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T-Mobile: AT&T and Verizon’s Shared Data Plans are “Costly, Complicated, and Punitive”

T-Mobile, never one to hold back from a good war of words, expressed their feelings towards the new shared data plan model that both Verizon and AT&T have introduced. As you can imagine, they are not fans of the approach, calling them “costly, complicated, and punitive.” They strongly feel that consumers will not benefit from them and that they are essentially tricking customers by placing focus on the “value” of the unlimited talk and text, even though today’s consumers use less of these services. 

Here is the full statement:

“Unlike AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile does not plan on introducing shared family data plans and believes consumers will not benefit from that model. AT&T and Verizon shared family plans are:

  • COSTLY – AT&T and Verizon are charging more for what consumers want by raising rates on data, but promoting the “value” by pointing to unlimited talk and text even though today many consumers use less of these services.
  • COMPLICATED – both plans force customers to share data when many customers don’t know how much data they’re using, which makes it hard to stay within their limit when trying to balance multiple users.
  • PUNITIVE – At the same time that AT&T and Verizon are making it harder for customers to manage overages, they are also charging overage rates of $15/GB for accounts with at least one smartphone.

Conversely, at T-Mobile we believe that:

  • Customers who pay more, should get more – Rather than having to account for each device on a shared family data plan, T-Mobile customers can use their existing data plan to power multiple devices, while still saving hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Data should be worry-free – With T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans, there is no surprise data cap or bill shock.
  • Data plans should be flexible and affordable – At T-Mobile, customers have the option of only paying for the amount of data each member of the family believes they will need.”

– Harry Thomas for T-Mobile

I would tend agree with Mr. Thomas’ statement that selling these as “unlimited talk and text,” but charging high prices for data at set limits that customers do not fully understand is probably the wrong approach. The days of heavy calling and texting are about to be behind us. Clearly AT&T and Verizon understand this and is probably the number 1 reason for this move.

That’s why we have done everything we can to help explain shared data plans. The last thing we want is for anyone to run into an issue or find a surprise charge on their bill at the end of the month. The best thing you can do is research, use calculators and simulations like we have done and then decide if shared plans will benefit you or not. Everyone’s situation is completely different. It’s time to start monitoring your data usage.

Via:  SlashGear

  • Guest

    These plans suck. Don’t change plans, change carriers… $%$% Vzw

  • Naomi

    I was with Verizon for four years because it was the only one that would work where I live but I moved and switched to T-Mobile and get perfect service. I’m happy I switched.

  • I don’t wanna hear that from a carrier that throttles you down to edge.

  • supr2nr

    That picture of her is definitely not one of her most attractive ones.

  • PhillipCun

    VZW and AT&T literally control the market, they are the largest with the most coverage and the most customer base. Consumers really don’t have a choice if they want reliable service and the companies know it and exploit it. Smaller players try to offer what the consumers want, but the reality is they don’t have the same quality of service as the big dogs and it really sucks.

    I have VZW and although I hate their business model, they literally have the best coverage. I can expect 4G almost anywhere I go. Its something I have come to live with but I’m getting so damn tired of their crap.

  • Trueblue711

    Anyone else find it funny that less than a year ago T-Mobile was always talking about how much their company would align with AT&T for the buyout? Who did they really think they were fooling?

  • Lucky Armpit

    I had trouble getting past the most excellent picture of Her Hotness, Ms. Carly Foulkes. There was an article to read? Thanks for making my day.

  • Dan

    BOSTON Area outage

    • sk102704

      Tmobile or Verizon? I have full 4G in Boston on Verizon right now.

      • Dan

        Verizon.. Seriously.. Me and my co-workers have non.. s3.

  • Man I wish T-mobile or Sprint’s networks didn’t suck in my area.

  • Mike

    These new plans will save some people and some people won’t
    But please tmo don’t bash companies cause they want to make their shareholders money. If you had the financials to build a decent network you wouldn’t be bitching about what Vzw and AT&T do.the reason the big boys charge what they do is so they can keep investing in their network, afford to offer the iPhone, and Once again make money for it’s share holders.

  • +1 everything
    Harry Thomas
    said…. now if only T-Mobile worked where I live 🙁

  • DirkHenderson

    Tmobile needs a new spokesperson. That gap toothed chick in the pic looks a like crack ho that was ridden hard and put away wet.

  • KennyGee

    And tmobile US probably has bankruptcy in their future. They may want to rethink their service and offerings.

  • Droosh

    Until the majo-Mo. ity of consumers have LTE and use VoLTE, this won’t change. The majority will remain naive until they feel the pain of these plans and the lack of value unlimited voice and data provide.

    Then they will appreciate T-Mobile ‘s. Position. I jus hope it’s norToo late for T-

    • Droosh

      Impossible to edit these well on GS3 with Chrome. Sorry for the above.

  • fartbubbler

    Tmobile girl is hot.

    • My anaconda dont want none if ya aint got buns hun !

  • JulianZHuang

    it doesnt effect me 1 bit. 80$ each month.

    • juicebox


  • Herb Torres

    I looked into the difference between Sprint, Verizon and now AT&T & T-Mobile at Sprint’s 3000 anytime (counted against you when calling weekdays before 7pm to land-lines) shared minutes and truly unlimited data family plan price points.


    1——-$110—-4GB—–4GB——————-1x5GB@$75(Sprint has 450 anytime @ $80)

    Verizon and AT&T give you unlimited minutes whereas Sprint gives you 3000 anytime minutes with unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited nights & weekend after 7pm, and unlimited Google Voice that includes free calls to Canada and cheap calls internationally when using built-in Google Voice integration because Sprint has truly unlimited data. You can save $40 if you decide you only want 1500 shared Sprint minutes.

    Verizon and AT&T give you tiered data with nice simple overages that are $15 per GB on both that seem to let you simply use your phone for tethering or as a hotspot at no dditional charge whereas Sprint gives you truly unlimited data (unlike T-Mobile who throttles and Cricket who state restrictions against high usage behavior and apps) for just your smartphone but currently charges $20 at 2GB or $50 at 6GB plus overages of $0.05 per MB if you want to use it for tethering or as a hotspot. But who knows Sprint might change hotspot pricing for maybe even better than their competition after evaluating both their main competitor’s new share everything plans.

    I would suggest that you look into the coverage of all where you live, work, and play. Sprint is currently implementing their Network Vision plan (that some might say is playing 4G catch-up but should be quick and leapfrog into LTE-Advanced with a simple software upgrade) that includes Clearwire’s 4G WiMax and their transition (WiMax will continue for about a year after transitioning) to TD-LTE on their fat pipes of spectrum (something Verizon is trying to get more of) that will be faster and more efficient than Verizon’s LTE). Early upgrading to (months into a 2 year contract) or selecting a Sprint smartphone that will be compatible with 2 or all 3 variants of Network Vision’s 4G is hopefully going to be easier going forward because of the strides in interoperability that some chipset manufactures have made recently and China Mobile’s pull (Clearwire’s equivalent frequency very large provider in China). Also look into Sprint Direct Connect and Google Voice’s compatibility thoroughly and their privacy concerns.

  • kronoscornelius

    T-Mobile should also believe customers should be well advice their contract is about to be extended. If you change your plan on their website, you have to click on a small hyperlink which then tells you you are agreeing to a multi-year contract. No phone necessary, they just bamboozle customers into contracts.

    Save yourself the head ache an use a pay-as-you go service.

  • Guest

    I thought Verizon wanted to charge people as little as humanly possible.
    I thought they wanted to make as little profit as possible this year.
    I thought that wanted to blog down their entire network by giving everyone unlimited data.
    I thought all large companies were our friends.

    Gee, what a surprise.

    (Droid-life, and its readers can’t be THAT naive.)

    Companies are in business to make money. Big money. The more money, the better. Even if they have to risk losing 10% of their customers, to gain 20% in profit.

    Doesn’t anyone understand basic supply/demand? Basic economics? Basic free enterprise?

    Verizon has it. You want it. You will pay for it… or…switch to another carrier. That carrier will be TOTALLY different. They won’t want to make a profit this year. They will charge as little as possible. They will be your friend.

  • T mobile LOL The company that is losing money and customer’s daily hahaha. There’s a reason vzw can afford better phones, better lte and a ridiculous amount of coverage. T Mobile, STFU

  • Tyler Powell

    now all they need is a good network and bye verizon

  • Adol

    she has the michael jackson look to her up close. stop with the plastic please.

  • Gr8Ray

    I miss my T-mobile bill. I don’t miss my constant dropped calls and lack of coverage though. In my opinion T-mobile is the biggest rip-off of all, considering how much you pay for how little area they cover. At least with Verizon I can actually use what I’m paying for.

  • Erickbernal27

    Wait. The Company That Pushes Unlimited Talk Says Verizon And ATT Shouldn’t Push Unlimited Talk Because Its Irrelevant?

  • Guest

    There’s nothing “complicated” about the shared plans at all.
    Which part don’t you understand?

    Expensive? Yes. Very.
    Complicated? No.

  • Kevin Kelly

    i agree with t-mobile that verizon and att are tricking us, but the only carrier who should be saying anything is sprint. for the time being they’re the only ones with unlimited data packages being offered to new subscribers. so t-mobile’s point is good, but their motivation is just as ill-conceived as vzw and att.

    • With Sprint’s speeds I’d be pretty damn shocked if someone would be CAPABLE of using 2gb in a month, so it’s not really an advantage…

  • droidarmy

    who is that broad in the pic?

  • NKTizzle

    T-Mobile 2011 capex $2.7 billion. Verizon wireless 2011 capex $16.2 billion. It appears to be a case of jealousy.

  • mustbepbs

    My God is she hideous. She looks like an alien. They need to feed her more.

  • interstellarmind

    Does T-Mobile have any staying power? After VZW locking the SGSIII biotloader I’m kooking to switch…

    • Huh?


  • Chris

    I dont know I change hundreds of people to these plans every day and everyone seems to enjoy them seems like i save the average person about 40/month I dont get it.

    • dylan84

      Oh it’s nice if you’ve got more than one device. For me, these shared data plans are useless. I’ve got my Atrix 4G and a Kindle Fire. So, “shared data” is pointless and a rip off to me.

      • capecodcarl

        The shared data plans are meant for families and organizations, not individuals. So yes, it would be pointless for you to use it unless you have 3 or 4 people in your family with smartphones that use a small amount of data.

    • balthuszar

      actually, with the shared data, even at the lowest data package(2gb) our bill would go up 30 bucks…not to mention we’d have overage every month

    • We have 3 Galaxy Nexuses all unlimited for $270. no matter what we pay the same or more. If we switched we gain nothing and get capped to 20gb for guess what….$270!!! WOW THX VZ!

      • Gr8Ray

        Please explain your math, because I just switched 3 smartphones (1 with hotspot) to shared for $190, where it was costing me $250 before. And base your data plan on what you actually use, not just the max available.

      • Gr8Ray

        I just ran their analzyer on 3 smartphones with the max data package (10gb) and the cost was $220. So where’s the extra $50 in your math coming from?

        • i clearly stated 20gb. 20gb is $50 more than 10gb.
          $90 per line right now, that the cheapest you used to be able to get unlimited text unlimited data (remember unlimited data was additional $30, the starting cost of 2g). Its actually probably less since we share minuets i think. But lets assume the most expensive. so 90×3=270.
          Now with the new pricing. its $40 per phone x 3= $120 +150 = $270. So while i MAY not use 20gb this is just to prove you are getting less for more.
          Now I do 20gb. I used 2gb yesterday downloading a game off steam. Not to mention the other 2 lines.
          Netflix? That fluctuates. Sometimes i use it a lot, sometimes i dont.
          And im not one of those “its your fault this happened” cause id be happy to play nice with my data if i had decent internet connection at home. But VZ stopped installing fios 2 streets over like 5 years ago. 4g is faster than my DSL and my only option. When I get fios ill switch to shared data at 5gb or something.

          • Gr8Ray

            Yeah, their analyzer app doesn’t go higher than 10gb so I wasn’t aware they even offered packages that high. I thought you were talking about data caps. If you’re really using that much data on unlimited I’m amazed they aren’t throttling you already. But I can’t blame you really, I would probably do the same thing if I didn’t have fiber at home.

          • (the 20gb pricing is on another dl post) There is no throttling on 4g.
            5gb between three is not due-able. I find it easy to use 2gb without even trying. 10gb between three is probably due able but then there’s not much room for fun stuff. Whats the point of 4g if you cant stream netflix or do anything with it?
            And everyone is comparing price between VZ and VZ and some claim to save money and some don’t. Im thinking of going off contract nexus phone and a GSM carrier. I bet you ill get unlimited 4G with tmobile and save more money than everyone. Sure ill be with tmobile, or may be Sprint once they get the birds off their towers.

    • NathanDomier

      I’ve talked to lots of my friends about the plans, and literally _everyone’s_ bills would either be the same cost but now without unlimited data, or cost more. Even my family’s play for 4 of us would cost the same or more. I don’t get who these people are that you’re saving money…

      • the people who use little data and talk and text a lot are the ones who saves money with these plans.

  • AhsanS

    If only Verizon’s coverage wasn’t so damn good…

    • KT

      it’s the only reason I’m still with them.

    • Soofdawg


  • ddevito

    Hey T-Mobile: your coverage area is small, weak and futile.

  • sporttster

    Seriously considering going to T-Mobile when my contract with Verizon Data-less is up. Tired of their BS and T’s network is just as good. And yes, T is dead on. They’re charging more and more for data and less and less for what we don’t need or use.

  • Matas

    I ended up getting unlimited minutes (I had 450) and 1GB more data by switching to a shared plan. My buddy’s bill was reduced by $40 and now he has 3GB more data. If you don’t have unlimited plan, it seems to be a great deal.

    • Sorry… single line with unlimited data and corporate discount…. I’m good…

      • Anakin2Solo

        +1 Unlimited data, single line, discounted.
        My bill would go from $61 to around $170 if I switched and used the same data.
        I will keep this plan until they force me to leave.

        • Magnus

          If you only have a single line, you wouldn’t want to go to a share everything plan, because you have no one to share with…you would just go to single line, so you could I think its 2 GB for $30 or 5GB for $50

      • JoshGroff

        “If you don’t have unlimited plan, it seems to be a great deal.”

  • Sobr0801

    Its hard to complain when I can drive for 2 hours on the free way from where I live to the airport and have continuous 4G service.

    • Michael Quinlan

      Okay… what can do with 4G for while you’re driving that you can’t do with 3G? Run down your battery?

      • mustbepbs

        Sounds like you don’t have 4G.

      • VZWFail

        For those of us with Verizon, our 3g is slower than an elderly with a broken hip.

  • Gus

    All hail, T-Mobile.

  • If only T-Mobile was available in my area. Unfortunately there is only Verizon and ATT only offers edge. I HATE RURAL AMERICA!!!

    • Soofdawg

      So move.

      • J Dub

        Move to get better cell service? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    • J Dub

      I have excellent T-Mobile coverage at my house and my work. However, I just looked at the map and our good friends that we tend to visit weekly have no coverage for miles around their house with T-Mobile. I would have to drive about 15 minutes to get back into the coverage zone.

      Meanwhile, VZW has 4G coverage at their house with download speeds well over 10 mbps.

  • cgalyon

    Well… Yeah, T-Mobile is right. I think it is pretty blatant what Verizon and AT&T are trying to do.

  • fanboy1974

    I agree. Your turn Sprint to bad mouth Verizon. The more complaints the more likely they fine tune this mess.

    Your truly,

    Mr. Stuck on Verizon

    • JoshGroff

      One is never stuck if they talk with their money. If enough people leave, Verizon will have to do something to make them come back.

      • J Dub

        What? Leave now while you are still on a decent plan only to come back and have to get a POS Shared plan? Pffftttt.

        • JoshGroff

          You clearly misunderstood what I wrote. If Verizon loses a decent chunk of their customers, they will be forced to restructure their plans to get people to come back or lose money, one of the two, and they really like money.

      • Howard Chu

        Sometimes you don’t have as much choice as you think. I’ve been on T-Mobile since 2008 when they first released the Android G1. I just switched back to Verizon this year because they’re the only ones offering a decent phone with keyboard (Droid 4). I would have stayed with TMo but my TouchPro2 was just not keeping up with the times.

        So yeah, I would drop Verizon like a hot potato, if TMo had a comparable phone to the Droid4 -5 row keyboard, 1GB RAM, fast CPU, etc…

  • Man ours must be a rare exception

    Before : 120+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+30+30+30+30= $330 Before Tax

    After: 40+40+40+40+30+80= 270 Before Tax for 6GB Plan. We are on track for 1.5GB of usage. I will use 75% of that. This is probably more of a NORMAL person usage. Everyone’s stuff is on Wi-Fi at home and work. some people regularly stream music in the car. Navigation etc. Our Bill went down and could actually go down even more.

    • Gr8Ray

      Same here. My bill went down from $250 to $190 on 4gb, and I can bump it to 6gb for $200 a month. Our usage across the board last month was 2.5gb, including my mother-in-law’s hotspot.

  • zulu208

    Tmobile is correct in their statement …. now only if they can roll out more towers and make their service better, i would definitely switch back.

    • JoshGroff

      This ^ Their plan pricing is fair and geared towards families. They throttle after you pass your limit instead of charging an arm and a leg as well. I’m still thinking that 100 minute 5GB plan is mighty enticing right now, especially since it’s a $20 savings over what I’m paying now.

  • Neomastermind

    Oh, shut it T-Mobile. If you had the ability to do this, then you’d follow suit. He who holds all the cards calls all the shots. That “He” would be ATT and VZW and they’re calling the shots because they know that the vast majority will stay with them.

    • chedberg88

      Ahhh yes, the ole “He who holds the cards …” argument. There was once a time when Blockbuster “held all the cards.” How’d that work out for them in the long run?

      Always remember, what goes up must come down.

      • perfectalpha

        Even though i get your point,I wouldn’t consider MySpace or blockbuster in the same category as Verizon and at&t. You realize those two companies are among the largest globally. They know what they’re doing.

  • Liderc

    I just want to meet the Tmobile girl honestly. I’m grandfathered into unlimited.

    • drunkle

      You mean that skeleton in the picture at the top of this page?

      • Liderc

        No I mean the beautifully in shape woman at the top of the page that all women should strive to look like. Tell your wife 170lbs is not a “real woman” weight, it’s the what the average man should weigh. My girlfriend weighs 110lbs, as she should, I weigh 175 as I should. It’s called being healthy.

        • chris143256

          Wrong. Girls don’t naturally look like skeletor and no one should strive to look unhealthy like that. Naturally girls have a higher body fat level than men and its not going to give them a chiseled jaw. Girls that thin are a turn off to me and a lot of other guys.

          • Liderc

            Girls do naturally look that way, I see them every day. You’re supposed to have a low body fat percentage, we were never intended to be obese or even 30lbs over weight. Why do you think people who’s BMI is higher than normal take 10-15 years off of their life? Check any of her pictures out, she has muscle tone and looks like strong woman, it’s healthy.

            This isn’t coming from looking at photoshopped women on magazines, this is coming from looking at what healthy women look like in real life. They look thin, their jaw lines are prominent, it’s what occurs when your body fat is at the correct levels.

          • SilverUberXeno

            Relax, dude. I think that girl up top is not particularly attractive. That bony face doesn’t do it for me. That being said, I appreciate you holding people accountable for the life decisions they make. I also find it HILARIOUS when girls seem proud of being “thick” and “curvy,” when they’re really just fat. Fat is so common that we’ve begun to think it’s “okay.” you’re right, it really isn’t. It’s very unhealthy, and unacceptable to me.

            But people make their own choices. Some people are fat, some people have iPhones. Doesn’t affect our lives. May very well affect our paychecks, since a lot of these fat people are going to the doctor for fat drugs on our dime.

          • UK189

            Fat, healthy, skinny, whatever she is, it isn’t attractive.

          • dunkler

            Don’t go having your own opinion. Let’s let Lidec, a guy on the internet, decide who we should find attractive and what is healthy.

        • dunkler

          “My girlfriend weighs 110lbs, as she should” Hahaha. Keep making women feel ashamed of their bodies. Being that insecure is the only way they would give you the time of day.

          • Liderc

            She should weigh 110 because that’s what her BMI says she should, you know, the national health standard? Morons.

          • Adam Marr

            if you think BMI or any useless nonsense the government spits out about health is reliable, I feel sorry for you. Keep eating your 8 servings of ‘whole grains’ and get fat and die young of diabetes. Enjoy your government sponsored health recommendations.

        • JohnGaspardo


          unless your “girlfriend”(socks don’t count) is like 4 ft 10 inches then she is underweight. Tell her to eat a couple donuts…

    • tmart

      It’s not her weight its her hideous skeletor face, someone call HeMan we’ve got a situation.

  • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

    and then decide if shared plans will benefit you or not.” It seems as though there might not be a choice any more. Nationwide Plans have been removed from Verizon’s website and when I asked them about it today on Twitter this is the response I received from VZWSupport:

    “The nationwide plans are available if you currently have a nationwide plan. They aren’t on the website view^JL”

    Though I cannot be certain because they have not responded to my follow up, it seems they have removed the Nationwide option for new customers. Effectively forcing people to get smartphones? If anyone knows more about this or cares to elaborate, please do so.

    • Calexander

      The closest you can get to a non-smartphone plan under the new system is 700 minutes, no text, no data. 40 bucks a month (That is with one basic phone). It’s not advertised very well, but it is in the new Verizon brochures. There’s also a 300 mb plan with unlimited minutes and messsages for 70 bucks (includes 1 basic phone). Hope this helps!

    • Hothfox

      Yeah, I’m seeing online only the Share plans are available to new customers for smartphones. I’m trying to talk to a rep on the online chat right now, but she went silent and hasn’t responded since I asked my question. I thought individual (non-share) plans were still going to be available after the shared plans launched…

  • I’m flirting with tmobile right now. The $70 unlimited text/voice + 5GB data. Wish I could get more prepaid. I’m definitely uninterested in having a phone contract these days. If this works out, I will definitely cancel my Verizon service.

    • Wesley Schwartz

      I just wish tmobile had a larger network. My girlfriend gets reduced to edge whenever she leaves town.

      • the hspa doesn’t work well at my house. tmobile wifi calling saves the day there. hopefully everywhere else i go has better service.

        • JoshGroff

          Their WiFi calling is so pro.

  • Wesley Schwartz

    Hopefully Sprint’s LTE network works well because later when I leave my job at a Verizon store I can jump on my family’s Sprint plan and have unlimited LTE like I do now (at affordable prices, no less)!

    • sgtguthrie

      I don’t know about Sprint lte… The speeds they announced were slow!

      • Herb Torres

        Sprint states “Sprint 4GLTE upload speeds are 2-3Mbps, download 6-8Mbps, peak 25Mbps. Expected speeds are based on testing of deployed sites prior to launch. Fastest compared to other prior Sprint networks.” Seems there is room for improvement after further tweaking and they are only using half the spectrum as Verizon who states 5-12Mbps.

      • Wesley Schwartz

        If I can get a consistent 5-7 Mbps, I’ll be happy!

        • sgtguthrie

          I don’t think you will though. Their network is sketchy and it will be probably 5 years before sprint has their “LTE” in more rural areas 😉

          • In other news: Verizon covers 340+ cities with LTE within less than 2 years.

          • sgtguthrie

            Yes, but what good is it if you get charged 50 dollars to share 1gb! I’ve used 6gb this month alone and I’ve still got a week left on this billing cycle!

    • jack

      hey u worked for Verizon i used to work for sprint and they have bad connection and signal strength at least Verizon don’t have that problem on my behalf. i was even on Verizon when i worked at sprint that’s how bad they are i missed out on the employee discount. also i had their family plan and my kids were complaining

      • Verizon Worker

        I work for verizon and i dont get an employee discount on my bill because i want to keep my data and i am fine paying what i pay because i know i am paying for the best. i am not just saying that because i work for them i just started here but i have been on verizon a long time but before i was on sprint/nextel and my service sucked. yeah i do wish i wasn’t paying as much but i know its worth it so i don’t complain about it.

  • kfath1978

    So when is google going to get into the carrier game? Sick of VZW…..

    • They’re busy taking on Broadband providers violating net neutrality. Watch for the imminent Google Fiber launch.

      • OhAaron

        Why was this down-voted?

        • no clue, I was being 100% serious:

          • nightscout13

            NICE! I would LOVE to have Google Fiber. Except the Fiber usually runs to a distributor box, after which coax runs to your house.

          • not with fios.. they run fiber to your house

          • r0lct

            Does the physical media on the connection matter if you’re getting another competitor for high speed broadband?

          • RAZR_FANN

            Remember the Google Fiber bar April Fool’s joke? 😛

          • Guest

            It should only take Google 5-10 *YEARS* to string all that fiber optic cabling to everyone in the country.

            You will be using your current ISPs for a very, very long time.

        • people dont like google?

        • LionStone


      • InyRules

        I. Can’t. Wait.

      • qwerty

        the first step to becoming a carrier is having a network. give it sometime 😉

      • enigmaco

        already launching in kansas according to droid dog

    • Pedro

      They have until December 15th, 2013.

      • JoshGroff

        The world ends 12/21/2012, remember?

    • LeroyJohnson

      Won’t ever happen. Cost $100 billion+ in infrastructure, cost billions per year to maintain and no advertising revenue from just owning the pipe.

      Plus is anyone thinks Google is less “evil” than ATT or Verizon, they are delusional.

      • wes

        Also something about a vertical monopoly that wouldn’t go over too well with the feds.

  • nightscout13

    Ok, so they are playing the Captain Obvious role. It is true though, AT&Fee and Verizon are over-emphasizing unlimited minutes and text, something we use less and less.

    • I might be in the vast minority, but I still use a boatload of minutes and text. Hence I went with their (vzw) unlimited everything plan (the cheapest method at the time). They grandfathered me as I’ve had this plan since pre 3G days, both for the upgrade to 3G and to 4G. They did this w/o requiring me to buy devices at unsubsidized cost. Anyway, it seems now they are just trying to make a buck off of peoples addiction to data use. The part I cant understand is why they wont unlock all of their devices, it would actually ENCOURAGE people to use tethering and consequently make more money for them. The current lineup for both of them is excessively expensive. Were I to switch, and continue using data the way I do, it would cost me $110/mo more than I currently pay.

      • nightscout13

        In the future, i see the price per GB go down, but the days of unlimited data are gone.

        • TheWenger

          Are we thinking of the same VZW here? I do agree with the last part though.

          • nightscout13

            Not just VZW, all carriers. Look in the past, when consumers first started buying cell phones. Do you remember the minute allowances? For $100 you got like 500 minutes a month. Eventually over time, when a market settles, and less people are buying the technology, carriers need to start undercutting each other in order to attract more customers. So eventually (5 years) the price per GB will definitely come down, guaranteed. Right now all carriers are charging really high prices per GB, but when less are less customers are added every month, they will need more incentives, and the only way that can offer that, is by lowering the price per GB.

      • Droosh

        Good luck getting any more subsidized devices.

      • Stoph

        With the share everything plan mobile hot spot comes included with no additional cost (unlike the older plans) to the plan, thus encouraging people to tether and consequently make more money for them.

  • chris125

    Amen. Hopefully when my contract is up in June I’ll look into tmo