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Contest: Four Nexus 7 Cases Up for Grabs! (Update: Winners Picked)

Moments ago, we took a look at the official Nexus 7 case. While it may not win awards for being feature-rich, it is a solid option that was actually made specifically for the device, unlike the hackjobs that have been promoted from Amazon. Since the case was pure hotness in many minds and sold out for the first few weeks of the Nexus 7’s life, we made sure to pick up a few extras in case any of you missed out on them. And when we pick up extras, that means you benefit. It’s contest time! 


Update: We have picked our four winners and they have been messaged. Go check your inbox!

Prizes:  We have four (4) Nexus 7 cases to give away to four lucky readers.

How to enter:

1.  Follow us on Twitter and Tweet the following:

I just entered to win an official Nexus 7 case from @droid_life – http://goo.gl/gUGyU #android

2.  In the comments, tell us which Nexus 7 you purchased and what your favorite app has been on it.
3.  Sit back and relax. We’ll pick winners tomorrow, July 31.

Winners:  We will choose 4 winners from the comments on July 31 at 12:00 Pacific.

Good luck!

  • 8gb and so far i like to use the official olympic app to see where the medals are going

  • i bought the nexus 7 16gb recently at gamestop and am loving it. My favorite app is youtube on it because they optimized it for tablets and its real easy to navigate around.

  • I purchased the 16GB version strictly to have the most space available… My favorite app on my new Nexus 7 is twitter.. I picked twitter because I can keep up to date on all my android news by following @droid_life !!

  • I picked up the 16gb Nexus 7. My favorite app so far has been The Dark Knight Rises from Gameloft. I actually wouldn’t have even known about it if not from this site. (Thanks Tato!) It is the perfect game for the beautiful 7 inch screen on the N7.

  • duke69111

    16gb Version. NBA Jam from a couple of months ago has been my time consumer. Larger screen make the game a lot more fun.