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Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises Arrives on Google Play, Just in Time for Premier

Gotham’s Caped Crusader just landed in Google Play. From makers Gameloft, play through the eyes of Batman as you try to stop Bane from destroying your beloved Gotham City. Since this is a fully licensed game, you will see appearances from Catwoman, Lucius Fox, and my favorite, Commissioner Gordon. 

The game is a hefty $7, but if you own a new Nexus 7 and got your free $25 credit, then now you know what to use it for.

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  • Off Week

    Tato, you are having an off week my friend. First, the Guardian of Light/Xperia article, then the Auralux/Tegra one and now this not being compatible with the Nexus 7. Still love ya though!

    • Hah! I guess I need to just check each devices compatibility! 🙂

  • Mike

    I dont understand why people blame the premier of a movie on one insane persons actions… this game, and that movie had nothing to do with that nut job.

  • Jim

    Yep, now I know what else not to buy. (I’m beginning to have a sneaking suspicion someone *ahem* at droid-life is on *ahem* someone’s payroll.)

  • Charlie

    This shouldn’t really be surprising about the lack of Nexus 7 support. Historically, it takes Gameloft weeks to start supporting a new device once it comes out. Sad.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Not yet available on the Nexus 7. Wow.

  • GetOverIt

    $7 app? Hopefully it’s to die for.

    • Murali Ponnaluri

      ufff, too soon my friend

  • Inquizitor

    Looks interesting, but I think I’m good with Arkham City. Currently at a solid 60-something%, just rebeat the campaign. Easily the best comic book game of all time.

    • Wait? Arkham City is available for Android?

      BTW, that was sarcasm, I know it’s not.

    • justincase_2008

      I just wish it didnt have SecuRom on the pc version. Guess ill pick it up on the ol counsel next time its on sale.

  • You people amaze me. Both Droid Life AND Android Police. Posting an advertisement/News Article like this today, of ALL days. Where is your allegiance, common sense, & decency? I guess you’re already answered that.

    • moelsen8

      i don’t see how posting about the game release is inappropriate. they kept it simple and to the point. AP even had a little note in their post about their sympathies going out to everyone etc.

    • I probably should ignore this, but there is nothing indecent about posting on the release of a game for Android. In no way will we comment in a post on what happened in Colorado (we think it’s extremely tragic), but that doesn’t mean you have to comment and call us insensitive.

      • SirSoloDolo

        The game looks stellar, I’ll pick it up on my next paycheck. Thank you for the post

    • BPStroh

      I don’t understand your outrage. How is this video game for a mobile phone in any way related to the actions of a solitary madman?

      • EvanTheGamer

        EXACTLY! What happened in Colorado(a very horrible and tragic thing) COULD HAVE happened with ANY movie premiere, it just happened to be The Dark Knight Rises.

        My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and friends of those that were lost in this heinous act.

    • dragonflyr

      Then you must be REALLY upset with all the theaters still showing the movie… ? anyway .. I really don’t think a small article about a new game that is currently available is all that offensive.

    • ddevito

      So in trying to be respectful about the tragic incident you come off as a giant dick. Congrats.

    • I am also confused. This is an Android game, and a Batman one at that. Who doesn’t love Batman? There will still be millions of people that go see the movie tonight. You realize many people get shot and killed all over this country every day right?

    • BatmanDroid

      Calm down it’s a game. Sheesh!

  • Ouch. Sales are going to take a hit.

  • Nexus 7 not supported.

  • Artune

    Yeah I do have some credit left after buying Final Fantasy 3 for 15.99 (Recommended!) but since it’s not compatible on the Nexus 7 I will give it a pass for now. I’m not playing it on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • pd240

    I would have bought this buts its not compatible with the nexus 7

  • ChrisChase

    Will I get shot for playing this game?

    • moelsen8


    • John

      wow, really?

      • Welcome to the Internet.

        • Dan

          I know a lot of folks don’t like the idea of this, but given the events in Colorado, it might be good to close the comments section on this post. Mostly b/c there are people like ChrisChase lack any sensitivity to those suffering right now.

  • Buy This

    ehhh…mayyyyybee…uhhhh…read…the news? Do ya mean the premier that was cancelled?

    • What are you talking about? It’s still playing at the theaters around me.

      • moelsen8

        the big red-carpet premiere with the cast that was supposed to happen tonight in paris is canceled.

        • OOOOh, the actual premire with all the actors and such. I see.

          • Buy This

            ha yeah that’s why I said it “with sensitivity”. I figured some people had not heard.

          • My brain interpreted the word “premier” as simply the release of the movies in theaters around the world. I didn’t know you meant the formal premier with all the celebrities and red carpets and such.