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Google Announces Google Fiber, the Next Chapter of the Internet

Today, Google announced Google Fiber for Kansas City. Google Fiber is the “journey to bring ultra-high speed Internet to Kansas City.” With 1Gbps up/down data speeds, which is over 100 times faster than America’s average broadband connection, Google is setting out to re-shape what we think of the Internet and TV as a whole. Google also introduced an entire line of hardware that will work specifically with the service, including a network box, storage box, and even a TV box. From now on, buyers will be using Google for all of their Internet and TV needs. 

So, how much will it cost? Google announced three separate packages that buyers can choose from. There is a basic installation/construction fee of $300, which includes a Google Fiber team member physically coming to your home and running a fiber cable straight from the line and setting up all of the equipment for you. But, depending on which package you order, the $300 fee is waived. Here is a basic outline of the packages they will offer once roll out is ready to take place:


Gigabit + TV:  $120/month – Sign up for a 2 year contract which then waives the $300 construction fee. Package includes 1Gbps up and down connectivity, full TV channel lineup (HD), no data caps, a Nexus 7 tablet to act as a remote, TV Box, Network Box, Storage Box, and 1TB of Google Driver storage space.

Gigabit + Internet:  $70/month – With 1 year contract agreement, the $300 construction fee is waived. Included in the package is 1Gbps up and down connectivity, the Network Box, and 1TB of Google Drive storage space.

Google is offering a third package for customers who aren’t quite ready for a 1Gbps commitment. They released this statement for people who want to enjoy 5MBps up/down speeds for free in their neighborhoods once Google Fiber arrives in their area:

We know that not everyone is ready to commit to a gig just yet. But we want to make sure you have the opportunity to upgrade when you’re ready. So if you pre-register and your fiberhood gets installed, you’ll have the option to get a 5 megabit per second (Mbps) connection for zero monthly charge, and your home will be wired and ready for the switch. The Free Internet option will cost $0 per month, although you will have to pay a $300 construction fee (which can either be paid at once, or in $25 monthly installments).

As for everyone else who does not live in KC, Google did not hint at any other cities that will see Google Fiber anytime soon. During the announcment, they kept mentioning how long the process was and how much work it took, so it could be many years before we see any type of country-wide access.

Lucky enough to live in Kansas City and witness the birth of Fiber? Register for Google Fiber here.

Full Event Video:

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  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Considering Google’s notorious breaches of user privacy, which stretches a mile long…..yeah, there is no way in hell I would let Google be the source of my connection to the Internet. Everything you do would be full privacy intruding ads, and I just can’t fathom how awful it would be to let Google control my Internet connection, for the reasons I mentioned and so many more. I’m fine with sticking behind their phones, but I would suggest people think long and hard if you ever have the chance to have Google as your ISP. The massive amount of privacy intrusions they have commited in the past, would pale in comparison to what they could and would do if they were your ISP. Nobody hands over private user data to authorities and governments like Google does, it chills me to the core to think of the power they would have being an ISP, and selling every single thing you do on the internet. This has real bad news written all over it, just wait, it won’t take long to see something horrible they’ve done.

  • walmes84

    only of KC? it better expand Nationwide

  • ChrisTraeger1

    PACKERS! Man Google and I have so much in common 😛 But srsly doe, please please please expand as soon as possible Goog!!! That is one HELL of a deal.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    I abso-friggin-lutely love that promo!

  • WickedToby741

    So if Google Fiber is successful, is there a chance Google would look at say acquiring T-Mobile and forming Google Wireless or Google Mobile?

  • Icehunter

    Shut up and take my money!

  • A TERABYTE of Google Drive storage?

    . . .

    I cannot imagine even possibly having that much critical, personal data I’d ever need backed-up online.

    Google, please buy Congress. Or maybe just the FCC.

  • Jim Jiang

    Lets just hope google can create the next gen trans continental fiber network. 1Gbps will be revolutionary, like how 1Mbps was revolutionary. Please, first help us and get up a NYC-SF-LA Fiber link, current infrastucture can’t support much more. My sheer speed is cut to around 4Mbps on a 10Mbps package from tWC to connect to cali, locally i get about 9.5Mbps. Lets just hope Google will rollout nationally. I think now Verizon is giveing generous bonuses to keep the Google Fiber in KC, and keep it from spreading. $210 for 300Mbps, or $70 for 1000Mbps I just want to see how Verizion will react. I will <3 Google if they build a nationwide Fiber Network. Please arrive before 2014?

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    I’m totally KC envious now…. Damn!!!! 1000mbps I’ll be back I gotta change my shorts…

  • James Hill

    Is that fiber the kind that keeps you regular?

  • Lil Jon

    This is innovation. A search company that owns a Mobile OS and TV/Internet business….Apple will patent this in 2 years and sue

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Google actually looked at my small city in Northern Utah as one of their proposed sites but the decided on Kansas City. Our town was all for it and willing to give tax breaks, etc. what ever was needed to get the service but I guess being that Google is headquartered in Northern California the Gay bigots of the Bay Area are unwilling to do anything to benefit Utah residents. They forget that 50% of the population is not LDS but they don’t care. I know of a Software Engineer from Utah who lost a contract job in that area simply because he was from Utah.

  • Jack Coleman

    i think i just messed up my shorts…

  • I like the transition of the music in the promo, cool ad.

  • Steve

    Kansas city has the best deal, but Chattanooga, TN beat google to the gigabit punch by having offered fiber-to-the-house to every resident within 600 mile radius. However, their gigabit-per-second speed tier is $350/month.

  • Keii Graham

    Google, please be the hero and bring this to everyone.

  • sporty

    About time there’s a company that’s forward looking and not trying to bilk us for peanut speed and peanut amounts of data and stuck in the last decade!!! GOOD for Google!! Bring this everywhere! I’ll be waiting anxiously in N. Ind!

  • bakdroid

    *Throws money at screen*

    Please let me get rid of Comcrap for this!!


    May I please have this service in Auburn? I’ll leave that crapship Charter in a heartbeat! I may $145/month for 30Mbps and a handful of channels. This is cheaper and faster! I need it! Now!

    • Allen Byrd

      I have family in Auburn. They’d love this because they hate Charter too.

  • lovehate

    This is sweeet,now if only they’d buy Verizon. No seriously google buy em

  • Tomas Turbando

    never search cócoras on the google image