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Samsung Passes the 10 Million Sold Mark for Galaxy SIII, Plans on Selling a Lot More

Samsung’s last few phones have been pretty major hits. To say the Galaxy line has been very lucrative for the Korean company would be an understatement. The Galaxy line is usually measured in units of “10’s of millions of devices” and the newest device, the Galaxy SIII has just reached the first 10 million units sold.

The phone has only been on sale for a few months overseas, and even less time than that over here in the States. At this rate the Galaxy SIII is set to sell a lot more devices before the year is over, we wonder if it could possibly come anywhere near the Galaxy SII at this point. If the SIII is selling so well right now, does Samsung need to announce another member of the Galaxy family in a few weeks?

Via: Business Insider

  • guli981


  • TheOiulkj

    I spent about a week flip flopping while deciding between getting a SIII or a Gnex. I ended up with the Gnex and haven’t regretted my decision a single bit. In fact, I probably would have been miserable with the SIII. I am a big tinkerer and I’m loving all the options in AOKP with franko kernel. I also already tried out gummyrom, cm9, cm10 kang and a couple of jelly bean roms. And there are so many more roms and kernels out there for this thing, something for everyone.

    I have found paradise, and I now understand the religious following behind the gnex which I always laughed at in the past.

    Sure the SIII has an amazing processor and camera, but the gnex is good enough for the casual picture taker, and I haven’t noticed any slowness with the processor that the gnex has and I’m a pretty big gamer. The only slow-down seems to be with live wallpapers. But that seems to be fixed in Jelly Bean.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Did we every find out how many Galaxus Nexii (Nexuses?) have been sold?

    • id like to know how many have been returned

  • bob martin

    10 million Galaxy SIII phones at $200 each is $2 billion from one phone in only a few months

  • EZE4

    @ddevito Confirmed: Samsung to announce Galaxy Note II with 5.5-inch display at August 15th press event – http://pulse.me/s/bxvG0

    • ddevito

      There you go…good find.

  • Dan

    I have had tbolt, bionic, razer maxx and gnex.. personally I think that the S3 battery life is the best of all. I have had no issues. I bough a extra battery and haven’t needed to use it.

    • Diablo81588

      Lol? S3 battery life better than the maxx? Keep dreaming..

      • I don’t buy that either,maxx battery is almost twice as big as the s3

  • frankandsimple

    something doesn’t sound right. The phone had 9 million preorders…. and it managed to sell only a million more??
    Either Samsung was lying about the preorders.. or the phone really was a dud after people got their hands to it.

    • Immolate

      Or a lot of people cancelled their pre-order and bought one at the store quicker, as I did. Anyone who thinks the phone is a dud isn’t paying attention. This is the best phone on the market today, with all deference to our One-X, Note and GNex brethren.

      • JazzoRenee

        I think you are thinking of Samsung in term if business development as Apple, Samsung has always offered many different devices at one time….Why would they stop now?? The Galaxy Note was one of their best sellers, of course they would release the GNote2….

  • jeremy klein

    How’s the battery life compared to the RAZR and RAZR Maxx? Thinking of upgrading but not sure what to get.

    • Dan

      Sorry, I posted above.

  • Dan

    All I can say, that without JellyBean, this phone is just ok. The camera is amazing, it’s fast as hell, but the search is dreadful and completely useless.. Also, the voice recognition suc*s too.

    • Dan

      Ohh yeah, and that “s voice” is a joke, it’s sooooo slow and never has an answer for you, why did they even put that on the phone..

    • mustbepbs

      You’re an idiot.

      • Dan

        Suc*k a Dic*, i can’t have an opinion..You are an idiot and you probably don’t even own a S3 so what would you know

        • mustbepbs

          Actually I do own an S3. You say the S3 has an amazing camera, is fast as hell, and it’s only okay in your opinion? Useless search? There are ways around the updated search. Yeah I’ll give you that S Voice sucks, but that’s common knowledge.

          • ddevito

            No…it just means (to him) software is important.

            SAME TEAM!

        • Lmrojas

          I forgot its summer. All the children are bout of school.

          • mustbepbs

            Yeah, you’re definitely an idiot.

          • Bob martin

            This is what happens when they install doors on mental institutions. People like you are able to leave.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Love my Gnex… but I’m bored… Want the SGS3 to have something new and shiny :-/ maybe I’m just a gadget brat

    • Dan

      If i didn’t want a nice camera, i would have stayed with the GNex

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Oh the damn camera… lol. Makes me not even want to use it. And I really like the GS3 other than the Gingerbready feel with the menus…

        • mustbepbs

          Besides the icons (which most phones now are doing with ICS), the menus are exactly the same layout. I was afraid this phone wouldn’t feel like ICS after using past TW iterations, but it totally feels new. GS3 is a complete package and very speedy. I see no reason for myself to not wait for Samsung’s JB update. I’m finally happy with stock rooted.

          • Dan

            I’m just looking forward to the search functionality JB brings to an already great device.

        • Dan

          I feel like this phone will be perfect when it’s updated to JB.. Perfect. Looking forward.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            I Have the same feeling… Wonder how much I could get for my GNEX… with a spare battery and car dock… VZW is only giving 120 for the phone.

  • >> If the SIII is selling so well right now, does Samsung need to announce another member of the Galaxy family in a few weeks?

    If it sells so well, I hope they will just continue to sell it as is — less variants, easier to support. Instead, I want Samsung to put more efforts into supporting their flagship. Timely update that lasts at least 18 months, please!

    • mustbepbs

      If it’s for a completely different target audience, then yes. If people are looking for an upgraded Note, it’s not going to take away from the target audience that the S3 caters to. It has nothing to do with variants and SKUs, but more with selection for different tastes.

      • JazzoRenee


  • ddevito

    I’m under the impression the GNote 2 or a tablet will be announced. I would think GNote and GSIII target markets are actually different.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The proved that they are different markets with the success of the Original note… I’ld get a SGS3 but i’d never get a note… THey just crossed that line as far as Size goes (finally) and I’m unwilling to follow

    • Galaxy Note Tab 2 10.1 Plus