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Asus Releases Bootloader Unlock Tool for Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

How can you not love Asus? And when I say that, try to envision me staring directly at Verizon’s person in charge of network security.

If you weren’t aware, the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) ships with a locked bootloader. However, if you want to unlock it, you can use the bootloader unlock tool that Asus released this week. Once unlocked, your device will not be covered by the original warranty and it cannot be re-locked. Most of you understand that and will probably do it anyway.

To grab the file, hit up the Asus link below and get to unlocking. After installing it on your tablet, simply run it.

Via:  Asus | XDA

Cheers Minh!

  • Lydia

    If you unlock, can u manually do the updates your self or is your tablet unable to update period?

  • Shawn

    ok i updated my transformer prime to jellybean an it practically ruined my tablet, so i download the bootloader unlock tool v6 and it worked fine on jellybean, my question is now that it is unlocked will it brick my tablet to try to install asus’s ics update to get back to ice cream sandwich? they say once unlocked it can be relocked so i want to make sure before i try to install the ics update?

  • kindrudekid

    too bad i still cannot unlock my device Transformer Pad TF300 !

    there is some serial code issue!
    everytime i run the unlock utility it says network error, please try again later,
    did a reset, too! still no luck!

    emailed CC and they said to call CC and theur i got a respose saying they dont provide any support regading the use of the tool! (funny thing they provide this info in written in email only on calls)

    when i gave them a serial number for RMA on a issue that i cannot update via OTA, i got a call back later after few hours asking me to confirms if its a Tablet and not the Dock!
    i confirmed and still have no unlocked boootloader.

    this is frustrating me!

    any help would be appreciated!

    • smithers85

      i have also had this problem with my TF300T. their support is near useless.

      • kindrudekid

        i know just hate them!

      • kindrudekid

        they fixed it atleast for me!!

  • Ubi2447

    Any chance of seeing a review of the Infinity? Been thinking of getting one but not many in-depth reviews out there.

  • Kevin

    This is only fair if it voids the software warranty. They can’t void your hardware warranty for a software mod. There was some law protecting consumers against this, but the name has slipped my mind.

    However, if all this does is void your software warranty, I’m 100% on board. That is totally fair. But saying you can’t have your screen repaired because you unlocked the bootloader would not be.

    • just to be fair, loading custom software could prevent them from being able to test the hardware which means they might not be able to fix it.

      • kindrudekid

        they can always restore it ! just takes a bit longer to trouble shoot!

      • JB

        Isn’t there also the possibility for hardware damage secondary to using an overclocked kernel? Even if it’s just a shortened hardware lifespan, the manufacture would be justified in voiding the warranty.

  • bakdroid

    This should be exactly how all bootloaders are handled. Allow them to be unlocked but once they are, that is it. No more OTA, no more warranty. And when you try to take it back for a replacement cause you screwed up, they can boot into the bootloader, see it is unlocked, and deny you replacement coverage.

  • teng247

    dont forgot to mention that once you do this, you will not be getting anymore OTA updates through ASUS

  • Luis

    What are the pros and cons of unlocking the bootloader? When it comes to devices and specs I am very aware of what to look for but dont quite understand the whole bootloading/unlocking aspect of it all. I do understand how it allows you to customize the device more and gives you a lot more freedom with roms but is that it? Does it affect wifi connect or battery life?

  • Maelstrom

    Anybody gotten CWM to install on the TF700?

    • Maelstrom

      I have already unlocked and rooted…

  • shopdroid

    Is TF700 even released? I am honestly waiting for a Cowboom deal in a couple of months like the Prime that I picked up for 299 – there will be many returns, mostly unhappy ones. Asus is just not good enough when it comes to quality.

    • Essentially everything is ship to order, including Best Buy. They are currently not sold in stores at the moment. So even if you go to BB and buy it, they will ship it to their store for store pickup.

  • I still think it is really messed up you have to give up your warranty in order to have full access to a device you purchased. ESPECIALLY with the quality control issues Asus has. I don’t feel it should be on me if the touch panel craps out in 3 months because I had to unlock the bootloader and load a custom rom to fix one of the numerous bugs that came with it factory.

    It is like if a car manufactures denied the warranty on your heated leather seats because you installed new custom wheels.

    And yet people PRAISE Asus for this? I much prefer the way Samsung handles this (unless Verizon gets in the way)

    • ASUS has actually been repairing hardware and relocking the bootloader upon return to you. They arn’t saying they are doing that, but they have to put that in the agreement just to cover themselfs. But many have gotten their tablets back fixed and relocked ready to be unlocked again.

    • fakegramita

      You make a good point, but I think it’s a little more difficult with consume electronics. Once you start messing with the firmware on your own, it’s probably harder/more work than it’s worth for them to deal with diggigng through who’s problem is their fault, and who’s is the fault of the customer tinkering around with the internal workings. It IS definitely possible (although maybe not all that likely) that even hardware can become damaged due to faulty firmware, but for the most part I do agree that at least hardware issues should remain covered even if you want to unlock.

      On a side note, I haven’t really looked into it, but I would be surprised if there weren’t at least some car mods that void your warranty. Anyone?

      • alexis orms

        Yes it is a little more complicated with consumer electronics, but not much more so. The complication comes from how propitiatory everything is setup . On a PC no warranty would be voided for loading up a new OS, but if you had issues and called support it obviously wouldn’t be supported. However, if your CPU fan died they would hardly care what OS you were running as it is unrelated.

        A simple solution here is to reinact the warranty if the device is relocked and brought back to stock. This would do a couple things, first off if it was a software issue the customer would be forced to discover that instead of lazily returning the device, and it would make Asus life much easier as they could simply turn back anything with altered software. This wouldn’t be perfect for the consumer, as if it had a massive hardware failure they wouldn’t have a chance to return it to stock…but it would be better than nothing.

        • fakegramita

          Good points, and I like that idea of returning to stock. Sometimes that might not be possible though if the damage is bad enough, then the question of who is responsible comes up. JB’s example below of the non-warranty covered auto mod situation is a good example.

      • JB

        “Ford issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) regarding blown head gaskets on 6.0 Powerstroke turbo diesel engines in F series pickups (2005 and up). A rash of pickups were coming into shops across the country with blown head gaskets. The common thread? Power chips were installed to boost engine output. According to the TSB, on trucks with blown head gaskets, techs were to check for the installation of a power chip, which increases engine power by modifying the drivability and engine management parameters. Part of the programming modification on these vehicles included increasing turbo boost (which increased combustion chamber pressures), thus blowing head gaskets. In such cases where the vehicle was under warranty, claims were denied and engine warranties were voided. In this case, the carmaker confirmed that head gasket failure was indeed due to installation of the power chips. The carmaker was well within their right to deny claims and void engine warranties.” Aol Auto

  • garble warble

    I really wanted to get this tablet after the issues with the Prime, however, the IO issues and inconsistent build quality is really making me second guess the purchase. It seems we are perhaps another generation of products away from having the perfect tablets.

    • J. Gilbertson

      I agree. I have the prime too and I love it. I don’t seem to have the wifi issues that everyone else has, though the signal could be stronger. GPS, to each their own but I personally don’t need it. Starting to get a screen MURA (bright spot) on part of my screen and my tablet is only 6 months old. RMA process has been terrible according to a lot of users citing receiving tablets that are worse off or come back damaged. But the Nexus 7 has a lot of promise to it and receiving very good reviews (bad hardware QA still since users are having to tighten screws under the screen themselves). If ASUS could step up their QA and not rush out a product they could have an amazing product given their desire to use bleeding edge hardware and abundant updates. They care for supporting their product and their dev community. Let’s just get those perfect tablets out.

      tl;dr – sorry, bad about rambling… ASUS, please step up your QA!

      • fakegramita

        I have this tablet and I can say, so far I’m less than impressed. Performance has been horrendous for me. It beat the iPad 3 in all sorts of benchmark tests, but I don’t know how those were performed, because in my real life use, my old iPad 2 has been far smoother in every way…playing video, surfing the web, using apps… I get crashes (or near crashes with that “x is not responding, close/wait” dialog) regularly, short/long freezes where inputs stop being recognized while something is being processed… I REALLY wanted to love this thing, but it’s not making it easy. I know the resolution is higher, but damn it also has a tegra 3 quad core processor, come on! A lot of people argue that it’s not the fault of the tablet, and that the apps that are not tablet native or have not optimization for the tablet. But if that’s the case it’s a whoooole lot of apps that are lacking this. And even if that’s true, hey- I can buy the most well made car in the universe, but if it can’t drive well on any of the streets I use, it’s pretty much worthless to me : /

    • Allen Byrd

      I honestly don’t know what any of you people are talking about with the tf700t. It runs smoothly with minimal stutters for me. I absolutely love it. No apps have crashed with my use, and I’ve used it a lot with many apps. I/O works great and I’ve transferred files to and from my tablet to my computer and to my phone, as well as through Google Drive’s cloud storage.
      Maybe when it gets Jelly Bean, it’ll be better for those who have issues with it. It’s perfect for me, though.

  • Destroythanet

    Minimal changes to Vanilla Android, bootloader unlock tools released quickly, top notch hardware: Damn, I wish EVERY OEM was as good as Asus.

  • KleenDroid