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Samsung to Unveil the Newest Galaxy on August 15

Samsung is sending out save the date notices this afternoon because they have plans to unveil the “newest Galaxy” in the next few weeks. The specific date is August 15, but everything else involved is up for discussion.

There are rumors of a Galaxy Note 2 in the works, however, we are also still awaiting the arrival of the revamped Galaxy Note 10.1.


  • that guy

    Ever consider the 10.1 note and number 2 are one in the same

  • David W. Astor

    It’s the Note 10.1. Not a guess, buddy works at Samsung and we’ve been playing with the pre-pro unit for some time now. It’s really fast. The S Pen is way more useful on this unit than the 5.3″er. Screen is really good this time around. The Note 2 should be announced later in September.

  • The galaxy…battery…

  • Jed Dignazio

    I will switch to the carrier that gets the Galaxy Note 2 LTE. Please Sprint!!

    • Dan

      +1, whoever gets the Note 2 first gets my money.

  • artinvent

    In all likelihood the Note 10.1. I was actually kind of waiting for this because of the stylus, and hoping the delay might be to re-fit with a higher screen res. But that seems very unlikely. The high price and kind of lousy screen resolution is definitely putting the damper on the appeal.

    I will probably wait on it until they follow up with a higher res screen version. In the meantime I’ve bought a cheap Acer A200 refurb special for a bargain basement of $165 shipped. Same size, same screen res. Doesn’t seem like a stylus is really worth the extra $400 in that light.

    For $500 I expect a stellar no-compromise tablet from Samsung.

  • MouseTheLuckyDog

    Why can’t it be both the Note 10.1 and Note 2?
    A double whammy.

  • Samsung Galaxy Beam

  • nightscout13

    How bout some Galaxy S3 love? the AllShare Cast Dongle anyone????

  • NorCalGuy

    Galaxy Nexus Maxx HD with 12 GB of ram and a teribite of onboard storage

  • dmoto

    Galaxy Note Tablets & Phones with just better specs, is my bet

  • Virgil

    should i send back my S G3 now for this?

  • fallsgable

    You all are way too Narrow Minded….It’s SOOO obvious!
    August 15th….
    The Galaxy Nexus POTTERY EDITION!

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon !!

    • michael arazan

      Samsung Galaxy IV Nexus Note, combined for maximum awesomeness!

  • SolarSky

    This’d better have a FHD/1080p screen, if it wants2IMpreß!

  • Doubt it will be a new Nexus. They typically come out with new versions of Android.

  • I would love it if the Note 2 hit VZW

    • yes, I’m not buying the S3 because I want the Note2

      • I’m also not a hippy, and don’t need nature in my phone

    • Dominick_7

      Ditto, been wanting the Note 2 on Verizon for a while.. wow has it been 8 months already since the Note 1 came out originally?

  • Detonation

    So what makes a Galaxy Note 10.1 different from a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that they already have 2 of?

    • TheWenger

      Insanely better processor/GPU, built in S-Pen support, sexier look. I’ve read the screen might be only 800 pixels tall in landscape though so that might be the downside.

  • TheWenger

    Note 10.1 would be sweet, but I already got my Nexus 7 and am sold on the 7″ form factor.

  • Stew

    The Galaxy S4

  • yummypocalypse

    I heard it was the Galaxy Note 2.7
    Super eeny weeny minitablette.
    Runs on real jelly beans, no batteries.

    • Jason James

      LOL!! +1

  • Gimp_Ninja

    Samsung: it wouldn’t hurt to diversify your product line naming a little bit. Just saying.

    • It would, actually. Samsung’s Android products in the market are known as “Galaxy”. To change this after a number of years would be fairly harmful to their line of products.

      • Gimp_Ninja

        I think you make a good point, but I respectfully disagree. I seriously doubt the average buyer, or especially a technically informed buyer, is as influenced by the “Galaxy” portion of the name as by the “Samsung” portion. Meanwhile, this product lineup (
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy) is an unnavigable mess. To the average buyer, I think it’s as likely or more likely to harmfully cause confusion than to beneficially tap into a potential customer’s brand recognition.

        • JasonIvers

          I both agree and disagree with you, Ninja… I wish they had used “standard” names to separate the classes of phones instead of letters. Galaxy Pro instead of S, or whatever, but I think keeping everything a Galaxy is probably good for branding. I love mobile phones and I still have a hard time remembering which class is which (other than S being top).

          • Gimp_Ninja

            That would be a start. Though I guess my biggest objection is that the “Galaxy” brand applies to phones, tablets, phablets, and media players. At the very least, I think they should differentiate between phones and non-phones. For example, 2 of the possibilities for this announcement are the “Galaxy Note 2” and “Galaxy Note 10.1.” I think one could make an argument that these products are not so related as to share most of their names.

  • Charlie

    I would bet everything on the Galaxy Note 10.1. Don’t give your hopes up people.

  • Andrew Wegand


  • ddevito

    Serious Vote : Galaxy Note 10

  • Butters619

    Samsung Galaxy S4….hahah suckers!


  • Tim Cronin

    I feel like the guy in the bestbuy commercial who walks out with his new phone and sees the advertisement for the “next best thing!” and it has the next model. I can’t keep up with this stuff…

    • MikeCiggy

      This is how technology goes these days. But this is just an announcement, probably not a release.

  • bose301s

    Galaxy Nexus Maxx Dev Edition 2?

  • QQpayne

    I would love for it to be the next Nexus phone, have not even heard rumors about it yet.

  • Allen Byrd

    Nexus 2 or Note 2, either way I’m happy. lol

  • Jason James

    i would love if they push the Note 2 to all carriers i need a bigger phone

    • haha

      sounds like a personal problem

    • Pedro

      Size matter?

    • spickle

      size queen…

  • For everyone freaking out. It’s not the next Galaxy NEXUS, it’ll be something else in the Galaxy lineup, but not a Nexus device. Ugh, they should have never given the Nexus the Galaxy name, now it just confuses people.

    • Doesn’t confuse me. I think Galaxy Nexus is one of the coolest names for a phone to come around in awhile. Some people just need to understand that all Android products coming from Samsung will have the word “Galaxy” in it.

      • I don’t like that. It may be manufactured by Samsung, but it’s Google’s phone, I don’t think Samsung should have their branding on it.

        • The name Galaxy Nexus was decided by both Google and Samsung. Both parties agreed on it.

          • I’m aware, that doesn’t make it right. Google agreed because they needed the well known Galaxy name to help sell the phone.

          • I don’t think Google needs that kind of help to sell a Nexus. The Nexus name speaks for itself. 🙂

          • Tyler Chappell

            Not to the majority of the population, unfortunately. Only the iPhone name speaks to so many people, and it’s sad. =[

  • ddevito

    Galaxy Tab 7 Mini.

    Fight the Nexus 7 AND the iPad Mini at the same time

    • That’s what I would try and do…. beat Google at their own game…. GENIUS

      • hkklife

        The current Tab 2 7″ is NOT a bad little device at all. It just needs a CPU/GPU boost, internal storage bumped to 16Gb, and to lose that damned Samsung proprietary latching connector in favor of conventional microUSB/MHL.

        Dumping Touchwiz would be the icing on the cake but that ain’t gonna happen.

  • MikeCiggy

    Galaxy Nexus 2 would be an awesome announcement!!

  • Ryan Powell

    Could it be a 10″ Nexus Tablet? Google said they would be “doubling-down” on tablets this year. Perhaps Google worked with Asus to make the 7″ Nexus 7 and then worked with Samsung to make the Nexus 10?

    • Jason James

      ASUS has better 10″ tablet IMO unless samsung is doing it for less it would be stupid for goole to use two different companies right off the bat

      • Ryan Powell

        I agree the timing is not the best but I doubt Google is going to let Asus be the sole manufacturer for their Nexus tablets. It would be silly for Google to avoid the 10″ tablet market for another year so I do expect us to hear something about a 10″ Nexus tablet this year.

        • Jason James

          they should offer a 10″ starting at $299 for 16GB and $349 for 32GB

    • Bill Mitchell

      Nah, too soon.

  • Guest

    And I just bought the Galaxy Nexus, D’OH

  • Splicer78

    Since that is my birthday, whatever it is Samsung should give one to me as a present, especially since they screwed up my vzw sg3

  • justincase_2008

    The Galaxy Nexus Dev Edition

    • JustTrollin69


    • blood

      Seeing as how they screwed it up with GSIII and offer a a dev edition smh.

      • David

        Since the galaxy nexus it’s self pretty much IS a dev edition (eg unlocked bootloader and all that) I’m pretty sure this person was just kidding lol.

        • justincase_2008

          Im still not sure if i was. This mystery needs to be solved!

      • “They” was not samsung though .. that was VZW. Samsung corrected it by releasing a Dev Edition

  • Just wish they would get to work making Blue 32g Siii’s for Verizon. Me and many others have yet to see our pre-orders.

    • And two seconds after I post this – I get notification that it’s finally available for pick-up.

      • TheWenger


  • Bassdj

    I was like oh God, they just released the three, and now the 4? lol Definitely not going to be the 4, probably the GNex2 or Note2

  • Trololol

    Galaxy Nexus 2

  • sumyunggai

    galaxy s IV?

    • Yes. A month after the SIII. They’ve decided to emulate Motorola.

      • Michael_NM

        If that was the case, it would be the SIII Max.

        • jj

          omg dont remind me….i was so piss…brought the xoom …months later…xybaby….i was like what the hell….i m still piss….

        • Detonation


          Gotta misspell it or something to diversify

  • Please don’t be a Nexus phone because I just bought my SGSIII on launch date, lol.

  • Jonathan Ly

    With talk of every manufacturer having a Nexus, I would hope it would be the GAlAXY Nexus 2