options than we currently have.

      • narg

        I guess you’ve never seen an Apple dock where they have removable inserts to handle multiple designs… sigh…

        • yes I have actually but thats something made to handle different designs of the same product ie ipod, ipod nano etc not a company that is making different inserts for an endless possibility of case designs/sizes manufactured by all sorts of different companies…

      • nightscout13

        Well, how about HP Touchstone type technology……That worked even with an aftermarket case…..

  • Tyler Chappell

    I am very interested in seeing what the dock will be like as the tablet is really made for portrait mode. I assume the dock will kinda “unlock” a more landscape mode that functions the same way as the portrait mode as far as notifications are concerned etc. I guess we will see, I will most likely be buying one though!

    • Mike Baustian

      My question exactly… why the landscape dock for a mostly portrait device….

      • Brian

        Probably reverts to landscape when docked. Also get “ULTIMATE ROTATION CONTROL” off the market. Works on nexus 7 flawlessly. Allows your home screen to go into landscape view. Its awesome.

  • SuperTongue

    Yet no magnet built into the cases. C’mon, Asus, Apple’s going to sue you anyway!

    • Then RIM will sue Apple since they’ve had this long before.

      • goatodoom

        And then Apple will sue RIM becuase they invented law suits.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I seriously want that POGO Dock.

  • Totally getting the dock as soon as it releases!

  • Should make a dock with hdmi out

    • Kris Pucci

      that wouldn’t work seeing as the Nexus 7 does not support MHL.

  • Gaurav Malhotra

    Nexus 7 has 4 pogo pins on the side

    • narg

      Yet the description above states “Charge-while-you-use via micro USB.” I wonder if they actually use the pogo pins?

      • PseudoAnonymousCoward

        Four pins is no problem, one pin is ground, another +5V for the charger (via the mini usb or a wall wart attached to the dock) and the last two pins for audio out, L and R…..

  • ddevito

    If the POGO had HDMI I’d buy two

    • Greyhame

      Someone was talking (hearsay only) that an HDMI output would become available with the release of KLP. I wonder if there’s any validity to that…

      • Tyler Effinger

        What do you mean by KLP Greyhame? Is it an update to the device or a brand new version of the device??

        • Greyhame

          Key Lime Pie.. the rumored name of the next version of Android.

  • burpootus

    Dock better include a charger for that price…

  • The Galaxy Nexus stand/spare battery charger works ok as a stand for now.

    At least these aren’t insanely overpriced.

    • That’s what I’ve been using for mine hahaha

  • paul_cus

    Looking forward to it.

  • disqus_MplcQ8J5HH

    I’ll wait for an OtterBox….

    • not a troll

      otterbox has no plans of making a case for the nexus 7.


    How many pins does the Nexus 7 have? I can’t remember. I was thinking four.

    • jeesung

      yeah, it’s got 4 pins / connector dots

  • Jeff Tycz

    lets hope this dock is actually useful and it will let you debug on it unlike the GNex dock


      I’m assuming you mean ADB. That doesn’t work on the GNex because there are only 3 pins. For USB you’d need a minimum of 4 (PWR, GND, DATA+, DATA-).

      • souget

        There are 4 pins though not sure what they do.

        • narg

          …and why does the description state “Charges-while-you-use via micro USB”. Hmmm….

  • nightscout13

    At least ASUS is willing to continue hardware support, unlike Samsung. Still no accessories for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    • feztheforeigner

      Feels weird having a Nexus device without support from so many companies. I’m used to not having much support on the carrier side (even though Verizon has really taken it to the extreme) but no support from an OEM in a Nexus seems unusual.

      Not only that, but rather than simply not supporting the device both of these companies seem to be stopping any progress. Impeding any progress poor Google tries to make. I can see Google working so hard to make great software, only for their flagship device to never get it…how I wish I was European…

    • kennedy myril

      Asus is a focused company. Few devices, great support equals a win for them.

      • nightscout13

        Yes. I will probably be moving my allegiance from Samsung to ASUS. I already have alot of ASUS items such as motherboards, but looks like they will win me over will all those hardware accessories.

        • Tony Allen

          So how bout that Asus Padphone… -.-

          • nightscout13

            But when it finally hits store shelves, It will be one of the best products out there, because of the expandability.

          • Champion1229

            Sounds like a waste, you have to buy the phone for $200+, the tablet dock for another $200-$300 and then the laptop dock for another $200-$300.

          • juscozimme

            This will be my next device. Asus has great support and they keep their devices up to date.

          • Tyler Effinger

            The PadPhone is available outside of the US. However, no US cell carriers want to add the PadPhone device to their service. They would rather you pay for a cell phone data plan AND a tablet data plan. US Carriers want all the money from you can get, and the PadPhone eliminates the need for multiple data plans. Such a bummer too, because I REALLY REALLY wanted the PadPhone myself

    • Neiltips

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